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Ronnie Brown: Marshall will be good fit

The previous post discussed the idea of finding a niche for recently acquired receiver Brandon Marshall and I made the point the Dolphins must Feed The Stud with Marshall. Well, previous offensive stud Ronnie Brown will have a say in that.

But he won't have a problem.

Appearing on Sirius XM radio with Rich Gannon and Adam Schein, Brown said he likes the idea of adding Marshall.

"I think it’s a good opportunity because I think here we have a pretty good running game and I think we have a lot of possibilities and a lot of guys that can make plays on the offensive side of the ball if we can get them in the right situation," Brown said. "So I think he’s going to be an added help that’s going to be able to open up not only opportunities for myself but some of the other receivers and the tight ends and we’re able to mix it up and keep defenses off-balance now whereas we’d come in the game our opportunity was to try to run the ball as much as possible and to try to do some different things. And we have some guys that are capable of making plays so I think this is going to open up our whole offense now.

"I think our offensive coordinator, coach Henning, he does a great job of putting guys in situations to make plays and now that we have another weapon it’s going to open up things for everybody."

Brown thinks Marshall will fit with the offense, but also will fit in the locker room.

"I don’t really see any concerns," Brown said. "I think a lot of times the best thing for certain guys is a change of scenery. And I think Brandon being a little closer to home, I think he’s an Orlando guy, he’s familiar with the area and all of that so I think it’s good. And then also I think we’ve got some core guys that have been around and I think it’s going to be a good situation where we have a great coaching staff and they’ve been around for a while so I think it’s just going to be a good opportunity for everybody and I think everything is going to work out."


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Another example of why I love Ronnie Brown, always classy and well spoken. A great teammate.



DARREN SHARPER is still available

If Pennington weren't coming back, I'd feel a lot worse about the trade, but with his leadership along with Henne's it should create an environment where Marshall can thrive and still be a team player. I'd feel even better if Jason Taylor were also coming back for sure, to add another veteran voice to the team. I just don't think Marshall enjoyed good and/or consistent team leadership, players and coaching both, in Denver.

Ronnie goes for 1200 yards this season. Our problem will be can we stop teams.

Several options for FS:
My name is Earl Thomas will be drafted or
Culver can play
or Mr move Will DUI Allen to FS

also Ronnie will not be traded

Schefter just tweeted that JT will be a jet.

Any chance you can confirm with JT "Armando's Buddy" agent?


We need to develop some industrial strength bubble wrap to put under his uniform so that he stays healthy for a full season.

They can't re-sign a player like this based on how injured he is and the fact that he is NOT a Parcells player - can they ?

Ronnie Brown (A Class Act)

Ronnie is a class act, and should have a break out season with the addition of Marshall and the resurgant Williams. Wishing the best for Ronnie, I hope they keep him around.

Welcome to south FL. Drinks are on me.
I'll show you how to drive. You'll fit right in .

Bad Mother (shut your mouth)

Aww baby I'm just talkin bout Shaft. (He's a bad motha).


my thoughts exactly. i was thinking about have a rookie like earl thomas with two second yr corners, and it seems like it would probably take a year or two before they were not a liability. once they learn the nfl game they would be great (and for a long time), but it still had me worried for this year.

then i remembered will allen will be in the mix, and i see him getting his starting role back, so that would help. so i would rather draft a OLB with the first pick and get a FS in the later rounds, pick up a vet FS, and let clemmons, culver, + rookie TBD fight in out to be heir to the starting gig.

Jeffersom makes a very good point. Jason Taylor's influence in the locker room will be even more important.

I'd like to see the Dolphins add Scheffler from Denver now also. He's a buddy of Marshall's, is not happy in Denver either and could be had at a discount. I think a trade of Fassano and a sixth should get it done. Not sold on Fassano and I think we need to upgrade the TE position.

Fasano is a keeper. Dump Haynos and Nalboner.

Let Sperry get more snaps

I'm convinced now that the Broncos won't take Bryant. It's a recipe for disaster. Little Napoleon would try and get under his skin and it's just not the way to handle Bryant.

I think Denver takes Dan Williams or McClain with their first pick just ahead of us which very likely leaves Bryant available to us. I think we should pass on Bryant but there may be teams like Dallas or Cincinatti who might be tempted to trade up to get him, thus giving us an additional pick or picks. The hard will be what do we do if somehow Berry is still there. I think it would be hard to pass up this guy even in a trade back scenario.

If Berry is there you pull the trigger. Maybe we trade with Philly so they land Haden and give us one of the 3 second picks.

If we draft Dez Bryant we would fly high!! Sounds crazy but fun to watch!

Marshall says " Waterboy and Pat White are best Hydration and Cleat guy in NFL"

will allen will be our free saftey. we are set at db and dont need to draft any. culver and clemmens are nickel and dime.

we need spiller, a guard, jimmy g, and an olb. thats all. now if we just had two number ones and two number twos.

uh oh... bye bye ronnie

I like Fasano, if nothing else he is a paison. I don't think bringing anymore of Brandons buddies from Denver is a good idea. Starting over means just that.
Is the Bryant deal dead? What happens now with the 12th pick?
I vote for defense, either Dback or a behemoth in the middle.
Are there any fast and nasty guards available, maybe the "O" line could benefit from one of them.

HELL yeah Ronnie's happy!!! No more stacked lines!!!!

I still think we need to pay attention to OLB. It's not good enough. Where exactly is the pass rush coming from? You guys who want a SAFETY in the first round, who's going to play OLB for us next year. And don't say JT, like if have him everything is going to be fine. We have a great opportunity here to add a pass rusher and you want to throw it away by taking a FS, the last line of defence. That's great!! Opposing QB's can stand back there all day and pick our defence apart. Sorry but a free safety is not the most important position on the team. Personally I would like to see us add a guy like Sharper, or the kid in St. Louis or make a trade for somebody like Whitner. As much I like Earl Thomas and I think he's going to be a good player, I think you are asking for trouble having a rookie FS play with both our second year CB's. I'd rather see Jason Allen play there (go ahead and criticize me) or Culver or Clemons. To take a FS with the 12th pick in the draft is a waste. Thomas is a good player but he's not not going to be an Ed Reed or Polamalu or even the player Eric Berry Will become.

I'm a believer in the balance, now with Marshall we have a balanced offence, but we aren't balance in offense and defence, as said many times in this blog. The unbalanced offence in the last season score many times but we let to score on us many more. Pick Dez in the first round could be a good idea if we have our defence set, but that is NOT our reality, even in the Dan Marino era, we have a high powered air attack, but nothing more. So the balance in offence will allow us to score much more, but the only precence of Mike Nolan and the adition of Dansby will not resolve all the VOIDS in the defense.

Check it out now.

Sergio Garcia just chipped in from 23 yds

Ronnie isn't going anywhere, the dude always bounces back strong. I say a 2,000 + rushing year for he and Ricky combined and a combined 500+ yards receiving.

Let's put things in perspective, Ronnie Brown was on pace for 1,200 and 15Tds last year before going down. He's one of the best in the league, it's not like he gets injured on purpose...

Can't wait for our running game to run wild with the addition of Marshall, he's not only a great receiver who will open it up for our other receivers but a great blocker as well!

This is what I've been talking about this whole offseason!!! Now it's a reality!!

Let's cathc the Defense up now!!
Here we go baby!!

i'd want to add Thomas from GT to the WR core to team with Marshall. trade down and grab him and a LB in round two. just would be fun to watch two physically dominant WRs out there instead of a ton of physically limited guys.

Did we all forget that we have Jason Allen on the team still. I still think he's gotten a bad wrap for years. He's somehow made it through 3 different regimes though. I don't ever remember him being that huge of a liability, and I would remember!


Teams are lining up for Ginn according to ESPN insider.

This guy will probably catch for 150 yds if he plays against the fins.

I really hope they keep Ginn. I think its all in his head. He didn't have the dropsies in 2008

As for the topic, I think it's pretty obvious that the running game will open up with the addition of Marshall. That's assuming we (PLEASE) keep Brown.

Jason Allen's salary doesnt justify his output. I think he has to restructure or get cut.

Chris Clemons can play ST along with Moses.


I really like Thomas from GT too but how exactly are we getting him? We're trading our 12th pick and what are we getting back? I think the move yesterday indicates that the regime has made the decision to add WR through trade rather than add someone like Thomas in the draft. I think it will be tough to trade back unless a team like Dallas covets Bryant. I think we have a chance because I think somebody like Seattle will take Bryant if he's there at 14. But I can't see us adding another WR in the second round, as good as I think Thomas will become.

Not only that Waterboy but put Ginn on Punt return duty as well as kick return and we atleast get 3 TDs out of that!

I see a Ginn & White Or Thigpen trade only getting a 4th rounder. Ginn's value is worth more here!

Get a 4th rounder for Thigpen, Nalbone and a later draft pick.

What's his salary Waterboy? He's become a pretty good special teams player. I like having him on the team and for depth purposes and with this being an uncapped year i don't see any advantage in getting rid of him.

Now that reciever has been addressed. What is the most pressing need here, and how should we go about filling it? It is very possible that Berry may fall to 12, if he is great. If not I think we could wait untill the 2nd round and try to grab Morgan Burnett. If Berry doesn't fall, I think that we must adresss the need at N.T. first. Doing some reasearch about the 3-4, every 3-4 handbook says start from the inside out. The Nt. being most important, Ilb's the second.(we covered that one as well) The next thing that many architects of the 3-4 say is that weak side, or rush Olb's in the 3-4 can be undersized, as long as they can dominate at the point of attack. So this could bring Brandon Graham into the mix. Nt. will not be a popular choice here, but as conservative as it may seem, it may be the correct one.


Nalboner got cut twice from the PS... we cant even give him away.

Clap Clap Marshall Clap Clap

I agree that the Dolphins should keep Ginn. He could have exclusive return duty. Also, perhaps Marshall's pressence could open things up for more long balls to Ginn. Could Ginn then be Alvin Harper to Micheal Irving's Brandon Marshall?

Also, anyone else think that going against Brandon Marshall during training camp and practices will help improve Smith and Davis?

Allen is signed through 2011. He is scheduled to cost $2.2 million

Craig M, i don't see it happening either. Just would be nice!

There you go James Miller!

If kepyt and situationally used properly, Ginn will have 7-9 combines Tds (returns, bombs, reverses)

If Berry is there, we take him. If not, we HAVE to try and trade back and recoup that 2nd rounder. There is talk of Cleveland trading out of the first round, probably someon looking to move up to get DEZ, which means Berry might be there for the Phins to snatch up, only if KC doesnt grab him first.

Another thing to think about. If Dan Williams is our pick. The guy spent all of last year playing in Monte Kiffins defense at Tenn. Kiffin is probably, if not the top D coordinator at any level of the game. This should not be something that is overlooked.


Will Allen is a goner
Ginn is a goner (I don't like this)
Brown is a goner (I HATE this)
Smiley (obviously a goner)
JT (HATE also) a goner
Thigpen gone

I would like:
Torbor to be gone
Will Allen gone
Penny gone
McDaniels gone
Anderson gone

I'm still VERY skeptical of SEAN SMITH

With this trade done, here's what should happen now. TRADE DOWN! We have to find away to get that #2 pick back. We need to find a STARTING: FS, OLB & NT. Maybe they feel Clemmons & Culver can get the job done for now. But thats a risky gamble to me.

With this regimes past draft history, I don't see us finding a gem in the later rounds. That would mean hitting in the first 3. I would actually like to see Ginn stay and be the #2 now. But if he helps us get picks, I'm all for it. I think he can get alot of deep ball opportunities now with a true stud on the other side. Put him in motion to avoid a jam and he'll be off to the races alot. Especially with coverage rolling over to Marshall.

Not only that, we have mega holes coming up next year with RB's. I'd like to see Smiley packaged up with our #1 to trade down about 10 picks to get a 2nd this year and maybe a 4th next year. Im not sure how that value chart works but I think its reasonable.

If by some chance, we get Marshall, a starting caliber OLB, FS & NT in the first 3 rounds, we may be able to make a play for the division. I'm not worried about the Jets at all. They thought they solved their DB problem last year by getting Sheppard. I don't think they realize no matter who you put across from Revis will be beaten, ALOT. It's probablity! The more action he sees, the more tired he'll get and will eventually get burned. Tomlinson? Eh. Holmes? Eh...2 FA WR's at years end, a washed up LT, aging O-line...

Does anyone else notice the comparison of the aging, draft pickless Miami teams that eventually wound up 1-15 to what the jets are doing with their draft pick trading frenzy?

Brandon Marshall will be talking with South Florida media today... Mando what you got on this?

KC isn't going to draft Berry. They have a huge hole at LT. Pioli believes strongly in positional value. They would go for LT. That leaves Cleveland and maybe seattle as the only other teams. I think berry goes to Cleveland if they do not trade their pick. And even if they do trade their pick, their is a good chance he goes to the team jumping into that spots.

If berry passes that spot, then there is a very good chance he would be there at 12.

The Jets are firing up their base, and Colin Cowheard. Not making their team better. It is great to sign a bunch of mercenaries, and sell the soul of your team. They have always been second class to the Giants(kind of like the Clippers to the Lakers, City to United) The Jets playoff run gave them a taste of glory, and a false sense of hope. Let them suck a doughnut this year!

Interesting Post on the Impact of Marshall on Henne...

Think about Miami from the preparation standpoint of a defensive coordinator. Your first priority is to limit the combination of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, figure out a way to prevent explosive plays when Brown runs the Power O out of the wildcat, and force this offense into third-and-medium or third-and-long situations.

Because that’s where you used to be able to hurt this Miami offense.

Force Henne to drop back and challenge your secondary with vertical routes that you can stop by playing Cover 2, 2-Man or sending pressure because your free safety can play an honest alignment in the middle of the field. He doesn’t have to lean to one receiver.

This changes with Marshall — in every situation. Even down to who opposing teams select to wear his jersey on the scout team throughout game week.

How do you scheme against an offense that can run the football and now can use Marshall to draw safety attention on every down? Do you sacrifice your eight-man front to play a form of Cover 2 to keep a safety over the top of Marshall -- and try to stop the running game with seven in the box? Or do you play forms of Cover 1, Cover 3 so that you can drop the strong safety down into the front — and take your chances outside against Marshall?

This is where Henne comes into play. I like his game, but I also understand that he’s still developing as an NFL QB. He needs to be quicker with his reads, and he also needs to understand how to make more plays in the red zone. But he has the NFL arm, and now he also has a true No. 1 WR. Marshall is the type of player that alters defensive game plans.
We’ll begin to see his overall game advance from a football standpoint and a production standpoint with Marshall aligned outside the numbers. He can take more chances down the field, and when he needs a play, Marshall will be his No. 1 read when he sets his feet in the pocket. And he can do this with the comfort of having one of the better rushing attacks in the league. Expect his numbers to go up.

On third downs? More of the same. Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess and Brian Hartline will see more situations where they will draw one-on-one matchups. In fact, those third-down sub packages for the Dolphins offense will be more creative and more advanced for opposing defense to stop. And Henne will have more options in the game’s most crucial situations.

This is why you make big moves like this. Certain players have a dramatic effect of what you can do as a football team and how it reflects in your opponent’s preparation.

And in the AFC East, putting together a defensive game plan to beat Miami is going to change.


The Jets are going for it all this year. it remains to be seen how that works out but the chances are good they will bomb down the road.

Eteban, D. Thomas was the guy I wanted the Dolphins to land the most in this draft. I think he's going to be a star. Having said that, I'm very happy with yesterday's trade and I want the team to focus on filling the holes on defence. I still think it's going to be an OLB in the first round and hopefully with a trade back. I think it would be awesome to still get a guy like Kindle or even Graham later in the first and still have a second round pick waiting for us. That would be HEAVEN!!

Which Wide receiver is the odd man out? Not including Ginn becuz he is a specialty player kr/pr
I honestly think that the odd man out will be D Bess. He and Hartline are the only ones w/ trade value and no big contract. Camarillo they love has no drops and a new contract- no trade value. D Bess has value and could get a 3rd rd pick for him and maybe smiley... Hartline has more potential than Bess

P Turner would be the obvious guy but then do you really wanna get rid of a player that could give u two big options in the red zone? P Turner is a 3rd pick that hasn't touched the field yet we do not know if he is a bust or if he is getting a raw deal from the coaching staff I can't believe that in the right situation P Turner would not produce

It will be Camarillo. Ginn has no trade value, so he stays to see how he makes out as number two, opposite Marshall and to return kicks. Bess is still the slot receiver. They like this kid a lot too. Hartline is the up and comer, and can do all the things Camarillo can do and more. Sorry Cam, it's a numbers game.

And now all the whiners come out....'How can you do that to him. He's the guy who saved us from going winless'.....etc..etc....it's all about winning guys and the team will only carry so many receivers. It remains to be seen if Turner can even get on the field. This will make it toughter for him.

maybe coach will have 5 wr on team instead of 4 but D Bess is not a special teamer and that 4 spot has to be a ST guy. Bess pr skills are awful they need to put Ginn in charge of kr and pr
I see the depth chart as B Marshall Camarillo Hartline Ginn Bess Turner on the outside looking in


You've got Camarillo as your number two? Are you kidding me? Based on what? Hartline can do all the things that Camarillo can do and more. I have Camarillo fifth or sixth on my chart and I only say sixth because I want Turner to get some time to develop. Sorry man, I can't see Camarillo on this team unless it's exclusively for St. Love the guy to death but it's all about the 'right 53'.

Armando, this is my honest response to your last column:

The Dolphins are not on equal footing with the jets right now. Its ok that your a fan because your not the beat, but right now you are raising expectations again and putting unnecessary pressure on the process this team is taking.

Just like when you clamored that the team go and overspend for Wilfork and clamored that the team must win at all costs right away, your fervent fandom leads to an overreaction after one trade. The only thing that annoys me is that you are like a voice to the majority of dolphin fans, but in reality its that optimistic unrealistic expectation that has people crying at the end of the season, when we all know they are going to go 8-8.

I just hope the team continues the player development proccess and drafts well, so we can compete for it all from 2012-2018, with a nice window to get a super bowl.

I say we go with Jeff Darlington's idea of getting Otogwe on June 1st to open up our 1st rd pick for an all around Linebacker who can rush and drop into coverage.

If Miami has no interest in Otogwe can't Haden be an option at 12 and move Sean Smith to Free Safety?

Waterboy, you're the same poster as on the Fox threads????....And since when have you become Mel Kiper Jr????....lol.....

Miami should trade down to acquire more picks.....Simple as that....They have us interested in like 5-8 people or so, a few of which would drop into the 20's....So, why not move down and pick up a few picks in this deep draft....Unfortunately, most teams what to hold onto their picks and trading down has become more difficult lately....Cant wait to see their plan unfold to be honest with you guys....Must see TV....Beers and Cigars and Pigs in a blanket, lol

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