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Pick No. 212 (7th round) WSLB Chris McCoy

The Dolphins have selected linebacker Chris McCoy of Middle Tennessee State.

McCoy is 6-3 and 261 pounds.

"I'm good with my hands and I'm explosive off the ball," McCoy said. "I'm very good setting the edge and coming off the edge." 

McCoy said the Dolphins told him he will be competing at weakside linebacker.

McCoy said Middle Tennessee State plays a base 4-3 scheme so he'll have to adjust to Miami 's 3-4.


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True Fan, I am ESTATIC with what we did....We got an O-line guy who can play different positions, will be a starter and a beast...we got two defensive guys who will start immediately, Odrick and Misi..Odrick will anchor this line for years and Misi is solid...we got Brandon Marshall for a second pick...we got a guy who will backup Crowder and is a good coverage guy.. Carroll had a good solid college career but got injured, I don't know much about him..and now McCoy, another solid OLB...did I think we coulda use a TE, YES but obviously the team felt comfortable...jones will compete with Culver and Clemmons and moving Starks over will give us a solid line...so yes, I am pretty happy..getting two starters out of the draft is considered a success, we got maybe 4...Odrick, Misi, Jerry and of course Marshall who was traded for a pick

The draft acquired good players in positons of need due to elimination. The elimination was the best move the Dolphin regime made. Getting rid of Gabril Wilson and two old linebackers who both think they can still play at a high level was a winner. Goodby Taylor and Porter, now you can open your big mouths with a new team.

Posted by: John | April 24, 2010 at 04:30 PM

John, what you have to ask, are if those players you mentioned are any different that some vets on the roster that we have invested in over the years. Are they going to bring something different, or duplicate what we already have.

To me, the MISI and Edds pick signal a more versatile type of player that we have on the roster. We have big prototypical pass rushers and DTs already.

All the people that wanted Kindle and hell, even Jimmy Grahm, we have 3 or 4 Sergio Kindle's already and Haynos is just as tall/athletic as Jimmy Graham. We need to bring complementary, high motor, multidimensional players to our team. I totally get it.

We couldn't cover any TE last year and people want these one dimensional pass rushers that can't set the edge, like kindle. The guys we got are solid tacklers...just football players.

Our FO has a plan and knows what we need. Let them do their thing.

He's 6'4 330 perfect fit put up 39 reps and rAn 5 flat good production at ecu

L Joseph

I think there will be a couple undrafted free agents this year making this squad a bunch of people left on board

yeah, bobbyd12 - there are so few of us

We missed hi
jo first pick not good enough

I'm just sayin as a true dolphin fan, this year should be special. And the jets are OVERRATED!!! watch them not even make the playoffs this year. They're good on paper but they're nothin, I mean we swepped them last year with our backup QB!

I've said it before and i'm gonna say it again...

Brian Hartline is gonna be the real deal so there's your playmaker (as well as Marshall and Ronnie and Ricky and Bess and Henne)

Our Offense is great and now our Defense is gonna be special

He does Jersey? Odd, cause I definately didn't find any footage...

Go Dolphins?

At first I didn't like this draft, but as I think about it, maybe Nolan is asking for these players to fit his scheme. I doubt the Trifecta would pass up better talent without a plan of some sort for Nolan.

Dang LenDale to Seattle. Pete will have the hawks on the move in a few years.

Pats pick 3 more times b4 we do


I agree that we did a good job addressing our defense. But all im asking for is just one receiver or te who can strech the field and help take pressure off of Marshall...

Joey f'ing Haynos just as athletic as J. Graham...put down the pipe dude. Haynos couldn't get open against middle line backers last year. Dude probably runs a 5 flat 40 and has no special qualities as a player. Graham has a 40 inc vert and runs a 4.6 at 6'7. Haynos can't even beat out one of the worst TE's in the AFC and would have gone undrafted in this draft. Get a clue man.

Here's what I'm not getting: everyone is making a big deal about playmakers, and how we don't have playmakers compared to everyone else in the AFC East.

Patriots: Moss, Welker. I mean, that's it, isn't it, in terms of guys who scare you?

Jets: Maybe Edwards? Anyone else?

Bills: Please.

Dolphins: Marshall (!!!), Brown, Williams.

Worthington po mans Odrick went to Steelers

For everyone dogging people's negative opinion of some of the picks:
This regime is way under 50% in the drafts and FA so far. They are not above criticism. Just becaus ewe are fans doesn't mean we have no football knowledge, especially since a lot of players we were rooting for us to pick have been picked up by GMs with great track records in the draft department. This regime goes out of the way to draft not so obvious picks, as if they want to seem smarter than everyone else by finding "Acorns". Sometimes the obvious picks are the right ones.

What's with all the concern about a PR/KR? Who gives a sh*t?

Maybe the Phins should model their draft strategy after the Chiefs of 5-10 years ago. We'd have an amazing return man like Dante Hall, and be bottom-dwellers every year.

Stra8, ur kidding right??? Revis will take care of Marshall?? How do you know, u psychic?? They haven't played against each other so u have no clue...Cromartie is a declining player with problems, again, u have no clue how r receivers will play, just like u have no clue how good these draft picks will be...stop spewing ur theroies like Revis shutting down Marshall till they play the game

When do we pick next and is it our last

Just saying, we got a pick for Ginn, yet have NOONE even partially as capable to return kicks or punts...

Jeff Owens and Kurt Coleman just went to Eagles 44 bench repper he wouldve been interesting to see w Reshad

#252 and its our last one.

1. Jerry Hughes is too small and cant hold the edge against the run. He would have been a WASTED pick. I wish people would learn about their own damn team before slamming its decisions. And True Fin fan...Meachem and Moore are not much better than the receivers we have. Actually, theyre not better at all, they just have Brees throwin to em lmao please learn somehting dude....

Thanks James would be good pick I think

Denver Broncos have just signed a one-year deal with former Dolphins linebacker Akin Ayodele.

Ithicaphin. Thanks for the correct breakdown! you should have bet me, I thought Te's were the premium choices in this draft. But like my draft board, I'm wrong. I do think that you cannot downplay the importance of a pass catching tight end. I think my point that the Fo. must be satisfied with the progression of our practice squad players kept them from drafting a high profile tight end is on the mark.

PAts...Moss...welker....two rooke te's with some of the best measurables and production of out this years draft. The welker clone they have is also better than Hartline as a no. 5

Jets....Cothery....Edwards....Holmes..the super bowl MVP who is still faster than any wr on our roster capable of housing the ball after any catch. Dustin Keller..another fast TE that killed us in both games we played them last year...also has some moves and tough to tackle once he catches the rock.

Read up...u might learn some thing


I have no problem with questioning the picks, but it's about how people do it. "FO should be fired, 1-15 here we come" is just stupid. I have a lot more respect for people that are backing up their concerns with facts, stats, and other rational evidence.

Same goes for people who like the draft. Much better to give a real reason for why you like the draft than blind faith in the FO. But the truth is none of us has nearly as much info as the front office does, so it's damn near impossible to accurately judge any of their decisions without the info they had. Would I have liked another playmaker? Sure, but no one is a guarantee. My guess is the FO is just going to bring in a bunch of undrafted guys and have them battle it out, rather than draft a guy who might not be able to contribute at all, not even on special teams.

id give the draft a c. the olineman was our best pick, he should start right away.

Not sure if this draft has anything to do with what Nolan wants. Was he around for the senior bowl?

I will say we seem very skewed in our boards towards players that we coached, and that may or may not be a bad thing.

WTF? JC do you watch football??? Those guys for one are a lot faster than our receivers and get open. and as somebody who ACTUALLY PLAYS football, i know that SPEED IS KING in football. which we dont have...

pats drafted 2 very good te's. least the jets lost 2 good players inj washington and faneca

7th round pick - Brandon Lang out of Troy...any thoughts???

I was hoping for Lang in the 5th. I hope he is there at 252.

Seyi Ajirotutu WR 6'3 205 Fresno St bug guy could be a steal

Truefan, this isn't over yet, let's see who we go into camp with before we worry about this... Did u know after we sign these 8 picks we made we will be at 75 roster..we still have 5 slots to fill to get to 80...and YES I wanted Gronkowski something terrible, I agree we need an upgrade but sometimes we can't get it all...Plus I want to see if Patrick Turner steps it up and plays for this team, Marshall should help him

Re: Dantheman#13 | April 24, 2010 at 03:45 PM

"I was hoping for Blount but Parcell's might be nervous about having him on the team with Ricky"
HAHAA!LoL!Thats Funny.Cause His Name Is"Blount" And Ricky Likes To Blaze's Up blounts

B. Lang was my prediction for their 1st 7th round pick. Hope he makes it past the Patsies.

Bobby give it up these people just trying to get you going. Take it from a old fart like me

Looks like Charlie and Moses are done.

Thank God you said something Str8.

I almost fell out of my chair when I read Haynos/Graham comparison.

All I'm saying is that all these "safe" picks are just that. Safe, decent guys. All complementary. But, complementary to whom? Before we added Dansby, the only defenders you could even say were "playmakers" were Davis and Starks. And now, because they didn't draft a true NT, they want to move a Pro Bowl Alternate DE to NT where he has never shown he can consistently make plays.

I see the Jets, Pats adding playmakers on both sides of the ball, and we add "safe" picks.

Yeah, every team has a bust here and there, but when you hit on a playmaker (like the kind I think V. Davis will become), it DRASTICALLY improves your team.

I don't feel we DRASTICALLY improved our team, whereas we might have had we taken a chance on a PLAYMAKER.

Meachum and Moore are far more talented than Camirillo ...bess...and Hartline are you nuts. Both are faster and more elusive after the catch. They are also taller and better route runners. Any other comparisons u want me to make. People will say any thing to prove there argument.

Camirillo...Bess...and Hartline will play the same way that play last year. All these players are limited physically...speed...quickness moves..and so on. These traits just don't drop out of the sky the next year. They can become better route runner..sure...no way any become a consistent dynamic force in our passing game.

Intramural flag football doesn't count True DolFan.
Ginn is all speed, and no heart.

I'd give this draft an A+++++

I do not know anything about Lang. What position and can he be productive on our team?

Don't know about anyone else but I think we had an excellent offseason.

No problem Darryl.

I agree about the pass-catching TE, but the defense was in shambles, and I'm guessing once they felt it was taken care of, there weren't any TEs left that they liked. Especially, since they're probably looking for a pass-catching TE that can block really well.
I'm no expert, but I'm thinking TE was one of the parts of this draft that wasn't very deep.


Try D1 College Football... and Ginn was a total mistake as well...

Lang DE/OLB. Good size. From Troy

Posted by: Stra8balla | April 24, 2010 at 04:46 PM

I don't smoke...anymore. But that's another blog.

Listen MR. 8balla,

I don't know what you saw from J. Graham last season that makes you think he's gonna be better than Haynos is now. I like him alot and I have high expectations for the kid too. (I'm a recent U.M. alum and grad student now, so I know the player pretty well.)

But, to be honest, great 40 times and all that are nice, but they mean jack when it comes down to flat out playing the game.

Mando do you think any of these guys could challenge Crowder?

Seriously? Rookie TEs? Edelman? These are people that you think defensive coordinators have nightmares about?

If you put Cotchery in with our WRs, I'm confident he'd just be lumped in with the rest of them. He's not markedly better than Bess. Holmes is legit, brain fart on that one, but Keller got 522 yards and 2 TDs. Fasano isn't really that far behind.

I get that you're more focused on ability than stats, and Keller is fast and beastly. All I'm saying is the Dolphins compare more favorably to these teams in terms of playmakers than you're giving credit for. Like, I don't get how you can't be excited about having Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in the backfield combined with Brandon Marshall forcing defenses to be honest in the box.

Remember that it wasn't our offense's fault we didn't beat the Saints and Colts. Our D let us down, but our O will compete.

Darryl, I bummed out when Pats tool Gronk, if we weren't gonna grab him I wanted him to go out of the AFC East

Lang is a DE/OLB with excellent pass rushing skills. Fits the Tuna's prototype in height and weight.

John...they won't see it until MArshall get double and we can't complete a pass over 5 yds. The wildcat b.s won't work this year. We can't hide our lack of speed and playmakers on offense forever.

No explosive pass catching TE
No serious threat at rb
No dynamic no 2 wideout or no 3 wr.

When i think of Jimmy Graham I think of his drops against VT.

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