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Rumors: 'Can't take it no more'


They are everywhere. Everywhere!

Sometimes, they have zero credence, like the one that said Jason Taylor's contract with the Jets was "close to done." That was almost two weeks ago. I guess close can be a relative term -- like the moon is close to the Earth, if you compare our planet's distance to Pluto.

Sometimes the rumors are based in fact. Remember the rumor I reported to you about Brandon Marshall telling a Denver Broncos teammate he was headed to Miami? Remember the rumor about Ted Ginn being on the trade block?

Well, the days leading to the draft are perhaps the most rumor-filled days on the NFL calendar. And there are some interesting ones floating.

There's a rumor Ronnie Brown is on the trade block. The truth is, Brown cannot be traded right now. He cannot be traded until he signs his restricted free agent tender. The truth is the Dolphins are not actively calling all 31 other NFL teams and offering Brown. But the truth also is if a team approaches Miami about Brown, the Dolphins are more than happy to listen. I believe the Dolphins would gladly trade Brown for a second-round pick. I also believe they aren't likely to get that for him. We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins are intrigued by the idea of trading for Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Apparently the NYGs have taken a sort of liking to South Florida's Jason Pierre-Paul and if that liking develops into them drafting him, that makes Umenyiora not only endangered, but practically extinct on the roster. Umenyiora played at Troy. Bill Parcells regularly looks at players from Troy and, indeed, picked DeMarcus Ware from Troy in 2005. Thus these trade rumors.

But this one is a head-scratcher, if you ask me. Umenyiora would project as an OLB in Miami's defense, but he's never played the position before. So the Dolphins would be interested in giving up a draft pick for Umenyiora after a 29-tackle, 7-sack season even when a team from New York has decided he's no longer a fit. But the Dolphins are apparently not as interested in giving up zero draft picks for Jason Taylor after a 42-tackle, 7-sack season even when a team from New York has decided he'd be a great fit. Yes, I know Umenyiora is 28 years old and Taylor is 35 years old. But I also know the draftee it costs to get Umenyiora would come cheaply and be maybe 21-22 years old.

On the positive side, if the Dolphins do indeed swing this deal for a fifth-round pick, they will have effectively traded Ted Ginn Jr. for Osi Umenyiora. That sounds like an upgrade to me. Ronnie Brown for Osi Umenyiora? Both Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are recovering from various surgeris. Of course, so is Brown. We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins are trying to trade G Justin Smiley. It is true. It also hasn't gotten done so far. The bottom line here is Smiley has shoulder issues. He had them in San Francisco. He had them in Miami. They are not going away anytime soon. Furthermore, once the Dolphins put Smiley on the market and told him not to report for offseason conditioning, they basically alerted the rest of the NFL Smiley isn't in their long-term plans. The price for Smiley has dropped. Despite this, the Dolphins don't want to simply give him away. Their stance is they can hold onto Smiley up until training camp is set to open in late July. So what might Smiley bring in trade?

Not a lot. Purely speculating here: Maybe a sixth-rounder. Sad isn't it? We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins will attempt to trade down in the coming draft. This is true. Although the chances are better that Miami will have to stick with pick No. 12 for lack of trade-down options, the team seriously would like to drop a handful of spots and pick up a late-second pick in the exchange. The Dolphins are not the only team wanting to do this. Denver might want to trade down also and the Broncos are scheduled to pick at No. 11. So, you guessed it, we'll see.


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a 6th for Smiley? He can pull a 4th or 5th at the least. Hold onto him through week 6 till someone loses a lineman...

Wow. Mando, really? The Timex Social Club?

I hear u Mando.. Going crazy here wondering what will happen... Wouldn't Smiley be a better backup than a 6th rd pick or is his salary too high? U keep them Rumirs coming...

Timex Social Club! Sweet!

Did you hear that one about Michael???

That video took me back to Pete and Lenny's and Josephs. Wow, Salguero!

In a camisol she's six feet tall, knock you to your knees. They don't write lyrics like that anymore.

So Merling, Langford, and Starks are not good enough anymore?

i think there are PLENTY of other holes that need to be filled before trading for an additional DE.

Seems like there isn't going to be much action until Thursday.

Osi move makes no sense to me. I guess a fifth would be fine but I'd rather have a young kid in there developing (not JPP, btw).

Smiley for a sixth makes no sense either. I still think this guy is a decent OL. You play him until he goes down and then you have guys like Thomas, Gardner and Berger ready to step in.

No like Mandy would know anyway Shift...He was completely outscooped last week. Did anyone even have a clue we were bidding on Marshall? I don't recall those reports.

Great work Mando. If Ronnie can stay healthy I hope he stays with the Fins.

I reported on previous blog that Ronnie to the Lions is in works. Stay tuned.

Lions are adding Offensive players prior to the draft to concentrate on Suh and a tackle in RD 2.


Since writing this article, philly just traded for TE Scheffler for a 5th rounder. Do you still see the possability of them trading up with Miami since they might want to hold on to that second rounder now that they are down one pick?

Prediction: Fins will not trade down.....

Trade down option leaked to the Media is a smokescreen.

Also, I like how Mandito takes jabs at the SS.

Where is the kooky and partner in crime to chime in?

Why are we trying to trade Brown?I don't get it. Unless we trade up for C.J. Spiller it makes no sence.

Party pooper...LOL

Because he still has some value. Next year we wont resign him......

You have 2 backs like Spiller style : Cobbs and Sheets.

If you dump Ronnie you need an in between tackles runner.

Lex and Ronnie would rotate here.

What ever team has the shot of getting either Haden or Thomas the Eagles will trade with.

I seriously doubt we trade for or to anyone before the draft. My sources tell me that
Waterboy has no idea what he is talking about.

Waterboy, since you're an insider now, what are the dolphins getting back from the lions?

maybe calvin johnson AND the stud rookie TE from last year?...

Did anyone even have a clue we were bidding on Marshall? I don't recall those reports.

Posted by: Marc | April 19, 2010



We are going to sign JT.....put it down! The Osi rumors are just rumors.....trading Ronnie Brown only will happen if we get a high 2nd rd pick for him. We are probably stuck @ 12, where we will select Earl Thomas! That is why we are signing JT...he is a better option than paying high $$$$ for an OLB with the 1st rd pick. We will pick an OLB in later rds to learn from JT!


I am the real Aloco. When its in blue its real. There is no one more aloco than me!

I get your point Mando on the rumors. Have not heard that song since back int he clubs in th 80s. Takes you back.

Hear the one about Tina, some say she's much too loose
That came straight from a guy who claims he's tastin' her juice
Hear the one about Michael(Pricemaster), some say he must be gay
I try to argue, but they said if he was straight he wouldn't move that way

Our running game will be better no matter who is in our backfield IMO. Miami has never been a team the last decade in which they were able to stretch the field. So, when 7-9 players are in the box on almost every play, NO running back will have success. That is why we went to the wildcat, because it gave us an extra blocker and it just flat out made us a better running team. Now that Marshall is in town to stretch the field: Ronnie, Ricky, Lousaka and whoever else I am missing off the top of my head will have much better success. MARK IT DOWN IN THE BOOKS!!!

If we trade Brown for a 2nd rounder, or trade back into Round 1 and 2... We need to pick up RB Toby Gerhart, the next Larry Czonka!

I heard a rumor that Mando was going to get traded to the Globe for Dan Shaughnessy.

I think I'm missing something.

Did McDaniels really give up Scheffler and a seventh, for a fifth?

Great post Armando!!! The rumours are driving me crazy too, specially the Smiley ones. Something has to happen there soon. Do you know how much Ginn was to make in 2010??? keep up the good work.

the stud rookie is coming off an ACL injury.

Lions would give up RD 4 # 100 and Last RD 7 #214.

I doubt the fins cave in on this deal

I've heard all these rumors

The trade down and the Ronnie brown rumors are the ones I am moat interested in

I would love to trade down but I would hate to trade brown


I hear Odinseye. It seems like McDaniels plan is to field a team of draft choices in Denver. Anyone with talent has to be traded. This is a team that fired Mike Shannahan because Bowlen thought he was a bad talent evaluator. Lol.

great article on ESPN on Brandon Marshall vs. Cromartie






BRANDON MARSHALL: Marshall's past three seasons compared to Dolphins' franchise leaders for most catches per year:

104 Catches - Marshall 2008

102 Catches - Marshall 2007

101 Catches - Marshall 2009

90 Catches - O.J. McDuffie 1998

86 Catches - Mark Clayton 1988

82 Catches - Chris Chambers 2005

My name is Aloco, and I endorse fakes all around the world. Fake me till you cant fake no more.

I like the Umenyoira trade...but doubtful...
No other players will be traded, no market for them and we will not trade down in the first round.

The pick will not be Dan Williams, the trifects believes Soliai and draft pick can hold down the fort until Ferg gets back.
Pick will be either E. Thomas (or E Berry, but will most likely be gone) or pass rushing outside linebacker (Morgan or Graham).


I did call the Marshall trade the night before it happened. Go back and see my post, it's titled *NewsFlash*.

If you read between the lines you can see where the Trifecta will go on D-Day.
I think they feel the offense is basically set. So it won't be offense.
We got Solia who will be replaced in week 8 by Fergusun. This takes priority off of the Nose.
Were pretty good at Corner so you can rule that out.
Worst case scenario Clemons and Culver fight it out in training camp with a later round pick as well. So no Thomas at 12.
Dansby in the middle so McClain isn't a priority.
This leaves the OLB's. It also explains why the JT thing happened.
JT wants to be the weakside pass rush specialist, especially knowing what Nolan does with that spot. The only problem is we don't have anyone on the roster that is a true good strong side backer. Not as good as JT(out of position) anyways. So the Trifecta was honest with JT and had to tell him. Until they find a SLB, they couldn't promise JT anything.
This is also why they won't go Morgan at 12. They got to find a guy that rushes the passer AND sets the edge equally well that's suited for the strong side, ie: Brandon Graham.
They got plans to use Wake and Taylor properly as the Mad dog DE/OLB. They have to shore up the SLB with the 12th pick.

The Eagles will trade up with the Jags and take Thomas

The Broncos will pick Bryant

Dolphins pick McClain

He's exactly the type of Linebacker Parcells covets and in the process,Dansby goes to OLB

We're not paying Dansby that sort of money to play inside,no way




i have a feeling the phins will take a run at lagarette blount from oregon as well as the OLB from Troy (Sheffield & Lang). Blount is the type of back parcells covets from a size standpoint and he could be the steal of this draft because the suspension is scaring teams away...this guy is a nasty runner and i hope the phins scoop him up somewhere in the late 2nd early 3rd. if this is their thinking, because of his running style N/S, he can step right in and produce... I have a feeling parcells and the front office will do what they have to do in order to get this guy.

WTH happened to NJ PHIN FAN??????? Did he loose a bet or something?? I've never seen him go this long without posting on "HIS" blog!

We're not paying Dansby that sort of money to play inside,no way

Posted by: Mark | April 19, 2010 at 02:20 PM


You really think we went out and signed the best FA ILB on the market so we could convert him to the outside, thus having to use our 12th on a ILB????

Doesn't seem to be sound strategy there.

Dansby's going to be the heart(ILB) of Nolan's 3-4. Of course I have all the confidence that Nolan will use him in certain limited situations to wreak havoc on passing downs.

Armando, your Earth-Moon-Pluto analogy is weak given Neptune is now more distant from the Earth than Pluto.

Get into the 21st century, will you!

Your BFF,

Nathaniel Dodsworth


No problem. I was really only taking this oopurtunity to toot my own horn-LOL!

I would rather keep Ronnie myself. If we did trade him, I wouldn't take anything less than Detroits 2nd rounder. Otherwise: Run Ronnie Run!

If you can trade Ronnie Brown, you have to do it. He's only played one full season and will be looking for a serious contract after this year. Now is the only time you'll get value for him.
That being said, I love having him in Miami and don't want to see him leave; unfortunately, it makes too much sense from a business perspective. If you can get a high second from Detroit, draft Ryan Matthews.

ALoco are you in blue now? How do we know who the real Aloco is? That is the question.

Fisheypete are your a retard? Are you asking Mando where Ronnie Brown is right now?

Let me answer, he's taking a big dump right on your brain and laughing about it.

I think we would do well to pick up Toby Gerhart anywhere in the draft! He could run over or around the line if need be. We need to Sartre looking at replacements for both Ronnie and Ricky.

The Tuna takes a dump on JT as he addresses OLB in the Draft.

The Tuna says My Name is Earl Thomas with the 12th pick.

Gebril still looking to latch onto CFL roster spot.

Wasn't Dansby originally an outside LB?

He versitile enough to play either role. and be moved around.

We signed the best FA LB, period.

I did a little homework On Ronnie Brown. Here is a list of backs that have similar yards from scrimmage, and carries over the last three years. Tell me if you still think that the Phins can get a 2nd for Brown.
Julius Jones
Justin Fargas
Larry Johnson
Derrick Ward
Willis McGahee
Willie Parker
Also Brown has had only 1 season of over 1000 Yds rushing, an an average of 4.4 yds per game. Would any of you trade a second rounder for any of these players? Mind you Brown has been injured for a good part of two of the last three years. But everyone on this list had close to the same amount of carries as Rb. over a three year period.

I never understood why the Phins told Smiley to not show up for workouts since it really took away a great deal of the negotiating strength that they had in trying to trade him. I can't understand this move, just like I can't understand the Matt Roth move and the attititude with JT.


I agree. From a common sense standpoint it makes sense.

Still just thinking about saying goodbye to Ronnie pulls at the heart strings.


You do realise that Dansby played as an OLB in college?

Trust me,we would'nt be 'converting' him at all buddy

great blog, but as an obvious parent of toddlers, could you consider posting the video of the song from VeggiTales-Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed.

Much Better song!!

Darryl Dunphy,

I think Ronnie is better than any of those guys on your list.
Having said that, I still think you're right. When hearing about trades a lot of people don't look at it from the otherside.
I wouldn't give up Detroits 2nd rounder for Brown, neither would I take anything less.
So I guess I would be "stuck" with him.


You do realise that Dansby played as an OLB in college?

Trust me,we would'nt be 'converting' him at all buddy

Posted by: Mark | April 19, 2010 at 02:48 PM


To be honest I didn't know anything about Dansby college career. When we signed him I just youtube'd up his Cardinal highlights.
I heard a lot of people mention his pass rushing skills but I still think he's just too good not use on the inside.
How much time did he spend at OLB in college?

Because Ronnie don't play many full seasons, he also don't have much punishment, and the last year season's injury could happen to anybody, now he have offensive line and a WR who can put fear in the safeties, I dont't know if he will pass 1000 year the next season but his average yards per carry will be outstanding.
The front office may extend over two years his contract and after this season, Ronnie will have a better trade value.

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