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Pick No. 212 (7th round) WSLB Chris McCoy

The Dolphins have selected linebacker Chris McCoy of Middle Tennessee State.

McCoy is 6-3 and 261 pounds.

"I'm good with my hands and I'm explosive off the ball," McCoy said. "I'm very good setting the edge and coming off the edge." 

McCoy said the Dolphins told him he will be competing at weakside linebacker.

McCoy said Middle Tennessee State plays a base 4-3 scheme so he'll have to adjust to Miami 's 3-4.


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Dickerson was the guy but he wasnt just TE doesn't matter he is off the board now

he's a solid blocking te not a solid receiving te thats the problem

this draft rock BECAUSE we got the best playas eva!


and epps is gone

Epps is gone, for the Epps-lover whoever you are

patrick cobbs.. LOL!!!


Man I'm glad the Phins are my team after this awesome draft!

Not to be testy but only 1 white player drafted. no asians. no hispanics. They aint duin this difersity things

this Nolan Carrol guy supposedly played wr b4 and can Return kicks as well


Bess will probably continue to return punts. My guess is Cobbs or Hilliard for returning kicks? I can't remember if one of them returned kicks last year with Ginn.

The "True Fan" hates everyone on the team...nobody has a positive and the draft was horible according to him: that's why he is a "True" fan

I'm so happy bout this draft!

Ed Wang is not Asian??? News to me.

Cobbs returned kick last year or year before.


Im pretty sure cobbs returned a few last year b4 injury

We did get offensive players out of last years draft but they are were not very good picks.

If Hartline or Turner came out this year they would be going right now in the draft...some where in the 6th or 7th range. Garbage wr's with very questionable speed and ability. Hartline was a system wr...route runner. Pat turner is a TE in a wr's body. Slow...zero r.a.c ability...catches with his body. Bess is slow...good hands...no ability to run or run away from any one once he has the football.

Like I have said before....PArcells and Ireland have zero ability to spot skill position talent. We will pass on Julio Jones and AJ Green next year at wr. Two of the best to come thru the draft in many years. Same level as Dez Bryant.

Shunning Dez will be making many posters cry when he comes in an forms a great duo with Miles Austin for Dallas. While we have Hartline who wasn't even the 2nd best wr on his football team at Ohio St. Slow with zero moves.

Jarrett Brown QB West Virginia

Pro-Bowlers don't win Super Bowls. They play in pro-bowls.

Team that win Super Bowls have a few elite players and a whole lot of solid players and quality depth on both sides of the line.

True Dol-Fan, you say Saints had "playmakers all over the field" please name them. Brees obviously over Henne but I think Henne will be good. Colston - Marshall's wayyyyy better. Piere Thomas n Bush ? I'll take Ronnie n Ricky. Shockey....eh, he's just alright. That's why they grabbed Graham. I think you're overestimating the value of "playmakers."

You heard it here first, AFC East Champs = Miami Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!

John, don't forget Kory Sheets, they will put him in return situations to see how he does this year...Bess, Cobb n Sheets

I bet second to D-Lineman, more Tight Ends were drafted, then any other spot. To say that Te. isn't important is crazy talk. Our practice team guys must have made big strides this offseason, we had opportunities to draft plenty of top ends, and passed on them. The trifecta must not have thought Te. was a position of need. They know the personel much better than any of us.

This may be remembered as the offseason that could have been:

Dansby - Awesome

Marshall - Awesome


Odrick - could have been - Jerry Hughes

Misi - could have been - Mt.Cody

Jerry - could have been - Major Wright


Jerry - could have been - Jimmy Graham

Edds - could have been - Ricky Sapp

Carroll - could have been - Cam Thomas

Reshad Jones (only pick I actually like)

but...based on recent possibilities...

Reshad Jones - could have been - Carlton Mitchell

McCoy - could have been - Dorin Dickerson

So far, had things gone differently and the FO taken chances on PLAYMAKERS, we COULD HAVE added:

2 Pass Rushing OLB
1-2 Pass Catching TE
1-2 Safeties
1 WR (if other needs had been drafted)

Instead, the "Bill Parcells, high character, leader, safe, high-motor" draft leaves me wondering what could have been.

I think, to quote the greatest rant in NFL history, the players taken in this year's draft by the Dolphins are "WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!!!"

Only a P-U-S-S -Y would need a body guard in the first place. LOL !!

Man we got so many Returners we will have to rotate!

a bad draft followed by the realization that our coach is still tony ill call a timeout on a change of possession morono

The Epps lover is me...Just was rooting for a Seam TE...not saying we NEED a TE but I like Epps' potential. SD picking Epps should tell you something....I would say know a good TE when they see one.


Posted by: Marc | April 24, 2010 at 04:26 PM

Nolan Carrol is my best bet as of right now.


So your honestly gonna say that your ok with everything we've done in the draft? Did you 4get what the other teams in our division have done???

OMG Ithitca, say it ain't sooo...a person that actually knows football and gets it!!! Best Post yet

We have the best FO EVER!!!!!!!!!

This is a huge draft for us!!!!

No way the fins win the AFC with one wr and one injured...one old rb. Great fanhood...poor logic. Fins are one of the least talented teams in the AFC along with Buffalo...no way in hell with the schedule we have we win more than 5 games. No one to control the middle of the field on offense. Not enough explosive players on offense.

converted HB wildcat 6'3 4.5 40yrd dash compete w Pat White even?

OK, so, we don't have anyone worth a d@mn to return kicks and punts. Just checking.

Ed Wang went to the Bills btw.

It's so funny to look at the expressions on Tom Jackson, John Gruden and the other analysts' faces when Mel Kiper tries to talk about where players should be drafted. It's priceless, and they don't even hide it.

His speculation fuels quite a bit of the dissension you'll hear about the draft. I think that each teams know their personnel best and knows their team needs best. This thing is a crap shoot and you just have to do the best you can.

I think the Dolphins picked up players that they knew a little bit about, are MULTIDIMENSIONAL, that brought something the team was lacking, and that they felt would make and upgrade the roster.

For people that like to know the opinion of Mel Kiper in NFL circles:


ps. Also looking for the original tobin rant on kiper but can't find on youtube... but you get the point.

Hmmm by looking at the schedule to me I say we go 11-5

We need a rb, javvaris james is still there at 252 i say we pick him

Really good draft, bet the Wets AND Patr0ceats are pissin their panties.

We need to get shields and try hi
out on sp teAms runs low 4.3's give him a shot cause we got no one

I like how everyone here ISNT a professional NFL scout or personel person but cant tell if these people are good or not - I remember when people crapped all over ZT and JT as draft pics - too small cant compete - well until they play and we see how they convert to pros - really our opinions here mean nothing...I trust the tuna - Long, Henne, Davis and SMith have all been very good and I expect more of the same - remember they coached most of these guys in that college game - I am happy until well I see them not perform - geez would think you were cry baby jets fans...and QB Ken Obrien bwhahahaha

OK last pick is coming up... throw out one name answers with who you want the Dolphins to take with the last pick.

My vote is BLOUNT

Darryl Dunphy-

Only 20 TEs have been drafted

Others drafted:
52 DL
36 OL
32 CBs
25 WRs
and 23 LBs

And don't forget our secret weapon in Patrick turner they kept him away last year fir a big supprise...:)

You willing to put a wager on an 11-5 mark by the fins? Have a pay pal account? We will be lucky to win 6 games. Wait and see. Who do you see us beating on our schedule. In the divison we will lose both games to the Pats and JEts for starters.

True Dol fan,

With the D coordinator change new schemes will be used so different eprsonell will be needed. Maybe our new defenses will be able to use a hybrid nose. we have had a great off season and draft. It is great to be a Miami Dolphin


Did you 4get about meachem, moore and henderson!!! drew brees had open people all over the field!

John your only arguement i see valid is maybe passing on Hughes but in odrick i see more upside than hughes at a Harder position to fill All those other guys you named look like they need alot of work for NFL M Wright might have been good but John Jerry is LG more Value at Position harder to Fill they got the guys they wanted GREAT draft

Really??? Cuz ever since parcells got here we've been dominate in our own division if u haven't watched football lately. I say we sweep the bills and split games with the pats and jets

Bold prediction..the two PAts...Turner and White won't even be wearing Fins uni's after this year. Wasted picks that lack the physical ability to play at the NFL level at there positions.

Reshad Jones 5th rd steal of draft

I reckon its gonna be Javan Snead (QB)

I disagree with u guys we should of got L Joseph at dt

reshad jone returns punts !

Tuna has made five losers and built five play off contenders. How many organizations have all of these GM wanabes turned around?

Hey lickballs go to your jets and cry over there we did very good in this draft would u like to be in jags shoes now just be a dolphin and you will see what will happen

Last year we drafted 3 ball catchers in the 3rd, 4th & 5th round. Only hartline was worth anything. I'm gonna watch what the texans do with Dickerson. And compare him to 3rd round turner and 5th round nalbone. If I'm betting my money I'll put it on Dickerson!!


Not with the upgrades they have made in the off season and thru the draft. Pats got two starters who can control the middle of the field to help Moss as pass catchers. both have speed and size.

Jets have 3 tremendous cb's. revis will erase marshall then when we must throw...how do you have confidence in to make plays. Fasano...Bess...Hartline getting free on Cromartie. Your joking right??

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