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Ross also issues statement re: Bryant incident

You read the statement from Rob Konrad in the last post defending Jeff Ireland. Now Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is also joining the statement releasing fray.

In his statement Ross does not condone Ireland asking Dez Bryant if his mother is a prostitute. But it should be noted Ross is also not exactly publicly reprimanding Ireland.

The statement:

"As an owner of many companies and organizations, including the Miami Dolphins, I have always strived to comply with the highest standards in all aspects of my businesses including recruiting.

"In interviewing employees we always look to obtain relevant and appropriate information in adherence with the best industry practices.

"Jeff Ireland has already apologized for questions asked of former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant.

"I will be looking into this matter personally and will take appropriate actions if necessary."

Don't ask me what all this means. Frankly, I'm getting a little vexed by so many people saying, well, nothing.

Look, it was bad for Ireland to ask Dez Bryant if his mom is a prostitute. Ireland admitted as much by apologizing. If Bryant is not good with the apology, Ireland has a lingering problem. If Bryant accepts the apology, what else is there to talk about assuming Ireland doesn't do it any more?


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There is NOTHING left to talk about!

People are saying nothing because there is nothing more to say

Agreed. So sick of this story. Enuff already.


Indeed... the way this has exploded is absurd. In my opinion it should be a dead issue at this point. What more can Ireland do? He issue an apology admitted the question was inappropriate... he can't do anything more, now it's just become a public lynching because he's not "fan friendly" and everyone was just waiting for a chance to slam him.

From now till training camp will be nothing more then a bunch of horseshyt such as this...Total non-story

Once the season starts everyone will find something else to talk about

It's going to be a while until there is anything meaningful going on.

Enough already.

The guy wants a guaranteed $30M contract he better be willing to answer any question asked to him.

I hope this doesn't escalate and get out of hand. politics and stuff. Hopefully Ross will stomp this out immediately.


I guess next time he should ask what his favorite color is or do you like puppies.

This is like an ink stain on the shirt that keeps getting worse and worse as you try to clean it out. Except here, it seems like the media is acting like Jeff Ireland is the only person to ask an offensive question during an interview. I saw the list of banned questions on some new site, and I have been asked pretty much every one of those before, as I'm sure most of us have. The media should focus on football, or do some investigative journalism to find out how pervasive borderline/offensive questioning is.

Can we talk about something else please?

I would rather talk about Brandon Marshall's number or even JT than this

Jeff Ireland was only trying to make a citizen's arrest, and should be hailed as a hero. Sure, Dez's Mother did her time for dealing drugs, but prostitution is a completely different offense. If Dez had admitted to his Mother's transgressions, Ireland would have undoubtedly sought her out and held her until the proper authorities arrived.

Of course, the statute of limitations would have run out long ago, and no charges would have been filed. So sue him. Jeff's no lawyer. He has no time for legal mumbo-jumbo.

He is simply a concerned citizen, desperately trying to clean up our streets by any means necessary.

Good day.

Any of you can ask me if my mom is a prostitute for $50 each. I will say no, smile, and take $50 and be on my way. End of story.

The Dolphin front office is known to be one of the best, and most thorough in the sport.
That being the case, if an investigation revealed Bryant's mother was a prostitute....
Does that still make this a race issue??
Or are some just looking to make it that??

Here's something new from Armando: ArmandoSalguero "#Dolphins have not discussed Darren Sharper visiting and nothing is either planned or in the works on that front. Not happening."
about 3 hours ago


Ross said,

"Jeff Ireland has already apologized for questions asked of former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant.

"I will be looking into this matter personally and will take appropriate actions if necessary."


"Don't ask me what all this means. Frankly, I'm getting a little vexed by so many people saying, well, nothing."

"Take appropriate actions if necessary" in most businesses means "taking disciplinary action". Disciplinary action can consist of oral and written reprimands, suspensions, demotions, reassignments and terminations. They can be imposed on employees by their supervisors/managers in as direct proportion as possible to specific offenses.

If this bad PR continues and it becomes a national news story (and not just a national sports story), I wouldn't be surprised if Ireland is fired.

This could happen if Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson get involved. Expect to see one of them making a comment this week.

stop reporting on every comment everyone makes

Enough...It is all over...Nuthin to see here...
Jeff learned how to be a Professional...
The Dolphins got a HUGE Black eye...
Move on.....

Someone mentioned Marshalls number... I wanna talk about that too!

insider why would al sharpton or jesse jackson get involved??? LOL!

You are aware people of all races are prostitute?

Per PFT, the NFL has entered the fray on the heels of Ross's statement (which it now appears was requested by the League).

This thing won't "go away."

I predict at a minimum an NFL code of standards for Combine/scouting interviews, and perhaps a two-figure fine for Ireland ($25-50K range).

Keep wishing as hard as you might, Defenders of Ireland, but you ain't heard the end of this.

According to a source, Tony Sparano once said the "F" word to an employee and it upset the employee. This clearly violates the employee's right to work in a non-violet workplace. Commission Goodell is strongly considering banning all foul language from NFL locker rooms and football fields. Players walking around in a locker room half naked has also been a complaint issued by many people. It has been ruled that an NFL locker room is not private property, since many city's taxpayers have contributed money to the stadiums. Some players in question should be concerned about being arrested for indecent exposure. Moreover, a former Dolphin employee, we'll call him Nosaj Rolyat, once complained about another employee pushing him (known as Ekaj Gnol) during his course of employment. Goodell is expect to likewise ban all physical interaction between employees.

I'm so sick of this story all over the news. Ireland didn't want an answer, but wanted a reaction.

The side of this story I haven't seen is the leaking of this story by Dez Bryant. There are many things that go on in the locker room, at pratice, and at games that should not and are not discussed with the media and this is one of these cases.

In the future is Bryant going to run to the media everytime a player or coach says something to him inapropriate? After this, I'm glad we didn't draft this guy and believe the wrong guy is being scrutinized.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is not a non-story. It is a window into the interview process. it gives the fan a deeper look into what goes on behind the scenes. This give us the chance to see how the dolphins value percieved character and background/past history. It might tell you that they are looking to build a SOLID locker room full of high character personnel. To some it might look like stiffs who don't respect the common man or what he has done to raise himself up and put himself in a postion to make millions.


Don't let others decide when enough is enough for you.


Sharpton and Jackson like to be in the news. They step up whenever they see anything that's said or done that can be perceived as racist. Don't worry they'll just make a statement not picket Sun Life stadium.

A statement by either one will make this a news story not just a sports story and possibly the end for Ireland.

Put things into context people.

When rex ryan gave the fans the finger during the week of the SB it sure wasn't a non-story. For the people of NY maybe they wanted it to be, but it wasn't for the people of this board.

I hate group think

@7:59 p.m.:
"if an investigation revealed Bryant's mother was a prostitute...."

That's just ONE of the many Problems you Ireland suck-ups have defending ireland.....Dez's Mother's bleak past was known to every draftnik & to Ireland well before the question was asked.

There was no investigation or "revelation" involved---it was flat out insulting and could have been asked many other far less offensive ways.

Dez OVERCAME being born to a 15-yr old drug addict who had been impregnated by an older adult criminal........this is a laudable achievment, not a crime that needs interrogation by Jeff ireland, P.I.

Could YOU have survived suchh an horendous upbringing?, to The question was not meant to, and could not, solicit any meaningful info.

Dez's "crimes" -- lying to NCAA (oh no!) and being late to meetings (heavens no!!) - - did not justify the question.

Oh, and BTW: WRs who had prostitutes for Mothers, or No.2 Guards that had drug addicts for Mothers (e.g., D Wade), can play ball just fine.

Jeff(Is your mom a HO??)Ireland still looks like he needs a beat down.... I mean, this guy is the same type of guy that would pick on the kids on the little yellow buses for his jollies when he was in grade school....he just looks like a pompous azzz... any one disagree??


You got to elaborate on how you think the wrong person is being scrunitized. Not attacking you just want to know how you come to that conclusion

Leave it to the media to take something and blow it WAYYYYY out of porportion........

ross giving himself time to see how the nfl will act and how fans feeel about it ,

Cuban, your statement is based on how Jeff Ireland looks... I would consider than Racist.

Every minute this stupid story continues takes up Ireland's and the organizations time and effort which can be used to continue to improve this team....load of crap story, needs to go away




Jesus what has the world become!? I'm sick of eerything hurting evwrybodys mo fkn feelings and having the media decide and judge what is right and wrong. Too many


Heads. Too much exposure.

He asked a question.

If dez Bryant was sooooooooo affected by it. He should have said so earlier.

He kept his mouth SHUT becuz

He thought poasibity dolphin draft him.

Man. This world sucks.

Thank GOD this isn't nazi, Germany or bobbyd12 would ensure that only stories that paint the fuhuer in a good light would be allowed to be published

Rob Konrad 114 rushes for 854 yards...... Is this clown relevent to anything Mando????

the black man is under attack from the white man .


You're right.

I believe Ross is waiting to see if this story goes away on its own or it gets any bigger. If it becomes 6:30 PM national headline news on the major networks, it's over for Ireland.

I hate to say it but with a comment by Sharpton or Jackson it will be national news.


Bryant already accepted his apology I believe. What angers me is the "racist" label that has come out of this. Dez didn't make it a race issue. The funny thing is that the first time I read anything about race, it was written by a white reporter/sensationalist named Dave Hyde. He can't keep up with Armandos blog numbers so apparantly he has decided to go all in.

In deciding himself that this could have something to do with race, or by implying that Jeff Ireland may be a racist, he is in essence showing his racist views to the world.

The question was, "is/was your mother a prostitute".

Please tell me where anything racist was said in that comment. Anyone? Are the reporters saying that because Dez is black that Ireland must have assumed his mom is a prostitute? Only black women are prostitutes (in the reporters mind) therefore the question was racist? (By the way there is a much higher number of Caucasian and Asian prostitutes in the world). Or are they assuming the same question wouldn't be asked of a white player?

How about the question asked of Rob Konrad during his interview process, "what makes you think a white running back can succeed in the NFL"? Now that's a racist question because they actually point out the ethniticity of the interviewee. At no time did Ireland ask Dez if his BLACK mother was a prostitute. At no time during the interview did Jeff point out that the fact of Dez being black could in some way hold him back from doing his job.

And the question was not a question posed alone. It was one question within a long line of questions about a drug dealing parent who was married to a 40 year old at the age of 16.

The question at worst was distasteful and unnecessary. Dude made a mistake as we all do. But to insinuate that Ireland is a racist screams poor judgement, bad taste, and is completely hypocritical. Ireland made a mistake in asking the question, and the reporters made a mistake by turning it into a race issue. Jeff Ireland has apologized for his wrong doing, will those members of the media do the same thing? Don't hold your breath.

Martink, Yes "HE LOOKS LIKE HE NEEDS A BEATDOWN: based solely on his looks, and if that makes me a racist, so be it........

By the way a BIG thank you to Armando Salguero for seeing the situation as it is and not jumping on the racist bus.

Who ever is posting as HOT ASHLEY, stop and get your own Moniker.....Hot ashley post at 8:29 not the real deal......

Cuban, I too am insulted and offended by your stereotyping of a white man being pompous and a bully.

how can any gm a human being ask that question like the way he asked .



Cuban - I think your statements come across as hypocritical... You seem to condemn Ireland's comment and then threaten physical violence against him.

See how f***ing easy that is!? I was obviously kidding but sheesh. How sensitive are we going to become as a society? It's too much. I'm Irish and every time I turn the tv on I hear someone call me a drunken idiot. SO WHAT! I don't care what some stranger thinks.

insider you are a fool... sound like you watch too much tv

ok boys, play nice and make sure all of you got to drink your beer before bed .

Cuban why are you always so hung up on peoples looks? Now there's an interesting question I would like to delve into. First it was Cam Camerons goofy look and then it was Hennes "neck fat" and now it's how Ireland looks.

And I just realized they're all white! lol, what's up Cuban, you hate whitey or what?

carlito we'll see who has the last laugh!


LOL @ NYSCOTT.....People still think of me as a modern day "Che" Just cause I'am cuban.....



Those last posts are not from Ashley, She's over on the couch wondering why I'am on the computer, but I'll show her she has a "Stalker", She'll get a kick out of it....

raising arizona IS ON FMC ,A GOOD MOVIE .

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