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Randy Starks in the clear from 2009 arrest

As the media is always quick to publish loud headlines when athletes get into trouble, I am today trying to give balance to that fact and tell you when the trouble is resolved at a volume that doesn't blare quite so much.

Remember the Randy Starks arrest last May on Miami Beach for aggravated battery on a police officer?

Today it was resolved in Miami-Dade traffic court as nothing more than a moving violation.

Starks pleaded nolo contendere (no contest) to failing to use due care and was found guilty. His sentence? A $219 fine which is due by June 8th (I get the feeling a player who signed a $25 million contract will be able to come up with the money by then) and Starks must also complete an 8-hour traffic school course within 120 days.

The whole issue with Starks allegedly resisting arrest and using his truck as a weapon on a police officer? Those charges were dropped last July. So not proven, not an issue.

Go on your way Randy Starks. You have been completely cleared.


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If any of you bloggers have to drive...don't drink too much of the swill I just ordered...


Thanks CM. You nailed it, time has mellowed the caged tiger that once was...well some anywho.


I'll settle for the same record the last time JT wasn't here - can you say 11-5?

Maybe the Fins think C Wake will be the edge rusher this season and it is obvious to the most casual observer they will try and acquire more LB's in the draft and otherwise. If they do there won't be room here for JT.

I have always been a fan of his till he went out west with big ideas of being a movie star - he wasn't showing us a lot of love back then.

Still I hope Jason and Zach T can retire as Dolphins when all is said and done.



With the badges up in this joint we could change the blog name to "Fin Street Blues!"

((Mumbly snicker))


LOL @ CM and Odin.

Menace...absolutely and to add to that if you get a rep. for bringing in B.S. cases when you actually have a good one they won't give it as much consideration. I try to teach the young guns that all the time but these new guys think they know everything...oh well, they'll learn.

Tampa, Took me a month.....

Hey I haven't really blogged near as much lately as I was a while back.

I have to say today was about as good as any I've been party to.

Quick SoCal joke:

Why do the Valley Girl take two birth control pills?.........

So she could be "Fer sure, Fer sure." ;p

The wifi unit is bringing home some groovy grub so I will catch you all down the road a spell.


Good for you but then again the job's a bit different up there then down here. I'm sure your way more busy then I am. For example, I'm workin right now in my cruiser in one of the slowest area's. It's not always like this, usually workin a very busy area and don't hardly get a break.

It's never boring Tampa, I can assure of that, wouldn't want any other job though...(Unless maybe a Gynecologist)..

So true menace. Especially if it's for supermodels and hot stars!!

Dear Mr. PriceMaster

"That actually happened to me in 1985... I was living in The Town of BedRock...hanging out at Freds house drinking and smoking and what not...I start to wake up on the sofa because someone is blowing me and I figure it's Wilma but really it's Fred"

When you're with the Flintstones
you'll have a yabba dabba doo time.
A dabba doo time.
You'll have a gay old time.

Soiled :)

The guy blogs about some ho hum, fantasy trade scenario with the patriots, but nothing on the reports that Jason Taylor is about to sign with the jests according to a few sources. Unreal

Rob in OC
Yeah.... I am not taking this one that easy concerning JT. I believe Miami was very upfront with him about when they would be ready to do business. I also believe they have been very upfront with players they did not want around any longer, Smiley, Porter. There may have been a bit of a misstatement with G. Wilson but I did not hear any promises made and that was some time ago.
I feel Miami has been up front... my problem is Jason. Yep... its a business Rob... But it is also a Team that many people care about and have cared about for many years. And to go to the most hated team in our world and sell out for a chopper ride and a steak shoved down your throat just don't "make it" with me... Are YOU really okay with it? Seriously... You are all good with a one of the most prominent and long termed players on our team walking straight into the house of the Green Hell monster? Because I'm not... I was all good when he went to Washington.... that was business... this is much more personal.
Yeah, You are right... I am a Gun Smith... I Build, Modify, Re-barrel, Port, machine custom receivers, install optics of every sort and machine match grade competition match grade Rifle/Pistol Barrels for both Military, Police and the Private sector. I get to drill lots of Bullet holes in life size Man targets and that helps me with my temper... I also like knowing my work is he3lping our guys get the Job done over seas. I am very proud of my contribution at that level. It helps me understand Loyalty and why choosing a side is so important in our lives... I chose to be a Dolphin fan in 1971.... Been one ever since. Have had Season Ticks in all but 3 of those years since... I ALWAYS side with MY TEAM... not the media... not some player... Not some other coach... I pull and side with the Logo and all it has stood for since 1966. Guess that may be a character flaw but one I can live with. I believe what JT is doing will hurt our fans... and make their fans happy to just see our hurt... That bothers me Rob... and I do NOT blame the Dolphins... They did not go to NY.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Jason Taylor [Taps Mic]

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today
I want to be a part of it - new york, new york
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These little town blues, are melting away
I’ll make a brand new start of it - in old new
If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you - new york, new york

New york, new york
I want to wake up in a city, that never sleeps
And find I’m a number one top of the list, king
of the hill
A number one

These little town blues, are melting away
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It up to you - new york new york

Soiled :)

I do wish to say this.... I regret the D-cell and cup of piss thing.... That's not my way... I regret posting that and ask everyone to disregard such stupidity on my part. JT has been a great player for us but I'm pissed ya know? I guess everyone has a bad day once in a while and JT sort of Pissed me off with this move... Once again... Mu apologies to the entire Blogging empire of...UUUUh.. well you know... all you guys!


jason signed with the lowly gets.

well you know ,yes i know ,you write like a donkey ASK BILL RUGER .

Are you guys saying the JT deal with the ?Jets is done yet?

HOW COME THE MIAMI MRDIA SEEMS AFRAID TO ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS TO THE TRFECTA??? HOWARD COSSELL WOULD BE ASHAMED! They need to take responsibility for AWFUL free agent moves and for not hiring ZACH back for a day so he can retire a dolphin! Organizations without class wind up hurting themselves!



Craig M

"Are you guys saying the JT deal with the ?Jets is done yet?"

I wasn't with my post.

But I could see JT giving the Finger to Parcells as he sings that song.

Soiled :)

No... Craig M... I have not read any report to verify that.

Thanks for the Critique... joep! Make me happy when I know we have regular "Shakespeare" like yourself blessing us with your presence... Now, go make me a sandwich!


Let Taylor go and who cares if it's to the Jets, they wined him and his family on wed and thur, something he was never apart of, and thats feeling wanted somewhere anywhere to play a certain position and know his assignment is to get to the qb. Taylor has a right to earn a living and what Armando, touched on earlier this week was that, if you treat a player, you once traded, then signed for pennies by today's NFL standards, as if he is a afterthought, not once but twice (Parcells traded, then signed the following year, now about to let walk again) then good for Taylor seeking gainful employment in a place and team that wants him. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me... Do I hope he signs with the hated Jets no! But this is a business as the saying goes and Taylor has a right to work be it on enemy lines or where he rightfully belongs, in a Miami uni, at his age he will take any suitors or courting he can get, after all the big apple can be enticing.

ASK bill ruger , it's a name fits for inmate in a cell in max security jail .

I honestly can't believe he's going to do it. This is worse than Johny Damon leaving the Red Sox for the Yankees. For a guy that SUPPOSEDLY hates the Jets and their fans I just can't honestly believe he's going to do it. Can anyone else think of a move in sports quite as puzzling? To any other team I could see it but not to the Jets......very puzzling!!

what kind bill you want your sandwich ?

jason will sign next sunday w/the jets .nfl reports .

Is Miami Jason Taylors family Home ?

Would Jason Taylor move his family to New York if he signs with them ?

Would JT's kids have to put up with crap from other kids/disgruntled fans in Miami and or New York.

Just wondering

Soiled :)

nj schools as bad as florida schools ,i don't see any benfits for his kids
.florida schools ar last state in the country while nj comes 46

Thank you for reading my post. Just to amplify some of the facts:
-At that time I was about 6 months out of the Marine Corps, it wasn't my crib, there was no one else in the room, I could have murdered him and walked out the front door and would not even have been a suspect.
-When I started to wake up and realized what was going on I thought it was the chick who's apartment it was, so I kept my eyes closed and pretended to still be asleep. It was not until I reached down to hold her head that I realized 'this is not how a black chick's hair feels'. By then there was no way I could stop it.
-In my 47+ years on earth the my a n u s has only been opened by my primary care physician and my urologist. Most recently my urologist who stuck a microphone or something up my a s s as part of a prostate biopsy.
-Everyone knows someone that fell asleep on the sofa after drinking and woke up to find out some dude he didn't know was giving him a b l o w j o b.
I'm that guy.
No more no less.

JT's kids don't go to schools, they go to academies.

it's funny ,any lousy private school they call it academia,only in FLORIDA .



I gay person gives b l o w j o b s.
I on the other hand only receive them

That is:
A gay person gives b l o w j o b s.
I on the other hand only receive them.



The incident I shared with all of you is not trash, it is simply what happened.

Trash is letting 4 LB's and FS go and getting NOTHING in return.

Trash is entering the draft with your depth chart 4 players short on defense.

Trash is what you call it when the choice is either the first 3 LB's and 1 FS your draft automatically make the team without competition no matter how bad they turn out to be or you can just keep drafting the positions to create competition until you run out of picks and then cannot draft for any other positions.

Trash is giving a press conference and pretending that you have the power to deceive your competitors when you have no such power what so ever.

I'll tell you what trash is.

Just becuase you only get blowjobs from men and c0cks up you @zzzzz, it still means you are G@Y

Price master you are g@y trash.

NY Soctt. Well Said about JT. %100 agree. Its a slap in the face of all the fans that rooted for him for the last 10 years. If he goes to the jets I lose all respect for him. And I really hope we beat them twice again next year just for that.

And to the people that say its the organization's fault. I agree. They should re-sign him but they are not. But going to the JETS is a spit into the fans face not the organization. The same fans that have rooted for him for the last 10 years. Zac thomas was treated the same way. But he had class. He went to KC. To go to the JETS is a f**k you to the fans and nothing more. JT if you have any decensy you won't do it.

Man I am getting tired of this Jason Taylor saga.

Craig M,

I would not equate Damon going to the Yanks with the JT ordeal. I believe the Sox offered Damon something, not the same in JT's case.

im sure he wont even notice the $220 fine..... only in america baby... he who has the most money wins... just like monopoly!!!.. lolololoool

let the jets keep jason taylor he sucks anyways... damaged goods many years ago.... keep him pay him 1 million dollars to make 16 plays in the year... one per game..... bye bye bye JT

But Damon DID with another world series with the Yanks.

And by the way Jets fans in NY do not consider themselves to be in a heated rivalry with the Dolphins. The Jets rivalry is with the Giants. The Jets fans think of us 2 Sundays a year, for them we are just another shiddy team they have to play.

JT is not the one that f u c k e d our defense.
That honor belongs to the three stooges.
They made us into a laughingstock on offense in year one.
They made us into a laughingstock on defense in year three.
What have they done? Drafted good players in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft? Big Deal. So has every other team.

Taylor's just in NY to spy for Sparano, he'll be back.

Maybe he'll urinate on the JETS carpet logo in the center of the locker room when he's alone.

dont be surprized if we sign greg ellis to a 1 year deal--good leadership and experience for whoever we draft, and wake------wake is a great talent but im afraid he should be playn in indy, he hasnt rushed the passer once standing up yet---if he wants to start he betta get that hand off the dirt

Where NJ at???

I think Justin scared him off. Justin you the man. You also scared off sean#-fool

Ask Bill Ruger,

You have the right to get ticked off if JT signs with a rival or the Chargers or the Fins.

It's a free country and if you are having a bad hair day than so be it. The battery and piss thing was out there but I read your apology so no big whoop.

You think there are not some bigtime wounded fans from McNabb heading to Wash? It was at least partially his doing as he could have simply not agreed to sign with whatever team the Eagles said he had to. Eventually it was the Eagles coming to the realization that they needed to get younger, bump Kolb up, get what they could for McNabb now and not wait and get cute holding the bag. Eagles Coach AR drafted McNabb...that was his boy. No such ties with JT to this regime.

McNabb is not dumb, he knows Synder is loaded and if he plays well he has more of a chance to stay with the Skins via a fat longer term contract then say the Raiders or Bills. Until they can QB J. Russell the Raiders aren't signing another huge QB contract. The Bills are always tight as a small market team.

The team watches out for the team, the players watchout for themselves and the fans have to save their own sanity with regards fandom.

Remember when we had Thurman Thomas as our running back? You don't think he was thought of as a sellout? It goes back to business at the end of the day.

Like you I don't waiver ever when following the Fins and don't know the meaning of fair weather fan. How does JTs choice to earn money as a Jet affect my ability to root for the Fins? A: It doesn't. Like many have said on here I will hope that Fins run right over him and we own the Jets every time we play them.

Just one guys take...you have yours too.


Hey Rob,
The incident I described earlier happened in Anaheim in 1985.

Just helping out whenever I can by providing a mouthful of hose and a throatful of wholesome goodness to whoever needs it.


...An apartment complex contiguous to the 5 Freeway North...

...And there was a Mexican-American man that needed the mouthful of hose and the throatful of wholesome goodness that evening...So I gave him...both


Ask Bill Ruger,

When Marino left I was at a point where I didn't even mind it as his pick 6's were starting to come more often. I was realizing he was becoming more and more of the problem. It was obvious he would avoid contact by throwing way too early and off the mark. He was starting to stare WR's down and telegraphing things. He skills were eroding and he simply wasn't the same guy.

I remember my VERY 1st reaction to the new QB was "At least we will get the vaunted QB sneak back into our arsenal!"

I don't think that JT is at that point just yet but he is a far cry from what he used to be in his hey day. As I told you I fired off a bunch of hateful posts towards the Trifecta for not offering the proper respect I thought JT had earned. While I still think he deserves the most respect that they can show a player of his stature I also have to respect the Quadfectas right to run their business the way they see fit. Like it or not I don't pay their mortgages... directly anyways.

When Ireland says on TV that JTs camp knows their stance on Taylor and declares JT is a free agent and can do what he likes...thats the green light (literally I guess, lol).

There are a LOT of other teams out there but ONLY the Jets are courting JT and doing it full court press. The NE Pats were said to be after JT last year but, you don't even hear them in the race? Maybe the with three 2nd round picks and the fact that they may think JT doesn't have much left to offer after one more birthday?

From where I was just a few days ago till now I have changed my tune on the JT sitch a bunch. I cannot bring myself to care less about JT going to the Jets as that is just not me. I can now clearly see where those that do say "JT's is going to go and so what if its the Jets or any other team" are coming from.

As Slingblade's main character would say... "Aight den"


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