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Second and third-day players on Dolphins radar

The names of college players who have met or worked out for the Dolphins in recent weeks has focused primariliy on first-round options because everyone wants an idea which player Bill Parcells will pick in the first round.

But the NFL draft will be a three-day affair and the first round is only the first of those days.

So today we concentrate a little on the lesser-known players. Today we give you some second- and third-day options in whom Miami has shown interest.

We start with Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate, who has been on Miami's radar for quite some time. He met with the Dolphins at the Combine and the team was represented at his workout. At his workout, Tate wowed some people when he improved his 4.4 Combine time in the 40-yard dash to 4.32 and 4.37 -- which is flying.

At 5-10 and 202 pounds, there are questions about Tate's ability to get off press coverage. But watch the kid and you'll see a tough player, a competitor. He will learn to get off the line and do it well.

South Dakota State outside linebacker Danny Batten has a visit scheduled with Miami. Miami was represented at Batten's work out last week.

Batten is 6-3 and 246 pounds so he has good size. Batten had good but not great production last year with 4.5 sacks in 12 games. He ran a 4.71 and 4.72 on a fast rubber track at his Pro Day. Batten is one of those guys that coaches simply call a football player.

Does he look amazing stepping off the bus? No. Does he measure out with incredible times? No.

Does he play well and hard? Yes.

Ohio State inside linebacker Austin Spitler has met with the Dolphins and that makes sense because the team is looking for a value pick late in the draft that could play special teams. J.D. Folsom was that player last year. This year the club is looking at Spitler as well as Arizona State linebacker Travis Goethel as possibilities for that duty should they be available in the seventh round.

The Dolphins have also met with TCU linebacker Daryl Washington. Washington is a productive outside linebacker. He led the Frogs with 109 tackles, including 11 for losses, and that is saying a good deal because that defense was tops in total yardage allowed and also boasted first or second-round prospect Jerry Hughes. Washington is 6-2 and 230 pounds.

The Dolphins will this week host their local visits of players that grew up in the region or attended high school or college in the region.

Included among the players visiting are Clemson wide receiver Jacoby Ford, who went to high school in Palm Beach, Florida safety Major Wright, who attended high school in Fort Lauderdale, and Miami tight end Jimmy Graham, who obviously played at the University of Miami.

All are second or third-day picks.

Ford, perhaps the fastest player the Dolphins have hosted, has been something of a sleeper during the current draft season. Some experts have somehow decided that a guy that ran a 4.22 at the NFL Combine doesn't play fast on the field.

I do not agree, but I'm not an expert. Ford is only 5-8 and 186 pounds so he isn't the prototype big target the Dolphins are seeking at wide receiver. But his speed has to be intriguing for a third-day selection.

Wright is more a strong safety than a free safety and having followed this kid's career since high school I still see him as one of the most punishing hitters I've seen in the deep secondary at any level. The guy simply uncoils like a viper. His ball skills need major work, which is the reason he's not a free safety prospect, in my opinion.

The Dolphins do have a Pro Bowl strong safety in Yeremiah Bell. But Bell is 32 years old, so it might be good to add a backup in the mid to late rounds to groom an heir.

Graham was supposed to be something of a secret that stayed here in South Florida. Well, the secret is out. Graham, a former basketball player, has caught the fancy of half a dozen teams that see great potential in him. He's still raw, needs a strong base to block better, and has to be more consistent with his hands. But at 6-6, he's an impressive target and will likely go somehwere in the late second or third round, in my opinion.

As previously posted on this blog, the Dolphins have also met or set up meetings with Georgie safety Reshad Jones and Georgia devensive tackle Jeff Owens. Owens, you may recall, is the player who benched 225 pounds 44 times at the Combine.

[Update: As you know Syracuse WR Mike Williams worked out for the Dolphins a couple of weeks ago. He had an open workout for any team that wished to attend today in Buffalo. The National Football Post reports Williams ran a 4.53 time on one of his 40-yard sprints.] 


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7-1 mets over the bumbling Dead fish marlins.

Can't see it happening Cubafin. Berry would be great but it will cost too much to move up. We're not in a position where we can afford to give up draft picks. I'd be more inclined to wait and strongly consider safety Earl Thomas at 12.

Its being reported on NFP that Miami is looking to trade Will Allen to the Bucs

Craig m. i agree . No way is miami trading up .

I would be completely fine with trading Will Allen. I'm thinking we could probably get a third or a fourth for him. I think he might still have some value.

Please trade Will Allen and his 8 million dollar salary!

Rams released QB Marc Bulger.

" rams release bulger " . Plungie award ???

Best documentary plungie I think


I'm out til later. GO DUKE !!! GO DUKE !!

What's the benefit of having a trade deadline in the middle of the season? Why not let teams trade all year?

Look my phinz need a COVERING secondary and COVERING linebacker to stop all the 75 yard pass plays on us first!!!! Then we need someone to make 75 yard pass plays for us once in a while or we wont score points and be predictable as USUAL!!! In my opinion those are our MOST glaring needs as a UNIT!! NT and free safety are also needs!! GO PHINS

The more I watch last years highlights the more I think we need FS at 12 or pass coverage OLB at 12

Forget WR. Hartline is good enough for now.


McNabb going to the 'skins reminds me a little of Doug Williams late career trade to the 'skins.

I believe the 'skins could get to the SB with this trade. I was reading that they'll take Okung with their #4 pick to protect McNabb's blind side.

Berry is projected to go with the #7 pick to Cleveland.

Do you think the FO would consider swapping picks with Seattle's (their #6) to get Berry?

If so, what would they have to throw in to seal the deal?

Much better would be KC. They`re likely to take a Left Tackle first. Smiley has worked with a highly taken Left Tackle recently and trained him well.
If the Dolphins were to trade Smiley and a fifth next year to KC that might be enough to get the fifth pick and with that Eric Berry.

Perhaps more likely would have been a better way of saying it.


Are you saying if we trade up with the Chiefs to get Berry, the Chiefs could get a left tackle with our #12 along throw in Smiley a #5 pick next year?

Pioli is Parcells son-in-law so maybe they're already talking about this scenario.

Moving up to pick Berry would be a big mistake (after doing some reading) because of the number of safety busts in the top 10 picks. Offensive linemen are the most successful. Berry would be tempting at #12 if he slides but Iupati appears to be the safest pick.

I am saying that KC could get a Left Tackle with our 12 pick.And I think they`ll get the same LT that they`d be drafting @5.That is Trent Williams. Who is the third rated LT in this draft.
My mock for the top 12 would look like this:
#1 Stl...Bradford QB an obvious need
#2 Det...Okung LT need to protect Stafford
#3 Tampa...Suh DT whats needed there
#4 Wash...Bulaga LT, Qb no issue anymore
#5 Miami...Berry FS an absolute need.
#6 Sea...McCoy DT an area of real concern
#7 Cleve...McClain ILB easiest team to run on
#8 Oak Campbell LT Davis loves workout wariors
#9 Buff...Clauson QB falls into their laps
#10 Jax...Bryant WR Wilford made this crew?!?
#11 Den...Spiller RB Always have run the ball
#12 KC...Willaims LT third best in his class this year as Al Davis takes overrated Combine Players again and again.

Also I think that Berry wont be a bust in the top 10. Someone has to be and he`s got it all. Size speed and ability.He`s a prototype body that the Trifecta always talk about.He`ll come as an upgrade over Earl Thomas and for spare parts( Smiley),and a cheap draft pick.

You win with talent and lets get some!!!

Jermey in cowtown gets a big stiffy by doing mock drafts.....get a life


I think Earl Thomas will be just as productive as Eric Berry in the pros. Thomas is an absolute BALL HAWK in the truest sense of the word. He reads and diagnoses plays as good or better than any safety that has come out in the last few years. Watch film of him and watch how he anticipates. The only way you can do that is by studying film and having a very good idea what the opposing team is going to do. He also had an incredible workout at the combine and flashed both his great speed and tremendous agility. I would be ecstatic if we drafted him. Of course, Eric Berry is no slouch either. Just doubt he will be available at #12.

Just take a look at Josh Mahoney of UNI. You might like him

ASSUMING NO TRADES (except Sweeny for a 4)

1. DAN WILLIAMS, NT (our biggest need)
2. DEXTER MCCLUSKER RB/WR/KR (a percy harvin)
3. R.JONES,F.S. georgia
4. MIKE WILLIAMS, WR syracuse
4. J.JERRY,OG og (the Sweeney trade)

we need more depth at DT & FS. IF U CAN'T STOP THE RUN. u won't see more than 7wins!!! 'AND I EXP 10 WINS!

Our chances of getting Berry were actually improved a little when Wash. got McNabb. Just think of him as another player in the 11 ahead of us, that move pushes Clausen back to possibly Seattle or Cleveland which is just one less team that could take Berry. It's still a long shot and I don't think it will happen, but I've seen stranger things happen in the draft. Let's not forget, back in '83 there were actually NFL teams that passed on Dan Marino for the likes of Tony Easton, Todd Blackledge and the Jets QB whose name escapes me. I'd like to know who was watching game tape for those teams. For all the time and money pro teams put into this thing, there are still amazing mistakes made. Maybe we can benefit if people miss on Berry, it's hard to imagine though, he's one of the great safeties to ever come out of college.

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