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Breakfast appetizers and main course

Some appetizers before we get to the main course:

You guys seem to be fascinated by the topic what jersey number Brandon Marshall is going to wear. I pity you. But because I work for you, I'll play along.

Marshall has worn No. 15 for Denver the past four years. Davone Bess has worn No. 15 for the Dolphins since 2008. And Bess's agent wrote David J. Neal of the Miami Herald that the digit is not for sale.

"No sale!'' agent Kenny Zuckerman wrote in an e-mail when asked if Bess would do it for any cost, including charity. "He loves that number and wants to keep it. Seriously, it's not about money. He sincerely won't sell it."

Marshall, playing nice his first day on the job, didn't have a problem with that on Thursday.

"I haven’t thought about that yet," Marshall said during his press conference. "[Number] 15 is the number I’ve had the past four years, but that’s his number. I’m coming into his locker room.The only number I’m worried about is the number of wins we get next year. I'll be happy with number 87 or whatever other number. I’m not sure what number is open."

Digitgate continues.


Many of you have also e-mailed me asking that I give you my thoughts on the viral video of Dallas owner Jerry Jones, in which he is in a bar and is drinking and talks about Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells.

Well, I work for you. But I have to live with myself. And that's nobody's business, in my opinion.

I have great respect for Jones. I have great respect for Parcells. And I have great respect for myself. So I'm not going there. I'm sure the two men will talk and figure it out. And since it does not affect the Dolphins or the Cowboys on the field or in any other way that I can figure, I'm moving on.

This isn't tmz.com you guys just clicked on. Sorry.


The Dolphins have three restricted free agents -- Anthony Fasano, Ronnie Brown and Quentin Moses. All three apparently signed an injury waiver to allow them to participate in the Miami offseason conditioning program.

None have signed their respective RFA tenders.

In fact, as of Thursday -- which was the dealine for restricted free agents to sign with other teams -- 125 players on 29 teams had signed the tender offers from their original teams.

The Dolphins were one of three teams -- along with Jacksonville, and New England -- where none of the RFAs had signed.

I'm not saying there is some dark reason for this. I'm just saying that is the fact.


Alrightie, three appetizers are plenty for you. The main course:

Aspiring scout Chris Cordero has been studying the Dolphins and the draft because, well, he's strange that way. He's put together a mock of Miami's picks. It is not a mock of one round, but rather the picks he thinks Miami might make throughout the draft.


Take it away man with too much time on your hands:

I am not taking into account any possible trades, as I believe any players not named Chad Henne, Brandon Marshall, Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, and Vontae Davis could be traded. This team could trade down/up in any round and other teams could do the same. So here goes - my best guess at the Dolphins 9 picks in the 2010 Draft with small captions. The picks are based on the grades that I gave the players and what I think the teams picking before and after the Dolphins will do.

First round: No. 12 - Earl Thomas - FS - Texas: I believe Derrick Morgan will be drafted by the Jaguars. I also believe nose tackle Dan Williams does not present good value at this pick. Thomas is one of the best players in this draft, with the skills of a cornerback and the best ball skills of any defensive back in this draft. I worry some about his size and durability - and his tackling skills are not the greatest. But besides that - he is above average in every aspect for a DB. With the league now shifting towards the pass (and the Dolphins picking up Brandon Marshall) having Thomas to go along with Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and Pro Bowler Yeremiah Bell, not to mention the return to health of Will Allen - the Dolphins will be in great position to combat Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, and Lee Evans in the division.

OTHER OPTIONS: Derrick Morgan, Dan Williams, Sergio Kindle, Jason Pierre-Paul.

Third Round: No. 73 - Ricky Sapp - OLB - Clemson: The team could go for a NT here, as some of the good ones like Cam Thomas, Torrell Troup, or maybe even Linval Joseph could be available. But instead go for the 6-4, 252lb OLB who fits all the size requirements, and has great speed and athleticism off the edge. Sapp, who suffered a torn ACL in early 2008, had a moderately successful season last year and has some experience playing as a LB at Clemson. With a 1.60 10 yard split on his 40 - he has great short area burst and quickness. One year removed from the injury, he should be that much better. I feel if he is available here, he is a steal and would be an immediate starter for the team.

OTHER OPTIONS: Cam Thomas, Torrell Troup, Thaddeus Gibson, Jason Worilds, Koa Misi.

Fourth Round: No. 110 - Daniel Te'o-Nesheim - OLB - Washington: -I was torn between Te'o-Nesheim and Lindsey Witten, another potential OLB from UConn. I ultimately went with Te'o-Nesheim due to his motor and attention to technique. During his workouts, he showed that he was a better athlete than I had given him credit for. With 30 sacks for his career, he has the production to back up the work he did at the Combine and at his Pro Day. At 6-4, 263, he also has the requisite size and showed off a 1.61 10 yard split and 37 inch vertical leap. There would be good competition between him, Sapp, Wake, and Charlie Anderson and Jason Taylor if he is brought back. (Salguero comment here: You kidding? Taylor would school them all!)

OTHER OPTIONS: Lindsey Witten, Donald Butler, Cameron Sheffield, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Anthony McCoy.

Round Six (Salguero getting bored, but whatever): No. 173 Kade Weston - NT - Georgia: This is about the time where the regime starts finding the nose tackles. Weston was a big time combine snub in my eyes and is a huge human being who can occupy blockers with the best of them. In a defensive line that featured Geno Atkins and Jeff Owens - he did not get enough credit for his accomplishments, At 6-5, 325 - there is no doubt in my mind he can help hold down the fort with Paul Soliai until Jason Ferguson returns and then learns from his fellow former Bulldog.

OTHER OPTIONS: Fendi Onobun, Colin Peek, Marshall Newhouse, Dekoda Watson, Robert Johnson.

Round Six: No. 174 Marshall Newhouse - OG - TCU: One of the more athletic interior offensive lineman - running a 4.99 40 yard dash at 6-4, 319lbs. He was among the more impressive OL I saw at the Combine and was also a standout at the East-West Shrine game. As a former left lackle, he has good feet and also extends his arms with strong hands to get movement in the running game. Could be a steal at this point in the draft.

OTHER OPTIONS: Fendi Onobun, Colin Peek, Dekoda Watson, Robert Johnson, AJ Edds.

Round Six Still: No. 179 A.J. Edds - ILB - Iowa: Another play who if available at this point would be an excellent pickup. He is a 3-down player who excels in coverage and was very impressive to me during Senior Bowl week. At 6-4, 246lbs, he has good size and shows off excellent athleticism with a 4.62 40-yard dash. I worry about his take-on ability versus the run - but he would be excellent as a nickel backer and a great value at this point.

OTHER OPTIONS: Fendi Onobun, Colin Peek, Dekoda Watson, Robert Johnson, Micah Johnson.

Round Seven: No. 212 Jay Ross - NT - East Carolina: Playing next to Linval Joseph, maybe he did not get enough credit but is a very good player in his own right. At 6-3, 313 with a 4.99 40 yard dash he fits the shorter squat mold that the regime appears to prefer (although I think Weston was too big and talented to pass up in the 6th) and is able to generate pressure while maintaining his gap responsibilities. He was even athletic enough to come up with an interception his senior year.

OTHER OPTIONS: Aleric Mullins, Chris McCoy, Danny Batten, Brody Eldridge, Antonio Coleman.

Round Seven: No. 219 Brody Eldridge - TE - Oklahoma: The former offensive tackle, who showed surprising mid 4.7 speed at this Pro Day is regarded as either the best or 2nd best blocking tight end in the draft. While the preference would be an athletic, stretch-the-field TE, the best ones are off the board at this point. He has soft hands though, but did not get many opportunities to catch the ball with all the talent at Oklahoma.

OTHER OPTIONS: Aleric Mullins, Chris McCoy, Danny Batten, Antonio Coleman, Aaron Morgan.

Round Seven: No. 252 Joey Elliott - QB - Purdue: I know, the team has 4 QBs on the roster, but the Dolphins have showed this guy a lot of love (how much of it was due to his working out during the offseason with Dez Bryant, I don't know) and I expect at least one, if not 2, QBs to be traded during the draft. He had a very good senior season and was a big part in the Boilermakers win over Ohio State. Besides elite arm strength, he appears to have all the tools to be a successful backup in the league and was very acccurate in his one season as a starter. Expect this guy in camp - be it if the team drafts him or signs him as an UDFA (unless another team picks him up before the Dolphins).

OTHER OPTIONS: Danny Batten, Antonio Coleman, Chris McCoy, Aaron Morgan, Aleric Mullins.

If you are wondering why the players in the 7th and 6th rounds did not change in the "Other Options" category - it is because those are the players and the positions that would be the best fits for the team.


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Earl Thomas at 12, come on, make it happen

Which is worse? Him taking the time to study up and write this, or me taking the time to read this and find it interesting?

Whatever.....thanks for the food for thought.

That would be a darn good draft!!!!

I'd be very happy with those picks if we don't make any trades - every hole on the team would be filled. Also, it plays into the Trifecta's style of doubling down on positions of need (OLB and NT). I like it.

I do expect us to pick up more picks by either trading down or trading players on the roster.

Earl Thomas would be fantastic and the secondary would be set - I think it would allow Chris Clemons to play Strong Safety - which might be a better fit for him.

Hopefully they can put together some type of package where they can still get E.T. and pick up another 3rd rounder (Thigpen and/or White, Smiley, Camarillo and/or Turner - throw in Torbor and J. Allen??? - throwing darts blindly I know) and get one of the NTs like Cam Thomas, Torrell Troup, Al Woods.....

Perfect draft.

My crow taste like crap.

At this point I wouldn't mind if Miami traded down in the first round and got back the 2nd rounder they are now lacking because of the (much-needed!) Marshall trade. If they ended up with a low first round pick I'd grab Dan Williams. In the 2nd round get a OLB. In the 3rd I think they should get a pass-catching TE. It would be a luxury pick but I wouldn't mind if Miami added another RB after the injuries to Ronnie Brown and Patrick Cobbs last season.

I like to eat my crow with a little bit of mustard.

Oh and as far as a free safety I think they should give Culver a shot instead of spending a high pick on an under-sized guy like Earl Thomas. Now if the Fins are confident they can fill their NT needs in the 4th round and beyond then maybe Thomas should be their pick if he's somehow still available later in the first round.

Is the draft going to be on ESPN or the NFL Network?

the 'NJ PHIN FAN' we've come to know and love!!

The NJ you know and love is under his rock somewhere eating crow and he won't be back until Marshall retires!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"This isn't tmz.com you guys just clicked on."

So that wasn't you holding Lindsey Lohans hair while she threw up outside a night club ?

Now that your blog is #1 have you asked for that raise yet...have you demanded Darlington, Neal and Cote be moved to the basement so you can have their office's for 1 big mega office ?

Also this Chris Cordero seems like a real go getter Mr. Salguero...If I where you I'd watch my back around this kid he mite be guning for your Job.

If I where the Miami Herald I would have my eye on Chris Cordero seein how you demanding all that money now and the way you have been treating Darlington, Neal and Cote with the Car washing and having them moved to the basement and all.

Anywhoo its my bedtime

Night Mr. Salguero

Soiled :)

both ESPN and NFL Network

Don't kick dirt on me yet fellas...I've just been really busy at work. I have barely had the time to catch up and read the blogs, let alone respond. I appreciate the shout outs by Odin, Po, Aloco, Bigalfy and any I might have missed.

Hope springs eternal! Very bold maneuvers by the Quadfecta (I say the Brandon Marshall signing is at least 25% due to info directly from Nolan).

The Fins have made some exciting moves. I still think Dansby was my favorite pick-up but BM seems to be fitting right in with him working out in the a.m. with his teamates. I like that he has already contemplated other jersey numbers and acknowledged that it was Bess's team first.

The Trifecta and the Owner are fibbers, liars and utter sheer poppycock many times.

Ross: "Money doesn't have to be spent in order to get better". Haha, tall tale.

Ireland: Gibril Wilson was a victim of young corners and should improve in the 2010 season. He was obviously yanking chains.

Sparano: "We like our receiving crew that we have." Pre-Mashall statement with a forked tongue.

Parcell's: "I won't tolerate thugs and trouble makers on my team". Maybe this is only half true as he jettisoned Roth and Porter as bad apples and yet took in Richie Incognito, Vontae Davis and Marshall who all have a troubled past. BP never comes down from his perch on high in the castle to say much anywho.

As to all their misleading statements and wild herrings... I wouldn't want them to play it any other way, period! They smother leaks, run games, float falsehoods and do the subterfuge thing better than most. Kudos gents.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! The NFLN is having a Field day with this signing.

agreed with the J.Jones part, Mando. Jerry slipped up talking about a guy I'M sure he has alot of respect for. He was just talking s**t, having a few with the guys. what a weasel this dude with the cell phone is.

thanks for all the great reporting as always.


Actually (from what he's said) He's got a Bodybuilding Show either this weekend or the next. So he's probably working on some last minute stuff.

I can't speak for anyone but myself...My opinion of Marshall hasn't changed.

I hope most of you realize that People don't INSTANTLY Transform.

This could be
r e a l l y
r e a l l y
r e a l l y
r e a l l y

I am just as enthused as the rest of you about watching Marshall plow through defenses next year....but from everything I've read he's got a TON of work to do on his ATTITUDE and MATURITY.

My hope is that the Dolphins have more of an effect on Brandon than he does on them.

Yes Rob...

Don't believe ANYTHING You HEAR and only half of what you SEE!!

Cordero has 1 ILB 2 OLB's and1 FS. They all make the team no matter what because we are short 3 LB's and 1 FS on the depth chart.

I have another take:
Stephen Ross made the trade not the three stooges.
Think about it. The only value Pennington has is to run off the field so that Brown can run the wildcat. But now Brown is on the trading block? So why was Pennington signed?
In fact Ginn and Brown are on the trading block as of the last week?
Why weren't they on the trading block 3 months ago?
This was not a case of the 3 stooges waiting for the price to come down, they had no control whatsoever over what the other 31 teams would do.

You arrive @ 12 and
McClain and Derrick Morgan or both available.

(No Berry or Thomas left -- and no one will do a deal to trade down...)

Who do you Pick?

I'd have to say E. Thomas is the best pick at safety since the draft is not stocked with above average safety positions.

I sure do hope that the Fins can trade down and grab a 2nd round choice back. It is difficult but may be as simple as Dez being there at #12 or a few other players teams may want.

My first choice (trade back or not) would be at OLB in snapping up Brandon Graham in a heartbeat. He is explosive, he sacks the QB, he tackles behind the LoS, he hits hard, he has a super array of pass rush moves. Oh yeah AND a World Class Motor! He badly beat blue chip top 15 pick Iowa OT Brian Bulaga to sack the QB. The knocks against BG is shorter in stature(1-1.5 inches is not as big a deal as some think) and shorter arms. LB Sean Weatherspoon's arms are 1" shorter than BG's...

With BG's strength, leverage and hustle to have a stellar NFL career.

I am hoping that with the Brandon Marshall signing, it displays that the Quadfecta will continue to turn over the roster and think about players and team composition with a wide angle lens.

Everyone has their pick(s) and BG gets my vote. If they happen to go Off I would say Spiller as an all around chunk yardage guy.

I'm really happy with the deal for Marshall.
Again I say look at the depth chart. We are 2 players over on offense: Added Incog, Penny, Marshall. Losing: Smiley (and Ginn and Brown?).
Any other offensive players drafted means more of the current roster has to go: Camarillo must be tradeable for a defender ( at a minimum the Broncos, Cards, Bills need a receiver).
And Ginn had 1300 as a returner alone, he must be worth a LB to some team.


I dunno...it looks to me like Ross pretty much stays out of the mix from all I can tell. I think Parcells would up and bolt right away if he doesn't get to "Buy his Own groceries" as he puts it.

I think they simply froze all WR movement until they figured out for sure what they were going to do regarding Marshall or any othe WR pick up. This way they can retain an element of suprise just as they did...although Jason LaCanfora has reported for some time the Fins may be lying in the weeds....he was right.

As soon as they pull the trigger on Marshall they can put outright for sale signs on many guys. Ginn has always been on shaky ground and Brown can't stay healthy so they are just shopping them.

With Chad Penn. I simply think thye want him to be a serious trade bait for down the road a bit. That played out when they refused a "No trade" clause for Penny. Rehab away and about the time Linehart can't cut it the Cards may give up a nice pick?

Just my take Price. I like hearing all angles and yours is defintely feasable.


Joey in Jersey,

Fo show! Those with a Masters in Lie-ology step up.



As you see in my prior post I am not a fan of either of the choices you offered...

Given that choice Trade Down in the 1st. If I am stuck at #12 I take OLB BG.

I would gladly take Berry but I don't think he will be there.

Of your own choice who do you like?


A leopard can't change it's spots.
Parcells didn't pull the trigger on Marshall.
A businessman did. A very wealty businessman who also happens to be a Michigan alumnus and the largest single contributor to Michigan football boosters.
A man that watched Chad Henne pull out 41-38 victories for 4 years.
But AGAIN as I've been saying here for 3 months Look At The Depth Chart: we are 4 starters short on defense. The draft will not fix that. We are goingto give up 40 points agame next season; now we can score 40 also.

Rob at 02:13 AM

Gosh I would never have expected to hear you say THAT ~~`

I'm thoroughly SHOCKED.

My whole world is turned upside down!

Its such a departure from everything you've said so far.

I thought, for sure, that you were going to keep going with those whacked-out "Nicolas Sarkozy" endorsements that we've been hearing all along!


I might be tempted to unload White & Smiley to trade up for Berry.

Pat White outrushed Spiller by 1000 yards AND outpassed Tony Pike by 1000 yards.
Pat White is not the dead weight on the roster; Patrick Cobbs is.

Hey Rob...glad your back pal....and im right on that Brandon Graham bandwagon...he MUST be the pick...he is simply excatly what we need at linebacker....has all the attributes and will be a BEAST sacking the very best quaterbacks...

Guys....FORGET EARL THOMAS...he is 5'10"' tall and very very slight build...YES he is a ball hawk...but he is not PHYSICALLY in the protype mould...you might say neither is BG...I say wrong...BG is thick and stout and has great lower trunk strength...he will be hard to push away...Earl Thomas is way too small....he will get murdered....

For mine....Jeff Owens...NT

and a good TE and im happy with what we have...

For all the Ginn haters ( and I have been less than complimentary of him..), tell me how mant TD returns he would have if not for DUMB penalties????...thats you Jake GROVE..!!!...you have a bad habit on these...fix it...

Ginnas a No2 or 3 will be PERFECT...and he can return punts a la...CRIPPS...but better...I say he is as good as HESTER if we stop the PENALTIES.......Keep Ginn...youl see...

Id keep All the receivers and let PTurner have a go at TE if he can work it out...Haynos is an absolute DUD....get rid off...

I'd give Camarillo & the 12th to move up.
Or just Camarillo for a serviceable backup LB and draft Thomas.


Don't Flatter Ross....

He's the guy who wants to put 'Dominican Can Can Girls'
on 4 specially constructed performance stages, in the corner Upperdecks,

-- so they can distract the Team during game winning drives.

Price...how do you say we are 4 short....we will fill 2 via the draft for sure....that will leave 2 spots...NT is serviceable with Soliai who incidently DID perform better as he went along last year....and TE...

The Safety and linebacker positions will be well filled with the 1st 2 picks of this draft..

Brandon Graham....and Taylor Mays for me or Burnett....

Crow taste like hairy ballz!

Also...dont forget JASON ALLEN....and Will Allen....both who could do a job for us at FS...along with Culver and Clemons....

For mine its the PASS RUSH that needs surgery....Brandon Graham and even another (Ricky Sapp)....

I like the 3 receiver set better with Pat White as the lone setback for Henne. Picture this: Marshall + Hartline/Turner + Bess + Fasano/Haynos on routes; Henne pitches it White and White can either run or pass: Boom!

We run that play 12 times agame with White he'll put up 150 yds between passing and rushing.

And we still have another 53 plays to go where Henne does not pitch it he simply passes; someone has got to be open!

We lost: Porter, Ayodele, Roth, JT & Gibril.
We gained: Dansby
That's -5 + 1 = -4

Just looked up Sapp..he looks like the type of guy I want on my team. Hopefully his injury is totally behind him.

Trade down, trade Ronnie Brown. Take CJ Spiller. Take Taylor Mays. Start talking super bowl.

Pricey...we also just got BM....and really JT isnt gone yet...i make it 2 maybe 3 spots...but you could be right shortly....I like your WR set up except for HAYNOS....he stinks buddy


So let me make sure I understand what you're thinking here...

All three of the guys on the Football Operations side are useless and need to go -- in your judgment.

Half the player they have brought in probably shouldn't be in the league, let alone on the Dolphins.

...and anybody they REALLY Like (for instance; Patrick Cobbs) needs to get kicked out the door along with them.
(Have I got that about right so far??? Just let me know.)

Do you THINK...you MIGHT be able to share with us
W H O should REPLACE these supposed retards????

Who is YOUR preferred
and Coach?

Any thoughts?

Do you know of a talented Management Team that's just WAITING to take over once they leave?

Who are the mystery people who YOU deem to be elite GMs and Coaches in Pro Football today -- and what makes them upgrades.

Got any answers?...we'd love to hear them.

Replace Parcells with Peterson.
Replace Ireland wit the m i l f.
Replace Soprano with Nolan.

And I haven't even gotton to Dan Henning yet.

But I will.

"LOL. Miami is putting out a feeler on ginn and now all of a sudden miami is getting Marshall."

"I knew wilson would be back. Miami has enough holes to fill."

"Brandon Marshall is going to seattle !!! He 's there today to iron out a contact extension before the trade can be made. ENOUGH WITH BRANDON MARSHALL !!! HE'S NOT COMING HERE !!!"

"Dansby WILL be a Giant!!!!!Count on it!!!!!"

Anybody want some crow????I have tons!!!

I believe this (Above) is a decent look at the draft. I believe it really freaking early in the morning and I can't sleep for shyt. I believe one guy who Miami may target as a potential NT in Lower Mid Rounds is Torell Troup out of Central Florida. He has the size, is incredibly motivated and has a nasty streak for days. May be wrong but he is a stand out in My later Round NT hunt list. I am on an island with one of my beliefs. I believe we have 2 good guys at safety right now with Tyrone Culver and Chris Clemens. Why go after a guy at safety AFTER the first round? We already have guys who fit that talent level. Clemens was a great pick when you look at his NCAA career. We should not draft talent laterally... if we are going to take a safety... the only one aside from Berry is Thomas... otherwise we are just doubling up on who we already have. And, I think Thomas is a bad pick when we need an ELITE level OLB RIGHT FREAKIN NOW! NT's will come later as I said about Troup or even the one chosen above. So far Miami has address every major need position with an elite level player. ILB= Dansby, WR= Marshall. I know some don't like the deal but I love the Incognito grab. He may be a hot head but he is also a bad-ass. Take an OLB at the 12 spot (I'm big on Graham) but would also consider 1 or 2 others at this level. I like the "Loss Of Yardage" plays Graham has on his resume... that stat is a winner stat... not a "I was there when the guy ran by, so I tackled him" stat. Tackling for a loss means the guy was working and working HARD to get up field. I know... I know... we all have our opinions and The draft will make us all look foolish... This is what and where I am right now.

I like the Texas Safety and hope we draft him, but we really need to find a way to pick up additional draft picks in the 2 to 5th round area, as this draft is loaded and we have a ton of needs.

pramis... I agree, I would love to see us at least recoup this years second rounder. It will be tough as many teams are looking to trade down for the very reason you stated... this is a deep draft and there will be great talent well into the 4th and 5th rounds... and then the normal amount of "Diamonds" that teams find way down the line.... I am not certain we get a trade down accomplished without a player going with it.

If we cant trade down,then i think the best move is to pick McClain (if available). McClain would play inside with Crowder and then Dansby would play OLB. All of a sudden,we're filling 2 positions of need by selecting McClain.

I still think signing Atogwe would be the best option in terms of FS imo

With all this draft talk and the need to get some more picks, who is the most realistic candidates for a trade back scenario, and for what players in your opinion? I see maybe the Cowboys if Dez is there, any other ideas?

I can't believe I read the whole thing and found myself getting pump-up.

I have no life

Stupid question (to some of you.. Not to me as this is new for)

What is a Tender?

What does it mean that those 3 guys have not signed..

Are they not on our Roster until they sign?????

Can they not be traded until they sign???

I need a Tender for dummies Cliff Notes.










This guy has too much time on his hand, I'm also a draft freak but after the sixth round it started to get boring. I doubt Ricky Sapp past until the third round his a late 2nd round pick at worst. I do agree that Parcell will adress NT in the later rounds just like he did with Jason Ferguson and Jay Ratliff.

Where's the RB.. I believe we will be picking up a RB in the late rounds. Ricky is on his last year, and well Ronnie is injury-prone.

I see a RB being picked up the later rounds.

MY NAME IS EARL THOMAS, come on down. This is a no brainier.... Sign with me Jamillion......

Ya, what a loser Cordero is... I mean, he is looking for a job in the NFL as a talent evaluator and he is wasting his time evaluating talent for us. I mean, surely NFL scouts and personel experts stop analysing players that are unlikely to crack round 3.

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