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Rumors: 'Can't take it no more'


They are everywhere. Everywhere!

Sometimes, they have zero credence, like the one that said Jason Taylor's contract with the Jets was "close to done." That was almost two weeks ago. I guess close can be a relative term -- like the moon is close to the Earth, if you compare our planet's distance to Pluto.

Sometimes the rumors are based in fact. Remember the rumor I reported to you about Brandon Marshall telling a Denver Broncos teammate he was headed to Miami? Remember the rumor about Ted Ginn being on the trade block?

Well, the days leading to the draft are perhaps the most rumor-filled days on the NFL calendar. And there are some interesting ones floating.

There's a rumor Ronnie Brown is on the trade block. The truth is, Brown cannot be traded right now. He cannot be traded until he signs his restricted free agent tender. The truth is the Dolphins are not actively calling all 31 other NFL teams and offering Brown. But the truth also is if a team approaches Miami about Brown, the Dolphins are more than happy to listen. I believe the Dolphins would gladly trade Brown for a second-round pick. I also believe they aren't likely to get that for him. We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins are intrigued by the idea of trading for Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Apparently the NYGs have taken a sort of liking to South Florida's Jason Pierre-Paul and if that liking develops into them drafting him, that makes Umenyiora not only endangered, but practically extinct on the roster. Umenyiora played at Troy. Bill Parcells regularly looks at players from Troy and, indeed, picked DeMarcus Ware from Troy in 2005. Thus these trade rumors.

But this one is a head-scratcher, if you ask me. Umenyiora would project as an OLB in Miami's defense, but he's never played the position before. So the Dolphins would be interested in giving up a draft pick for Umenyiora after a 29-tackle, 7-sack season even when a team from New York has decided he's no longer a fit. But the Dolphins are apparently not as interested in giving up zero draft picks for Jason Taylor after a 42-tackle, 7-sack season even when a team from New York has decided he'd be a great fit. Yes, I know Umenyiora is 28 years old and Taylor is 35 years old. But I also know the draftee it costs to get Umenyiora would come cheaply and be maybe 21-22 years old.

On the positive side, if the Dolphins do indeed swing this deal for a fifth-round pick, they will have effectively traded Ted Ginn Jr. for Osi Umenyiora. That sounds like an upgrade to me. Ronnie Brown for Osi Umenyiora? Both Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are recovering from various surgeris. Of course, so is Brown. We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins are trying to trade G Justin Smiley. It is true. It also hasn't gotten done so far. The bottom line here is Smiley has shoulder issues. He had them in San Francisco. He had them in Miami. They are not going away anytime soon. Furthermore, once the Dolphins put Smiley on the market and told him not to report for offseason conditioning, they basically alerted the rest of the NFL Smiley isn't in their long-term plans. The price for Smiley has dropped. Despite this, the Dolphins don't want to simply give him away. Their stance is they can hold onto Smiley up until training camp is set to open in late July. So what might Smiley bring in trade?

Not a lot. Purely speculating here: Maybe a sixth-rounder. Sad isn't it? We'll see.

There's a rumor the Dolphins will attempt to trade down in the coming draft. This is true. Although the chances are better that Miami will have to stick with pick No. 12 for lack of trade-down options, the team seriously would like to drop a handful of spots and pick up a late-second pick in the exchange. The Dolphins are not the only team wanting to do this. Denver might want to trade down also and the Broncos are scheduled to pick at No. 11. So, you guessed it, we'll see.


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FB , ine magalos malakas. I 'm partners in a gym and i'm partners with my brother in a pizzeria/restaurant in tennessee. He runs the day to day operations down there. I'll be going down in 3 weeks . I make it don to tenneesse about 4 times a year. The family and i own some real estate ( homes . You know how the greeks roll. Work , family and money.

The fact that you sign in as a different user every time tells me that you're a p u $ $ y. Monito or caballo whoever you are. No go away little gly.

LOL @ FB. get used it, it happens alot on here.

Bravo re NJ PHIN; good luck with everything. I'm in real estate too in Miami. Needless to say, we've been hit really bad. But you have to keep your chin up.

Found this practice tape on Cody...especially watch the last part...where he knocks down two of his fellow Alabama team mates. WOW.


ne FB !! . you have to keep your chin up and work through it. i would like to keep in touch with you on here because i'm planning a trek down to miami. i 'd like to meet up with you and will exchange details with you when i get a specified date of when i'm coming down .


I got a workout question for you.
I work out religiously at least 4, most of the time 5 days a week.
I got the symetry that I want and FINALLY the body fat percentage where I want it.
The problem is that I hit a wall at 190 to 195 range.
I'm not trying to get massive, but I do want to get in the 205=210lb range.
I eat healthy, high protein, simple carbs. No roids or anything unatural.
Got any tips?

FB tu eres unhijo de poooota. Que es FB? Si ya lo se eres feo y bajo.

NJ, we'll get together when you come down here. Let me know when you're planning on being here. Maybe we can catch a mini camp or something.
I also work out religiously every day; not trying to get huge or anything like that. Been there, done that. I'm just trying to stay trim and keep that body fat down. At 35 that's all I want to do right now.
Stay in touch and let's see how we can exchange contact info.

alright when i told everyone on here about the Osi Umenyiora trade i was called an idiot and stupid. so who is stupid now?


I guess I'm the stupid one.

What are you talking about?

Odinseye . how many times a day to you eat and how many times to you consume a protein shake ??

FB , that sounds great . Either a mini camp or if i can't come down that soon a game in sept/oct. we can exchange info through armando e mail. he can give you my email and yours to me.

I eat basically 3 times a day with a lot of high protein "snacks" (Peanut butter, eggs, tuna fish, etc,etc).
To be honest I haven't tried a lot of protein shakes. Will they help put on good easily converted weight?

LOL @ at all the Marshall and Owens supporters for the dolphins. I hate to say i told you so. No i'm not. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!
Commented Mar 23, 2010 on NJ PHIN FAN

No marshall , owens and Bryant . Miami will draft a wr that fits what they want to do. It could be fairly early if one they like drops in their laps.
Commented Mar 23, 2010....again NJ PHIN FAN

For all that think Marshall is going to the jets , you can forget it. I Live in the area and jets are not going after marshall and he rumors are false. They admitted to sniffing about that but have shot it down. B Edwards will go nuts .
Commented Mar 23, 2010 once again NJ PHIN FAN..truth is Jets couldnt reach an agree on a contract, other wise Marshall could have been a Jet

hi guys, i am in new york and word is DE osi umenyiora of the giant can be had for a 3 round or a 4 rounder + a tight end. it all over nyc sport radio and newspaper and the lions are rumor to be in love with osi pass rush skill.

I just read this on a Bears blog.

I found this on the bleacher report-Jason DiCarlo:

Miami always could swap first round picks with the Giants and move down to No. 15, which Miami is rumored to do anyways. The trade would most likely be No. 12 and a fifth round pick for No. 15 and Osi Umenyiora. (This isn't a real offer, just my opinion.)


This isn't news. Just more rumors and speculation. I guess I'm NOT the stupid one.

Who cares what NJ, some guy on a blog you don't know, said a month ago?

Odinseye. You could up your meals to 4 times times a day. Protien shakes are a must !!!. you should consume protein shakes at least 3 times a day. 1 in the morning , 1 pre workout and 1 RIGHT AFTER your workout. Make sure it is whey protein isolate. This will put on lean muscle mass, It's not a weight gainer , so it's low in calories and carbs but high in protein. You might want to increase the amount on the weights while decreasing your reps. Maybe you just need to cut down on your cardio a little for awhile instead of the increasing weights part. i hope that helps.


Commented Mar 9, 2010 on Five days into free agency is no time to panic at Miami Dolphins In Depth

At least NJ knows football and isn't afraid to make an opinion/statement on it.
Though he has been known to state his opinions, uh, shall we say rather strongly-LOL.
At least he doesn't just follow someone else garbage blindly.

Quit posting ancient garbage and get a life.

Lol @ carlito . that was a month ago and the marshall thing with the jets and the contract was about a week ago. The jets sniffed around and he didn'y go to the jets , just like i said. Carlito it is nobody but my obsessed stalker named HOME the conspiracy theorist.

No owens or bryant . 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

March 9 . that's when marshall was going for a 1st and 3rd. LOL !!!!!!


I'll give it a try and let you know how it works for me.

Whey protein isolate huh? Sounds good.


i been a Dolphin fan since you were swimming in your daddy's nuts NJ PHIN FAN... you know nothing, nada..not a damn thing! then you get on here, like if this blog is your shyt and call people BUFFOON when you are the one talking out your ass... stick to the DUMB bells you clown

Odinseye , that's just it . His name is HOME and he has no life. He's a 50 something year man ( i say that losely ) and Father . He comes on blogs to impersonate and attack people besides me all day on various blogs. He needs to grow the F up but i doubt he ever will . he also believes in govt conspiracies like chemtrails. He's a loser with no life that clogs up blogs with his senseless crap.

your nothing but a chickenshyt P _ u _ s _ s _y !! that hides behind different names . if you don't like it , don't f'n read it. If you don't like it , take a f'n hike. i've forgotten more about football than you 'll ever know. I've played the game for a long time while you played madden football and fantasy leagues. Don't cry poor baby !!


George Bush shot JFK to start the revolution!!!!

thanks for posting part of my article on here.

Odinseye , no mproblem . anytime my friend. yeah let me know.

Damn NJ,

I think you really pissed this guy off.


This is Miami Dolphins football. The Jets are the enemy brother!

Odinseye . He's a freaking loser and i shouldn't be wasting my time . you should see what he does to some of the other posters on the SS. He's infested the blogs with his childish BS !! i also don't think he's been a dolphin fan longer than me but let him dream.

No problem Jason, glad I could help.

However your last post made it sound like a done deal or something.

Do you think we should trade for 28 year old that's been a defensive end since his freshman year in college? He never made back to being a starter after that serious knee injury.

I think the guy can still play, but the question is can he play in a 3-4?

Odinseye. it's late and i'm outta here. this is when the Kooks come out. i'm sure the little p-u-s-s-y will come on here and talk more crap. i'll guarantee you he wouldn't say a peep in front of my face. have a good night dolphin fans. 3 more days.

New blog up and I can't post.

Anyone else having trouble?


Bla bla bla Dansby bla bla bla bla Marshall... Bla bla bla Henne bla bla bla Morgan bla bla bla Bryant bla bla bla pick #12 bla bla bla Trade Down bla bla bla Trade Smiley bla bla bla need a Tight End bla bla bla Gibril was horrible bla bla bla Need a safety bla bla bla bla bla bla Bill Parcells bla bla bla Jeff Ireland bla bla bla Sparano looks like a gangster bla bla bla...

Is it friggin Draft day yet?


I suggest you lock the gun cabinets up real tight and mix yourself a nice srong drink.

Mamdo, jix your next blog, unable to post...


Please start better then 0 for in sept...

Starting off with the 1st victory would be nice. Armando, CM is right. We cannot post in your new blog that is up.

The Dolphins, like many teams, have players that are more valuable to the team's roster than as trade bait. I mean they have the ability, and learned knowledge, to contribute right now than any player that would be traded for or drafted. Even if the Dolphins used their 12th overall pick to draft CJ Spiller, he would not be as effective in the first part of the 2010 season as Ronnie Brown. Down the road, maybe? But Brown injured a foot, not a knee, and he seemed to possess all the speed and quickness last year that he had in the best years of his career. He's a big back that can still make people miss and has moved the pile many times as well. He's really good in space and is a better receiver than Ricky Williams (who has been thrown to in recent years with a headscratching frequency). With Marshall out there commanding respect from safeties, Brown will have a ton of room to catch the ball and he will make people miss in the open field better than anyone on their roster other than Marshall himself.

Justin Smiley would be the perfect backup for the 'Phins. His injury issue is more about sustained use and fatigue, and with limited reps I think he can be just as effective as if he was completely healthy. You just aren't gonna be able to get a replacement for him in trade or draft pick that has the ability to contribute that he now possesses. He knows our system, he knows the players around him, and just the learning curve alone for another player to get there would be prohibitive, IMO.

I think the Dolphins will regret just throwing away Ginn to keep Patrick Turner on the roster. I actually believe Miami will draft another WR and Turner will be gone anyway. A guy that got no separation and displayed mediocre hands in practice against OUR SAFETIES or corners has no place in the NFL. The Dolphins will get nowhere near as useful a player with that 5th round pick as what Ginn would've provided this year. You still can't coach speed and last I remembered, Ginn was catching an 80 yrd bomb against the Texans. Good luck getting that out of a 5th rund pick.

Too much invested in the Wildcat to get rid of Brown so I dont think he is going anywhere. I want Berry (praying the Chiefs dont get him). I doubt they get Thomas so my guess is they will pick up Graham. Oh, and trading down doesnt seem too smart right now.


Maybe this week wouldn't be as busy as you thought.

Where's all the new stories and blogs today? It feels like a Sunday...nothing new here

Ginn can't catch anythng anyway, doesn't matter how open he gets

Jason Taylor is officially a NY Jet

These blogs suk, what a day to lock up

So Merling, Langford, and Starks are not good enough anymore?

Posted by: Image | April 19, 2010 at 01:11 PM
The first 2 have NEVER been that good, IMO.

Hialeah Aex, just for you....
"Larry Boy (funky riff) Larry Boy"
My kids LOVED that episode.
BTW, Big Idea Prods. (VT producers) office is a couple of miles down the road from me. I sure this news thrills all of you, parents or not. LOL

OK, if Ronnie goes, the TRIO crosses fingers and toes and drafts Spiller?
Seems lately, great offense beats great defense. That is our answer against the Jets and Pats.

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