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Rumors: 'Can't take it no more'


They are everywhere. Everywhere!

Sometimes, they have zero credence, like the one that said Jason Taylor's contract with the Jets was "close to done." That was almost two weeks ago. I guess close can be a relative term -- like the moon is close to the Earth, if you compare our planet's distance to Pluto.

Sometimes the rumors are based in fact. Remember the rumor I reported to you about Brandon Marshall telling a Denver Broncos teammate he was headed to Miami? Remember the rumor about Ted Ginn being on the trade block?

Well, the days leading to the draft are perhaps the most rumor-filled days on the NFL calendar. And there are some interesting ones floating.

There's a rumor Ronnie Brown is on the trade block. The truth is, Brown cannot be traded right now. He cannot be traded until he signs his restricted free agent tender. The truth is the Dolphins are not actively calling all 31 other NFL teams and offering Brown. But the truth also is if a team approaches Miami about Brown, the Dolphins are more than happy to listen. I believe the Dolphins would gladly trade Brown for a second-round pick. I also believe they aren't likely to get that for him. We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins are intrigued by the idea of trading for Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Apparently the NYGs have taken a sort of liking to South Florida's Jason Pierre-Paul and if that liking develops into them drafting him, that makes Umenyiora not only endangered, but practically extinct on the roster. Umenyiora played at Troy. Bill Parcells regularly looks at players from Troy and, indeed, picked DeMarcus Ware from Troy in 2005. Thus these trade rumors.

But this one is a head-scratcher, if you ask me. Umenyiora would project as an OLB in Miami's defense, but he's never played the position before. So the Dolphins would be interested in giving up a draft pick for Umenyiora after a 29-tackle, 7-sack season even when a team from New York has decided he's no longer a fit. But the Dolphins are apparently not as interested in giving up zero draft picks for Jason Taylor after a 42-tackle, 7-sack season even when a team from New York has decided he'd be a great fit. Yes, I know Umenyiora is 28 years old and Taylor is 35 years old. But I also know the draftee it costs to get Umenyiora would come cheaply and be maybe 21-22 years old.

On the positive side, if the Dolphins do indeed swing this deal for a fifth-round pick, they will have effectively traded Ted Ginn Jr. for Osi Umenyiora. That sounds like an upgrade to me. Ronnie Brown for Osi Umenyiora? Both Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are recovering from various surgeris. Of course, so is Brown. We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins are trying to trade G Justin Smiley. It is true. It also hasn't gotten done so far. The bottom line here is Smiley has shoulder issues. He had them in San Francisco. He had them in Miami. They are not going away anytime soon. Furthermore, once the Dolphins put Smiley on the market and told him not to report for offseason conditioning, they basically alerted the rest of the NFL Smiley isn't in their long-term plans. The price for Smiley has dropped. Despite this, the Dolphins don't want to simply give him away. Their stance is they can hold onto Smiley up until training camp is set to open in late July. So what might Smiley bring in trade?

Not a lot. Purely speculating here: Maybe a sixth-rounder. Sad isn't it? We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins will attempt to trade down in the coming draft. This is true. Although the chances are better that Miami will have to stick with pick No. 12 for lack of trade-down options, the team seriously would like to drop a handful of spots and pick up a late-second pick in the exchange. The Dolphins are not the only team wanting to do this. Denver might want to trade down also and the Broncos are scheduled to pick at No. 11. So, you guessed it, we'll see.


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ALoco, I get 6 weeks a year, in two years I get 8...so I have to use the hours or lose them..hey, working for the US Govt has it's advantages, especially when you get years in, 13 for me 17 to go!!!

But don't worry, I got home today and found my water heater gave out and flooded my laundry room, so along with the good I get my fair share of bad, life goes on


You know how it is. One step forward, two steps back.

I personally think Graham could play either system before or better than Morgan. Of course I'm sure you know how I feel by now.
I can't argue with anyone about Graham, I'm just too jaded.

Man Crush my azzz! I'm in LOVE!!!!

LOL Odinseye, I wanted Gronkowski something terrible but with no second round pick, it's not going to happen...At least Graham is still in play for u

5TH ROUND .......J.GRAHAM,TE from the U

Posted by: mike | April 19, 2010 at 04:49 PM

I like all three of these guys. I just don't think they'll be there in the 4th and 5th.
I would change my board up in a heartbeat if any one of the three were available there.

we need a rb at some point in the draft regardless of keeping or trading brown. he'll be a FA next year and Ricky will retire. Cobbs just came off a knee injury who knows what he'll look like. Hilliard is still a project in progress. I really see the phins grabbin mccluster to replace ginn in the return game. everyone says he's too small to play rb but he has great hands, quickness, speed, and toughness like another back his size named Warrick Dunn. There will be enough talent sitting at 12 that i dont think it matters who the dolphins pcik between Dan Williams, McClain(if available), Thomas (also could be gone), or even Spiller if the Ronnie Brown rumors are true. Sean Smith played some safety in college so he can move to FS if we trade back to the Eagles and take Kyle Wilson or Kareem Jackson if one is still there. no one seems to talk about how we need a tight end. Fasono is NOT Bavaro. draft jimmy graham at some point and develop him

yeah i agree troup is a beast that not too many know about

If Cam Thomas or Troup make it past round 3 I would be VERY suprised..too many teams have gone to the 3-4 and it seems most of them are looking for a good NT...Graham is intriguing back will probaly go higher then he should

Chris P...last thing we need is a RB...as is the Dolphins are carrying one more 4 then they want to carry 3...they sure aren't going to carry 5...With an incredible bunch of talent coming out in UFA and next years draft, there is absolutley no reason to look at RBs this year, especially if Ronnie stays

Chris P....Ricky has hired Drew Rosenhaus and said he wants to play two more years..that came out over a month ago, Ricky has no intentions of retiring, just in case u missed it

Jimmy Graham,

Originally pegged to go in the 3rd or 4th round.
His stock has been on the rise. A lot of mocks have him going as early as the 2nd and no later than the 3rd.
Great skillset, 6-6 260 with a 4.56 40 at the combine.
I think Graham would be a great pick, I don't think we'll get the chance.

OH GOD! Is it D-Day yet?

What are these New York teams you are talking about? Last I checked the Giants and Jets played in new Jersey.

As far as return guys, the Fins plan on using Kory Sheets, who they are also high on, Devone Bess and Cobbs for kickoff and punt returns

If we are trying to acquire Osi, then we are looking for someone big to play the strong side while Wake play the weak side. If not Osi then I think this means our first pick will be either Pierre-Paul or Morgan. Sapp being a wild card if we trade down.


You don't think Gronk could drop to the third? i'd like to see us use a couple of our picks to move up to the third. I'd like to see quality instead of quantity in this draft. We have ten picks and I'd like to see us come away with 4-5 starters, which in this draft I think is doable.

If Gronk falls to the third I think that would be great, as well as a NT in the third (maybe Troupe or Thomas or Joseph).

I haffa go poo poo.

I haffa go poo poo.


I know you all want a good TE but i think Defense should be the way to go imo.

I want Parcells to go autofire on the Linebacker,Safety and NT positions LOL

Craig M, he might but after Gronkowski's Pro Day some scouts were saying he might have moved himself ahead of Gresham..I think he is an early second


Your probably right. I think he's going to be a good one. My have to take a look at one in the fourth or fifth round again.

Bobby haffa go poo poo too.

Poopy bobby.

Stewpid bobby.

Bobby go poo poo.

PFT reporting on JT, if he wants a guaranteed contract before the draft, he will sign with the Jets because the Fins won't be talking to him till AFTER the draft...I bet with his big ego he signs Wed so everyone can talk about him the day before the draft..we will see

Gronk moved ahead of Gresham?
No way.
He has moved up though. His Pro Day seems to have dismissed some of the concerns over his back.

Cavemanna, if I go poo poo it will be on your mom, I heard she enjoys that kinda thing...

Odinseye, either one will be a great pick...If it wasn't for that back thing, Gronk would be ahead of Gresham in my estimation

OK guys the Cuban has arrived, Whay's new in the air-breathers world??


I agree. That's exactly my point. Concern over the back injury and or a future recurrence is the only thing keeping him back.
I should have been more specific. My post was meant to be in reference to the injury concern.

Anybody wanna take a guess as to what that nutjob Al David is going to draft...he could throw a monkeywrench into this whole draft because NOBODY has a clue what he will do

Cuban go poo poo?

Cuban Menace,

I'm just trying to put the finishing touch to my draft board.
I'm thinking about a KR, PR, WR to replace our dearly departed-LOL.

I'm thinking, what else another Brandon at 6b. Ever hear of Brandon Banks Kansas State?
He's a little guy 5-7 160 but he's been clocked at sub 4.3.

Cuban go poo poo?

Posted by: Cavemanna | April 19, 2010 at 06:11 PM

Aloco has a new name...Imagine that...


The first thing I think Davis should do is give us a high draft pick for Dan Henning.

This way they can have a senility contest in the war room on draft day.

Al Davis will go Bruce Cambell or JPP in the 1st... some physical freak with high bust potential

What he SHOULD do is take Clausen and get rid of that bum Russell

Can u imagine if he takes, Dez or McClain or someone no one expects??? Teams will be scrambling

ALoco has too much time on his hands, but that's allright, whatever makes him happy

Odin, You know a guy that can burn the field. A guy from Clemson, now what's his name AJ,CJ, MJ.dont remember his first two initials but Spiller would be a great return guy..lol, Though by the time the fins pick 3 defenders in the 1st 4 rounds he'll probably be with that nut job in the bay area Al(Born in Pangaea)Davis....Though I Could be wrong...It happens

I think we shoulda helped out Denver more and token tony scheffler outa their hands too , lol

Maybe Al Davis will pick that Punter from India....I mean he's taken a punter in the 1st round before...

Alright it's Monday....my pick for the Dolphins right now is Sergio Kindle. I expect it to change a number of times before Thursday....LOL. I have been onside with Morgan and at one time it was Bryant.

I think between now and Thursday I will go back and forth between McClain, Morgan and Kindle but as of today, if we are unable to trade back, it's Sergio Kindle. I like his versatility and I like the fact that he as a lot of the attributes you look for in a OLB and I also think he will mature into a fine player. He's the only guy I see in this draft who even has a minute chance to be the next Lawrence Taylor (don't worry, I'm not saying he's going to be). But he does have a lot of the qualities you look for in an OLB.

As of Monday.....it's Kindle for me.

I like Dan Williams at the moment... ask me in 5 minutes it will be a linebacker... in 10 mins a safety

off the subject a bit, I made less money last year but paid 10 percent more in taxes.... has this happend to others???? just asking...

I like Dan Williams at the moment... ask me in 5 minutes it will be a linebacker... in 10 mins a safety

Posted by: carlito from golfito | April 19, 2010 at 06:30 PM

This is definitely an obvious case of pre draft delerium.
Like Mando's title says: Can't take it no MORE!

Legarrette Blount anyone? i think he could be a steal in a later round. I feel like the whole boise state thing is a bigger mark against him than it should be. Dude can ram it between the tackles

I'm going with Derrick Morgan if he is there right now - I think he goes to JAX though.... In which case I am going Earl Thomas.

We're either drafting an OLB, NT, S, WR, TE, RB, or O or D line on thursday with CB also being a possibility. I guarantee it.

Tprice I like Blount too, but I don't know if the fins will take any rb's

Blount straight out drops that Linebacker, yet he's the one that ends up with a black eye?
Go figure.
Blount is a beast, sucker punch or no sucker punch.
Everytime I think about taking Blount, I think Nah, he's just a poor mans Lex Hilliard.

I hear the WWE is going to pick Blount....

Green Bay reportedly trying to get up to the 10-12 range along with Philly another trade down option

Odin.. Earlier today on Sports center some guy (can't recall who) Said Graham was going to go high and will be the rookie of the yr. Still wish the guys upstairs buys into that..#2 Brandon on the way!


I know being a "I told you so" is in bad taste.

Just the same, if we get Graham thursday, I'll be drunkenly throwing I told you so's all over the place.

I just can't figure out a good trade down scenario.
All the teams that have been mentioned as trade down partners pick too late in the first round.
Is picking up the extra 2nd or 3rd worth possibly missing out on a "sure thing" first rounder?

It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma and I'm a conundrum?

Odin don't have to tell me that we were posting the night before Brandon #1 trade I am right onboard with you and if Brandon #2 happens you have all the rights in the world to drunkenly or otherwise throw the "I TOLD YOU SO ALL OVER THE PLACE". Three wolverines in one place you gotta love it! Go Blue!! Brandon Graham on the way to Miami. Another good guy that works his butt off!

socalfan, was that the McShay interview with Kiper??? If it is you left out what he said at the end about being drafted into the right system, the 4-3...gotta report it all bubba, can't pick and choose

There you have it folks.

The Miami branch of the Brandon Graham fan club continues to grow.

Anybody think Graham at No.12 is too much of a reach?

Don't think I would qualify as a Bubba!! Just saying the part of it I heard. Pretty much said I did not get it all as I was doing some other stuff. And I am not a reporter picking and choosing just a fan sharing Some thoughts!

LOL Odinseye!!! Put it on Facebook, Dolphin Fans for Graham

I never put to much stock in what Kiper or McShay says either way.
I have watched Graham his entire career. Albeit, it has been on a very limited basis, but the guy has dropped into coverage quite well.
I seriously can't see Graham being any worse in coverage than a Matt Roth or a Quentin Moses.
I know that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but the guys a "full blown, top down" baller.

Socalfan, understood, not trying to give u hard time but just letting u know McShay said at the end he has to be drafted into the "right" system, which he believes is the 4-3 for Graham...that changes the whole story since McShay said that which would mean he DOESNT believe Graham would be all that in a 3-4 defense, which is what Miami runs

Bring on the draft!

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