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Rumors: 'Can't take it no more'


They are everywhere. Everywhere!

Sometimes, they have zero credence, like the one that said Jason Taylor's contract with the Jets was "close to done." That was almost two weeks ago. I guess close can be a relative term -- like the moon is close to the Earth, if you compare our planet's distance to Pluto.

Sometimes the rumors are based in fact. Remember the rumor I reported to you about Brandon Marshall telling a Denver Broncos teammate he was headed to Miami? Remember the rumor about Ted Ginn being on the trade block?

Well, the days leading to the draft are perhaps the most rumor-filled days on the NFL calendar. And there are some interesting ones floating.

There's a rumor Ronnie Brown is on the trade block. The truth is, Brown cannot be traded right now. He cannot be traded until he signs his restricted free agent tender. The truth is the Dolphins are not actively calling all 31 other NFL teams and offering Brown. But the truth also is if a team approaches Miami about Brown, the Dolphins are more than happy to listen. I believe the Dolphins would gladly trade Brown for a second-round pick. I also believe they aren't likely to get that for him. We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins are intrigued by the idea of trading for Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Apparently the NYGs have taken a sort of liking to South Florida's Jason Pierre-Paul and if that liking develops into them drafting him, that makes Umenyiora not only endangered, but practically extinct on the roster. Umenyiora played at Troy. Bill Parcells regularly looks at players from Troy and, indeed, picked DeMarcus Ware from Troy in 2005. Thus these trade rumors.

But this one is a head-scratcher, if you ask me. Umenyiora would project as an OLB in Miami's defense, but he's never played the position before. So the Dolphins would be interested in giving up a draft pick for Umenyiora after a 29-tackle, 7-sack season even when a team from New York has decided he's no longer a fit. But the Dolphins are apparently not as interested in giving up zero draft picks for Jason Taylor after a 42-tackle, 7-sack season even when a team from New York has decided he'd be a great fit. Yes, I know Umenyiora is 28 years old and Taylor is 35 years old. But I also know the draftee it costs to get Umenyiora would come cheaply and be maybe 21-22 years old.

On the positive side, if the Dolphins do indeed swing this deal for a fifth-round pick, they will have effectively traded Ted Ginn Jr. for Osi Umenyiora. That sounds like an upgrade to me. Ronnie Brown for Osi Umenyiora? Both Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are recovering from various surgeris. Of course, so is Brown. We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins are trying to trade G Justin Smiley. It is true. It also hasn't gotten done so far. The bottom line here is Smiley has shoulder issues. He had them in San Francisco. He had them in Miami. They are not going away anytime soon. Furthermore, once the Dolphins put Smiley on the market and told him not to report for offseason conditioning, they basically alerted the rest of the NFL Smiley isn't in their long-term plans. The price for Smiley has dropped. Despite this, the Dolphins don't want to simply give him away. Their stance is they can hold onto Smiley up until training camp is set to open in late July. So what might Smiley bring in trade?

Not a lot. Purely speculating here: Maybe a sixth-rounder. Sad isn't it? We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins will attempt to trade down in the coming draft. This is true. Although the chances are better that Miami will have to stick with pick No. 12 for lack of trade-down options, the team seriously would like to drop a handful of spots and pick up a late-second pick in the exchange. The Dolphins are not the only team wanting to do this. Denver might want to trade down also and the Broncos are scheduled to pick at No. 11. So, you guessed it, we'll see.


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Hey quit being a stick in the mud bobby!

Just repeat after me:

Graham! Graham! Graham! Graham!-LOL!

You guys remember the song Winds Of Change? This is what Miami is doing. We are all at their mercy on draft day, but as ususal I think they are up to something big and we will be doing a hell of a lot of cheering and drinking beer in the fall..

right, there are just as good of rb's out there as brown. trade him!!!!!!!!

Winds Of Change?

By the Scorps????


I'm not AGAINST the regime picking Graham, it's just not my favourite pick. It's not an original thought and it's been said on here before but I will back WHOEVER the trifecta deems to be the best pick for us. It's also been said that the regime knows linebackers. If the trifecta thinks Brndon Graham is the best pick for us at 12, I will shut my mouth and celebrate the pick!!

If you can't get value for him, why bother.
What 3rd rounder or worse do you see in the draft that could replace him.

He's coming off an injury but it's nothing as serious as the ACL. He's finally got a strong armed QB, a great receiver and best of all, he won't be facing 8 guys in the box everytime he touches the ball.

If we could get great value that would be one thing, if not, I'm looking forward to seeing Ronnie bowl people over.

Damn Mando,
This song reminds me of when I was living in Greece. You took me way back brother..."Stop spreading these rumors around." Haha.
We have to keep brown, unless we can get a 2 for him.

Craig M,

Well said, I'm with you on that.
If it's Dan Williams, good, lets go to war. If it's Brandon Graham, Great lets bust some heads.
It's just like getting Marshall. I had my reservations about the guy. I called him a thug. The second he became a Dolphin though, he was MY THUG!

Go Miami!

Odin... Nope that was the second Winds of Change a great song with great lyrics, but the Bee Gees in the 70's wrote the first one. When I was traveling playing professional tennis (not in the 70's), but we all had positive psych up songs. Winds Of Change was mine and it really is a Great song full of hope, promise, and firepower!!

Here are some draft options for the Fins.


Irton, heads up, Mando gets pissed when you post other blogs on his...tend to get banned and deleted...be smart

Think there is any chance the RB trade talk is just an attempt to test the market so a realistic price range can be established prior to working out a contract extension?

but we all had positive psych up songs. Winds Of Change was mine and it really is a Great song full of hope, promise, and firepower!!

Posted by: socalfan | April 19, 2010 at 07:53 PM

I got a psych up song. WALK by Pantera.
I don't know how much hope and promise you can get out of it, but when it comes to firepower, it's got it.
Can't wait to get some highlight footage of Marshall in a Dolphins uniform, I'm gonna soundtrack it to Pantera!!!!

Jack Kompan,

I don't think so. I think it's an attempt to let everybody know their willing and ready to wheel and deal. Whatever it takes to make this team a competitive contender.

Jack, guy has a terrible injury history, if the CBA wasn't cancelled by the owners Ronnie would already be gone, they made NO attempt t sign him...I see zero chance of a contract extension...I can't believe Ronnie will be a Dolphin next year no matter what happens

Odin.. sounds like a song we will be needing in the fall.. The change song is in comparison to the front office and the way they are doing stuff this year. just going to keep hoping they keep surprising us to the super bowl!

Odinseye, how bout favorite song of all time, the one you wanna hear before just before you leave this earth???

AC/DC fires me up!! Hell's Bells

I hate that song, absolutely hate it. I'm sorry to rain on your parade buddy. Every time I hear it on Madden 10 I cringe. Anyway, that's just my opinion, sorry.
My psych up song would be Eric B & Rakim's "follow the leader", with the leader being the tuna.

...can't take it no more!

You are a true Dolphins Fan!!!! I can't take it either because I got the feeling we are in the middle of the most important draft for the Fins. And this year we have made the right moves, starting with Nolan. But trust Mando everything will go right, and JT will play with us till the end too because his heart is right.


Highway to Hell by ACDC comes to mind-LOL.

But I think Back in the Saddle(Aerosmith) would gear me up for whatevers on the otherside!

Carlos.. I agree totally. They may not think they need him, but they do for all the obvious reasons.. Even to the positive attitude of the team. He is a leader and needs to be there for the younger guys. Cost them half of what they paid Pennington and will get more from it! One more year.

Odinseye, strange for me since it was way before my time but that Buffalo Springfield song, "For What Its Worth" is my all time favorite, bar none

JT wants a two year contract not one

How bout Dust In The Wind Odin! LOL

Oh thought it was all about one.. Guess that is the problem!


Your not raining on my parade brother.
Music's like spirituality. It's a beautiful thing that everyone has the right to enjoy.

When it comes to getting fired up, I prefer stuff like Led Zeppelins Immigrant Song.

True Norse Viking Warrior music!

I know, I know, it's old, but so is good Bourban.

Jets offered two year deal, I believe 1.5 mil this year and 1.8 next year...honestly I think the bigger problem is how he wants to be used...I think Jason wants to be a guaranteed Third down OLB but if the Fins bring in Kindle or Morgan then JT probaly becomes nothing more then someone who would be for depth and special situations

Man, Wake coming in from one side and Kindle or Morgan coming in from the other!!!! Exciting stuff!!!

How bout Dust In The Wind Odin! LOL

Posted by: socalfan | April 19, 2010 at 08:25 PM

That's a little laid back for me. I saw the fat guy from Kansas and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith do a duet of that song at Rose Bud's in Ft.Lauderdale a long time ago. It was awsome.

Or Graham, I'll give Oldinseye his props!!! I just think JT wants a starting position or one where he will be guarnanteed to come in and the Phins can't offer him that

Saw David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar on their last Tour...Hagar blew him out of the water...David Lee looked old and used

Just for the record...This being the final days before the draft and all...What is everyones prediction on what we do with our first round pick only. List who you think we will pick and if you think we will trade then list who our trade partener will be and we will get in return as well as who we will pick with our new position....

Cali, SUPRISE: Rolando McClain.. If he is not there, Derrick Morgan

Walk . " are You talking to me " , Re -spect. " are you talking to me ?. Slayer does it for me.

I'm sure everyboby knows, but just for the record Brandon Graham!

If he's not there.........ah, he'll be there.

I'm thinking Boston's 'More than a Feeling' or Blue Oyster Cult's 'Don't Fear the Reaper'.

This JT stuff really is a joke!! It's about a guy who is a shadow of his former self and needs the attention. Reminds me of Brett Favre.

has anyone heard anything new on the fins trying to trade Ronnie Brown to the Lions. I am a fan of Brown but I think if we can get the Lion's 2nd I would trade him in a heartbeat. As far as tradeing down I read that Green Bay and Philly are trying to trade down. I say we trade down and get either Graham or Hughes. With the 2nd Rd best NT or FS available! Maybe Mt. Cody, I know he is extremely overwieght but I bet you give him a NFL contract and he drops weight and turns into a stud and clog the lanes for years to come.

BK, the only thing that Cody is going to clog with a big contract is his arteries...

Contestants on the Biggest Loser Celebrity Edition 2012, Jessica Simpson, Terrence Cody


I know I'll get an argument but I still believe the stuff Eddy and the boys did with Sammy is better than any of the stuff they did with David Lee Roth. 5150 and Ou812 were great CD's!


Did you see that Gronk has been invited to the draft? I'm sure he won't go in the first round but he's a great story for the second day. Only sorry he won't be putting a Dolphins cap on.

Biggest problem I see about trading down is so many teams above us also want to trade down..Philly wants Berry or Thomas probaly gotta go above 12 to get them, especially Berry...we won't know anything till the number 11 pick and Denver wants out too soo we will see

LOL @ bobbyd12 about Cody.

NJ-You know "Walk" is by Pantera right? I like them and Slayer too, both will get me pumped. I want to see the fins be aggressive on draft and and go after trade down offers. We can easily get a good OLB and S in the late first and into the second round. NT and other key positions can be filled through our later round picks. Gonna be an exciting draft!

RockSugar 'Heaven and Heaven'

Dolphin's are going to trade picks with Dallas (Jerry owes Bill after last weeks YouTube nightmare) and pick Taylor Mays. @nd round pick from Dallas - Cam Thomas.

Oh, and sign D. Sharper to a 2 yr deal and teach Mays how to intercept a pass.

Craig M, when Sammy came in for Roth I was afraid that they would become a pop band...Sammy not only held his own BUT I agree, did some great stuff...I heard Howard Stern do interviews with both David Lee and Sammy at seperate times and neither one had too much good to say about Eddie Van Halen, sounded like a nightmare to deal with

I hope there are lots of 1:00 p.m. games in Miami in September and October...

@nd - 2nd

For the record I think we are trading down to either of the following 2 teams.

Option #1 The Titans (they will want to jump ahead of the Giants to get the LB they want before the G-men do)...if this trade happens I think we then take either Earl Thomas, Best OLB avail, Dan Williams in that order.

Option #2 The Eagles (they can afford to move with the picks they have and they are def looking to get up around our spot)...if this happens we will take Best OLB, Best NT, Iupati in that order.

Obviously this depends on who exactly is left at those times...the bottom line is I def think we are trading down. I know a lot of teams are looking to trade down however we cannot discount that we have Parcells on our team and out of all the teams looking to trade down I have my money on him getting it done.

Carlito - Im sure all of us are...except Stephen Ross of course. 1:00pm games in those months are what gave us homefield advantage.

Ohh MPHS, talkin about nightmares....Taylor Mays, NFL Network had him as one of the most overrated players in the draft, stiff hips, shaky coverage skills, no thank you...let him go elsewhere, too many negatives

And don't be surprise if we draft Brandon Lang if he's still around in the 3rd.

NJ what's ur opinion?? I think trading down will be difficult for the position we are in, I'm not counting on it at all

i know walk is by pantera , i was singing along with odinseye. I then sai slayer does it for me. capiche ???

Re malaka, NJ PHIN; is it true that the stinkin' jets are planning on trading up with Jacksonville to get Earl Thomas?

I agree some about Mays. But it wouldn't surprise me because no one is talking about him. I watch him play and with some good secondary training (Nolan) you never know....

bobbyd12 , everybody wants to trade down and it will be difficult , it's up to the team and it's preference on a certain player. However , i think miami is in the perfect spot for a trade down if bryant , thomas or spiller are still on the board. we'll see.


Not sure what happened to Eddy. I heard Sammy was in the midst of making a new CD with Eddy but Eddy was taking way too long to put his grooves on the tracks. Sammy was down a long time ago and it just seemed that Eddy could never get his act together to finish things up. I know sammy was frustrated. Seems to me that Sammy was always happy to be part of the band but Eddy and the others always treated him like crap and maybe him feel like an outsider! Not sure why but I think Eddy's missed a good opportunity and just isn't focussed enough on the music any more.

LOL @ FB , re malaka that what i'm hearing here in jets country about thomas .

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