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Pick No. 212 (7th round) WSLB Chris McCoy

The Dolphins have selected linebacker Chris McCoy of Middle Tennessee State.

McCoy is 6-3 and 261 pounds.

"I'm good with my hands and I'm explosive off the ball," McCoy said. "I'm very good setting the edge and coming off the edge." 

McCoy said the Dolphins told him he will be competing at weakside linebacker.

McCoy said Middle Tennessee State plays a base 4-3 scheme so he'll have to adjust to Miami 's 3-4.


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I'd find it hilarious if this guy beat out Koa Misi.

So was linebacker a concern

u never know

Chris McCoy, OLB
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 261 | College: Middle Tennessee


If you speak to him again, please tell him that he is not "explosive" off the ball.....



He definitely has the size.

Practice squad.

I think we have one pick left. Last chance to draft a TE.


AJ, what's the word? Why u say that?

from Mike Mayock of NFL Network "The Dolphins just took Chris McCoy from Middle Tennessee State, another small school DE projected to convert to OLB in a 3-4 defense. McCoy has a quick first step, is a natural bender and has a great motor. Like most of these small school conversion projects, he's undersized."

Another special teamer, non of today's picks are expected to compete. All special teamers


Who writes first? I don't get that. You post first and that makes you...what?

So what defense are we running next year? One lineman, 8 linebackers, and Davis/Smith? Terrible. Awful. Horrible. Worst draft in the history of professional sports. Parcells may as well go ahead and trade Marshall and Dansby for the last pick in the draft. And then select himself. He is Mr. Irrelevant and he has now made this franchise completely, 100% irrelevant.

Boo these men!

Round 1: DE/DT
Round 2: OLB/DE
Round 3: OG/OT
Round 4: LB
Round 5: DB
Round 5: S
Round 7: WSLB/DE
Round 7: ?????
I thought they might throw in a skill positon player on the offensive side of the ball. An extra running back would be nice. Any thoughts???

I was hoping for Blount but Parcell's might be nervous about having him on the team with Ricky

I want to give a shout out to my body guard!

Hey why don't the phins get Dorin Dickerson, he played wr, te, for Pitt . He runs 4.4, 43.5 vertical and he's 6'4 230

West coast

It makes you FIRST!

Get Dorin

Mayock says McCoy is undersized??? Is 6'3" 261lbs undersized???


I think we draft guys to put on the practice squad instead of best available.....that's all. How are you feeling about this draft? I'm ok with it, but I wish we had landed Rolle...

I Dont Undrestand Why Would You Draft McCoy Over Blount!McCoy Is Most Likly To Released And It Will.So,Why Dont Draft Blount Who Could Replace Ricky In 2Years.Worst Draft Pick EVER!

This is a project round and he has the ability dorin Dickerson on NFL. Com check him out. Good project

Mo linebackers, mo linebackers.

There was a stat showing rolle had 1 INT at FSU. If thats correct why would we want him?

How about TE Dedrick Epps with the last pick?

They might have taken Rolle in the 7th round had he fallen to them. But then again, you know how Parcells feels about guys who have opportunities outside of football.

I'm sorry this is the most uninpressive draft in my 40 years of being a Dolphin fan.

What a dissapointment. Not one skilled player taken to help out offence.

And was our Defence that bad we needed to draft 8 unheardeled players to support it?

Id love epps as our te.

I bet the TRI spend all of saturday night and sunday bringing in every undrafted wr in the country.

Dorin Dickerson if u got pull mando let them check his stats out . 4.4, 43.5 vertical 6'4 230 and played wr and te

Str8balla just got done licking my anus hole

Relax guys....We will get WR's/RB's from the list of free agents....There will be a few to choose from.....We need one of them to be a good returner.....

I think this is a great draft....Those who argue are nuts....We got more depth on the line, a ton of outside rushers (at least one has to pan out), a safety late who is an absolute steal and could start for us, CB depth, perhaps our starting left guard.....We also traded for a LB from the Chargers who will add depth and help on special teams....PLUS-----MARSHALL and DANSBY!!!!!

This is our best offseason in a while I believe....Now trade some of our deadweight for picks next year.....


Finally somebody sees what i see. People think that we're bad fans for disagreeing with the "PLAN" but does anybody actually sit back and watch the rest of the league? the teams that constantly win have PLAYMAKERS! How many can you say the dolphins have???

LOL!Miami Got Better To Me.But,If U Look At Our Schedule.We Will Be Draftin At Numbers:9 Or 12!Offence Wised.We Have The Hard's Schedule

I hear ya. Feels like they had some plan in mind that none of us anticipated. I like Misi and Odrick, but wasn't the issue last year poor safety play and an inability to score points? We needed an impact safety.

I'm thinking for our last pick Dorin Dickerson if available still
Jeff Owens Georgia would be big NT 44 bench reps at combine
I'm hoping for Josh Hull ilb Penn St could be great pickup as undrafted free agent if hes available good chemistry guy
Donovan Warren and Brian Jackson cb would make transition easy to FS great pickups there

Before last year, and knee injury, Epps was a monster to cover. I think taking him here would be as great of an upside pick there is at this point. Of course Epps doesn't play for the Big Ten or Utah or Troy so the trifecta probably never heard of him.

Greatest draft in franchise history.

I think Mike Nolan is getting all the tools he needs to push this defense up to the top 10 maybe even five. The offensive side of the ball needed a WR (got Marshall), we still need another RB or TE, but I trust the trifecta + Nolan in their picks. Our offense was serviceable without Marshall, it was our D that collapsed hard last year.

I agree Blount would have been an excellent pick. In a year or two he is our starting Running Back. Getting him for a seventh round is cheap. Well since we have soooo many line backers we will need to cut three or four. We should draft a QB out of East-Po-Dunk-No-Where. Then maybe we could have another project player we can release in two years.

Seriously, how many of you guys have seen this guy play? Honestly ...

Well we got Rashad Jone who can play, an. If anything they might get Sharper or Atogwe.

Mamdo call someone so they checkout dorin Dickerson...

YEA! we lost most games because the defence could not hold the lead. The offence was not the probelm. go back and watch the games, saints, colts, texans, etc. Def lost those games. I am not a hugh fan of all the draf picks but they did fill needs. Maybe one more draf a or a few youg players develop to the stand out star that this team needs.

Who really cares anymore. Parcells is writing checks is ego can't cash. Prediction - the Dolphins start the year off 1-5 maybe 1-6 and the trifecta is gone and Nolan is the interim coach and in 2011 Bill Cowher is running the Dolphins.

I'd say getting Marshall w/ our 2nd rd pick counts as adding a playmaker.

Jb in LA,

Don't forget we got Marshall for a second and drafted 2 receivers and a QB (or whatever White is)early last year. Need to upgrade the defense. Four or 5 of the defensive picks should make the team with 3 or 4 getting significant minutes. Not sexy picks agreed but much needed.

Excellent!!!! Build that Defense!! This is why JT wasn't needed

another under .500 year

Please don't be a homer next time on the radio. This draft is C- at best and you need to expose it. What a wasted opportunity.

Planet ARE you
"Fire Everybody" (@3:44 PM) ????

The More Linebackers...the better the chance that one of them might actually turn out to be...G O O D !!!!!

Armando I just moved from Miami in July 09 to Memphis and I have seen this guy play at a bar a couple times this year and he was the only guy worth mentioning on that squads D

If you notice every winning team has Miami U players. The dolphins have none.

Kade Wilson, DT, from Georgia, is still available.

I took think Dickerson is with a 7th. Yes, at 6'1 1/3 he's not prototype size. But at 4.4 speed and great hands he could be a very nice weapon!!

Greatest draft since Marino.

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