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Schedule: Six road games vs playoff teams

The NFL will continue to show off it's ability to turn a non-event into a much-anticipated and chronicled celebration tonight when it releases its 2010 regular-season schedule. If the idea of finding out when the Dolphins play doesn't excite you on NFL Network, you can switch to ESPN because it also will telecast a program about the schedule release.

By the way, Major League Baseball, the NHL and NBA also release their schedules months before the games are played. Does anyone notice? Ah, NFL dominance is in the air this morning.

Anyway, The Miami Herald will share in today's public relations conspiracy by publishing the Dolphins' schedule on its website as soon as one of our reporters can type it up, analyze it, and get the web folks to post it. (I'll be doing other things tonight.)

But since we already know Miami's opponents, I figured this would be a good time to look at how the competition is looking so far and how the Dolphins currently stack up:

The Dolphins are scheduled to travel a total of 21,570 miles to their road games in 2010. The Dolphins, an AFC East team, will play its 10 non-division games at Baltimore, at Cincinnati, at Green Bay, at Minnesota, at Oakland, and host Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, and Tennessee.

Away games against playoff teams Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay, and Minnesota to go with road games against divisional opponents and playoff teams New York and New England do not exactly make for easy road trips. Miami plays eight road games and six will be against 2009 playoff teams. Miami's only road games that don't offer a playoff-caliber team is at Oakland and at Buffalo.

The home games against Pittsburgh and Tennessee are rematches of 2009 losses that cost the Dolphins a playoff berth because of a late-season three-game losing streak.

Obviously the games against Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo seemingly offer Miami a small respite as all three finished last in their divisions last year and are not expected to be playoff-caliber in 2010. Of course, the Bills laid the wood to the Dolphins in Buffalo last year anyway, so they are dangerous.

Depending on the schedule, the Dolphins might miss a few star players from other teams. New York's Santonio Holmes will miss the first four games of the regular season while serving an NFL imposed suspension for testing positive for drugs. The league is also soon expected to soon announce a suspension for Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for violation of the league conduct policy.

The Minnesota game is interesting because the Vikings promise to be better with Brett Favre than without him. But even if Favre answers the bell on his 20th season, which I predict he'll do, I would surmise Miami has a better chance against the Vikings early in the season than late. Simply, at age 41, Favre might be easier to beat than at age 40. After October he might be more beat up, he might be less healthy in some way.

Recall that in 2008, the Dolphins were 1-1 versus Favre. They lost to him in the regular-season opener and beat him in the regular-season finale.

Speaking of openers, the Dolphins must somehow address the increasingly troubling habit of starting slow. Last year the Dolphins were 0-3 out of the gate. In 2008, they were 0-2 out of the gate. In 2007 they were 0-13 out of the gate.

Wouldn't it be great for Miami to be at the front of the pack when the gun sounds in 2010? I would hope the coaching staff will make this a focus in training camp and the preseason -- perhaps by having starters play more snaps in some games, including the preseason-finale.

Any way you look at it, the Dolphins need to get off to a fast start in 2010.

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Test. Test.

I think if Sparano can't get the team off to a good start (again), Parcells should look at hiring Nolan as the head coach.

Be nice to get that Oakland game out of the way early. Also, catching Pittsburgh early and missing Rapelisberger wouldn't hurt.

We have the talent and ability to win 10 or 11 games this season. If we play mistake free football we "should" win against Oakland, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, and Tennessee. On top being able to sweep Buffalo and probably split with the Jets and Pats. Hopefully we get the Steelers and one Jet game early.

Miami needs to select Dez Bryant. Imagine Dez and Marshall and The R&R express. That would be top 3 offense. If we get Earl Thomas he'll fill a need but wouldn't be good enough to give us a top 8 defense. And DAn Williams sucks. With Dez even if we allow 30 we'll score 40. I'll take the great Wr over an average safety

Phins record 1 and 11 the last 4 years.....ouch....

Devin, If the Phins don't pick "D" they'll need to be a top 3 offense just to win 8 games, There defense was horrendous last year, the offense would have to score 35 to 40 points a game.....

We all know Bill is going pass rush n lord knows we need it

The defense is what let them down last year. Therefore, our first two picks at the least will be on defense.

Agreed with the defensive need. Forget dez, he might be great, but we really need defensive help

Roger Goodell has said that week 17 will feature all divisional matchups. Since it seems highly likely that we are going to play at the Jets the first Monday night, it's doubtful we would play them the final week. Do you guys think we will play the Patriots or Bills in week 17?

Seeing how the phins are hated by Roger(in Belichets left pocket)Goodall look for the phins to play there last 2 games in New York and New England... just my thoughts, I might be wrong....

Miami needs to select Dez Bryant. Imagine Dez and Marshall and The R&R express. That would be top 3 offense. If we get Earl Thomas he'll fill a need but wouldn't be good enough to give us a top 8 defense. And DAn Williams sucks. With Dez even if we allow 30 we'll score 40. Our D also wasn't bad. It was all caused by the gerbil and terrible defensive schemes.

I don't care who we play or when,this team is going to be way better than last year as long as we avoid the injury bug.In my opinion,that's why we fell to pieces last year.

Also we gotta make a play for Atogwe on St.Louis he is amazing and won't cost a pick

Just glad to get through this slow off season. Phins should sweep the wets again and get ready for the excuses... they're FULL of them. snicker...

I'm with Devin. Dez would make more of an overall difference than an average defensive guy. Let's go be GREAT at something rather than mediocre at everything. Yes the D let us down last year, but I seem to remember better Dolphins teams in the past that scored a lot and had average defenses. Those teams were perennial playoff residents and made it to the Superbowl. Our D isn't that bad, but if our O was GREAT, they would be even better. Get Bryant or Spiller.

Mando you were mean to us yesterday. :(

i don't see us going offense with pick 1 while we are without a 2nd.

we need 2 defensive starters out of this draft, so am thinking the responsible thing to do is pick fesence in 1 and 3.

taking the occasional chance can win you a lot of money, but taking EVERY chance makes you a degenerate gambler, because eventually, you will lose, and most likely, lose big.

wth is fesence?

err, Defense..

Fins go 1-3 in preseason, all these bloggers panic, then go 4-0 to start the season with Henne at the helm.

quick question for alll-------Who would you rather trade for if it was a pick anywhere from round 3 value to round 5 value. Or it can also be a Round 3-5 future 2011 pick--

A--Osi umenyora---28 years old---is 2 years removed from knee goin into next year. Had a down year, definitly vs the run in ny. But it was his 1st year off minor knee injury and it seems he is one of the players that might lack effort if he has issues with the defense as a whole---(he gets the case of oakland moss sumtimes)

B-- shawne merrimen- 25 years old--is 2 years removed from knee going into next year, but had a more devasting knee injury than osi. Merrimen also had a clear worse year than osi--and really looked like a shell of the player he once was---but sumtimes a devasting knee injury really takes 2 years to get over and he is super young.

It will be interesting to see if tuna goes after one of these players--to fill the void of veteran pass rusher standing up---cuz we do need to sign a veteran, even if its bringing JT back, or waiting for adalius thomas--

Side note---Adalius thomas has opened his mouth again, b/c he hates the pats and bellichick--=saying when he hurt his wrist or arm---they sent him to the wrong type of doctor because they dont give a shyte about him---is he ever gettn cutttttt----Nolan luves it

Allen, All 3 are washed up, I prefer to take a swing a several NT and OL prospects in RD 4,5,6


Any News on Jason?

nice question, allen ...

I'd take Merrimen of course ... younger and meaner !!!

... and then we take Adalius off the crap heap ... ;-)

No to Merriman.
I'd give them a 5th for Osi, not more than that.
If Berry and Thomas are gone by 12, then I might take a shot at Spiller ? But chances are, they go defense. How about Parcells calling his Son in law Pioli and sending him Smiley, TWO 6th's and our 12th for their 5th ? It would be very cool if we got Berry. Too little to move up to the 5 I suppose ? ?


they def all have questions---but any player in the draft in 4th or 5th---is a longshot of even making roster---the value of a 4th compared to wat any of these 3 new players can bring is great value 4 the phins----

but ur concerns about them are value---i think adalius wuld be the cheapest he is 32 bu i think he has another good 2 years he just wasnt used rite in NE--reunited with nolan he culd play well

Kind of a weak blog today Mando, no offense but you too are making a big deal out of the schedule "turning a non-event into a much-anticipated and chronicled celebration" ?
TWO days before the draft, it should be ALL draft, ALL the time till Thursday dont you think ?

"Speaking of openers, the Dolphins must somehow address the increasingly troubling habit of starting slow."

Yeah Mando , no reason a rebuilding team shouldn't come right out the gate like a well oiled machine!

"Wouldn't it be great for Miami to be at the front of the pack when the gun sounds in 2010? I would hope the coaching staff will make this a focus in training camp and the preseason -- perhaps by having starters play more snaps in some games, including the preseason-finale."

Sure hope the coaching staff reads this . I'm sure they were all quite content starting o-3 , but would be open to possible solutions.

Might be a bit tough playing the starters when you are trying to determine who the starters are , don't you think ?

It's the NFL.

Every game and any game is different on any given Sunday. NO matter the schedule

Strong start is key, gtreat point!

Jason Taylor in negotiations to sign a 2 year deal with Miami!

Deal should be finalized after the draft!

my prediction, miami to trade of of 12th pick to the 20's and then pick up cody.

From the looks of it, we're going to be having quite a few cold weather games this year. All AFC North and NFC North teams, plus AFC East, also an all-northern division (with the exception of MIA of course).

This is where having a tough team becomes an advantage. Although based on last years win-loss record, it is an easier schedule, I think it is going to be more difficult. But we're also going to be a better team, so it all balances out.

All things considered, I'm thinking 10-6 and in the playoffs.


feed the beast!


I think Cody would be a good pick but in the second round (if he slips). But do you think the Tuna likes his style? Might be too slugish and conditioning problems to meet the Tuna's criteria for NT?

Allen , i would take none of them. Merriman is finished and Osi has never played OLB ( and at 28 the time is not now to learn ) and like you said is a dog sometimes. After taking a OLB in the 1st and no 2nd round pick ( for now ) , it's critical miami uses it's picks in rounds 3-5 on a NT , S , Guard or TE.

Geeez.... where is everybody today ?
Nothing good to read here today.... a First !

I've been wondering why the Dolphins stated that Smiley was trade bait early and yet have been very quite since then, then I remembered that the Eagles lost their LG Andrews..Hmmm.
The Eagles have admitted that they want to move up...my guess is they want either Thomas or Haden...could the Dolphins already have a package deal set up with the Eagles? Trade picks and with Smiley included.

Jamillion, where did you read JT is in discussions of a 2 year deal with us?

i dont think he will slip to the second, i think the chargers have eyes on him. I dont think anyone can second guess what the tuna is thinking although i think it would be a good complement to soliai, they could play cody for 2 downs and then bring soliai in for the 3rd. I have a feeling the pick will be cody.

Don't forget who we hired for our Defensive Coordinater. Mike Nolan.. He should make our Defense better. We do need a safety and a pass blocker. If we can't get Earl Thomas or Berry at 12, we should go after Spiller. He's the real deal. If that doesn't work...

My perfect scenario:
Trade Down, Get a 2nd: Hopefully you get a Earl Thomas a little later.

Use that second on Golden Tate or Benn.

Remainder: Get the best pass rusher and LB you can get on the board.

We should definately go Defense in the 1st. Whether it's McClain,Thomas,Kindle or Morgan,it has to be Defense.

With Marshall now on board and with a solid running game,we should'nt have many problems scoring points. Also,look for Hartline,Camarillo and Bess to be much more involved.

Go Defense Bill,go Defense....

You heard it here first! JT is in negotiations to resign with dolphins! Supposed to be a 2 year deal. With the dolphins attempting to trade down, they obviously wont have the talent they thought they might have available in the 1st round.

You can never have enough good players regardless if they play offense or defense.

schedule schmedule... this is nothing compared to last year, if the team comes back healthy, no big deal

Looks like JT may re-sign with dolphins...

I still cant believe it... I really thought JT would end up in a jets uniform.

Where are you hearing that on JT?

Interesting reading, Miami has 13 slots open, 10 draft picks which leaves 3 more openings for free agents and whoever....


I haven't read or heard a word on Jason Taylor anywhere...where is all this "news" coming from???


Home , when are you going to grow up. You're a 50 year old Father for gods sake. You're an embarrassment to your home schooled son who can't go to a regular school because of you.

As of an hour ago...the N.Y.post had an article stating that they haven't heard anything from Taylor...and the Kets want to know prior to the draft...LOL

Kets= Jets...sorry old fingers.

Michael Lombardi, of the National Football Post, reports the New York Jets are actively shopping LB Bryan Thomas and will likely waive him following the NFL Draft.

Michael Lombardi, of the National Football Post, reports the New York Jets are actively shopping DL Shaun Ellis and will likely waive him following the NFL Draft.

Michael Lombardi, of the National Football Post, reports the New York Jets are actively shopping OG Alan Faneca and will likely waive him following the NFL Draft.

Sure sounds like the Jets are going to have a fire sale.


please. Are you just surmising based upon the delay, or is there actually an affirmmative report that the Fins are bcak in it??

two "mm"s means it's more for real than just one "m"

or maybe I need spell-check?

LOOSING RONNIE DISCARDS THE ADVANTGE WE GAINED by SIGNING BRANDON MARSHALL! a hammerback of ronnies caliber is rare. ronnie has the beef to block and go up the gut, he has nice moves and a good burst, makes for extra game planning, and is a load to bring down! his mere threat PULLS the safety and CAUSES DEFENSE TO STACK THE BOX. together ronnie and brandon create a unique and unparelelled weopon, no other team has this ability, not at this level!! trading this rare advantage for some crappy late rounder only creates another hole to fill and is a step backwards. look for double the amount of first downs from scrimmage when running the ball, and a lot of 2nd and 2's. ronnies yds per carry will go up by 2.5 which is half the yardage the secondary will be giving up as they pull towards brandon marshall. two premeire threats in their prime, pulling towars opposite ends of the field leaving a huge gap in between! it's loose,loose for defenses as they try to stop the big play! do not trade ronnie or we will give up this unique and unstoppable game winning advantage

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