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Pick No. 212 (7th round) WSLB Chris McCoy

The Dolphins have selected linebacker Chris McCoy of Middle Tennessee State.

McCoy is 6-3 and 261 pounds.

"I'm good with my hands and I'm explosive off the ball," McCoy said. "I'm very good setting the edge and coming off the edge." 

McCoy said the Dolphins told him he will be competing at weakside linebacker.

McCoy said Middle Tennessee State plays a base 4-3 scheme so he'll have to adjust to Miami 's 3-4.


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The WR's produced pretty good last year without a #1 WR. Are you even a Fin Fan?

trust me I will...if it comes that way so be it. You hate alot Stra8balla..that will be your downfall. Give credit when it is due. I hate every team except the Fins but I am realistic AFC East will be tough but I believe we have some of what it takes to be on top.

we were the 17th offense in the league last year. if they're not trying to address that, then we better be just as good as the ravens historic defenses...

Bobby... No... I am still out here... We are over on the East side of Long Island, Bahamas now... It has been a fantastic trip. I believe I'll let the "draft Nicks" clear out. I don't think there is much being written on here I need to see. I will catch ya in a few hours or tomorrow. I can tell ya this... I could not be happier... would have liked a TE... But we at least filled the main weaknesses of last year... set for defense for years to come. Talk at ya later Bobby... look forward to hearing what you have to say..

I want all WRs and RBs, and I love the Phins.

wr's didnt produce well last year

Stra8queer is an idiot.

We need more WRs and RBs.

Ours are no good, we need new ones.

The Jets are gonna suck when we do.

If there is a linebacker on the Dolphins roster that is comfortable they are WRONG! We now have 13 lb's on the roster. Somebody is getting cut and we know it's not Dansby...

How did you no I was a Q u e e r?

And a Jets fan?

didn't say the produced well, I said they produced well in spite of not having a #1 receiver. There is a huge difference.

Guys, who does the Cuban Owe $$$$ to??? Line up now..

We were 21st in receiving last year... yea thats good production...

Hey, we don't have enough linebackers!

Jack n Coke Cuban, see u in Dec bro to collect

I can't help but think we just drafted a bunch of hard nosed special teamers. We needed better return coverage, but this draft class just seems like a bit of overkill. I'm not dogging the whole draft...I just would have liked to have seen a firecracker instead of a bunch of smoke grenades. This LB draft parade certainly speaks volumes for the lack of confidence the FO had in our rostered LB's (Wake, Anderson, etc.) It also says something about how they felt about our young offensive playmakers. I think some of the naysayers out there will be pleasantly surprised with Hartline, this year. Big body. great Hands. smart route runner.

billbill is smart!

He says smart stuff.

And he says good stuff too.

I like tater tots!

And Stra8balla!

Do we need WR's - Maybe
Do we need a RB - Maybe

Are we gonna be bad as an offense let's find out. I say no.

Elite 10 - no
Better than 17th yes. We have to believe we got better AS A TEAM. Defense will feed the offense it's gonna be a good year in the AFC EAST.

On a positive note....u clowns mocking me will be happy when we draft in the top 5 next year. We will be guaranteed a shot a some real game changing offensive players to join B. Marshall...Julio Jones...AJ Green come to mind. Then we will be able to contend for the AFC annually.

Have fun falling alseep as Fasano drops passes ...Hartline looks underwhelming...Camirillo disappears.... and ronnie jogs with the football on every carry the way he did to start the year last year nursing his way back to health.

Miami had a top five running team last year.... good thing we have all those crappy RB's. Hartline made nearly 600yards as a rookie... Bess mad a good showing also... but they suck too... Camarillo did not drop 1 pass all season.... better get his sorry ass outta here.... Moron posters.... I suppose we would have been better if we just forgot all about out 25 ranked defense and took all Offense....===Dumb

still disagree, thought the wr's were awful. defense set for years cause of the draft?? how so, we only drafted basically one pos. so again not true. if your thinking our defense future is bright cause of a bunch of day 2 and 3 picks your insane. most wont work out

or 21st in offense...whatever but better yes

Yep we will be happy when you F*ck the H*ll off and go back to your Jets and Pats suckfest.

Bobby, Looking forward to it, It should be off the chain, Gotta get NJ PHN Fan there too....

Stra8, u won't even be here when the season starts, u will slink back into the hole u came out of and then come back with a different name jumping on the bandwagon...guys like u I detest, take ur negative horseshyt and go to the Sun-Sentinel, they will welcome u with open arms FAKE MOFO


Why are you always so angry, dude!? You need to chill out and stop cutting people down. Aren't you afraid of breaking a blood vessel or something??

New name suggestion: "Angry bobbyd12

What did Camirillo do when he caught the football...get instantly tackled. How many td passes did he catch??? Dude was catching 5 yd outs...he shouldn't have dropped a pass.

Hartline is not impressive. Work man like...average athletic ability wr who won't consistently man coverage. Half of that yardage came against teams who zoned us and he went at sat down in an open spot...caught the ball and instantly got tackled...like all of our wr's do. No electric ...no upside with the kid. Think a younger Kevin Walter.

Bess also catches the ball and gets chased down by lb's. Sured hands are fine but won't make many game changing plays with the football for lack of speed. Welker is faster and quicker in and out of breaks. Also better after the catch.

Yea Cuban, I already starting to think about it!!! I always have fun

wait wait wait....the defense is changing to a hybrid type 3-4..this is NEW just like the Wildcat (or at least new to the phins). We selected players to shore up that new scheme while keeping the players that already fit it. Sparano COACHED the senior bowl he knows what he wants and does not....players that make the new system work period. Not the typical "Sexy" picks in the draft.

Power run with good/great defense mixed with a better passing attack = success.

2nd the motion bobbyd12.

And she can F*ck the H*ll off too.


And take Aqua1 with ya.

Angry bobbyd12?


No that name SUCKS!

Gotta get back to the circus.

Great Draft Phinfans!

See you in the funny papers!

Aqua1, because I deal with stupid A"S, lying, ignorant, big mouth no action, crybabies for a living...then I come on a blog with fans to have fun and then I run in to the same type of a s s h o l e s as I do at work...it's amazing

How about bobby "don't call me angry" d12??

No sh*t bobbyd12, Well said!

Thats what tazers are for Bobby not angry d12.

I guarantee not one of u crying little sissies are season ticket holders..No one, cause in 14 years I have never run into the amount of dum fu'ks at the Stadium as are in this blog...Stra8 lives in Atlanta, he hasn't spent a dime on Dolphins stuff in his life yet he is here all day criticizing this team ..total tool

Bobbyd12 much love...I am also not a season ticket holder(live in Brandon and can't really afford it) but ever since I knew about football I loved the dolphins (raised in Ft Lauderdal/Cooper City) I agree that some or many show disrespect to this team. But we shall see when the season starts...Fins will be 2nd or 1st...and I will eat my words if not. But I gotta love my team no matter what and believe in what Sparano/Tuna is doing.

My head hurts form listening to all these whimpering lil b*tches, I got to go take a Vicodin and crash.

To all the Jettrolls: eat sh*t and die a long slow painful death.

I believe that you need to get centered bobby.
...You need to find your inner self...and then peace and love will flow through you my son.

Who does Cuban Menace owe money to?, If it's more then 50 dollars, Like Ricky would say to Lucy"Lucy, You have splaining to do"

He's got a wedding to pay for.

Waaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaa! What a sh*tty draft, need more WRs RBs and TEs.

How did you get that huge Corncobb "centered" in your A S S?

Hot Ashley, all together or just me?? And he just said the other day after 3 marriages he wasn't doing THAT again...

Or like all that peace and love residue in your A S S?


Oh sorry Cuban...shhhhh :)

All of you guys who are wetting yourselfs in pleasure because Ireland and Parcells went all Defense, will be the same ones saying the same thing next year, We need defense.

What we need are Playmakers, people who can score quickly. It is silly to think that our offense is going to successfully drive 70 or 80 yards every drive and score 6 each time, to many things can go wrong.

Ronnie will not be what he was 2 years ago, Ricky is only getting older. Marshall is a Playmaker but he can't do it alone and I haven't seen any eveidence that Henne will be more than he is now. I hope that I am wrong, but I doubt it.

Parcells is stuck in the 80s and thinks that he will find the next LT but that is unlikely. Which teams scored the most points in the NFL last year and how did their seaasons go? That is what we should aspire to be.



If you do want to get Married again you have plenty of whimpering lil b*tches right here on this blog to choose from.

Waaaaaaaaa WR! Waaaaaaaa RB! Waaaaaa TE!

You are supposed to keep foreign objects outta there Devonite. No charge for the advice.

If I'm not mistaken we lost the last 3 games because??? Oh, are defense...we got what we needed this year DEFENSE

OK, Guys the Menace must leave to...well perform damage control, Thanks Bobby.......

B12, they are Imbeciles Jettrolls or both.


You can’t teach a pig to read, it'll drive you nutz and it pisses off the Pig.

Anytime Cuban, makeup sex is always the best, thank me tommorrow

I know PO, I'm out for awhile, cu later

>>If I'm not mistaken we lost the last 3 games because??? Oh, are defense...we got what we needed this year DEFENSE

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 24, 2010 at 06:12 PM<<

Really bobbyd12?, so our defense prevented our own offense from scoring? See, if the offense is able to keep scoring points, then we can win those games.
24 points in Tennessee
20 points in Houston
24 points in Pittsburgh
Are you telling me that these are insurmontable points? so if the offense is able to hold a freaking lead, put their collective foots on the throats of the opponents, how many of those games to we win?

According to McCoy, he is " good with his hands and explosive off the ball"...... What a coincidence, cause I'm good with my hands and have explosive balls!

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