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Paul Soliai hires local agent David Canter

Dolphins nose tackle Paul Soliai on Wednesday evening signed a new representation agreement with South Florida based agent David Canter.

Soliai, 26, recently fired former agent Leo Goeas over a financial disagreement. Soliai's is signed through 2010 when he is scheduled to make $550,000.

"Paul knows he's now got a local team of people that are behind him 100 percent and will do everything we can to help him with every aspect of career," Canter said, "And that could translate directly to better performance on the football field."

Canter said he and his new client are aware the Dolphins will be looking for a nose tackle in the coming NFL draft. But that isn't their concern or focus.

"The focus is getting Paul playing like the dominant player he's shown he can be at times," Canter said. " ... Everything after that will take care of itself."

Canter also represents cornerback Sean Smith and believes the second-year corner is taking the necessary steps for a good second season.

"He's so focused right now he turned down some off-field [offers] that would have taken literally five minutes of his time," Canter said. 


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Dez the Dolphin?


Why you sign in with this name code 10 42 earlier? What this means?

Two weeks til draft........

I don't think it matters who is playing Nt. for the Phins, most of the time they are playing a 0 technique that means they are head up with the center. Their responsibility is not to occupy 2 defenders, but the a, b gaps up the middle. That has been the scheme, can't blame the player

Carlito, wasnt me....



So Aloco, what movie are you going to review tonight?

I do know that 20/42 means Officer off/home, but it wasnt the Cuban...


No cuban it was you, code 10 42 was in blue and when I click on your name I see the comments made by code 10 42. What gives?

Ok I will ask also. What does 10 42 mean???

Oops that didn't make sense, I just meant A gaps, did't mean to include the b. my mistake.




This JT fiasco kinda feels like when Jimmy Johnson had it in for Marino. Marino got treated like crap in favor of years of younger players that couldnt hold Marinos jock! Very disrespectful.

Thank you for the compliment

There is no "FIASCO", this is a problem only in the minds of some Doll-fans and the media!!! Dolphins FO made it very clear that to JT and his agent that they would not sign him till after the draft, which is the EXACT SAME position they took as last year, nothing different...they are doing what's right for the Football team and the Fans by trying to get the best players in here to WIN, which is what this is all about...

1/2 of the fans

Boobyboy you got beef w/me or what?

Lol @ thunderl3olt

With Nolan as the new coordinator, he has to figure out what personel will fit best into his scheme. Taylor had a decent year in 2009. But I think what we are looking for is a more hybrid style of player at olb. Taylor is more limited to pass rush specialist. We need a player who can rush the passer, who can play the run, and drop of into coverage as well. Look at the upper crust of 3-4 defensive teams. All of them(with the exception of the Jets) have 2 olb's that are very good at all of the above.

Whose do we have to replace JT? Charlie Anderson had 8 tackles 2 sacks 0 Ints. In fact Anderson has 7.5 sacks for his entire 6 year career. Q Moses has 16 tackles 2.5 sacks 0 INTs in 3 years. Cam Wake is not good in coverage or against the run yet.

And why is this news?

Taylor played out of position last year playing as a strong side lb , he wants and needs to be playing weakside kinda like Lamar woodley from the steelers , with the jets he's assured that but with the dolphins he might be back at strong out of pure necesity

I was just pointing out to you about the "FIASCO" pertaining to the JT matter. I repeat that this is a problem only in the minds of some Doll-fans and the media!!!
Wake up pal!!

Darry dunphy , umm nt have to play both a gaps Thats why the 34 requires bigger linemen then the 43 because it's a 2 gap responsibility for each dlineman

Jeff Ireland is a f u c k i n g moron.
He might 'be trying to fake out the competition'. How?
Every team goes into the dratft with a list of the players they will take, if available, and the order they will take them.
There is no such thing as faking anybody out in the draft.
What a stupid a s s h o l e. He even looks like a stupid a s s h o l e.

My friend bobbyd12 is correct again. JT leaving is not a FIASCO, we all knew he was leaving.
The FIASCO is that our depth chart is short 3 LB's and 1 FS.
That means we have to draft 3 LB's and 1 FS just to be able to field a complete team; throw in a NT to rotate with Solai and that's 5 picks that automatically make the team with no competition.
To create competiton we have to draft 4 LB's, 2 FS's and 2 NT's.
That's 8 picks right there.
That's the FIASCO these a s s h o l e s created.

Thanks. PriceMaster

Sure I understand that, I made a mistake and it sounded lame. But yes they play both sides of the A gap, but in a 0 technique, the Nt. is lined head up with the center, usually one on one. I understand the phins 2 gap scheme, but nose tackles usually take on double teams, when they are in a 1 technique. most of the time our nose is lined up in a 0.
I was also trying to make the point that a lot of the troubles at Nt. arent so vanilla, that sometimes it is the defnse that is being played that dictates what that position does. But thanks for calling me out, after I re-read that, it made little sense.

Frankly I have more confidence in the m i l f than I do Jeff Ireland.
Stephen Ross please fire Jeff Ireland.

And we all know Mike Nolan is the next headcoach. Why wait.
But Sparanus needs to be fired wildcat style: announce at a press conference that he's fired before you tell him to his face.
And please do it while he's on vacation.

And Parcells needs to be fired and sued for malpractice.

I mean really Matt Roth is let out of his contract supposedly for lying and Ireland tells the whole world on TV what skillful liar that he himself is?
And we got NOTHING for ROTH and are short 3 LB's.

Honestly I like Soliai asa the Nt of future after Ferg... Armando any actual news about what ireland said about draft all i got out of head article was they were waiting until draft to decide what to do with JT which i really don't even care about even more at all real news please

quit your beeetchin pricemasterbaiter
go to bed your brain is hurting you bozo

With all of that said our first pick I'm convinced will be offense: Lupati, Spiller, Bryant or Benn.
We're going to have so many rookies playing on defense, either starting or rotating in, that Berry or Thomas or Kindle or McClain is not going to elevate us substantially over whoever is left.
Any of 4 offensive guys mentioned above can move us up a notch.

I know I threatened to murder you violently the other night,by breaking your neck with my hands specifically, but really my anger is not against you.

If I am JT listening to Ireland I can't grab the pen fast enough to sign with NY.

Now, if I am Ireland I don't think an aging OLB is the answer to my problems on defense. Simply put, you bite the bullet and let the young kids play. It really is the smartest thing to do for this team at this time.

If we give up 40 - 50 points a week but also score 40 - 50 points a week it'll be fun.
Frustrating at times but definitely worth watching.

At this point it's the only thing they can do.

And the only thing we can do is watch it...and hold hands...and resist the urge to fondle each other.

But just so we are all clear: if I fall asleep and one of you starts to blow me you're going to finish what you started.

That actually happened to me in 1985... I was living in So. California...hanging out at this chicks house drinking and smoking and what not...I start to wake up on the sofa because someone is blowing me and I figure it's the chick but really it's some dude, I was so close already I let him finish and held his head in place to make sure he swallowed all of it...but looking back I guess he would have swallowed it anyway even if I had remained asleep the whole time.

I guess I'm the victim of a s e x u a l assault.

Pricemasterbaiter, you threatened some fool the other night, not me. But wait, that was someone named Yourbackdoorman, not you. Oh but wait I just read your story about some dude blowing you. Now that is g@y, well you must be g@y, wait maybe you are also yourbackdoorman. We at this blog wont kill you f@g boy, only because you are a dolfan. F@ggot

pricemasterbaiter my anger and hatred is not against you, but against your H0M0 tendencies.

How can you claim sexual assault you moron. You let the dude finish you off. What a piece of filth you are.

He let me finish him off the night before !!

morgan or jpp at 12

As kindle and Cody fall into late 1st early second make a move, trade 43 and a 3rd round pick next year to move up and grab another LB that can play inside or outside or get your mamouth NT--either way it would set up our 3rd and 4th with flexibilty to focus on safety--

Soliai needs to step up...all the managers in the world wont help you if you cant cut it...STEP UP or flip burgers again.

It is sad to read these comments, especially given the horrendous grammar and spelling being used.
I don't know if this is a product of the failure of today's educational system or just pure laziness and/or ignorance on the part of those so-called students that failed miserably.
In any event, it is quite depressing to read.

...and with the 22nd overall selection, they can still take "their guy" DT Dan Williams from Tennessee. He'll be there for sure!

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