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Ross also issues statement re: Bryant incident

You read the statement from Rob Konrad in the last post defending Jeff Ireland. Now Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is also joining the statement releasing fray.

In his statement Ross does not condone Ireland asking Dez Bryant if his mother is a prostitute. But it should be noted Ross is also not exactly publicly reprimanding Ireland.

The statement:

"As an owner of many companies and organizations, including the Miami Dolphins, I have always strived to comply with the highest standards in all aspects of my businesses including recruiting.

"In interviewing employees we always look to obtain relevant and appropriate information in adherence with the best industry practices.

"Jeff Ireland has already apologized for questions asked of former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant.

"I will be looking into this matter personally and will take appropriate actions if necessary."

Don't ask me what all this means. Frankly, I'm getting a little vexed by so many people saying, well, nothing.

Look, it was bad for Ireland to ask Dez Bryant if his mom is a prostitute. Ireland admitted as much by apologizing. If Bryant is not good with the apology, Ireland has a lingering problem. If Bryant accepts the apology, what else is there to talk about assuming Ireland doesn't do it any more?


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My smart friend.
I said the Dolphins SHOULD trade Henne because he's going to leave when his contract is up.

And Parcells has had his teams number 1 picked stripped by the commissioner when he was president of the Jets and the pick was given to the Patriots.

Regarding the draft I was the only person that said count the players on the depth chart, this whole draft will be defense, and it was.

I also changed right before the draft and said the first pick should be offense, either Dez or Iupati, because our defense is so s h i t t y and needs so many players what difference will it make if we get Thomas or not.

And evidently the 3 stooges listened.
They counted the players on the depth chart and drafted d each time except for John Jerry the guard.

Looking back my predictions were way off and yours were right on.
Oh wait.
You didn't make any predictions.
You never do.

dolphan84 needs 99 lashes .

Aloco,She's HOT!!

DOES she has hairy legs or hair in her ears or nose ?

You're still my good friend.
My limo will take take you to a game and you'll have a spot in my box, fully catered, top shelf liquor, climate controlled just like I promised.

Dolph84, That was funny....

Just remeber if you sleep on my sofa after a night of partying I may go to sleep with my c o c k in your mouth.
But you'll still be my good friend in the morning.

price master,


This wont be settled till Ireland explains WHY the question was asked.


OK Guys with that last post from Price master I must Bid yu all "Adiu" and see how hot I can get ashley.So you all have a "PHINTASTIC NITE"....


Ireland, the silent majority is with you,
god bless.

Still trying to find the answer. is she a prostitute? I'm just wondering, not that there is anything worng if she is...world needs hookers.

Ireland, the silent majority is with you,
god bless.

Posted by: Mel | April 28, 2010 at 10:00 PM

AKA The Republican party......

I'm so sick of reading about this!!! Maybe I should grab a hooker to take my mind off things.

I say the trifecta and I train the Motherlovin S H I T out of Dez's mom . We'll tip good , we promise!

Can't believe we still have to hear about Dez f@cking Bryant. Glad we didn't draft him, glad Ireland asked him that question and glad he's on Dallas where he'll spend his days b!tching moaning and about not getting thrown to with Williams.

My good friend.
Let's have a prediction.
What happens to Ireland?
a)Nothing b)He gets fired c)he gets fired and then murdered 4 months after he's fired.


No way on Merriman! I'm here in Cali and this guy is just a roided fool who is always hurt. He has even apologized about his poor play. Not the same player that was a lights out sack machine anymore. Plus he is kind of an F off partyer.

Go Phins!

Maybe we can find out what Joey Porter is up to right now? I'm sure that useless talk could help people get off Ireland's back. Yes, it's bad PR for the Dolphins, but enough already. How about some mini-camp talk or something.

Yeah, but Ireland only apologized after he had been identified as the offender. Coincidence..... I think not. Also, it is never right to ask such questions about one's MOTHER.

I'm horny , does anyone have Dez's mothers phone #

Like Mary J blige would say.. no more drama. Im asking all the regulars on here to avoid this topic for 24 hours. Ppplllleeeaaasseee do not mention Dez Bryant for at least 24 hours. Carlito, Aloco, Odinseye, ANYONE please start a new topic. Is Edds going to be the next ZT? Is Ricky the greatest Fins RB ever? Can Henne take us to the playoffs? One of u regulars pleazzzee change this topic.

leave the football to men who don't let other men blow them

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 28, 2010 at 09:37 PM

LMAO@Bobby, also dont forget the backdoor stuff also. LOL

OK Thunderbolt but first let me say I agree with the cuban, that Ireland looks like a pompous @zzz and should get smacked around a few times also. Does not mean anything else than that. Ok lets get on a new subject.

The story won't go away because all the big media outlets have got involved and won't quit until the league issues a statement. They want the interview process to be reviewed as to what is neccessary and what is infringement into the atheletes personal life. The trouble for the Dolphins is Ireland's name is going to come up every time the story is discussed becuse he's the one that asked the stupid question. Even though Ireland apologized and Ross issued a statement the story isn't going away until the league looks into the interview process.

Thanks Ace. Please avoid mentioning the player that doesnt play for the dolphins for at least 24 hours.. Mercy!


Last I checked, Dez Bryant is not a Miami Dolphin. Ireland issued a public apology through the media and a private apology to Bryant himself. This issue is now moot in my opinion. If Bryant can't handle being asked that question, I can only imagine how he'll handle being trash-talked on Sundays by NFL defenses. Yes, Ireland shouldn't have asked Bryant that particular question, but I can understand the process by which Ireland would want to know as much as he can about a prospective player's mental make-up. Bryant had a lot of red flags coming out, so Ireland wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't try to pry into Bryant's mind.

This is part of a patern with this dolphin administration that is hurting our brand and fanbase, so I am glad that Mr. Ross is taking an active role in this.

Thunderbolt please talk to Josie T. He mentioned "Pez Bryant".

I spent a good amount of time just going back the 7 years or so reading posts and thoughts on finheaven.com tonight. It was kind of funny. From the selection of Eddie Moore, to trading for AJ Feeley, to drafting Vernon Carey instead of Vince Wilfork, to the Xmas day hiring of Nick Saban. The choice of Ronnie Brown, the unretirement of Ricky Williams. Trading for Daunte Culpepper. Nick going to Alabama. The hiring of Cam Cameron, the Ted Ginn/Brady Quinn fiasco. John Beck. Trent Green. I didn't read anything after that, but can imagine the 1-15 disaster, the hiring of Parcells and Co, Chad Pennington, the Wildcat. All that being said, I, like many fans, have been the optimist in really almost all of these insane stories just from the last 7 or so years. I picked a random date and started looking, so I guess the Ricky trade would be a big deal in there too. My point is, having been burned as many times as I have, I still somehow am as optimistic and hopeful that this is the year as ever, and I guess that is what makes the NFL so great. I think it would be hard to argue a fanbase has been more teased in the last decade, and then disappointed so much, as we have. Almost makes me think we are cursed lol. I know this post is totally irrelevant to anything, just sharing some thoughts. Tired of talking about the Ireland topic.

Bootang thanks for not mentioning the player we did not draft.

Bootang agree with you. I believ most of our fans are always hopeful and optimistic very year. I know I am. Though, I dont believe we are cursed. Those bad picks and pickups you mentioned are a result of poor coaches making poor decisions.

surely there must be something actually related to football to talk about?

anybody think we might see more 4-3 looks this year since we have nolan and seem to have more depth at d-line than any other position (besides our 12 QB's)?

deep dish-pan how you livin?

Yes it was mostly a result of just terrible management. I was excited for Nick Saban coming here, that proved terrible. Even the Cam Cameron hiring I was ok with, San Diego had a pretty good offense. Didn't take long to see that was going to a disaster. For the first time in a long time we cam take solace in that we have a pretty good thing building here right now. While our franchise hasn't had near the down days that the Saints had, therough stretch we have endured will make an actual Super Bowl victory all the sweeter.

I told the story in here one time but you guys keep bringing it back up again.
In 1984 soon after I got out of the USMC I was drinking and smoking over this chick's house in Anaheim, CA. Eventually I fell asleep on the sofa.
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He got up and walked out the door.
End of story.

if you have nothing better to post than to talk about gay blowjobs, then you probably shouldnt post until you come up with something worth while to discuss....just a thought

What I want to know is why are bobbyd12, Aloco and Cuban Menace referring to this over and over again.
I s it because they like hearing the story? Is it because they are fascinated by men b l o w i n g men?
Or is it because they've noticed my bulge and they want some hosemouth also?

Well...this certainly makes up for the insensitive way in which Jason Taylor was treated...

Karma's a beeatch.


anybody know the line on the dolphins season next year? last year vegas had the over/under wins at 7 for the fins and i was thinking of taking out a second mortgage to bet on that. no way would we have gone less than .500 after going 11-5 and winning the division. it just shows how crazy good those odds makers are setting lines......i will look for this year.....

If Dez was white this would have never been mentioned!

I've been posting in here for 3 years about what a s h i t t y job the 3 sttoges have done and are doing.
Have they drafted a handful of starters? Yes.
So has every other team at a minimum.
Have they done anything else?
Yes. They made all of Dolphins nation look like h0m0s with the wildcat.

Jeff did nothing wrong, period.

You mean the question would not have been asked?
Or you mean all prospective players are asked if thier mother is a prostitute but only the black one's mention it to the press?


bodog is showing prop bets for dez bryant for 2010. the over/under for yards rec is at 650yds and 3.5 TDs.

interesting.....considering how many people think he is going to be a stud right away

Besides the fact they went from 1-15 to 11-5, right? Pricemaster, they inherited a terrible roster and now we are a legitimate playoff contender. If you don't like them, fine, but they have done a great job rebuilding. Be real about it!

PM (if that is you...)

the only thing bad about the wildcat is how much the media talks about it.....

i loved both of those MNF games last year where the wildcat (as well as the entire running game) was kicking a** against the colts and the jests. if only our defense was better we would have won many more games.....there is a reason paul p got s h i t canned after the season.

I neither thanked him nor paid him. Lmao!

I live in a place where a white person scans my groceries and a second white person bags them.
There is one black student in the PUBLIC high school here.
And even here people are outraged.

But if he did nothing wrong then why didn't he just say, "It was a question that needed to be asked and I asked it".

Nobody believes he's sorry.

If he was sorry for asking it he would have said at the end of the interview, "Dez I'm sorry I asked you that but I had to. No Hard feelings Good Luck in the NFL".

i think richie "i'll smash your face In" -cognito is going to be a beast this year....just a feeling

football is won in the trenches and that's where the most attention has been paid. as it should be. give it time.

Bootang i feel good about this FO. Its the first time I have not worried about the FO since Shula left. Odrick is gonna be our Jake Long on Defense for years to come.

Maybe Jeff's next job interview will include questions about his mother's promiscuity.

It was a stupid question. Period. And Dez is no boyscout. But perhaps Ireland should interview in Arizona for his next job...where his thought processes would appear more compatible.

you come up with something worth while to discuss....just a thought

Posted by: swedish_phish | April 28, 2010 at 11:34 PM

Swede you said "come"
Dont temp the pricemaster

Just saying, if Jeff was a black man, what really would most of theses people be saying, just saying. Bill

below are the odds on which schools will win the BCS championship next year......the top three make sense....

Florida 2/1 3/2
Texas 11/2 9/5
Alabama 15/1 3/1

but the next three are just proof of how different the college scene is now from 10 years ago....

Texas Christian 60/1 6/1
Boise State 75/1 15/1
Cincinnati 125/1 20/1

« 1 2 3 4 5 6 »

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