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Randy Starks in the clear from 2009 arrest

As the media is always quick to publish loud headlines when athletes get into trouble, I am today trying to give balance to that fact and tell you when the trouble is resolved at a volume that doesn't blare quite so much.

Remember the Randy Starks arrest last May on Miami Beach for aggravated battery on a police officer?

Today it was resolved in Miami-Dade traffic court as nothing more than a moving violation.

Starks pleaded nolo contendere (no contest) to failing to use due care and was found guilty. His sentence? A $219 fine which is due by June 8th (I get the feeling a player who signed a $25 million contract will be able to come up with the money by then) and Starks must also complete an 8-hour traffic school course within 120 days.

The whole issue with Starks allegedly resisting arrest and using his truck as a weapon on a police officer? Those charges were dropped last July. So not proven, not an issue.

Go on your way Randy Starks. You have been completely cleared.


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Wow, con dinero baila el mono


See they was just trying to get some money from the player know it all along now come on Randy kick ass this year

I hope that officer is disciplined for filing a false charge against Starks. Using his truck as a weapon, give me a break.

from felony charge to misdemeanor traffic violation.... you gotta love the thin blue line.

Amazing what a Lawyer can do in court....

Nobody on this blog would get that kind of treatment from MBPD. Only athletes, celebrities or actors. Didn't Mickey Rourek have an issue with them too!

This is good news. I honestly think Starks will be a perennial Pro Bowler. The more talent we surround this guy with the better he gets.

PS: bobbyd12 any comments on how out of line this cop was-LOL?

That actually happened to me in 1985... I was living in So. California...hanging out at this chicks house drinking and smoking and what not...I start to wake up on the sofa because someone is blowing me and I figure it's the chick but really it's some dude, I was so close already I let him finish and held his head in place to make sure he swallowed all of it...but looking back I guess he would have swallowed it anyway even if I had remained asleep the whole time.

I guess I'm the victim of a s e x u a l assault.

Posted by: PriceMaster | April 09, 2010 at 01:05 AM

Doe's this strike any of you as totally gay?????(not that there's anything wrong with that).

I love Randy Starks!

el dinero compra la justicia

I'm a man of a million languages!!!!

Cuban Menace,

You sound like you might have a bias here?

You're not sticking up for your brothers in blue are you-LOL?

Wow!!!! Good for u fat boy Rex!!! U figured out the only way to stop the Dolphins and our wildcat was to go out and try and hire yourself a snitch (Jayson Taylor). I can already hear fat boy saying "cmon JT come over here and help me and my defense so we maybe don't get swept again by the Dolphins this year... Oh btw did I mention in my D u can sack Henne 15 times next season"? Fat boy is the next mangenious lmao. "hey JT do u know any of their offensive audibles"? Wow JT u are a sucker if u go there! And I will be burning my #99 because I am a true Dolfan and would never go help the enemy!!!!

Doe's this strike any of you as totally gay?????(not that there's anything wrong with that).

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 09, 2010 at 05:30 PM

Totally GAY? You think?

Cuban Menace,

This one sentence gives him away:

I let him finish and held his head in place to make sure he swallowed

I'm no homophobe, and to each their own.
I myself wouldn't have been the victim, I would've been charged with extremely aggravated assult.

Price Master,

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being gay(?). I'm just saying acceptence is the key. Don't be ashamed in whatever you do. You don't have to swing in and out of the closet on the door. Just come on out!!!!

Odin, Lets just say i've witnessed alot of douchery from defense liars, I mean Lawyers....But then again Ive seen some petty things get some time cause the defendant couldn't afford a lawyer and the public defender just wants to plea bargain to a lesser charge and the defendent takes it not really knowing that he'll have a criminal record that follows him through life.....

In other news, sources close to the situation are saying Taylor to the Jets is almost a done deal. It would be for 3.25 mil per season for two seasons.

His entire career all he has done is bad mouth the Jets and their fans. He has repeatedly stated that he can't stand anything that has to do with the Jets.

If they want him that bad they would wait until after the draft to get him. This would be a huge F**k you to not only the Dolphins organization but to the fans as well.

I'm afraid Taylor doesn't realize the backlash this would create in his hometown. He had worked so hard to repair his image and was so concerned with it that he played last season for a bag of peanuts. To now go to our biggest rival and the most classless team in all of sports would be unforgiveable in my mind.

And why? All because the rebuilding Dolphins are being careful about signing a 36 year old LB coming off of shoulder surgery? Wow the Dolphins are so evil! How dare they! Pffffttttt!

Come on JT you CAN'T be serious about this can you? Are you really going to wear that horrible uniform, play in Giants stadium, and have "a midget fireman" (his words not mine) rooting you on? Are you f***ing serious!?

Wow!!!! Good for u fat boy Rex!!! U figured out the only way to stop the Dolphins and our wildcat was to go out and try and hire yourself a snitch (Jayson Taylor). "cmon JT come over here and help me and my defense so we maybe don't get swept again by Miami this year... Oh btw did I mention in my defense i will give u the opportunity to sack Chad Henne up to 15 times next season"? Fat boy is the next mangenious lmao. "hey JT do u know any of their offensive audibles"? Wow JT u are a sucker if u go there! And I will be burning my #99 because I am a true Dolfan unlike U. And please don't tell me u needed the $$$ or they are they are the only team who wanted u boo hoo

Odin you for one know the importance of having a good Lawyer, Iam sure you've been down the legal system once or twice being a Norse Warrior, with your plundering, looting, setting fires, rape, rape of animals, etc,etc.....lol....


He can only be paid 1.5 million this season and 1.8 million next year by the Jets due to the rules for the final teams in the playoffs last year... that figure of 3.something was a total for the 2 years.

In other news, JT is dead to me

B R E A K I N G....N E W S

Report: Jason Taylor close to joining the Jets.

If this is true.....then it means the Dolphins REALLY REALLY don't tolerate ANYONE Confronting Sparano...not even in private.

This isn't "Fan favorite" nonsense...I think the guy still has enough skills where he could have helped the team this year.

(good post NYScott)

Rocky the flying squirell played by Jeff Ireland and Bullwinkle J Moose is Bill Parcells.

Bullwinkle: Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.

Rocky: Again?

Bullwinkle: Nothin' up my sleeve


Bullwinkle: Must have been the wrong hat

Bullwinkle: Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.

Rocky: But that trick never works

Bullwinkle: This time for sure, presto! Well I'm getting close.

JT's almost a Jet... :(

The Jason Taylor market has heated up considerably this week, seemingly out of nothing. (For some background, click here.) It could even come to a conclusion within the next couple days.

Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported on Friday afternoon that a deal bringing Jason Taylor to the New York Jets is "close to done," according to a Taylor associate. According to the associate, the financial aspect of the deal will be what we expected -- two years, $3.45 million -- but that the two sides are still trying to work out small details, such as how much of the Jets' offseason program Taylor will have to participate in.

Great Post NY Scott.... Hold's my sentiment in totality. It makes me nauseous to read the posts of those that are laying this crap at the feet of our management... Really... you are going to blame our team because this turn coat Mother****er wants to run off and pout for the second time when no one is running around kissing his washed up ass?... Need to get your mind right fans... Its OUR TEAM... We are supposed be all about OUR team. Miami has not done anything they said they would not do... they made it clear from the outset (I remember the news piece and Jason's reply) that NOTHING would be finalized until after the draft. JT has spit right in YOUR FACE Dolphins fans... and those of you blaming OUR TEAM instead of the traitor who ran to OUR WORST ENEMY are a joke and need to grow up. Want to leave? Fine, there are 29 teams out of our division... But to go to the Jests... THE F***ING JESTS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Shame on Taylor and all his sympathizers. I see a "D-cell" Battery and a cup full of piss in his future at Sun Life....

Freakin' Trifecta is pissing me off !!

I hate cops(flpd), but not cm

Good now go be a dominant player.. Worth a shot :/


I always thought it was Nolo Contendre? That eas how our teacher used to say it anyways.

It's been eons since American Justice classes so thanks for the lesson in latin Armando!

Keep on Bloggin bro!



This is a repost from the last blog.


Just for the record.......

I live in Michigan. I was a big time Bo fan. From the days of Harlan Huckleby right up to Henne and Graham.

I'm not absolutely positive, but I'm pretty sure I was the first here to mention Graham as a draft pick for us. At that time I was hoping we could get him in the second, but his stock has risen.

Just the same, thanks for the welcome aboard!

Bottoms Up!!!!


I understand your pain as I think it's a sick and twisted nightmare to see JT playing for Gang green.

That said... One quarter of what JT is getting paid I would go bump off Fireman Ed and take his hat and his place! ;)

I don't fault JT at all...It's on the Fins FO and they just want to move on.

I was more riled up at first but after watching Irelands posture and listening to what he said... Taylor is gone...its just a matter of when.

You may go back to a HATED ex girlfriend if you thought she loved you enough and the one you loved most refused to love you back.

Just sayin...


I'm with you Bill.... Starting today no more throwing away dead batteries..... I'm going green... Gag green lol gonna save my battery collection for JT the snitch who dances with the enemy

Phintic......the snitch who dances with the wolves. nice .

old snitch , he's 39 years old .

Start saving your piss now fellas lol because JT and Blobzilla Aka Rex are coming to town.

Rob, All it really means is you throw yourself on the mercy of the court(And the judge) My advice to everyone whether it be a speeding ticket or anything else, if you can afford a attorney, get one, the one thing I've noticed is the judge and the prosecution are more then likely to either Reduce charges or drop a case so as not to drag it thru the justice system, and remember one thing about a traffic ticket even if your found not guilty it shows up on every thing when you get pulled over, so what I'am saying is drive safe and keep your road rage in check.....

W O W.

Shows the Organization's commitment to "Transforming the Team's Culture"(eg:." Out With The Old..In With The New ".) -- These are the times...when we can only blindly hope that these guys know what they're doing.

Rex Ryan is kind of like the 'Fidel Castro' of Football
He has a knack for Pissing-off his Rivals.

Drafting a Linebacker is now almost certain.

Cuban Menace,

I was with you right up to the rape of animals.
Come on dude, give the God of War a break.

Unfortunately, due to modern day law, the rape game is no longer what it used to be.

I have to give the broads a pass word that REALLY means NO. You know, something that wouldn't normaly come out in the throes of passion like: Stop, quit, I don't do that.

The password I use is: EBENEZZER!!!!

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up bro!

Ask bill ruger... All respect to u and ur opinions but I'm upset with the way we handled the JT situation bc Jason is NOT like other dolphins on the team right now. He is a legend in the NFL who our young players look up to. I saw the point made on this blog that the youngsters on the team now see how jason is being treated and must think we don't even look out for one of our greatest players ever. Also, he was productive and he was necessary to our team last season with all the injuries and inadequate play and played an integral role in 3down defense. Joey porter BLOWS and deserves the cold dismissal he recieved. This is different. While I see your point that dolphins look out for the dolphins PERIOD, Jason Taylor was a fin before this regime, and his memory will live on well after they're gone. To me this means the guy is owed at least a warmer explanation as to his place on the team. Who wants to look their boss in the eye after years of devoted service and be given no assurance of your future. Another reason why we owe Jason Taylor more respect is because of the home town discount he took in favor of the dolphins. That means he paid money to be a dolphin. That means Jason Taylor suffered millions of dollars in opportunity cost to play here. I can't see how an honorable business organization doesn't reciprocate that devotion to the company with some respect on the back end. But hey, everyone who disagrees has a rght to. Maybe I'm being sentimental :/ but he's one of my favs and I want him to be there to sweep the jets again!

jason taylor should just get the hell out and GIVE US A BREAK .

Twinkle Toes Taylor wants to dance on broadway

JT was a CLASS act.....
And he still is ... Just minus the CL


I am not a big "scoop" guy. There are others on this blog that are big on that...not I said the frog.

You probaby were the first and you can have the spoils that go with it my friend. I give you full credit ESPECIALLY with your Michigan background! You knew about BG way before I did I know that.

I do know I have rattled my sword or Axe in your case so loudly about BG that some of the blog stalwarts and I have come to some humdingers of verbal pier 6 brawls over BG vs other guys (Namely McClain guys and recently JPP with allen).

I am glad we are on the same page with BG as I see you are sharp of wit and your verbal Viking strikes cut through some.

A round of hearty Ale for ye Warrior!


Cuban Menace,

I call it plea bargain fodder.

That's why I never stop till they actually draw a bead or tasser me.

The prosecutor ALWAYS drops the fleeing and alluding for a guilty plea.

Plea Bargain Fodder. All in a days work for a Norse Warrior!!!!

Bottoms Up!!!!

CODE 10 42


Odin, I'll contact my relatives in the Northern part of the Mid West....lol....

Rob in OC: (@ 6:14 PM)

I think one of the first things that Sparano said to all his Assistant Coaches was: "Don't fall in love with ANY of these guys..."

The only things that are certain are
Death, Taxes, and the Reality of.. 'C H A N G E'.



I'm no scoop that's for sure.
With the latest developments with JT, I'm thinking Graham even more.

With that said, here's a hearty CHEERS and a BOTTOMS UP back at cha!!!!

That's right aloco, Iam 10-42 buddy........Soon to be Code 19.........

Ask Bill Ruger,

Wow! Tell us how you really feel bud??

Not good to have a "gunsmith" this riled up. :)

I consider myself a huge Fin fan and JT is one of my favorites.

I just simply see it as: let the guy get a job anywhere he damn well wants that still has the "Help Wanted" sign out for you JT. Apparently the Jets do and it's coming with a hell of a lot more red carpet and is a real offer.

Despite myself and many others thinking we can wring one more decent year out of Taylor as a Mentor/Player the Trifecta thinks he is bogging down the works.

In no uncertain terms they have said if you are willing to wait until after the draft and after the Fins and other teams try to fill all their OLB holes, if after all that we can give you a lowball offer and maybe not give you playing time or can't gaurantee a position that best suits your talents...then walk.

He is just taking them up on the Fins suggestion to do what you have to do.

I was suprised to see you felt so strongly Bill.


Ireland wouldn't even go as far as saying there is a CHANCE Taylor returns to the Dolphins.
When asked about the draft a minute earlier he said: You know anythings possible.
If he wouldn't even admit that Taylor's return is possible then you got ot know it's over.
Read between the lines. Not that it really matters at this point, but it does explain who's decision it was. The FO.
Taylor was waiting like a good soldier, right up until he finally got the call.
I WAS a Taylor fan, but he's gone, time to move on.

End of story.

Come on draft day!

NNott so sure that WAS Bill Ruger...

(Far too emotional)


Hey thanks for the knowledge bro!

It's almost like I got a mini brass pass there. :)

I sped like a maniac when I was a youngtser and fought EVERY ticket I got guilty or not.

2 stuck and 5 didn't, so I would say I did ok.

The good news is I have cleaned up my act and now don't try to land speed test my vehicles too often now.

As to the road rage... GUILTY! I used to get it all the time as a youth over trivial driving incidents.

I heard a saying that snapped me out of it.
"The size of the man can be determined by the size of the things that make him mad." That hit a bullseye with me and I really mellowed a lot since. Time passing does it as well.


The MBPD officer was obviously pissed and padded the charges once he found out Starks was a pro football player. I've done it a couple of times when I was a rookie but then learned better. Good thing the State Attorney realized it was a bad charge they couldn't prove and dropped the felonies. Justice was done in this case.

Time has away of slowing everything down.... cheers and good health....


May be a good call...that stuff changeling stuff is always possible up in here.


Tampa, Learned a while ago that judges HATE cases that arent concrete.....

And have a long memory and love to talk to there fellow judges during happy hour....

Kudos to all you Fellas!!!

As many different personalities, ideas, different players being debated and the like in here today and it's been an outstanding blog today.

(( Barkeep, a round of your best Grog for all me mates! ))


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