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Sunday morning happenings in Dolphins country

A couple of interesting things this Sunday morning:

First off, Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post is saying that based on his conversations with other teams, it seems to him the Dolphins are looking to trade down from No. 12 in the first round. Perhaps the trade down I proposed last week isn't so crazy after all.

Bottom line here? Teams call other teams before the draft and talk about trading up and down all the time. Doesn't mean they're going to do it. Doesn't mean it is what they want to do. They are testing the waters so when they dive in on draft day, it isn't a shock to the system.

Having said that, every player the Dolphins seemingly have locked into -- Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas, Dan Williams -- seem to be rated slightly lower than at No. 12 by all the so-called experts. Maybe the Dolphins can gain a pick by moving down and still land their guy.

Next, Jason Taylor continues to be an issue because, well, because I choose to make it so.

In my column in today's Herald, I make the point that Taylor should just go ahead and call the Dolphins' bluff and go to the Jets.

If you are now aghast at the thought, get over it.

Man's got a right to work and the Jets are offering a job.

If you would consider J.T. some sort of turncoat if he goes to the Jets, let me pose a hypothetical question to you.

As much as you hate the New York Jets, what would you do if you were unemployed and Rex Ryan called you tomorrow and said, "The New York Jets will pay you $1.5 million to come work for them this year and $1.95 million for next year." You know that you'd hold your nose and take the job. If you say you would not, you're probably lying.

The amount of the deal isn't actually that important. A job is a job and you take it.

It's a business decision and you'd make it.

Jason Taylor is also entitled to make a business decision -- even one he doesn't necessarily want to make.

And if the Dolphins don't like the idea of that decision, they should step in and stop it. They have not done that so far.


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Think you nailed it right on the head regarding Taylor. I am a jet hater but I would take the job if they offered. Can believe I just typed that.

Agree on JT, but disappointed with Parcells and co. At least let Zach retire as a Dolphin!

Can't say I disagree on the JT thing. It would however be rather dissapointing. I think Rex is trying to strike a "psychological" blow to the team and the fans by trying to lure one of our captains away.

I wish they would have placed the lap band around rex's neck and not his stomach.

Not a turncoat, you are correct, that this is a business. Jason has choices to make. I am sure he could get a job with the Dolphins and stay where he grew as a player, or he can go where he gets the first job offer, and make money.

If he stays with the Dolphins, the one season aberration of the Redskins will be forgotten, and he will be a career man like Dan Marino.

If he goes to the Jets, he is no less a man, but his image will suffer.

It's all about what Jason wants to look like.

I say trade down. And take Dez later in the 1st, this draft thankfully is deep in the other positions we need, FS, OLB, DT... Draft Dez, get that extra pick and fill the holes we have in rounds 2 on..

Lol He doest need to work, been making millions for YEARS. He should retire if the Dolphins dont pick him up. He does not need the crappy 3 mill over two years. He made that the past 3 years. Yeah WE would take the job, because we are poor. JT DOES NOT NEED THE MONEY!! SO RETIRE IF YOU DONT COME BACK AS A DOLPHIN, LIKE DAN MARINO DID!!!! BE A MAN AND SAVE FACE!

Trade down with Houston. They could use a running back as they were the 30th ranked running team in the NFL last year. CJ Spiller would be perfect there and we can still Draft Earl Thomas @20.We also would get a second rounder from them and have to give them a sixth. Not a bad deal for us!!!


I absolutely don't understand if they are waiting for the season to start or something to resign Zach Thomas to a one day contract to retire, but I just get a weird feeling they don't care and won't sign him. Any info from the higher ups about this? I doubt it will show their hand come draft day.

I think youre missing the point entirely. You say anyone would take that job offer, but already having millions should greatly affect that decision and make it more about the game, the team, loyalty, family, any number of things other then money. Of course I would take the 1.5 mil job with the jets even though I hate them, but thats got im freaking broke. JT is not.

what? Jason's only obtion is the JETS? Come on...any other team but the JETS!

Go take the Jets offer JT, I agree. I still think the Dolphins will come back to him but if that's what he wants, go for it!! No hard feeling from this corner. I don't believe he's going to be the difference to us being succesful this year or next.

Trading down would be great but I just don't think it's realistic. Who are teams trading up for? Spiller? Bryant? Said it before, I still believe there's a good chance that Bryant is our pick. The guy is a top talent and I think he will thrive in the right environment. Defence can still be addressed in the draft with our other picks. there is plenty of good defensive talent in this draft.

And Armando, I don't think you would say that Bryant is a stretch at 12. He's a top ten talent and without his issues he would likely go top 5. Mike Mayock has him as the third best talent in the draft.

Anyone have any INFO, about Fendi Onobun TE from Houston?

I don't understand Parcells on this one. I am no football genius like Parcells but i have to say this was a no brainier. With all the holes you have to plug on one of the worst defenses in the nfl last year, you could have signed JT for a minimal amount. It seems like since day one Parcells has had no respect for JT. Maybe an ego thing?? If this decision back fires it could be the end of Parcells in Miami.

NO, NO, NO, JT could go to 30 other teams, he could get a job with another team in the league. If he is, and was a true Fin he couldn't play for the Jets. He couldn't take it mentally. Armando you keep making it out that the Jets are his only option... If I were him, I would contact the other teams, I personally couldn't play for a team and fans that I hated my whole career... Just couldn't make myself do it. I hate the Jets more than any team in pro sports!

Still dont know where your getting that they are locked into Dan Williams. They have shown little interest since the senior bowl.

I don't have any less respect for JT if joins the jets and neither should any of yall. The fins don't want him. The jets do. Wow the feeling of being wanted. I can't be mad at JT and neither should any of yall.

I don't agree with you about JT, Its time to move on. Give WAKE a chance, and of course the draft as well.

Yeah, Armando, I'm not a millionaire so I'd do Rex's laundry for 100k a year. But JT is a Dolphins legend, absurdly rich, and can afford to take a wait and see approach for another 10 days.

If he goes to the Jets after the draft it wouldn't be his fault, it'd be the fault of the organization for letting a legend at a position of need walk out the door so you can start some rookies and other unproven talent. You know, the people we're trusting to build the team for the future and make us a championship contender. Comforting!

fin fan 4 life,

I don't think it has anything to do with ego, other than the fact that JT likes to do things his way and BP and company don't think anyone is bogger than the team. Why does the team have to change their plans because one guy needs a decision now. He was told they will address his decision after the draft. He's a 36 year old linebacker coming off a shoulder surgery. He's not the same guy he was in 2006 and it's questionable that he's the difference-maker he once was. It's typical JT....he does what HE wants to do (see Dancing with the Stars). Let him go if that's what he wants. He can't deal with the fact that he's not a star any more and is now a complimentary player.

Dolphins decision = Get younger, don't resign JT

JT decision = Take Jets job

Fans decision = Dont buy tickets

What's all this 'Legend' talk. I don't care about ANY of that stuff!! I care about winning! If JT is going to be a difference maker on this team then great but the past is the past.

If you want Legends then go sign some of the veteran WR's that are out there like Holt and Owens and knock yourself out. Nothing else matters than putting the BEST team out there. Let's take the sentiment out if it....

Funny how ur column is just the same as Omar Kelly's comments about jt on the sedano show friday....

Happy Trails, Jason Taylor.

Trade up, Trade down, Trade sideways if you need to but... DRAFT DEZ if he's still there !!

"Perhaps the trade down I proposed last week isn't so crazy after all."

Please child

As Ireland mentioned they have trade partners up and down(potentially)

Mando, stop talking crazy with JT to Jets!! Perhaps us bloggers would take the job for 3.4M, but JT is slightly better off than most of us financially don't u think; besides, he can make 3M in films or commercials as easy as pie! Remember as much as he's hated the Jests over the yrs, that's how much they hate him!!! Stop the crazy talk!!!

I think JT wants to stay home w/ family. Calm down peeps. If he leaves to stinkin jets then peace be with him. Think about what he did for us last yr(not much). What I would miss the most would be him hyping the media up before playing the jets. A Man has to do what A Man has to do!

also it means NO DEZ BRYANT! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!

Armando just let it die you're making a big deal out of nothing.JT is way pass his prime let it go already

Well this is stupid to trade down just for more picks in later rounds wippie. Again we'll miss out on elite WR talent for a project OLB like Derrick Morgan who is a 4-3 DE. I am really starting to hate Tuna and Co.

I am so sick of the jt drama. who cares. let him go to jets already.

Everyone remember Miami could play the jets in the new stadium on the First Monday night game of the season. This would be Huge WITH Taylor or not.

The difference between a regular person and Jason Taylor is that he already has money. He isn't desperate for a job. He could retire today and still be set for life. So, Jason Taylor being unemployed is no excuse to sign with the enemy.

Armando I liked the NE senario of trading down, here's my thoughts. I’ve already blogged that I could see a Miami Dallas trade spots in the first round Dallas to #12 and Miami slips down to #27. The all so famous Jimmy Johnson Draft Value Chart assigns 1200 points to a #12 pick and 680 to a #27 position. The math leaves Miami 520 points shy of a fair switch. Dallas’s 2nd round at #59 has only a 310 value falling short of a fair switch. The draft is loaded with talent and Billy P. may value the #59 pick even with it falling short of true Value Chart “Perfect Switch”. The #27 pick for the Dolphins is a better value pick for a need such as Dan Williams the Tennessee DT then picking Williams at #12. I see players involved in the switch and I mean more than one doing the Miami/Dallas shuffle. Patrick Creyton, Marion Barber, Vernon Carey (Carey is the NFL’s best LT playing RG), Justin Smiley, Teddy Ginn. Some combination of these players not all, but based on needs of the teams. The #12 position is pivotal this year because of teams upstream needing O Linemen desperately, allowing top ten talent to fall. I believe this will be a draft day deal, or a day before. Two things to watch for Miami bringing in 20-32 talent close to the draft, and Dallas to bring in top ten talent. Mel and Todd under oath swear Dez Bryant will not fall past the #20 pick. Dallas has already scheduled Dez Bryant for a workout. It’s not like JJ and Billy P aren’t on speedial with each other or not done this before in the last two years. Thanks SteFin

What the heck is wrong with you, Mando? Go ahead? Sign with the Jets?! No way! The draft is only a few days away, after which the Dolphins can seriously start thinking about a contract for him. Or, heaven forbid, they decide not to sign him, I'm sure there will be other teams interested that can pay him more than what the Jets are able to offer.

Get over yourself Armando
You are not the one to make jt a decision
In terms of making business decision, the smart thing to do is the way all your options, not to listen to you
Fact is jt will has more options after the draft, not just by the fins but by every team that wants to add lb depth
The jets tried to rush him to make a decisionand sign him before he left - it didn't work
The jets afterall are limited as to what they can spend (which has to equal the salary of thier kicker from last year)
The rest of the NFL does not
The smart business decision is to wait a whole 10 days and evaulate his options
Man I would never take advice from you clearly your agenda is to write a sensational story not give spud advice

Dear Mr. Parcell's

Please trade down so we can get an extra 2nd round pick.

PS: Trade the extra 2nd for Marshall.

PSS: Then shove Pat White's entire head, helmet and all, up Jeffy's a s s!

Great! Another NY homer doing the reporting for South Florida sports. Thought you were diferent Mando.

Mando you can't compare an over paid professional athlete with an under paid middle class worker. Of course they would take the job. I'm guessing JT doesn't need the money although who couldn't use 3 million dollars. There is just something not right about JT playing for the Jets. Dan Marino and Zack Thomas had a chance to play for division rivals but the chose not to. That's Class! JT is on the downside but is still the best pass rusher on our team. He played out of position last year and still had 7.5 sacks. My personal opinion is to resign him and let him teach our younger players and play on passing downs only. Keep him fresh and he will have at least 10 plus sacks!

Time for JT to go. He doesnt want to be here so bye-bye. He is a 3rd down player only, why bother with it? If he doesnt stay then why care where he goes? He can go back to dancing with the stars for all I care. For the last couple of years JT has acted like a Diva not like a guy part of a team trying to win a Super Bowl

there is no guarantee Dez Bryant last til #12.

Armando you are way off on this one.Jason has more options than the jets.He is not looking at the long term effects of this decision.Do you think in 1 or 2 years from now the fans are going to forget this when his career is over?He should just sell his home forget any Jason Taylor foundations and live in New York.The majority of fans will never forgive and forget.The guy does not need the money!!!We both know that.

Bring JT back. We don't want to make the same mistake the Packers made.

1. JT has plenty to offer next season

2. He only wants to play 2 more seasons.

3. JT is family, lets keep this in the family.

please don't sign jason and let him go ,he's below average player at best .

I'm going to miss you Jason.

Then again, I still miss Dan and Don and Nat and Larry and Mercury........

Oh well, moving right along, come on Draft Day!

is jt still wants to play ? at 39 he should be retiring .

Armando, as usual your logic is tortured. Frankie is correct. It is probably true that an average American who makes $50K a year would jump at the chance to be paid a couple million. Jason Taylor is not an average American in terms of his economic worth. He has said before that he's set for life. He doesn't have to play another game in the NFL in order to live a long, very comfortable life. Why stain his reputation with the Dolphins by going to a team that he obviously hates and Dolphins fans hate even more? He didn't go to the Patriots when he had the chance and they have a much better chance of winning the SB than the Jests. He's attempting to use the Jests as leverage, but Parcells and Ireland aren't playing. With the exception of one year, Taylor has played his entire career in Miami. He won't go to another team unless he has no choice. If it comes down to going to the Jests or retiring, I believe that he will retire.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Jason Taylor [Taps Mic] With a tear in his eye he begins to sing.

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your (Tuna's Office) door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn
The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could die

So resign me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Sign me like you'll never let me go

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, Tuna, I hate to go

Soiled :(

leave,P L E A S E

If Taylor goes to the Jets, I will always cherish the memories of cheering for him(My favorite Phin since Marino)but I will also cherish the future memories of Ronnie Brown strutting right past him for a TD.

"In my column in today's Herald, I make the point that Taylor should just go ahead and call the Dolphins' bluff and go to the Jets."

How about a pro-Dolphin column on why the Dolphins are taking the stance they are with JT and why they should call JT's bluff and let him sign with the Jets , if that is what he wishes to do ?

You act like they have no clue as to his value to the team , I mean who would know what he has left better ? Not a sexy story , just truthful journalism.

Thoughts on this , is ,who will rush the passer next season if they lose taylor? there is currently no one on the roster at this time that qualify's.

Whether Jason stays or goes isnt going to make or break 1 game this season
The Tuna and Sparano are looking to make this team better and the last thing they need to worry about this close to the draft is some Diva.
Sorry Jason but this team is going to move on without you



Ireland said that he views the draft like a poker game and tries to mess with his opponents... Taylor is just visiting the J-E-T-S suck suck suck to screw with people. If I am wrong and he does sign, I might cry a little bit.

PRIDE! Don shula messed up when he did not go after buddy ryan.We had a bum and a man with one eyebrow for def.cord while marino was here.You cant trust a man with one eyebrow.PRIDE!Bill messed up when he didnt hire rex ryan as coach.Rex dont care about pride he goes for it! I`am fat so I`ll get help,champion ship teams are built around def.so he trys to get help,players like coach who get down to their level not sit in a golf cart eating and staring at them.Bill has so much pride he wount do whats best for the team just like he wont loose weight.He thinks, I can do it all my self.Sorry my friend there is only one man that ever could do it himself and that is he came to earth.Guess what he was HUMBLE!

First let me say I lve three miles from the meadowlands stadium and have been a Miami fan from the beginning. As I see it JT has three option.
1. Sign with the jets and extend his career.
2. Sit around with his finger up his butt and wait on the Dolphins to exteend him a contract.
3. Retire and pursue his acting career, which he wanted to do after DWTS.
Personnally I would rather see JT in Giant blue if he really wants to come north.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Jason Taylor's oncore

Give Me A Ticket For An Airoplane
I Ain't Got Time To Take No Fast Train
Oh ,The Lonely Days Are Gone..I'm coming Home
Bill Parcells Wrote Me A Letter

I Don't Care How Much Money I Got To Spend
I got to get back to my Dolphins again
Oh The Lonely Days Are Gone...I'm coming home
Bill Parcells, He Wrote Me A Letter

Bill Parcells Wrote Me A Letter
Said The Dolphins Couldn't Live With Out Me No More
Listen To Me Mr. Salguero Don't You Here Me Ravin'
For My Dolphins Once More...Anyway

Give Me A Ticket For An Airoplane
I Ain't Got Time To Take No Fast Train
Oh ,The Lonely Days Are Gone
I'm coming home

Bill Parcells Wrote Me A Letter

Soiled :)

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