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Second and third-day players on Dolphins radar

The names of college players who have met or worked out for the Dolphins in recent weeks has focused primariliy on first-round options because everyone wants an idea which player Bill Parcells will pick in the first round.

But the NFL draft will be a three-day affair and the first round is only the first of those days.

So today we concentrate a little on the lesser-known players. Today we give you some second- and third-day options in whom Miami has shown interest.

We start with Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate, who has been on Miami's radar for quite some time. He met with the Dolphins at the Combine and the team was represented at his workout. At his workout, Tate wowed some people when he improved his 4.4 Combine time in the 40-yard dash to 4.32 and 4.37 -- which is flying.

At 5-10 and 202 pounds, there are questions about Tate's ability to get off press coverage. But watch the kid and you'll see a tough player, a competitor. He will learn to get off the line and do it well.

South Dakota State outside linebacker Danny Batten has a visit scheduled with Miami. Miami was represented at Batten's work out last week.

Batten is 6-3 and 246 pounds so he has good size. Batten had good but not great production last year with 4.5 sacks in 12 games. He ran a 4.71 and 4.72 on a fast rubber track at his Pro Day. Batten is one of those guys that coaches simply call a football player.

Does he look amazing stepping off the bus? No. Does he measure out with incredible times? No.

Does he play well and hard? Yes.

Ohio State inside linebacker Austin Spitler has met with the Dolphins and that makes sense because the team is looking for a value pick late in the draft that could play special teams. J.D. Folsom was that player last year. This year the club is looking at Spitler as well as Arizona State linebacker Travis Goethel as possibilities for that duty should they be available in the seventh round.

The Dolphins have also met with TCU linebacker Daryl Washington. Washington is a productive outside linebacker. He led the Frogs with 109 tackles, including 11 for losses, and that is saying a good deal because that defense was tops in total yardage allowed and also boasted first or second-round prospect Jerry Hughes. Washington is 6-2 and 230 pounds.

The Dolphins will this week host their local visits of players that grew up in the region or attended high school or college in the region.

Included among the players visiting are Clemson wide receiver Jacoby Ford, who went to high school in Palm Beach, Florida safety Major Wright, who attended high school in Fort Lauderdale, and Miami tight end Jimmy Graham, who obviously played at the University of Miami.

All are second or third-day picks.

Ford, perhaps the fastest player the Dolphins have hosted, has been something of a sleeper during the current draft season. Some experts have somehow decided that a guy that ran a 4.22 at the NFL Combine doesn't play fast on the field.

I do not agree, but I'm not an expert. Ford is only 5-8 and 186 pounds so he isn't the prototype big target the Dolphins are seeking at wide receiver. But his speed has to be intriguing for a third-day selection.

Wright is more a strong safety than a free safety and having followed this kid's career since high school I still see him as one of the most punishing hitters I've seen in the deep secondary at any level. The guy simply uncoils like a viper. His ball skills need major work, which is the reason he's not a free safety prospect, in my opinion.

The Dolphins do have a Pro Bowl strong safety in Yeremiah Bell. But Bell is 32 years old, so it might be good to add a backup in the mid to late rounds to groom an heir.

Graham was supposed to be something of a secret that stayed here in South Florida. Well, the secret is out. Graham, a former basketball player, has caught the fancy of half a dozen teams that see great potential in him. He's still raw, needs a strong base to block better, and has to be more consistent with his hands. But at 6-6, he's an impressive target and will likely go somehwere in the late second or third round, in my opinion.

As previously posted on this blog, the Dolphins have also met or set up meetings with Georgie safety Reshad Jones and Georgia devensive tackle Jeff Owens. Owens, you may recall, is the player who benched 225 pounds 44 times at the Combine.

[Update: As you know Syracuse WR Mike Williams worked out for the Dolphins a couple of weeks ago. He had an open workout for any team that wished to attend today in Buffalo. The National Football Post reports Williams ran a 4.53 time on one of his 40-yard sprints.] 


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I like Graham. I guess we wil see what happens.

Major Wright is going to be a starter for a while in the NFL. He really does hit. Plus in zone he's fine. Just never really saw him cover man on man at UF.

Jacoby Ford is straight-line fast. Compare his times in agility drills to LBs and he got beat by quite a few. He is not very good laterally, and a la Ted Ginn takes a while to reach top speed. You would safely say Ginn doesn't play as fast as his 40 time, well that is what people speak of when referring to Ford.

Good Point Mando. Who will backup Y Bell? They need to invest a late pick in a SS..


Would you be happy if the Chunk Yard Player is a pass catching TE and we pass on Mr. Dez in favor a more pressing need: FS?


Anyone think we could trade Bess or Camarillo for a 2nd rounder ala Wes Welker a while back? Dont get me wrong, I like them both as much as I liked Welker but having 3 good possession receivers on the squad with Hartline isn't really doing us much good.

They would fetch a 4th or 5th rounder

We can't get everybody we want, but I have a feeling I know who the stars will be this year and if we get two of the following I'll feel pretty good about our draft. In no particular order:

1-Cam Thomas
2-Earl Thomas
3-Taylor Mays
4-J. Hughs
5-B. Graham
6-Dez Bryant
7-D. Thomas (WR)
8-Derrick Morgan
10-Major wright
11-R. Jones
12-Mike Williams
13-A. Benn
16-Cody- I'm kind of iffy on him.
17-Rolando McClain
18-Sean Weatherspoon
19-Nolan Carrol
20-Jimmy Graham
21- Dan Dickerson
23-Jacoby ford
24-Sergio Kindle
25-Jason Worilds(I would really like it if we got him and Thomas- I live in Va, this guy is good.
26-Th. Gibson -really iffy on him- would be at the bottom of the pack for me.
27-G. Tate
28- Scott Long
29-Taylor Price
30-Ennis Pitta
31-Tyson Aluala
32-E Griffin
33-Ricky Sapp- iffy
34- Adrian Tracky- late-late rounder
36-Mike Tepper
37-O’Brien Schofield(if recovered from ACL)
38-Myron Rolle- iffy-
39- Eric Berry
40- Morgan Burnett
41- S. Weatherspoon
42- Brandon Spikes
43- L. Whitten
44- Antonio Brown.

Armando, with the Skins getting Mcnabby, and with their putrid OL, any chance Smiley gets shipped over there?

Joe...did you seriously just list 44 players you want to see in a Dolphin uni this year? Get a life!

That's a big list Joe, you forgot Tim Tebow!!!

Waterboy, Skins probaly grab Okung now in draft

Joe made a list of players who he thinks will be good,and if we land a couple of them,he'll be happy.I agree Joe.

I like the fact that they are now talking of Buffalo or Clevland grabbing Clausen..That would help the Dolphin cause at 12

I doubt tate will be there second day. Most people have him gone in first round


i have your new favorite source...

the following mock shows the fins taking your man-crush DE with the 12th pick.


Think we should draft CB Walker outta ny.... Think he can be a beast in this league..... Go to YouTube and type in "cb walker" for his highlights... Good stuff

I totaly agree, last night I posted a scenario that is not out of the realm of possibility where Eric Berry Falls to 12, You can go back and critique if you like.

I've seen Batten play, very high motor, in the first half he caused a fumble, recovered one. played well was the best player on the field. The second half was a different story, His team had a big lead, was held in check, could not generate any pass rush, was absolutley plowed over by a much smaller running back .


speaking of another source...

can i also be an "aspiring nfl scout" like Chris Cordero?

here's a sample of my stuff:

"...T. Cody, DT

has a strong to very strong score in the chubbiness drill. has shown elite range in his love handles. also, he possesses the top tier lateral flubber that GM's drool over.."

what do you think?

Armando wrote:
Some experts have somehow decided that a guy that ran a 4.22 at the NFL Combine doesn't play fast on the field.

The speed of a human eye blink is 0.3 seconds. Do we really need the second 2?

We need an rb more than a wr. Seriously.

why does everyone want us to have a great #1 receiver? the reason we swept the jets is that when they put revis on our best #1 wr to shut him down......surprise - we dont have one! worked like a charm.

take that rex!

I have followed Jacoby Ford closely for four years.
He does not play as fast as his speed would suggest.
Made great improvement, especially in his ball skills, and could be an OK slot receiver. But don't fall in love with the 40 time.

Lions acquired OG Rob Sims from the Seahawks in exchange for undisclosed compensation.
Sims, 26, will likely move into the Lions' starting lineup immediately at left guard. Though somewhat injury prone, Sims has racked up 31 starts over the last three seasons and is a low-risk acquisition because he's only under contract through 2010 at a mere $1.101 million. 2009 LGs Manuel Ramirez and Daniel Loper may now be left fighting for one roster spot in Detroit.

Smiley will likely be headed to Seattle now.

BTW- jets suck!

If the Fat Man is avalable in the second round I`d draft him. The thing about the Fat Man is that in 6 months he can become quite a fit man. Sparano is always talking about changing players bodies. It works just as well on the D-Line too.
The Fat Man has the most upside @ Nose in the draft, and the draft is about the future is it not?

'Combine' is not capitalized.
See you at dinner tonight. I'll bring the baby oil.

I hope everbody had a wondeful easter with their family and friends. The only ones i see the dolphins taking From the above list are the ilb's , graham , jones and mays ( he's a rock ). The rest are to small

David wright 2 run homer in the bottom of the 1st. 2-0 METS . Lets go METS!!!

I meant TATE ***


Go Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right. GO DOLPHINS on April 22-24.

Kindle is a reach at #12 IMO I got him as a top 20 pick but not a #12. One of these with #12 Dan Williams, Earl Thomas, Dex Bryant, or Rolando McClain. I think DezBryant falls to us after DEN picks DWilliams. Rolando McClain was the clear choice intil Dansby was signed but WR is the bigger need and Dez Bryant is a top 10 talent when it comes to playing football and not so much off it. If DWilliams is not on the board I think Dez Bryant will be the pick.

Denver trades Marshall. Denver takes Dez or

Giants try to get to # 11 to take Mclain.

or ...you guys carry on

Are trades out of the question at this point?

OLB in the 2nd because this yrs draft is full of passrushers and there will be good ones still on the board in the 2nd rd, then a safty and NT in the 3rd and 4th rds.

Cantttt wait for the draft!! just 2 weeks to go :D

Whats up with the smiley trade talks? Know that sims has been traded is it smileys turn?

What do you guys think is smileys real trade value? I would get mad if we got less than a 4th round pick. Id rather have a good proven player than trying out luck to see if we get any good...

We all think its going to be a S, WR, NT, LB draft... it would be hilarious if we end up with TE´s, RB, O-line...xDD

All this chattter for nothing!

Tiger Woods talking smack

I think the browns might take Dez bryant now that they filled their CB need with the Sheldon Brown trade.

Dez wouldn't be a bad pick for them. But if Eric Berry is available i don't know how they could pass him up. Would be their best safety since Eric Turner.

It will be between the 2 of them but berry might be gone to KC or Seattle.

didnt Cleveland draft two young WR early last year??? kids from ohio st and georgia

the UGA kid I like. He actually surprised me though. I think of him as a good #2 guy. Robinskie I think is a #3 guy ideally. You add Bryant to the mix and they could have a helluva WR core. But yeah its not a pressing need right now. But like the dolphins a true #1 would just really open things up.

They have Mousaqqui and his 34 catches for 624 yds and robiskie and his 7 catches for 106 yds with an injury history. I don't think that keeps DC's up all night.

im in favor of Def w/that 1st pick.. so to see ANY Off player taken before 12#, i'd like





Posted by: JUSTIN CREDIBLE | April 02, 2010 at 05:44 PM


Posted by: SHOCKMAN | April 05, 2010 at 10:46 AM

NJ please explain????

Yeah baby !! 5-1 Mets in the 6th. LETS GO METS !!!


Yeah baby !! 5-1 Mets in the 6th. LETS GO METS !!!


6-1 mets !!

"6-1 mets !!"

best supporting plungie?

Mutts only beat the Marlins in April, come Sept, Marlins knock them out of the playoffs, two years in a row...meet the mutts, meet the mutts, come playoff time they play like butts

Breaking news!!!!! Major League Baseball has approved the name change of the New York Metropolitans to the New York Choke Artists

Hey gang.....Happy Easter!!

I'm disappointed that Sheldon Brown got traded to the Browns. I think it means that Joe Hayden doesn't get picked before we pick. However, I think there is a chance that Clausen end up in Cleveland, Buffalo or Jacksonville before we pick. I also don't think it's out of the question that he end sup in Denver.

I would like the Dolphins to be able to chose between Bryant, McClain, Morgan, Kindle and Spiller. I think they would all end up good picks for us.

They are Scum...

With all the chatter that goes on here, Washinton Redskins WAS NOT a place where McNabb was supposed to go. There was very little if anything about Washington ? Thats why all of this speculation on whos gonna be picked and whos gonna be traded is an educated guess at best. DAMN FUN THOUGH !!

I have to admit I don't really get the Eagles trading McNabb to Washington, unless of course he had told them he wasn't going to play in Oakland, Buffalo or St. Louis. To me it makes NO sense to strengthen one of your division rivals.

And I think it makes NO sense for Washington to be trading draft picks. No question McNabb makes them stronger but they are not one player away from being a good team. I think Washington tries hard to trade down now, maybe to get some extra picks in the draft.

How bout moving up to #4 and snatching Eric Berry ? Once every 10 years does a Safety like Berry come along, make the move, grow some

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