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Ross also issues statement re: Bryant incident

You read the statement from Rob Konrad in the last post defending Jeff Ireland. Now Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is also joining the statement releasing fray.

In his statement Ross does not condone Ireland asking Dez Bryant if his mother is a prostitute. But it should be noted Ross is also not exactly publicly reprimanding Ireland.

The statement:

"As an owner of many companies and organizations, including the Miami Dolphins, I have always strived to comply with the highest standards in all aspects of my businesses including recruiting.

"In interviewing employees we always look to obtain relevant and appropriate information in adherence with the best industry practices.

"Jeff Ireland has already apologized for questions asked of former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant.

"I will be looking into this matter personally and will take appropriate actions if necessary."

Don't ask me what all this means. Frankly, I'm getting a little vexed by so many people saying, well, nothing.

Look, it was bad for Ireland to ask Dez Bryant if his mom is a prostitute. Ireland admitted as much by apologizing. If Bryant is not good with the apology, Ireland has a lingering problem. If Bryant accepts the apology, what else is there to talk about assuming Ireland doesn't do it any more?


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This is now being kept alive and driven into the ground by MIKE GREENBERG of Mike and Mike in the Morning, on ESPN, a lifetime JET FAN.

For all the people that say this question had nothing to do with football: Brandon Marshall getting traded to us had nothing to do with football. Big Ben suspended again nothing to do with football. Pac man cant make a roster. Do you think the media would have killed Arthur Blank if he asked Vick "Do u like killing cute little puppy dogs"? How outrageous!

Rob Conrad quote:

"To see his name being tarnished in the media as the result of (a) single question during a team interview seems to me entirely unjust."

Based on this type of answer Conrad is either "biasedly" defending Ireland or is insensitive himself or he's just out of touch and clueless.

Bottom line is their was absolutely no need to ask that question and that the question was disgracefully insulting. ..."No excuses!" The best Ireland could do was apolgize then await and accept any potential ramifications for this huge gaffe.


"If Bryant accepts the apology, what else is there to talk about assuming Ireland doesn't do it any more?"

All due respect Mando but its not that simple. This reflects badly on both the Dolphins Organization and the NFL's reputations. Their standards their principles and fair hiring practices in general.

Don't you think your kind of minimizing it?


Get over what? quantify your statement. Your statement is so blanket it's stuiped.

If you have something to say on the topic that you feel like I was out of line then explain yourself and I might agree with you, or i might explain why I disagree with you.

Thats how ADULTS communicate. So......Communicate and don't just throw out random words

When the national media gets a hold of something like this, they beat it to a pulp!

A response from Ross is likely because people keep asking him what is he going to do?

Jeff screwed up. He admitted as much. Move on!

OMFG!! The question was completly appropriate, considering that most of these guys ( not all of them) are ghetto thugs to begin with. He should have also been asked if was a crack baby.

And why is Ireland being villified? Like Bryant's mother wasn't a shady character. This isn't mother Teresa here. She was an absentee mother who dealt drugs and was a user herself. his father wasn't much better - he committed statutory rape when fathering Dez.

I agree with cuban menace. Ireland looks like a pompous @zzz and bully. Look at the picture of him at the podium. Picture a white cone shaped hat and white gown on Ireland. I mean right or wrong, picture that thought, and you have to laugh, it looks good on him.

Whats intresting here is that without even drafting Dez he has created a distraction in the MIAMI locker room. whats up with that?

This is the most national coverage we have gotten sinc we were 6-5 and in the middle of the playoff hunt heading into the last quater of the season

This whole thing is , as the norm in todays society, overblown. Ireland said he was sorry , end of story. If his mother was or is a prostitute, she will not have to be any longer with the millions Dez will be making.
Football is differnent than a regular job. When i go to work i dont make hundreds of thousands dollars every hour i work. I dont have thousands of screaming fans looking up
to me when i enter my job. Football is a high paying and highly visual job. If he was to have issues, it would be a public relations nightmare for the team. They need to cover all the bases when hiring someone to represent there team.
Not to say what he asked was right, but i feel when someone is being interviewed for such a job like a pro football team , they should be completely scrutinized. He said he was sorry, and Dez got his millions, so let it go and lets play football.


Thank GOD this isn't nazi, Germany or bobbyd12 would ensure that only stories that paint the fuhuer in a good light would be allowed to be published

Posted by: kris | April 28, 2010 at 08:29 PM

Booby this dude is calling you out! Defend yourself or be judged as guilty! He compared you to Nazi Gremany. Those are some serious accusations. Even though kris is correct in this assumption. What do YOU have to say for yourself.

Nazi...oh my. We now have our next big article by Mando. Lets beat this to death to.

i expect alot more class out of our GM;he represents our team and image is important. when you ask a stupid question in an interview the player is "turned off" to your team. why interview him if you have no intentions of adding him? now our image in the public is tainted. and now i side with zach and JT in their frustrated efforts to remain with the fins. ireland only apologized after the story broke some 4 wks. later!

njdolfanss it is interesting when the word "Nazi" and "boobdyD12" are mentioned in the same sentence. hhahahaahhaahah

Its 8 in the morning,,,what more can we expect this early.

payaso you are funny dude. I too pictured Ireland in a Gestapo uniform and it fits too. Oh and I pictured him in a Catholic priets's get up and it looks good too.

This explains why Big Ben walked out of the room with his "penis out his pants"...Dez's mom was at the club that night....

payaso you are funny dude. I too pictured Ireland in a Gestapo uniform and it fits too. Oh and I pictured him in a Catholic priets's get up and it looks good too.

Posted by: obejita | April 29, 2010 at 08:24 AM

Can we leave religion out of this? After all, I'm not here making jokes when you sacrifice a goat to your Mayan god to ensure your corn crop is bountiful.

Armando, how 'bout a story on Sharper coming in for a visit? I read this on NFL.com.
have you heard anything?

I think Ireland should be fined and if he does it again fired. If my employer asked me a question like that or during an interview a question like that came up; who would care? No one. This is why unemployment is the way it is. You interview for a major company they give those placement or competency tests before they hire you and if you do not score a certain score you do not get hired. I feel this is not fair because the companies are judging you on your thoughts not your actions. So, a question is my mother a prostitute is utterly ridiculous.

he should have used a less stronger language like, is you mother a Whor ?

heirshouse for you: ArmandoSalguero "#Dolphins have not discussed Darren Sharper visiting and nothing is either planned or in the works on that front. Not happening."
about 17 hours ago Twitter

I heard Dez Bryant Moms Cooch is larger and blacker than the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Time to move on... nothing left to see here, keep it moving people. C'mon Mando, how about reporting some real Dolphins news, or take the day off, whatever.

Who cares, this a personal matter between two men. The media should drop this.

BURN BABY BURN. My crotch after a night with Madam Bryant.

I really can't help but think that you guys -- including the author of this article -- would be making a much bigger deal about this if the culprit was Mike Tannenbaum.

Arrogance, Would they have asked Tim Tebow this question?

Weston Jets Fan...Jets fans are to stupid to think, don't try to fool us...just go away

ESPN is really TMZ in disguise....

It'll all be forgiven and forgotten when he signs O.J. Atogwe on June 1st.

Mark in Toronto, who gives a shyt what you think. You are from f'kin Canada. I am Catholic and those priests that wee joke about have earned the right to be joked upon. Mayan God???? What made you think of that?

Good job bobby, just keep to insulting jets fans and dont insult fins fans, even if it is price master.

Armando, I enjoy your posts. Most of the time I agree with you. Not this time. It astounds me that people would just say questions, such as this, are allowed to take place at a job interview, which is what it was. What if you were asked that question or some question about being a white boy wanting to be a running back- questions such as these? The NFLPA has a legitimate gripe, and it sounds like Ross and the NFL are willing to sweep it under the rug. Did you read some of the other questions that Silvers mentioned? Even Rob Konrad's? Even other questions that have been reported by other outlets. It's not professional. Not just the Dolphins are doing it- other teams are, as well. I guarantee you that if something doesn't change, this will happen again. It's a job interview, and that's the way the NFLPA is looking at it also. Yes, they are making million dollar decisions, but that doesn't give anyone the right to treat someone inhumane.

So the media can expose every aspect of Dez's life. But Jeff can't ask a private question for $30 million. What is wrong with you people? These comments isn't coming from a real phin fan. I hope Jeff keeps up the good work. GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea where the relevance of that questions stands when applying for any job, let alone the NFL. It somewhat bugs me that an apology was issued and not a valid explanation as to why he asked the question. Anyone can simply apology , but it doesn't help that persons character nor justify the situation.

Mando- I know you are just doing your job, but I mean who really cares about this? Why is it being blown out of proportion? The guy's mom had a questionable past, Ireland called him on it. Done. He's not one of our players so there isn't any conflict internally. Please stop reporting on it. It's over, he's apologized.

I would be embarrassed if I were a member of the national media covering this "breaking news" story. First, as I understand it, this was a question asked of Dez Bryant in a private interview at the Donphin's facility. Second, it was meant to be private and would have been if Yahoo (a very appropriate neme) News hadn't "broken" the story. Third, of all the people who were present that day, who do you think leaked the story: the Dolthin's or Bryant's people. Now, the media is reporting the story over and over which as difficult that it may be for Jeff Ireland, how do you think Dez Bryant must feel being constantly and publically reminded that his mother has issues-- all for the sake of giving the media a chance to churn a marginally news worthy story. Rob Konrad is right, move on.

Am sick of this topic. I wish other players/owners, etc. would just stop commenting and let it go.

It is obvious that the question will be the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, and get everyone to revisit the interview questions all teams ask. NFL is about clean image so I can see they enforcing interview rules to ensure the NFL brand is not tarnished..

Anyway, he may not have been tactful, but the line of questioning was fair in that it may have been a serious concern given her past. It need not have been made public - and had Dez kept quiet, we could have avoided 5 years of Mamma Ho jokes on and off the field.

To clarify my comments above, teams, and I'm sure the Dolphins did, as well, research players thoroughly. Thus, he probably knew the answer. However, these questions are used to test the temperament of a player. I understand what they are doing, and why they need to. However, some questions just go to far. People think that just because you are going to make a lot of money that you deserve to be treated inhumane. I've been a Dolphin fan all my life, but I don't think ANY NFL team should be asking these type of questions, and the NFLPA should come down with some limits. After all, these players are researched thoroughly anyway. I'm interested in other Dolphin news, but this topic was brought up under this blog.

Hey Mando,

It's interesting to me the scrutiny the public and media are willing to way in regarding the Dez Bryant situation. Not that I condone the question in the least bit, but if one looks at the over all situation, which do you believe has caused the most damage to Dez Bryan and his family; the initial question in a private interview with Ireland or the fact that it has now become common knowledge to the public there is indeed potential that his mom was a prostitute with a background of criminal drug charges and use? I do realize it is the media's job to report the news, but I also do believe by screaming from the mountain tops through media outlets that Ireland is a vilian for even asking the question far more damage has been done.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts...

By the way, if she was a prostitute, how long do you think anyone in the media would have held on to that info before getting it to print?

Ya, I think it took longer for me to ask the question...

this is a joke - lets talk FOOTBALL.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the people on the prevailing view on this messageboard is that it was wrong for Rex Ryan to give the middle finger to someone who spit on him, but it's okay for Ireland to ask a draft prospect if his mother is a prostitute? The fact that the author of this blog went out of his way to throw Ryan under the bus for the middle-finger incident but now is trying his best to sweep the Ireland issue under the rug just highlights his intentions to encourage Dolphins' fans' hatred towards the Jets. I guess it's good for business down here.

A representative of the NFL PUBLICALLY spit on an NFL fan and likely paying customers. That is not good business.

Asking someone about their troubled past in a private interview, no matter how lacking in tact and decorum, before investing millions is not in the same league.

Nice leap there, smart guy. I guess being a Jets fan has numbed you to any sense of perspective.

Ireland looks like a KKK dude. I mean look at his face and his eyes. beedy eyes. The KKK outfit looks alot better on him than it would on Sparano or Parcells. What do you think, Justin?

I just ate a baby!!

Actually, Rex Ryan was the one who was spit on, not the other way around. Nice leap there, dip sh-t.

Lipsin Toronto, like someone posted earlier. You are from Canada, who cares what YOU people think. Us Americans, dont spend time here talking about your f'kin hockey team or moose. Get lost.

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...ribs.

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...ribs.


Hey man, what did you think of the draft? We both for months liked similar players, and had the same ideas. Would like to know your thoughts on our 3 days.

And if you actually read Jay Glazer's description of the events that led to Rex Ryan's middle-finger incident, you would have a hard time believing that any other NFL head coach would have acted -- or, actually, "reacted" -- any differently. The difference with the Ireland incident is that most NFL personnel wouldn't have done what he did.

Again Weston, nobody on this MIAMI DOLPHIN blog gives two shyts about your opinion....go cry to the NY Post

You're wrong. Bryant himself said that he was asked similar questions by other NFL teams. Ireland is getting thrown under the bus. Maybe it isn't right for teams to ask these kinds of questions but Ireland certainly isn't the only one so pull your head out of Ryans enormous ass.

I've got a tickle in my ass. Is that you Weston Jet fan?

Just End Taylors Season

Rex Ryan mostly asked questions like "what's your favorite Dunkin Donut" "can you reach to wipe your own @ss" "is Weston jets fan still a prostitute" stuff like that.

>>Warning Bills Long Post of the Day<<
Read at your digression...

As A person who posts on this blog with regularity. I would only want to ask any and everyone who posts on this same blog one simple question....

"If your entire life, career, personality and system of beliefs were all summed up, rolled up in a nasty little package, scathing sentence or sideways remark based on the worst thing you ever did. Would you believe it would be accurate, fair and a complete and full view that people could understand who you are?"

I believe that Jeff Ireland made a mistake in judgment. I do NOT however feel he made a mistake in asking difficult questions. That may place me in a minority but that is my right. I listened as others claimed their right to disagree after the draft... Now I disagree about the bashing of Ireland.

No one deserves their life wrapped up in one action... not Ireland or Dez Bryant. Mr. Ireland has certainly found the limits in his scope of investigation. He has made an error in judgement. But, without any hesitation I will say this. Mr. Bryants Mother is a known Drug trafficker. And regardless of all the socio-economic excuses for doing so. It is against the law. Just like DUI. Just like Killing a man in the middle of the street while on the way home from a club, just like pounding on your old lady in a drunken fight.

We all get held to account for our actions... and get this... Sometimes... we have to answer for the actions of those we love. Don't think so? If your married, go try and get a home loan if your credit sucks and your wife's is good. Or the other way around. Got a wife or a Husband with a criminal record? Get the weapon out of the house. If he or she touches them its a Five year minimum mandatory sentence in Florida. Be the one who provides the weapon to a know criminal and your guilty of a felony. If that person uses YOUR weapon from your home YOU are as responsible as he/she for what he does with it.

Those are very simple and clear ways your family/friends can define who we are and what people believe about us. I am not excusing Jeff Ireland's Mistake. Thing is... I have not heard him do that either. But, as Rob Konrad pointed out very well, handing a guaranteed $10 or $12 to a 22 year old kid. A perfect stranger, who has a Known felon as a Mother. Without first pressing every button, pulling every string, flipping every rock is irresponsible. Jeff took it one step to far... ever done that yourself?.. of course not...

That said, in today's race sensitive society. At least a sensitivity that applies some of the time and with some people. We all have had to learn to be fair and sensitive to everyone who we are in contact with. On this level. Ireland failed. But I have not seen guy's pouring from the woodwork claiming the same about Jeff, there have only been letters of endorsement from players and former players. Seems if Jeff was the horrible monster he has been made out to be... there would be more complaints being launched then just Dez Bryant who has had a CLOUD of issues around him long before Jeff Ireland's question ever was asked. More then 3/4 or the league passed on the kid in the draft, a supposed #1 talent.......because...??????

As far as Media goes... Let me ask one more question, please. How long? how long are you going to allow 4 heads sitting on a studio set to do your thinking for you? How long are you going to let them tell you what player is good, what player isn't. Tell you what the truth is and what is not? Not one had the Saints winning it all. See, that's the problem with the media. They are let off their proverbial leashes far enough to make their bold predictions, but at no point... EVER!... are they held accountable for what they say and what they predict. Sort of make those predictions a bit easier to make doesn't it? Imagine how much opinion they control with opinions that they are not responsible for... ever think of it in that context? If they make a statement about someone and it turns out to not be true, you MAY find a retraction on page 10 in the smallest font they can print legibly. But, no matter who is right, they have already influenced the draft, the election, the whatever with their "OPINIONS"... and we as readers/listeners just take it all as truth because...They Said it on TV... or the internet. That is perhaps why we face the challenges we do today in our Nation... we have listened t the wrong source of info way too long?

Want to hate on Jeff Ireland? It is your right. But if you are, fairness dictates that before you do... you take a quick moral inventory of yourselves. Make it quick though... because the media will have its next victim on trial within days.... just take a look at the past 6 months. They are coming at us at a rate of 1 or 2 per month now. Its has become their bread and butter...WHY?... because by sitting like sponges soaking up anything they say and write and acting on it WE are throwing gas on THEIR fire.
So... take a long look at yourself... decide if what YOU have done in the past is any better or worse then the question Ireland asked. Decide if that same question was made public and you were the focus... would you want the world deciding about YOU entire life... based on that one mistake?

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