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Ross also issues statement re: Bryant incident

You read the statement from Rob Konrad in the last post defending Jeff Ireland. Now Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is also joining the statement releasing fray.

In his statement Ross does not condone Ireland asking Dez Bryant if his mother is a prostitute. But it should be noted Ross is also not exactly publicly reprimanding Ireland.

The statement:

"As an owner of many companies and organizations, including the Miami Dolphins, I have always strived to comply with the highest standards in all aspects of my businesses including recruiting.

"In interviewing employees we always look to obtain relevant and appropriate information in adherence with the best industry practices.

"Jeff Ireland has already apologized for questions asked of former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant.

"I will be looking into this matter personally and will take appropriate actions if necessary."

Don't ask me what all this means. Frankly, I'm getting a little vexed by so many people saying, well, nothing.

Look, it was bad for Ireland to ask Dez Bryant if his mom is a prostitute. Ireland admitted as much by apologizing. If Bryant is not good with the apology, Ireland has a lingering problem. If Bryant accepts the apology, what else is there to talk about assuming Ireland doesn't do it any more?


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Good one thuderbolt. That would look good on a t shirt

The media are a bunch of girls looking for a way to gossip. The writers and broadcasters PREFER to write and talk about controversy despite whether or not the story has any legs. What we're doing is setting Ireland up to be made an example of. Which is unfortunate because he's a good person and an absolute professional at what he does.

Football players are always talking about how they need to understand that this is a business--- one that pays out lottery size checks to young kids based upon height, weight, speed and whether or not they can catch a football on the collegiate level---HOPING/GUESSING that after being made a millionaire they will stay motivated to do the same in the NFL and don't just take their gauranteed money and piss it away and set the franchise back.

Business in humiliating period. Why? Because people realize that they have a price tag. If Dez was REALLY above it all he would have said you know what, NOTHING is worth this humiliation and then left the room. THAT would say something big about his character. Instead, he sat there NOT wanting to blow his chance at winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire. Just like 99% of the population, people put money before their own humility.

"Deep Thoughts" by Bill Ruger.

(all kididng aside, nice post :) )


Hey Mando. We going to get to real news anytime soon?

Good post Ask Bill


Well rookie minicamp starts tomorrow so hopefully we'll get some news on that and this Ireland crap will finally go away.

Speaking of Rookie minicamp, does anyone know if it's open to the public? And also what time they will be practicing?

I wouldn't mind seeing Marshall wear #88, but in the new age of WR #'s, #11 or #19 would work too. Any thoughts?

Mel Kiper on ESPN just included Koa Misi in his list of "impact rookies in 2010" all of the other players were first rounders like CJ Spiller, Earl Thomas, and Ryan Mathews...

Eff Mel Kiper.....whatever he sez.....I know he's kinda "retracted" his low grade for the Fins-----a retraction that's gotten little attention by the Fin-Draft Haterz here......but if we are gonna call him an A**Hole when he trashes us, I see no reason to all of a sudden Love & Welcome him when he sez something nice.

He's a Twit any which way.

It isn't slander if its true!

I don't care about Mel Kiper... the point is our new LB Misi is being listed in a class with top 15 picks by national media

This is STUPID!!! He asked the question because we want to make sure we don't get a "Chris Henry" or a "Tank Johnson" or even a "Palaxic Burress" on our team. You're gonna give a Dez Bryant who barely went to class millions of dollars and if he has personal issues you don't think its not gonna effect his production??? Good F'n Question Jeff, way to due your due diligence. We as fans want production on the field from players who are stable. Ricky and Brandon have owned their baggage and at the same time can produce on the field...

Quit on this story already. Its a dead issue. Ireland apologized, but I still don't see why we are dragging it on. Is there nothing else to write about?? thank goodness Rookie camp starts tomorrow. Oh and on the question of if you were reborn would you wanna come back as a cat or a dog? The NFL wants you to answer Dog because you're more social and agressive. When you answer cat you're a loner and more docile.

Win, loose, or tie, Dolphins till I die!!!

As long as folks keep maintaining that Dez did something that deserved a demeaning interrogation because he had the misfortune of being born to a FIFTEEN year-old drug addict, who was at a MINIMUM statutorily raped by an adult criminal, this issue will not just "go away."

AND, if you think this does not adversely affect how FAs & players view the Organization -- whether or not it "should" - - surf the net and see.

BTW---I too am Fins till I die. So are many others who are dismayed by what Ireland did.

I know this seems like a non-essential Question, but what number is Brandon Marshall going to wear? Even the rookies have their numbers now I was just curious when we will know.

Toby Gerhart was asked during an interview if he felt "entitled" being a white RB.

Myron Rolle was asked "how did it feel to abandon ur team"

I can only imagine what Davone Bess was asked since he himself was incarcerated for 15 months. Jeff Ireland was doing what he had to do. Im glad he is the GM of this team.

Bess having been incarcerated is something HE experienced based on something HE did, not something his Mother may or may not have experienced or done.

I hope Ireland asked Dez about being late to meetings, lying to the NCAA, his association with Deion Sanders & Parker the agent, and about how HE dealt with his rough upbringing and the circumstances -- WELL KNOWN TO IRELAND & ALL DRAFTNIKS PRE-COMBINE - -of his parents.

Let's hope all those FAs out there, and the players, are as glad as you are.

I bet Marshall and Dansby are happy too.

Hey Bootang, what's up man. Yes, I enjoyed reading your posts up to the draft and liked your way of thinking. Obviously the draft went a different way than I thought it would go. I have my doubts about Starks playing the nose but did prefer teh Odrick pick to picking Dan Williams. I don't think Arizona will get anything out of him next year playing the NT position. He will probably see playing time at DE like Raji did last year.

Misi and Rashad Jones were probably the players I came closest to them looking at. I like Misi's fit at the strong side. He has a strong motor and is athletic but I don't think will provide huge sack numbers. I thought they would make a harder run at someone for the WOLB because I didn't know they were sold on Wake but they obviously are.

They added more ILBs than I thought they would too but I guess they're sick of overpaying for backups and special teams players.

I'm not 100% sold but will defer to the administration on this one. They're smarter than I am.

Your thoughts?

Dez Bryan accpted Jeff's appology. Dez Brian has and will made mistake. (He's not an angel either). The media are the one to blame for taking this issue to the next leve. Jeff Ireland wont be remembered as what he said. But Dez Bryan will be remembered as the guy that someone disrespect him no matter how good he gets. Shame for the media.

I'm psyched having Nolan lead this new hybrid 3-4 D with our new young LBs and the excitement that The Beast will bring to our offense allowing match up problems for the other guys on our offense. Advantage Dolphins. Go Fins!!

If I can get a guaranteed $30,000,000 to play a game, I'll answer any question you ask, including whether my mother was a prostitute, a gambler or drug user. And I'll be honest. Gheezz!

In a game, Dez will be subject to the worst foul-mouthed trash talking just to get under his skin, and will have to keep his cool. At a regular job, this would constitute a "hostile work environment" and harassment. However, football is not a regular job, and the NFL does not police verbal harassment. Why shouldn't Ireland ask this to see how Dez would react?

is your mother a prostitute tikaknen ?

Carlito, do YOU think Misi or any of the picks will have a big impact this season?

Misi will have the best chance since he has zero competition. His college performance wasn't exactly overwhelming though

Ding dong this horse is dead. Long live this dead horse. Then again, I suppose I'm also guilty of keeping it alive by breathing air into it with my reply. Okay. Last time for that.

I'll just sit patiently by and reminisce the good old days of the Favre fiasco. Now THOSE were the days. What? These are STILL those days? Cool. Let's get ready to rummmmmmmmbllllllllllllllle!!! Not yet? Sigh. Fine.

He would've been OK with it if the Dolphins had drafted him. In other words if the money had been there, the question about his mother would've been OK with him. Draw your own conclusions.

Mark in Toronto,

On the question posed to carlito...

I am highest on G John Jerry. I think he will eventually become one of the top draft picks in our Fins draft class.

I like S Reshard Jones as well especially when you include the round value.

Because there is not tons of footage to review on Odrick and Misi you can only look up stats and go by what you see. Unless you were a college fan of their teams and went to games or had College Football Satuday Ticket (or whatever it's called) you really ahve to wait and trust the Trifecta sees something in each guy.

Some of the footage I do find on Odrick is not exactly motivating me towards a stud player. I did happen to catch a highlight type vid that had quite a few good plays. The more generic footage where its showing game play snap to snap has him disappearing at times. It doesn't appear to lack of effort just was blocked out or engulfed a bit.

From a what I could see and find on each player I feel the combo of OLB Jerry Hughes in the 1st and DT Linval Joseph in the 2nd would have been a stronger combo with regards to QB sacks and hurries. Maybe Odrick will fit more with what Nolan plans on doing with him?

It seems as though Misi was high on the Fins board as they kept letting people know they wanted to trade back. Again seems like a try hard guy but I hope he can handle the bigger athletes in the NFL. He was pushed around some in the footage I saw of him.

Sorry for jumping into your convo with carlito...


I had heard it said prior to the draft that Jared Odrick was the best 3-4 DE prospect period, so hearing it after shows that's not a reactory statement. I found it interesting that we only decided to make Starks the NT after we drafted Odrick. I kind of think they targeted both Dan Williams and Odrick, and knew when they traded down it was very likely one of them would be there. I believe they had a plan in trading back that they were comfortable with a Williams/Starks combo, or a Starks/Odrick combo. They obviously targeted Koa Misi, as they passed on a chance at Hughes, Morgan, and JPP at 12, and chose Misi over Kindle at 40. I think that they ended up with one of the two dream scenarios they had, IMO. I believe the AJ Edds pick will ultimately be our best. I think Reshad Jones was picked to be the heir apparent at SS. Chris McCoy and Austin Spitler will have to make the team on ST as first, and McCoy could earn time at the WOLB spot as the season progresses.

The one pick I didn't mention was John Jerry. We had one of the top running games the last few years. However, our G play was sporadic, and we lacked a playmaker the defense feared. We signed Richie Incognito, who is just a plain bully, and then traded for Brandon Marshall. I honestly believe the one exception to the diva rule Parcells has is a guy like Brandon Marshall. The swagger, and the physicality that he both plays, and blocks with, fit right into everything we want to do. The selection of Jerry tells me we have every intention of leading the league in rushing, and imposing our will on defenses. We will pound you with Ronnie, then when he is tired, pound you with Ricky. We have Hilliard to help there. And then we will throw a 4 yard pass to Marshall, and he's looking to inflict as much punishment, if not more, than Ronnie or Ricky. I am telling you, we want the opponent to HATE lining up across from us by the time the 4th quarter rolls around. And that's not factoring in the nasty disposition guys like Long, Grove, and Incognito play with.

So overall, combine the sheer nastiness of our offense, and the much improved athleticism and versatility of our defense (also magnified by the aggressive nature of Mike Nolan) and the improved ST play due to the abundance of depth we have, and I think we are going to be a force to reckon with next year. We were in every game last year, we will be this year. And now we have guys who won't be worn down, and guys who want to finish. Hopefully this year it will be the other team who falters at the end of games.

Question asked of Doug Williams during their Super Bowl week: "How long have you been a black quarterback?" His response was that he'd been black all of his life. Too bad he couldn't say what he really felt.
The point is, stupid questions get asked all the time.

Bryant was suspended for lying to the NCAA, right?

Did anybody consider whether Ireland was trying to find out if Dez would answer the question truthfully, since he (Ireland) already knew the answer? The man was just doing his job in zealous manner.


There was never a need to apologize. Too many oversensitive liberal idiots in this country.


Well said, with some good points about the draft moves. I will have to see how this masterpiece looks on the field before annointing them great moves. Call it the optimistic skeptic in me.

Edds does look intriguiing in game action. You gotta love an LB that can gets INTS! Hopefully he will be in the mix for playing time right away to see if he can have some game changing plays like he did in college.

Still wondering exactly who returns punts and kick-offs and that is a concern.

We shall see what the rest of FA/cuts bring if anything as we move towards camps in a few months.


Dwight...I agree 100% with you...there are too many oversensitive idiots out there!!

Who cares!! Too much negative talk in the world. Let's talk about a Dolphin that did something good for the kids in the community.

If it was so hurtful to the little biatch then why did he wait til he got drafted? Hmmm he wanted the money, now he talks who cares bad question ok he apologied move on, can't fire him for that move on you freak sensetive people.. All it is is another black and white situation that's blown way overboard just bs

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