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Randy Starks in the clear from 2009 arrest

As the media is always quick to publish loud headlines when athletes get into trouble, I am today trying to give balance to that fact and tell you when the trouble is resolved at a volume that doesn't blare quite so much.

Remember the Randy Starks arrest last May on Miami Beach for aggravated battery on a police officer?

Today it was resolved in Miami-Dade traffic court as nothing more than a moving violation.

Starks pleaded nolo contendere (no contest) to failing to use due care and was found guilty. His sentence? A $219 fine which is due by June 8th (I get the feeling a player who signed a $25 million contract will be able to come up with the money by then) and Starks must also complete an 8-hour traffic school course within 120 days.

The whole issue with Starks allegedly resisting arrest and using his truck as a weapon on a police officer? Those charges were dropped last July. So not proven, not an issue.

Go on your way Randy Starks. You have been completely cleared.