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Pick No. 212 (7th round) WSLB Chris McCoy

The Dolphins have selected linebacker Chris McCoy of Middle Tennessee State.

McCoy is 6-3 and 261 pounds.

"I'm good with my hands and I'm explosive off the ball," McCoy said. "I'm very good setting the edge and coming off the edge." 

McCoy said the Dolphins told him he will be competing at weakside linebacker.

McCoy said Middle Tennessee State plays a base 4-3 scheme so he'll have to adjust to Miami 's 3-4.


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I thanked God for Marshall, but he's not gonna be able to do it all by himself! Right now we have a bunch of SLOW possession receivers complementing him...


I think most of these whiners are the same person (probably a Jet fan) posting under different post names.

Hey "TheFreakinRican",

Do your homework, you are wrong.

Mando even if they don't draft dorin dickerson put a bug in the ear so they call him. I also agree with blount and epps

We need more Linebackers.

Well maybe not every, but a majority of them have at least one.


Finally somebody sees what i see. People think that we're bad fans for disagreeing with the "PLAN" but does anybody actually sit back and watch the rest of the league? the teams that constantly win have PLAYMAKERS! How many can you say the dolphins have???

Posted by: True Dol-Fan | April 24, 2010 at 03:54 PM

Brandon Marshall, Ronnie, Ricky, good young QB, great OLINE, good blocking TE and FB, plus a very very promising young WR corps after Marshall. I think we are fine with the playmakers. How many did the Saints have last year ?

For our last pick and I know this is crazy, but how about an undersized DT who could project to inside LB. Crazy idea hu?

Man what is with all these draft whinners?!?!? Our BIGGEST needs were on ...........wait for it............defense, that's right!!! We drafted and hopefully got just what we needed. Worst draft ever??!?!? Only in the eyes of those who didn't get what they thought we needed. Hell som were crying for a qb pick!?!?!? Really!?!?!


All these whiners are the same person (probably a Jet fan).

F*ck em!

I see alot of people complaining we took too many LBs. Well, duh! lol that was our biigest need coming into this draft and I think we addressed it pretty damn well.


The saints had playmakers all over the field on offense! that's why they won the super bowl. i'll be happy if we get one JUST ONE receiver that one get hawked down in the open field!!!

Only a retard Jet fan wouldn't like this draft.

People complaining about Koa Misi don't know much. He was by far the best OLB prospect available when picked and honestly I prefer him over JPP or Kindle even sans injury and maturity issues. Misi had the best vertical of all these guys meaning he is explosive and he was the best prospect in terms of holding up against the run. GReat great great pick for value/need.

Mando um corner shields ran low 4.3 return sp.

Miami Deffence Cant Stop The:Vike's Who Have-A.P,Gerhart,Brett,Rice,Shianceo.Bengals-Carsome,Benson,Coffman,Gresham,Bryant,Chad.

I would have prefered George Selvie or Brandon Lang over him though seems to me they could have waited til after draft to get him maybe not though

pass rush was the main concern for the phins that is why they are picking these type of players. excellent!!!!

Epps, Epps! We need at least one Cane on this roster!

Re pousti ArsenalGreek13. Where have you been man? We missed you. Do you really think we had a good draft? I'm mixed. Too many lb's file.

George Selvie and Dorin Dickerson just came off the board what a steal for texans with DD

Texans just picked up dorin Dickerson we suck

there goes Dickerson, for all you Dickerson-lovers

No one really knows for a few years the winners and losers of this draft. But to call this a wasted opportunity is completely ignorant and presumptuous. If "mando please" called the shots we would have drafted 6 offensive weapons and continue to let our defense lose games for us.

well so much for dickerson he's gone to the texans


So much for Dorin Dickerson. I hope with the last pick Miami can pick up a decent TE or RB.

Dickerson has been a guy I've talked about here for months. It's not looking good for him right now. I wonder what the indide scoop is. Here is a guy that might fit as far as a late pick, Parcells prototype blah, blah. Dan Beaudin Te Montana. Great hands,6'5 260. Average speed. good blocker 3 year starter.

Best draft ever!!!

We'll hear plenty about Selvie on Sportscenter next fall.

so far I don't have a problem with this draft.

This draft ROCKS!!!!


Great to see you back Tim! Where have you been?


I meant Vernon Carey is from the U.

Last year we played the top teams close (Indy and N.O.) had a hard time getting pressure on the QB and covering the slot wr and TE. Also too manyy missed tackles from the ILB's. Once behind we had a hard time getting the chunks yards. I think we are now better suited to to cover the slot. I see Will Allen moving to cover the slot in 3 receiver sets. The 2 rookie corners will be better. Dansby should improve the ILB's tackling issues.

Marshall and a more experienced Henne and Hartline will help get more big plays. I also think Fasano has a rebound year. I think with Nolan and his new toys on DEF we will have more pressure on the QB. I think we are better than last year and with luck ( like the Jets last year) could make a playoff run. Did we address all our needs of course not we had too many to fill. Are we an elite team, not yet but all the pieces are coming together. I say we are better than last year and with an easier schedule can make the playoffs. Our division in my opinion is now the toughest in the NFL so it won't be easy but we are right there.

Pete, I was on the space station for the last month.


True Dol-Fan,

Saints' best playmaker is Marques Colston. Marshall is better. Now if you want to start saying Devery Henderson or Lance Moore are playmakers, be my guest, but Henderson and Moore are #3s at best, and Shockey is a joke. The difference between the Saints' O and Dolphins' O is not talent, but scheme. Dolphins' run game is also better.

It's no secret that our defense was worse than our offense last year, even with Ronnie Brown missing the second half of the season (and Ronnie was awesome the first half). On D, we got younger, bigger, and more versatile, and also pretty important is that we should have an improved special teams coverage unit.

I have a lot of hope, but we'll see what happens.

Having studied and watched 14 drafts I think this will be one of the best we have seen. Brandon Marshall is part of this draft too. It may take a year or two for the players to develop, but we will be good now and better in the future.
Good job guys- & I think this is Ireland more than Parcells.
Great job universal draft- your scouting reports look pretty good to me.

Guys, stop the whining about lack of play makers...parcells is building from the ground up, in case you didn't notice last year we just weren't stout enough on either the OL or DL and we needed upgrades at LB. Obviously we needed a true number 1 WR too....all got addressed...great draft...the LG we got is projected by scouts to be the best in the draft...him next to jake long? Watch out AFC east...

Brandon Carter OG Texas Tech would be a good pickup as backup

Wow.... How could I have missed that? Sorry about that.

the fins have gotten more tough minded players!bye jt.

Yeah Pete, Tim, and Fred, This is the best draf for the Phins I can remember.

Texans team up Dickerson with Andre jhonson while phins give Marshall ? Marks. I hope we bring shields from um for sp. Teams he ran low 4.3's

This is way beter than Than the Jets and Pats Drafts this year!

Yeah Ex Jet Fan, I am now a Phins Fan after this draft!

FO will have to pick up some FA running backs if Brown isn't back on time from his injury.

The Wildcat could become the Wildpussycat.

It's hilarious - After the Koa Misi Tackle pick I said "They'll probably pick some retard from Middle Tennessee State".

I guess he's it.


Have a good season Jets and Pats fans.

Yeah Super Gangsta old buddy, this was a super gangsta draft!

I think they'll be able to get Sheilds as an undrafted free agent.

OK Dickerson gone so my pick and a value pick is BLOUNT!! At #252 what the heck do we have to lose. He is young, strong good speed and might have something to prove to people and himself since he screwed up with the DUCKS... Take a shot especially with on of our RB (Ricky) getting old and the other one (Ronnie) gets hurt a lot

Explain me why this draft rock....

For a few of you who bring it up occasionally.

MIAMI DOES NOT NEED A TIGHT END. They have a god young starter and some projectable backups. Kill that noise.

Sometimes is as if fans want a pro bowler at every position or think everything can be upgraded. Tight end is solid.

Yeah Dogs,

I don't know what draft these fools were watching; this draft was the bomb diggity BOY!

Re: Dantheman#13 | April 24, 2010 at 03:45 PM

"I was hoping for Blount but Parcell's might be nervous about having him on the team with Ricky"

Thank you Dantheman#13. That's the first time I've smiled all draft.

The beach is a zoo. Did I miss anything?

WHO is the SOLID TE? The SLOW guy that dropped a bunch of passes???

...... Well I wouldn't mind if we had a pro bowler at every position. That'd be a beastly team.

Mando a secure monitored blog please.

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