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Sunday morning happenings in Dolphins country

A couple of interesting things this Sunday morning:

First off, Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post is saying that based on his conversations with other teams, it seems to him the Dolphins are looking to trade down from No. 12 in the first round. Perhaps the trade down I proposed last week isn't so crazy after all.

Bottom line here? Teams call other teams before the draft and talk about trading up and down all the time. Doesn't mean they're going to do it. Doesn't mean it is what they want to do. They are testing the waters so when they dive in on draft day, it isn't a shock to the system.

Having said that, every player the Dolphins seemingly have locked into -- Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas, Dan Williams -- seem to be rated slightly lower than at No. 12 by all the so-called experts. Maybe the Dolphins can gain a pick by moving down and still land their guy.

Next, Jason Taylor continues to be an issue because, well, because I choose to make it so.

In my column in today's Herald, I make the point that Taylor should just go ahead and call the Dolphins' bluff and go to the Jets.

If you are now aghast at the thought, get over it.

Man's got a right to work and the Jets are offering a job.

If you would consider J.T. some sort of turncoat if he goes to the Jets, let me pose a hypothetical question to you.

As much as you hate the New York Jets, what would you do if you were unemployed and Rex Ryan called you tomorrow and said, "The New York Jets will pay you $1.5 million to come work for them this year and $1.95 million for next year." You know that you'd hold your nose and take the job. If you say you would not, you're probably lying.

The amount of the deal isn't actually that important. A job is a job and you take it.

It's a business decision and you'd make it.

Jason Taylor is also entitled to make a business decision -- even one he doesn't necessarily want to make.

And if the Dolphins don't like the idea of that decision, they should step in and stop it. They have not done that so far.


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why did we sign an injured QB and suspended NT but let one of leaders walk????? i don't like ireland. he comes across like a pompous ass. he even tried to trick people by saying he was going defense when we had the 1st pick of the draft(jake long). what purpose did that serve? he is a guy that sets a trap and then steps in it! he doesn't care about JT or ZACH. this will hurt team morale.

The answer to this problem is simple. All they need to do is tell JT what they are trying to do and what they intend to do after the draft. They know that the guy is antsy right about now and he wants to be reassured. I would also trade down and get a nose tackle and a wide receiver; terrance cody/dez bryant.



Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

I must say I have enjoyed your recent posts immensely.
That being said, I must admit, that last one caused me to shed a tear or two.

Oh Jason, Jason, JASON!

We all know that the Jets can't sign a free agent until they lose one. They lost Jay Feely a couple of days ago and can now sign one. The Jets are holding that spot for Taylor right now. What if the Dolphins and Taylor a getting one over on the Jets right now by not letting them sign a player? Far fetched, but, could be true this time of year...... You never know.

JT would not be the first dolphin star to cut and run. All of the other big names that did are still held in high esteem by dolphin fans
i.e. Czonka, Kiick and Morris all left in the same year and the team survived. So if JT decides to leave he will still hold a place in our hearts for all of the great years he gave us.

They HAVE to trade down. What you said is exactly the truth, everyone on our radar doesn't fit the value a #12 pick corresponds with. Trade down, still get our guy and then some. Fill all the holes THIS year. OLB, FS, OLB, NT, WR. They brought Ferguson back for a reason. NT will not be taken with our 1st pick. Weather the storm with Soliai and our late round NT pick then start Ferg when he gets back. Our defense will be FAST this year. Watchout!

As much as I don't care whether JT signs with teh Jets or not, your hypotheetical scenario isn't entirely fair. Jason Taylor has made somewhere int he neighbourhood of $70m over his career as a 'Phin. 2 million isn't going to make or break him while it would certainly make everyone on this blog. If he signs with the Jets, it's purely selfish and has nothing to do with business. he doesn't need the money which is why he played for the league minimum last year.

Csonka, Kiick and Warfield all left for the WFL in the same year.
Morriss stayed on for another three years until being traded to San Diego.
The point is, JT has to do what JT has to do.
The Miami Dolphins have to do what the Miami Dolphins have to do.
We'll survive with or without JT. There's plus and minuses either way. It just depends on what "blue print" the Trifecta chooses to follow.
It is what it is. I'm just hoping we don't end up with another brilliant Pat White pick in the second round. YIKES!!!!

JT want's a championship and he deserves it, wherever that may be. GL Jason.

The Pack turned their back on Favre and what do they have to show for it? 2 losses last year. We are still suffering for letting Wes Welker go to the Pats, and Philly will see this year what trading McNabb to the Skins will result in. The Jets let Chad Pennington go and he took us to the Playoffs and won the AFC East. Now, he will groom Chad Henne for us. Have I made my point, yet? It will backfire if we let him go.

I respectfully disagree, Armando. After all, we are not talking about what "I" would do... we are talking about what a guy who has been a Dolphin for all but one year of his career would do. A man who has repeatedly engaged Jests fans as if he feels the same about them as I/We do. Was that all a "Try out" for his Hollywood career?
"Jests fans are Giants fans who couldn't get tickets" as my Nephew so vividly pointed out to me... To believe JT would add himself to their ranks is something I thought "below" him... I was wrong.
JT holds in the balance a choice that will make him become one of the biggest jokes in the AFC East and a "Punch line" to those very fans he once acted like he despised. Dragging us in on HIS lousy joke as a result of his impatiens and need for being stroked. Seeing as he prides himself the leader on our defense. And, since I have yet to watch him Hoist the Lombardi over his head to our fans in triumph... I consider his loss as less then a disaster. Unless you are speaking of him and what will be left of his reputation of coarse. And I believe what infuriates me more than anything else is the perception of ineptitude he is adding to concerning our team. As if we need to regress in what both our fans and the rest of the league thinks of our team 2 years removed from a 1-15 season (that HE was a MAJOR part of by the way). Since I do not share the sentimentality... nor the view you have that it is best that JT does what is right by him... I will ask a question of you or anyone else who shares the same view point as you... Who are YOU or HE trying to kid?... Is it not true that JT has ALWAYS done what is right by him and his family? After all.. one would expect no less. But... another question is eating at the back of my mind... When does it become about the fans? When does it become about those who allow that lavish lifestyle you have come to enjoy Mr. Taylor by purchasing your merchandise and attending your games?...
JT has indeed done what is right by himself; and done so while spending a bunch of THE FANS season tickets money doing so. So, I suppose its just "Tough Luck" for us fans... because after all... JT MUST do what is right for his family....PLEASE!!!
The man is a Multimillionaire athlete who has done well by OUR Support. We sit back and condemn the NFL and its players for having lost its personality and their personal loyalty in a blizzard of free agent deals and "What is best for the Player and his family excuses and defections" Yet... still still have the stomach to sit back and write a piece that seems only to support this derailment of what was once considered "OUR TEAM". We are now subjugated to cheering for a "LOGO". They would do well in today's NFL to leave the players names off their jerseys... who cares? They will be "Doing what is right" for them and their family in no time at all. So why learn the names?
I will not agree nor add credence to what I perceive as hypocrisy. I say this with all respect and admiration to your work... but I am in 100% disagreement with you on this one Armando.

Yah! What Bill Ruger said!

Not everybody is for sale. Maybe you would be lying if you said that, but you don't speak for others. If Taylor wants to work for the Jets, he's free to. It will be funny when he gets booed by his own "fans".

If JT wants to "play" for a couple of more years, I would assume that he'd want to "play" for the object of his professional desire, a Ring. The Dolphins are more than 2 years away from competing for a Super Bowl trophy.
The Jets defense is already a top rated defense, and JT would not only make it better, they would use him correctly, the way the Dolphins were supposed to have used him last season.
Right now, JT is unemployed. The Dolphins might want to sign him after the draft, they may not. NY wants to sign him now.

I can do math.

last i heard...

we made the playoffs without JT....let the traitor go!! sorry i can't stand the jets....and i won't get over that...

and we shall move on.....

Without JT its playoffs for sure

Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

At the risk of being a "copy cat".....AGAIN. I picture JT leaving Parcell's office, stomping down the Hall with Pantera cranking out of the headphones:

Can't you see how easily I'm bothered by persistence
One step from lashing out at you...
You want in to get under my skin
And call yourself a friend
I've got more friends like you
What do I do?


Is there no standard anymore?
What it takes, who I am, where I've been
You can't be something you're not
Be yourself, by yourself
Stay away from me
A lesson learned in life
Known from the dawn of time



I hear Twinkle Toes Taylor will be debuting on broadway version of Mama Mia

My goodness, everyones knickers are in a twist.
Hope we are able to trade down...

Yes Taylor hates the Jets but loves their money...we all get it.

jt this jt that who cares if he stay's great if goes so what?we need to move on anyway.
blane or who ever said trading down is stupid?man you got too be crazy this is going too be the best draft in years?we should stack as many picks as possiable.i'm all for tradeing down getting extra picks and DEZ BRYANT.win win for us?

Mmm, none of the 30 other teams out there have an interest in Taylor... Only the Jets have an interest??? BS..Taylor is pushing the envelope and expects the Fins to come crawling..Good luck Jason, enjoy NY and oh, by the way, wait till u see ur check after NY taxes....

I don't care about all the arguments pro or con. Do right by your family, whine cry, he wanted to be a dancer whimper moan, blah blah blah.
From a football perspective, and that's all I really care about, MY Miami Dolphins, Taylor was misused terribly last. You know why? Because our linebacker play was basically atrocious. So far, to date, we've added Dansby, that's it. ONE.
This is why I don't get the way the FO has handled "JasonGate" thus far. Screw all the drama and the Hall of Fame s h i t, I want to know what have you done for me lately?
I'll tell you what he's done for us lately. Last season JT OUTPLAYED EVERY SINGLE LINEBACKER on our roster.
Good, bad or ugly, he was the anchor of our defense.
So save all the bull and all the drama. Right NOW, TODAY, Jason Taylor IS the best option we got.
I understand the reasoning behind the way the FO is handling "JasonGate", I just don't agree with it.


Yea, if Taylor would wait until after the draft, he would have offers from more teams, probably including the Dolphins... Taylor probably wouldn't even be there for training camp, so what is his rush??? I'm also pretty sure he could get more than the $1.5 million that the Jets are limited to offer him... If he goes there, its because he wants to

Seems like every team is trying to trade down... Reports out of Denver saying they are trying to get out of 11 spot...all comes down to Draft Day

we sould be talking about the NEW olb's.because we all know we are going to get some?not the old one's on there last leg.jason i respect you as a player and what you have meant to the town and team.but we all know all good things must come too an end.

Dear Mr. Salguero

bill parcells rebutle song

Bill Parcell [Taps mic] And screams

Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor

Beaten, why for (why for)
Can't take much more
Here we go here we go here we go, now

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Push me again (again)
This is the end
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One, something's got to give
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Let the bodies hit the floor
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Let the bodies hit the floor

Bill Parcells [Throws Mic to the ground]

Soiled :)

Taylor won't sign. He thinks he is creating leverage - but he has none. It's all posturing. I expect him to resign after the draft or play for the Patriots, not Jets.

If Taylor wants to work. Right up to training camp and beyond he'll have plenty of oportunities. Not limited to "just the jets" but more choices at probably better money. Jason has no problem with unemployment. We can't say the same for the rest of society.

This just posted on Twitter....Adam_Schefter "With trade speculation focusing on Marshawn Lynch, don't forget the Dolphins have been open to dealing RB Ronnie Brown for well over a year."

1) The Trifecta has never really had faith in JT. Remember they sent him to WAS?
So first they want to see how the draft goes before taking a decision on him: that's sound business.

2) Would be nice to trade down, for sure. But who does want to give up picks in a deep draft? Someone who's really in a desesperate "win now" mode. I see very few candidates, outside DAL and perhaps MIN.

JT only goes to the Jetskies if the Phish don't want him.

The Jets offer is for less than he made last year and they can't go any higher (unless they cut someone) cause of the final 8 rules.

The guy wants to be a Phin, but if that doesn't work out he wants to play somewhere while he still can.

It would be hard to hold any ill will if he moves on.

Hell, we should trade up!! We need several positions filled by this draft. If we trade down, we might as well do a deal with Denver and throw in Marshall.

I think alot of people are forgetting that JT also just had shoulder surgery

if we did trade for marshall henne would do a back flip in his livingroom!i would as well!dude is a beast.

devon bess would sell him #15.

i could see a 2 and a player make that trade work?

Some of you people lack intelligence. You think because Jason Taylor has made money during his career he should yield the opportunity to continue playing?

He wants to play! And none of you have the right to tell him to stop -- no matter how much money he has or hasn't made.

If the Jets are the only team offering him a contract, he has no other choice. This is on the Dolphins not JT.

I don't think the higher ups with Miami care about the shoulder surgery, they resigned Pennington who has no shoulders left! To me Taylor represents everything good and honest about the Dolphins. Let's face it, we don't have an all star on the team. It's a sad day when the offensive linemen sell more jerseys than any other position on the team. Taylor has been the face of the organization for years and is also a huge part of the Miami community with all of the charity work he does. Doesn't loyalty count for anything anymore? Yeah, he is checking out the market and sleeping with the enemy, just hopefully not with Rex Ryan (I don't think Rex Ryan could even stand to have sex with Rex Ryan, because he just wants to feel loved and appreciated by the team he openly wants to retire from.

No leverage?
I disagree. He may not have a lot of leverage, but he's got some.
Every defensive coordinator in the nfl, except apparently Pasqulony, values pass rush specialist.
There's no need for all the hating, Jason's just dealing with the situation he's found himself in.
You really can't blamr the FO for wanting to get younger and better. You can't blame JT for wanting a little stability in a wanning career.
After the Draft JT will get some offers.

If JT was 7 years younger, I would be upset. He is not that good anymore. Besides, he is a jinx.

Taylor represents everything good an honest about the Dolphins??? Ha! He bailed on the team once to dance and is now flirting with the enemy...

Jason Taylor has been a great Dolphin in the past, but he is on the decline and has never won anything... for sure playoffs with no JT, 3-13 with him

Read your article and the bottom line is it's a free country -- at least for a little while longer.

So JT can go anywhere he wants where a contract is available. The only place a contract is available is the NYJets.

This is what happens when Bill Parcells spends all spring at baseball games and Jeff Ireland is in charge. Things get screwed up.

wow jt's bone must be sore cuz all of you are all over it.dude is a hof player yes but he has'nt won miami dolphins anything maybe a couple of playoff games that's it.people are talking about him like he is reggie white or something?

Just what is it about the JT situation that is so hard for you to figure out Armando? The Trifecta are obviosuly targeting Derrick Morgan, and if they get him JT is expendable.

Do you have any reason to believe that was not made perfectly clear to JT and his agent? There are no rumblings from them that they are being "kept in the dark" by the Trifecta. They know what the situation is.

If Morgan is gone before the Fins pick, JT will be brought back.

Given the Jet's offer remains on the table after the draft, why shouldn't JT just wait and see what unfolds? I mean, we're talking 11 days till draft day! What's the rush!

Can it be any simpler than that?

If he had so much leverage - how come all these other teams that value pass rushers haven't lined up to sign him? He is just trying to force the Dolphins hand to sign him by intending to go to the one team that he knows the public would hate. Hey, I still believe he can help this team and is better than the OLBs we have now, and think we should resign him regardless of what we do in the draft. But, if we can't see he is trying to play the "sign me or else I'm signing here" game - then we aren't paying attention.

JT knows the Dolphins aren't planning on signing him until after the draft, I'm sure he would get looked at after the draft by more teams as well... In fact there have been articles on this website months ago stating that the Dolphins will not make a move on Taylor until after the draft... JT knows their stance and it is his choice to go be with the dirty Jets...

JT went dancing because Parcells was ignoring him! He still wants to play football. He could have already retired and became a movie star by now (however the guy on one of the CSI's looks exactly like him). As much as a fan I am of Parcells, I just can't fault Taylor.

i will give you he was our best linebacker last year but that's not saying much?
crowder,adyele,porter,wake,anderson,moses wake is the best one,last year was his first real playing time
besides bench rideing.

MJZ, I love the Dolphins but why should Jason Taylor wait on the Dolphins? Name me the reasons.

Don't you understand that the New York Jets also have options in the draft and if he waits he might lose his only opportunity?

You and others are not thinking.

MJZ you got it man!i just think morgan will be picked just ahead of us at 11 jax.

Carlito you are just plain stupid with the comments you make on here. Mando should ban your butt.

Carlito, I agree with you 100% that it is JT who is flirting with the Jets, but is all to get the Dolphins attention. It's like in middle school when I girl breaks up with you, you automatically start flirting with the girl in class with bigger boobs, only because you know it will make your ex's jealous. Face it, right now the Jets have bigger boobs, and that's with out Rex Ryan taking his shirt off.

Alex in Hialeah, I will eat your children

alex your not thinking he will have offer from us after the draft he has been around long enough too know how this works.so that's not his only option.any one ever stop to think why?jets come on he is just testing bill?he won't sign with jets than he'll never be welcome home ever!

Thoughts on this , is ,who will rush the passer next season if they lose taylor? there is currently no one on the roster at this time that qualify's.

Dolphin Man, have you not heard of a guy named Cameron Wake who very effective when Porter "let him" come on the field?

Derrick Morgan is the target pick at 12, and if he is gone or Dez is picked instead Mike Nolan will be using Karlos Dansby and Bell and Davis on blitz packages.

Starks and Langford will get some sacks too, just as they did last year.

dantheman that was great good stuff!lol

we still have anderson also he will make some noise.the game he started for porter he had like 2 sacks 2 forced fumbles like 5 tackles or so.in the backfeild all day long.he has been waiting since the trifectia got here to prove him self he will get his shot this year.i think he has been waiting for this moment of truth!

i think we get olb'sx3
j.hughes< j.worilds< a.moats< we may or may not need jt.if it's up too nolan i bet we get him back?

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