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Ronnie Brown: Marshall will be good fit

The previous post discussed the idea of finding a niche for recently acquired receiver Brandon Marshall and I made the point the Dolphins must Feed The Stud with Marshall. Well, previous offensive stud Ronnie Brown will have a say in that.

But he won't have a problem.

Appearing on Sirius XM radio with Rich Gannon and Adam Schein, Brown said he likes the idea of adding Marshall.

"I think it’s a good opportunity because I think here we have a pretty good running game and I think we have a lot of possibilities and a lot of guys that can make plays on the offensive side of the ball if we can get them in the right situation," Brown said. "So I think he’s going to be an added help that’s going to be able to open up not only opportunities for myself but some of the other receivers and the tight ends and we’re able to mix it up and keep defenses off-balance now whereas we’d come in the game our opportunity was to try to run the ball as much as possible and to try to do some different things. And we have some guys that are capable of making plays so I think this is going to open up our whole offense now.

"I think our offensive coordinator, coach Henning, he does a great job of putting guys in situations to make plays and now that we have another weapon it’s going to open up things for everybody."

Brown thinks Marshall will fit with the offense, but also will fit in the locker room.

"I don’t really see any concerns," Brown said. "I think a lot of times the best thing for certain guys is a change of scenery. And I think Brandon being a little closer to home, I think he’s an Orlando guy, he’s familiar with the area and all of that so I think it’s good. And then also I think we’ve got some core guys that have been around and I think it’s going to be a good situation where we have a great coaching staff and they’ve been around for a while so I think it’s just going to be a good opportunity for everybody and I think everything is going to work out."