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Ross also issues statement re: Bryant incident

You read the statement from Rob Konrad in the last post defending Jeff Ireland. Now Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is also joining the statement releasing fray.

In his statement Ross does not condone Ireland asking Dez Bryant if his mother is a prostitute. But it should be noted Ross is also not exactly publicly reprimanding Ireland.

The statement:

"As an owner of many companies and organizations, including the Miami Dolphins, I have always strived to comply with the highest standards in all aspects of my businesses including recruiting.

"In interviewing employees we always look to obtain relevant and appropriate information in adherence with the best industry practices.

"Jeff Ireland has already apologized for questions asked of former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant.

"I will be looking into this matter personally and will take appropriate actions if necessary."

Don't ask me what all this means. Frankly, I'm getting a little vexed by so many people saying, well, nothing.

Look, it was bad for Ireland to ask Dez Bryant if his mom is a prostitute. Ireland admitted as much by apologizing. If Bryant is not good with the apology, Ireland has a lingering problem. If Bryant accepts the apology, what else is there to talk about assuming Ireland doesn't do it any more?


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Ross is sharpening the blade of his ax as we speak in case he has to take appropriate action (if necessary).

Cuban, shut it or will ship your ass back to your hell hole you came from...freak!

Che wasn't Cuban

Cuban - I'm really just trying to display the hypersentive-type comments that people seem to be making. This whole event has been a non-issue. At least rookie mini camp starts Friday, then we can actually read & talk about, you know, football. The NFL is not the real world; their work place is not the equivalent to a local office. People hit each other, people spit on each other, your bosses belittle and berate you, hazing is rampant... An inappropriate question asked by Ireland is nothing more than an inappropriate question - and I would believe it was asked for a purpose, not due to lack of judgement.

Carlito,are you from nicaragua ?

I Know, he was Venezuela but he was instrumental in the "Revolution"....


Here is what Stephen Ross will do,

"Hey Bill, what do you think? Are you going to do anything about this Jeff Ireland nonsense?"

"No Steve."

"Ok, thanks Bill. Have a nice day."


Several thoughts:

- The mere fact that Ross got involved is an indication that this will not go away as easy.

- As someone said, prostitutes are every race, nationality, sexual orientation, etc., so whoever states that Ireland is a racist SOB for his comment is a racist him/herself.

- Personally I would have already moved on, but the guy in fact he screwed up while doing his job (in this society these kind of comments will get you in trouble at the workplace), so (also as someone also already mentioned) if this does not go away soon, it might cost the guy his job; hope not.

- Sadly, football stories won't come back until august.

Ireland should have apologized at the end of the interview if he genuinely regretted having to ask the question.

Or he should have refused to apologize and maintained that it was an appropriate question.

But to apologize weeks after the fact because it became public is cowardly.

This guy was never a GM before he came here. Soprano was never a head coach before he came here.

The best people Parcells could find were trainees?

Ireland makes everyone in Dolphins nation look like an a s s h o l e everytime he gets in front of a mike.

When is enough enough?

said all I want....tho I will say kudos to ALoco......but I must add that if you think this is going away, or if you want it to go away, of even if you honestly BELIEVE it should go away...............................it is not.

carlito DOES NEED 77 LASHES .

Get over it Kris.

MartinK, You give me 5 or 6 million a year for 7 months of work you can call my mother,sister or any other Relitive to me a "HO", heck you can spit,urinate,fecal,puck or anything else you want to do to me......

So many misspelled words in my post. When I'm passionate about something I tend to lose my mind a bit. (The Jetts sukc monkee balz!) SEE! :)

the bright side is that DEZ is in the Cowboy family now and the Parcell's history with jerry jone's front office will see to it that this is handled quietly and put to rest. Before some fool seizes this as an oppurtunity.

Jerry owes Bill one anyway for all that s#@t talking earlier this year.

Very funny ALoco, I like it! But no I don't drink. Isn't that weird, an Irish guy who doesn't drink, who would've thunk it!

Carlito, Ross didn't become a billionaire by running his businesses like a jock frat house.

Like I mentioned before, Ireland's head will roll if this story becomes national evening news. That would be the only way to put an end to the story.

If it doesn't become national evening news, Ireland must have one lucky leprecaun caged up in his house.




Che was from Argentina

Ugly Ashley,

No, I am from Golfito

I've Hijacked the Menaces Typepad.But seriously,Does Jeff Ireland look like the 80s wrestler "Arn Anderson" from the 3 horse men?

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At BEST this thing ends up with an NFL Code of Standards for interviews.

BTw...per a tweet from Omar, the NFLPA has just jumped in, saying that interviews must be conducted in a more professional manner.

Ireland reps the League & its "Shield" just as surely as Ben Roth. & the players do.......neither player, GM, nor owner (e.g., Bud Adams fined for "the finger") should be allowed to act in an "unbecoming" manner...esp at a League event (Combine).

Give me back my name ash............Does anyone know how I can undo this????? help!!!!!!!!

Every pass that Dez catches for his career will put the thought of his mother as a prostitute into everyone's mind.

Dez has been extraordinarily damaged.

So have the Cowboys.

Goodell is definitely give one of our draft picks to Dallas.

I say by Monday.

Very interesting that Dallas had Koa Misi rated higher than both Jerry Hughes and Brandon Graham, the 3 in that exact order, on their board.

Why does it seem like the guy who asked s question about being a prostitute getting more flack then the person who actually is a prostitute???!!

Also curious that Dallas had Sergio Kindle with a third round grade.

paphinfan, a born again racist .

LOL.If Dez was drafted by the Dolphins, this would not have been an issue. I hope that the Dolphins come back and SUE Bryant for not keeping information confidential. I am sure there are laws for that. He should have let this be, instead he risked putting a mans career and integrity in danger. He is a loser, and he is just some stupid rookie who has a background issue. No wonder this loser went as low as he did. He is a scumbag who has no morals but to ruin the integrity of others.

Bryant needs to offer an apology for all of the crap he caused and to prove there is no big deal. If not, if I were JJ, I would trade him, or cut him in the season. This guy doesnt deserve to be drafted, or play for what he has caused.

Maybe that's why Dallas hasn't won a super bowl since Jimmy Johnson put the team together and why Parcells hasn't won a playoff game since he coached the Jets/Patriots Bootang.

Sometimes you stick to these strict guidelines and you miss out on great players - I would have taken either of those 2 players over Misi any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I hope this team does well and that Misi does well because it is the team I cheer for and have since 1984.

Time will tell what happens - and I feel we are on the right track - but time will tell.

"Rob Konrad 114 rushes for 854 yards...... Is this clown relevent to anything Mando????

Posted by: Cuban Menace"

He was a fullback... Lousaka Polite has 69 carries, 234 yards and he's a great fullback. You're an idiot, go play some fantasy football.

Why does it seem like the guy who asked s question about being a prostitute getting more flack then the person who actually is a prostitute???!!

Posted by: paphinfan

Maybe becasue she was Fifteen years old, addicted to drugs, and AT A MINIMUM statutorily raped & impregnated by a an adult criminal?

Maybe because a bare-minimum of compassion leads one to think that such a person need not "get flack" AT HER SON's INTERVIEW TO BE A WR?

Maybe because its "piling-on" to attack a young girl in pathetic circumstances of poverty and despiar from a position of comfort and privilege?

ahhh Julie, it was a reporter that broke the story, asking dez"What kind of Questions do they ask in those interviews", Get a clue missy, Dez was just stupid enough to answer a loaded Question from the scum(Yahoo)bag reporter.

did you get that MR PAPHINFAN.


Since people are commenting about Misi's ranking on Dallas's board. Mel Kiper put out a list tonight of his top 5 impact players from round 2 and 3. Koa Misi was 2nd among 66 players taken in those rounds. He's completely backed off his initial grade of the Dolphins draft and said it's the one looking back he regrets the most and would change.

Bad taste on Ireland's part. He apologized. End of story.

He was a fullback... Lousaka Polite has 69 carries, 234 yards and he's a great fullback. You're an idiot, go play some fantasy football.

Posted by: Tryptich | April 28, 2010 at 09:17 PM

Trybitch, Those records for Mr.Konrad was for 6 years in the NFL............Signed Cuban Menace

Shower Ricky Shower!

All havin bean curd and stuff hangin on ya beard!

Go Ricky Go Phins!

hot ashley, can we speak in secret ?


Ireland thought Dez mom was a school teacher.
He asked if his mom was a "SUBSTITUTE"

Go Phins!

"Trybitch, Those records for Mr.Konrad was for 6 years in the NFL............Signed Cuban Menace"

So were those stats for Lousaka Polite... he has been in the nfl for 6 years and had 69 carries for 234 yards....

Try, No comment from Lou too....Cuban Menace..

And also Try, Who cares?????????????? Cuban Menace

If Ross does anything here he is being an idiot. If he takes action here then BP should quit. Ireland did nothing wrong here and he is simply doing his due dilligence. Bryant is nothing but a thug and trouble-maker and you guys are wrong to come to his defence.

Who cares about the Ireland soap opera!

Rumor has it that Merriman is available via trade. Yes or no? What do you all think?

DC, That's another guy 1 shot short of a year suspension from the NFL... No thanks... Cuban Menace

"Bryant is nothing but a thug and trouble-maker"

Yeah Boy----lying to the NCAA and possibly being late to a few meetings. Heinous.

Not to mention the crime of surviving an upbringing in circumstances no one here can imagine.

And, for the record, we're not defending Bryant; we don't need to.....it's Ireland who needs a defense......one which you apparently believe involves attacking Dez.

I see the blogs biggest idiot H0MO Pricemaster is predicting stupid things again.... No Roger Goodell is not giving Dallas one of our draft picks stupid....This is almost as dumb as ur other two predictions of trading Henne for Seymour to be topped by Lupati will be the number one pick in the draft...get back on your couch and line ur guys up...leave the football to men who don't let other men blow them


Areyou one of the many Dolphin management damage control spinmeisters sent to put out the fire of this story?

I forgot that he was suspended a few years ago for juice... Regardless, I'd take a flyer on him for a 5th rd pick!


Take a copy of your posts to the Dolphins HR department. They'll hire you without asking any questions.

I don't really care, I was just saying rushing yards and carries has nothing to do with if a FB is a good fb or not... That's all. You by posting his stats insinuated they meant he was a bad fb, those are actually pretty good rushing yards for that amount of carries when referring to a fullback

Bobby, Would you stay on Pricemasters couch after a nite of drinking or would you risk a D.U.I ?????lol.... Cuban Menace

Try, I was insuating that Rob Conrad has no Credit in this particular story.... Oh Never minds Thats all....Cuban Menace

hot ashley, are you a hot ashley for real or an ugly man who takes a shower once each month .

THE CUBAN Moniker is back...............

Perhaps the question had nothing to do with his draft status. Perhaps the interview was over and Ireland was asking for himself. I mean GM's work long hours and puts a huge strain on a marriage. Just like you or I might ask a friend, "do you know a good mechanic?", Ireland was simply asking, "Do you know any good prostitutes?" So it was really a compliment to Dez when you think about it.

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