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Pick No. 212 (7th round) WSLB Chris McCoy

The Dolphins have selected linebacker Chris McCoy of Middle Tennessee State.

McCoy is 6-3 and 261 pounds.

"I'm good with my hands and I'm explosive off the ball," McCoy said. "I'm very good setting the edge and coming off the edge." 

McCoy said the Dolphins told him he will be competing at weakside linebacker.

McCoy said Middle Tennessee State plays a base 4-3 scheme so he'll have to adjust to Miami 's 3-4.


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Wow, big deal I played in the CFL. And neither of us are the gm of the Dolphins, so let's support these new players, not bash them.

I say with the last pick just make it an all around solid athlete and see where he fits in. Someone with size and speed. I am very happy with this draft and want to see these guys at the rookie camp in a few weeks...

I wouldn't mind getting Blount, take a chance...

A word about TEs. Times have changed. This is a passing league and TEs have a important part in it. NE got the message, we didn't.

TnPhinfan, sorry bro, I just wanted to get under his skin and I saw the opening...

Jeremy Williams from Tulane Wr maybe

L Whitten


I havent said not one bad thing about the players. As a player myself I know how important support is. I just would like to actually watch a game and KNOW we're going to win like other ELITE teams do, instead of hoping...

on the clock...

Pick is in

I give the draft a B. But hey what do I know, I only watch the same tape as all of you and we all disagree.....lol. Let's just rally around the troops and hope for a productive Training camp. Let's go PHINS!

It is perfectly fine to critique the draft if you are a fan of a team. It is stupid to follow along like a blind dumbassed sheep.

We have two running backs that are coming off of injury (Ronnie Brown and Patrick Cobbs, we have a running back who has already said that this is his last year (Ricky Williams). There is no WR on the team that would be starting for any of the teams in the NFL, other than Devon Bess, who is the best on the team.

Fasano was awful, Nalbone was released and brought back and Haynos is a freaking statue. Some moron says that we have a great O-Line?????.
We have no PLAYMAKERS on the team and that is a sin against the franchise and the players.

And for those of you who say that the offense was good last year, what are you smoking. The way it works is, if we can continue to score against Indy, we win, but the Offense got shutdown when it mattered, same thing with the Saints and Houston and others. The league has changed, it is no longer 3 yards and a cloud of dust, a winning team has to have quick strike capabilities, they have to be able to score because the rule changes are geared towards the offense.

Ireland and Parcells screwed the pooch by not getting Playmakers. Oh Yeah and I have been a Dolphins fan longer than most of you have been alive, so if you don't like my opinion, Byte me.

Anyone hear if Sam shields is getting looked as as a ufa?

Every one expects Ronnie to come back after 3 knee injuries looking crisp...sharp cuts...quick feet??? Ricky is going to be as productive as he was last year at his age. Maintain the little speed he did have for another football season?? Really hopeful thinking.

If Cotchery were in a Fin uni..he would quickly and easily be our no. 2 wr with no thought at all by our staff. Dude makes plays...can uncover..and has sure hands and wiggle in the open field. Who fits that bill for us...Hartline..Camirillo...be real dude.


We'll just have to disagree about the RB situation. I mean, the Dolphins were 4th in rushing and tied for first in rushing TDs, but ok.

And I'm assuming that you would have rather traded Bess, or Camarillo, or other WRs that can actually catch the ball and pick up first downs, instead of trading the speedy playmaker Ginn?

Stra8 being PSYCHIC, again.."the wildcat won't work this year" Do you read fortunes for a living or did u just clean off ur crytal ball"? Funny how many teams, including the Jets now have a Wildcat formation

Posted by: John | April 24, 2010 at 04:55 PM

Same question to 8balla. What have you seen from J. Graham in his football career to say he's going to be better than Haynos? It's just speculation.

He barely has a season of tape. It's just wishful thinking and rampant speculation. I get it, you and 8ball know better that the Dolphin execs, what the team needs are.

I'll tell you what I know... The FO has a record of turning teams around. I'll trust that over speculation on a year of film any day.

No need to reply. I don't care.

WTF? JC do you watch football??? Those guys for one are a lot faster than our receivers and get open. and as somebody who ACTUALLY PLAYS football, i know that SPEED IS KING in football. which we dont have...

Posted by: True Dol-Fan | April 24, 2010 at 04:51 PM

First, you are not unique for playing football. Most fans have at some point played, so that point right there is discarded. Second, yeah ask Teddy Ginn Jr. how that KILLER SPEED worked out for him LMAO

I have studied the Dolphins draft thoroughly and systematically.

I declare this draft a total and complete success. With the Strength and speed we have added we should win the AFC East easily.

The SuperBowl should be ours!

lb from osu



I know you were high on him. But don't you think he is a better blocker then pass catcher. Didn't the Pats go Hernandez in the next round? The staff must feel good about Te. I will trust them, they have a better, more realistic plan than I do. There is also free-agency. The sculpture is not complete!

Another TE...this is getting funny. Lets take 6 te's next year.

If u don't like Hartline and his production in his rookie year then ur not that smart...

Ohio State LB Austin Spitler measured in at his Pro Day with a height of 6-foot-2, 243 pounds. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.73 seconds, the short shuttle in 4.23 seconds and the three-cone drill in 6.70 seconds. He measured a 32-inch vertical jump, a 9-foot-4 broad jump and completed 32 repetitions on the 225-pound bench press.

Read more: http://www.kffl.com/player/22891/NFL#ixzz0m3PRI19V

Wow another pass on Brandon Lang. For a guy who is short by Parcells' prototype standards at 6'1" and a little underweight at 242.

Don't hate the pick because I know nothing about the guy, but I have to say I'm a little shocked they didn't take Lang with one of these last two picks.

First time post, but read a lot from you guys over the last year. To the guys who say this is a poor draft, you are CRAZY!!! We added a #1 WR. We already had a good group a solid wr's and now we added a #1. We upgraded the OL in the draft. We already have a great running game with Ronnie and Ricky, with a good young QB.
We got the best defensive FA in Dansby. We upgraded the DL in the draft. The the draft we picked up OLB's and secondary with Nolan calling the shots on D!!! This has been a fantastic draft and the Fins will be a force this year!!! I expect great things. Can't wait for season to start!

Stra8balla... Ronnie didn't injure his knee last season. It was his foot!

Crazy thinking we win the AFC drafting 5 lb's.
No wr's
No te's
No rb's

Devin Hester's a HOF receiver because of his crazy speed too, right ? I'm not saying speed is not an important attribute, however it's not the be all end all skill like you are making it out to be. Why isn't Troy Williamson a pro bowler by now? You probably never even heard of him although he is one of the fastest guys to enter the draft in the past decade and was taken in the top 10.

Hey, how many LB's did we draft? (not being funny)

Marshall wasn't a draft pick so you can't include him in this draft.

I think the Scholar did the best in depth study that could be done by a man with that great a mind.

You are correct!


Like I said before... ted ginn was a MISTAKE! But what he was able to do was make defenses respect his speed, which loosened up zones for the other receivers. Who's gonna do that now?


Marshall had Royal(REALLY FAST)in Denver...

Foot to accompany the 2 knees injuries one at auburn another in his first few years here. Either way dude is mad injury prone and odds are against him to come back healthy and to have durability for an entire season. Ricky and Cobbs don't scare any one.

sam shields is awful, no shot at the nfl. miami def needs a te. fine at rb and wr for this year. not next though

BREAKING NEWS: Ireland announces he plans on going to a prototype defense that features 4 DEs and 7 LBs! Stay tuned!

These posts are a hoot. Why on Earth would anybody place even the slightest amount of credence on the "analysis" of people who never even heard of most of these players until the moment they were drafted? You might as well be giving your "expert opinion" on thermodynamic propulsion or the Latvian Gross National Product. The truth is, you have NO idea---none whatsoever---how these players will do as pros. Only a completely deluded fool would believe otherwise, but some of you seem to fit those parameters, frankly.

Darryl, here's my only problem...I like Fasano, very productive year one...when Martin went down he was forced to the other side which has different looks and responsibilities...I will ignore the people here who think both TEs are the same...I would have liked to pick up a big body and move Fasano back...maybe this year with a full camp at that side maybe Fasano will be more comfortable

I would have been heart broken had our last pick not been a linebacker!

ted ginn good riddens. troy williamson part of randy moss deal. and dumbass raiders took fastest wr last year top 10 over crabtree.

Are you off your meds again Stra8balla?

AFC Champs!

F*ck the Wets and the Pats!

Lets just field an offense of slow possession wr's...slow TE's who can't stretch the field and 240 lbs rb's.

Then combine it with a defense lining up 6 lb's...2 dlinemen and 1 safety and 2 cb's

After seeing a lot of posts on this blog...I don't quite understand why people thing that this draft is not good or a bust or whatnot. We didn't get a offensive skill player, big deal. I have faith in what they are trying to build in this franchise. If any true dolphin fan knows the defense last year blew some close games. Yes that means JT and Porter (it just seemed they couldn't keep up/looked lost). Brandon is going to be a stud and whoever posted that we have a weak running game is crap. Run Ricky Run posted over 1,000 yards by himself. And Bess just gets open period he's like Welker in that sense, side him with Brandon and a better line...COME ON MAN!!!!

You know what I'm trying to say. We picked him up for a 2nd the week before the draft and then got the draft pick back in Rd. 1!!! He will produce more than ANY 2nd round pick this year!!!

I sure as hell don't want to read anyone pissing and moaning about how Miami did not have anyone to replace Jason Taylor and Joey Porter. To those that did so regularly enough to aggravate the hell out of the rest of us.... I believe this draft was written just for you baby!!!!! Great Defensive draft... fixed the issues that were the biggest problem last year... a poor defense. With this many guys to work with you can almost count on a few starters and some depth guys... Defense is set for years to come. Next year will be all about Offense... even those we are already in decent shape there. I am certain there will be a few FA and walk on guys that we will see...like Bess/etc... I feel our team addressed what it needed to address.

George, what would u like to know about Latvian GNP???

Pats got the NT from GA. Lets just bulk up Pat White for Nt HU? Hey our last pick was an inside LB. I predict he will beat out Dansby for the starting job!!!!!!!

Tuna & Ireland & Spurrano, stupid trio.

Ask Bill, back from fishing or still there...if u are still there and don't want aggravation don't read the blog...just relax and come back Monday

More like he will be doubled more than any 2nd rd pick in this years draft.

Marshall has no hope of a huge impact season seeing double teams while Hartline...Bess and Cam struggle to get open against even average cb's and safties.

WTF is with all these linebackers. Do they figure if you pick enough of them that 1 will work out?

We should of drafted WRs for LBs and TEs for DEs and RBs for Punters!

Then we would be FAST!

And could Catch!

And run too!

Tuna & Ireland & Spurrano, the BEST EVER!

Looks like the Phins can sign WR Jeremy Williams or Danario Alexander. And Brandon Lang.

The fight for last place is on. Once we get behind in any game you can chalk a loss. No explosive plays....no one to make them on this offense outside of Brandon Marshall who will be bracketed on every passing down. Let's go Fasano....Hartline....you have support on this forum but I say you don't do jack this year

Good post Bill Ruger..you and I think alike. Defense is shored up now comes more offensive weapons. Now...maybe maybe not. But in the future yes. We are going to surprise some people on offense wether they want to believe it or not..I don't care. We shall see. Ricky just hired new agent and will run for more than 1 season. Ronnie just needs to stop getting hurt but when healthy and this new line it's gonna be fun.

Football IQ that is. Not questioning anyone's intelligence overall, as I myself suck at math and science.

All the bloggers who believe our offense will keep up with the better offenses we will play this year please return to the forum during the season to eat your crow. It will be nice and hot when Marshall throws his first tantrum on the sidelines because teams won't stop doubling him out of the disrespect for the rest of our pass catchers.

I just heard of this guy for the first time 90 seconds ago and I want to pronounce him a terrible pick and believe Parcells should be fired over it! I watch football on TV and know what I'm talking about!!

(just wanted to fit in with all the experts here)

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