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Pick No. 212 (7th round) WSLB Chris McCoy

The Dolphins have selected linebacker Chris McCoy of Middle Tennessee State.

McCoy is 6-3 and 261 pounds.

"I'm good with my hands and I'm explosive off the ball," McCoy said. "I'm very good setting the edge and coming off the edge." 

McCoy said the Dolphins told him he will be competing at weakside linebacker.

McCoy said Middle Tennessee State plays a base 4-3 scheme so he'll have to adjust to Miami 's 3-4.


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str8balla and the rest of the imbecils shut the f up already!!!! You retards are seeing dickerson passed over for 6 rounds but parcells and ireland are brain dead for not taking him? you act like the fact the coaches got a close up look at these players in the Senoior bowl is a bad thing, really? And the Trifecta has now adressed the DL with Odrick, good depth in the trenches , we have brought in a starting LB in Misi and Edds to come in and cover on passing cowns perhaps for crowder even, Jerry makes the OL huge and young and potentially dominant, R Jones and Carroll, make the secondary deep and we were not depleted there, and Marshall is part of this draft, how is this not a good draft? Miami is a much better team now, and the Pats had a terrible draft only the TE if healthy is a good pick, the wets? another cb? lost faneca! Miami AFC east champs.

Anyone wondering why we let JT go..........roflmao

Get a clue everyone.....pressure on the QB is KEY in today's nfl.....so......protecting and getting after the QB are the main focus. Pressure on Qb's makes CB's look much smarter and better, lack there of makes the QB and WR much smarter.......it all starts up front and thats where we have gone. We have the position players to compete at this point if they have time........Sweet Draft

What good is it going to do to have the best line in the NFL when you have the slowest most unexplosive wr's in the NFL. All except Marshall struggle to get separation from coverage...the extra 2 seconds to throw the ball won't matter if your wr's are blanketed all the time.

I wouldn't be surprised if Miami makes a push to sign that kid from Oregon that punched the Boise State player. That kid had talent but 'character issues' scared everyone away. We signed Incognito (one of the more ironic names considering) so we're not too worried about Character.
I can (not a typo) that we didn't draft a TE. I think they're planning on that former Packer that we have (whose name escapes me at the moment) to come back healthy and be the receiving-oriented TE that we was in 09. He has really good speed and quickness and if he's really back we'll be fine with him and Fasano, who I also think will rebound. Fasano was better than expected in 08 and I think he just had a bad year. Remember that play he had to score against the Chiefs (in a game we desparately needed)? I think Parcells sees Bavarro in that kid and I'm not kickin' him to the curb.
UPDATE: OK, we're screwed. That exPacker is not even on Miami's roster (I just checked). Joey Haynos is our other TE? Ugh!

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