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Sunday morning happenings in Dolphins country

A couple of interesting things this Sunday morning:

First off, Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post is saying that based on his conversations with other teams, it seems to him the Dolphins are looking to trade down from No. 12 in the first round. Perhaps the trade down I proposed last week isn't so crazy after all.

Bottom line here? Teams call other teams before the draft and talk about trading up and down all the time. Doesn't mean they're going to do it. Doesn't mean it is what they want to do. They are testing the waters so when they dive in on draft day, it isn't a shock to the system.

Having said that, every player the Dolphins seemingly have locked into -- Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas, Dan Williams -- seem to be rated slightly lower than at No. 12 by all the so-called experts. Maybe the Dolphins can gain a pick by moving down and still land their guy.

Next, Jason Taylor continues to be an issue because, well, because I choose to make it so.

In my column in today's Herald, I make the point that Taylor should just go ahead and call the Dolphins' bluff and go to the Jets.

If you are now aghast at the thought, get over it.

Man's got a right to work and the Jets are offering a job.

If you would consider J.T. some sort of turncoat if he goes to the Jets, let me pose a hypothetical question to you.

As much as you hate the New York Jets, what would you do if you were unemployed and Rex Ryan called you tomorrow and said, "The New York Jets will pay you $1.5 million to come work for them this year and $1.95 million for next year." You know that you'd hold your nose and take the job. If you say you would not, you're probably lying.

The amount of the deal isn't actually that important. A job is a job and you take it.

It's a business decision and you'd make it.

Jason Taylor is also entitled to make a business decision -- even one he doesn't necessarily want to make.

And if the Dolphins don't like the idea of that decision, they should step in and stop it. They have not done that so far.


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I'm beginning to lose faith in Dolphin FO and the Big Three. The JETS are making moves and keep inproving while we sign a QB that has just had his third shoulder surgery, sign a DT that fails a test and won't be here for the first 8 games,but don't sign a guy that had 5 sacks, played all 16 games, and plays a position that we need.I wish I could see the logic.

Makes little if any sense for Miami to bring him back. Especially when you consider Wake had almost as many sacks as Taylor and probably played half the snaps JT did. Its also pretty telling that the Patriots haven't showed ANY interest in Taylor, unlike in years past. Fans needs to think with their heads not with their hearts. If you were the GM you would be doing the same thing Ireland is doing. The sad thing for JT though is that unlike here, if he wasn't making the plays the fans expected of him we would let it slide for the 12 seasons he gave us. In New York? They will boo him off the field. If he doesn't deliver, New York will feel like Hell to Taylor by October.

9 million my azzzzzzzzzzzzz

He's very wealthy, he could retire today and live like a king for the rest of his life. Completely different then if the average joe needed employment. It certainly would tarnish his image for me if he becomes a patsie or jets player.

I wouldn't take the job and I wouldn't be lying cuz I'm not no sell out and who ever wrote this column why u don't u go work for the jets u trader

what u think we could get for brown?i say 3rd at best.

U must get a 2nd for Brown or he is not worth trading...he is still young and has higher value then anything else we can put out there

JT is a Dolphin First...and he should stay that way.....

he get's hurt every year.he is not young for a rb.span is 3-5 years.ronnie has been in nfl since 06'?05'

younger than williams yes.but hilliard is our youngest back or sheets.sheets might not even make team?cobbs will be back.tony soprano's favorite player.


What were you saying about Marshawn Lynch? Were you thinking some kind of trade of him for Brown?

The rumour I've heard is the Pats are looking at Lynch and might move a second for him. I still think he could be productive in the right set-up.

Craig M, no I just copied and pasted Sheftler's Tweet... He said everyone expected Lynch to be traded but the Dolphins have been shopping Ronnie for awhile...I've been saying for a long time I wouldn't be suprised if Ronnie got traded before camp...last week the Dolphins said they only want to carry 3 RB's so it might happen

thank god we have bobbyd12 on this blog .he can put some sense in people's brains .

ALoco, need to suprise ur girlfriend and get her the new I-Pad...she will make u the greatest meatball subs EVER!!! Take my word


The only way I see them trading Ronnie is if they draft a decent back in the draft or add someone respectable in FA. I wouldn't feel comfortable with just the other three guys left. Williams did stellar work last year but he's another year old and I think he's close to hitting the wall. I also would hate to think what would happen if he went down.

i pad does not not have a camera ,it's not a cool thing .apple just riding high on all these tolls who does the same thing .by the way .how many things you need in your life ?



There's a report out that JT isn't going to make a decision on the Jets now until mid-week at the earliest. This has become a bit of a joke! Either you want to go to New York right now or you don't. If you want to go, then just go. If your not sure then wait until after the draft, like the Dolphins wanted you to. This is all about control with this guy and I can only guess just how big his ego is.

The draft is in 10 days. If the Jets can't wait until after the draft then go somewhere else. I think this guy has a need to be in the news almost as much as Brett Favre. My God these guys are insecure!




pretty weak rb class.not alot freeagents left to chose from in that postion either.but one could get cut before we start playing for real?

Aloco what is the movie of the night?

parcells is a damn fool, along with ireland,sparano and ross. until we go deep in the playoffs and win the afc championship and the super bowl there are no genious' here, nor czars or gurus whatever you want to call them.

Craig M...like I said the organization said last week they only want to carry 3 RBs and they want to see what Hilliard can do this year, they want to give him alot more carries...I would be comfortable with Ricky, Hilliard and Cobbs...


I need info on these Ronnie Brown rumors...

trade down easier said than done.
It's a good draft.....

what' up with smiley trade???????

Well you heard him Dolphins "step in and stop it"
But please oh please do the "step in" part...

Come on guys please

If I had the millions that JT has, I definitely would not take the stinkin' Jests money, especially knowing how much he can't stand them!
I realize that he still has a passion to play, but he can catch on with another team, and not have to step foot in joisey, and play for a loser windbag like Rex Ryan!
I think he should wait to see what the Dolphin's plans are after the draft, which is just around the corner.
He obviously wants to be with his family in Miami.
By waiting to see if he's still a fit, at least there's a real chance he can still play, and be in Miami with his family.
Of course I can't speak for JT, but that's just my take on it.
If he does sign with the jests, it takes away any possibility of him staying home, and also stains his legacy by sleeping with the crappy enemy!

This must be about money the phins must be lowballing my boy. He knows and they know the want him back. they problably are waiting until after the draft so they can say see we got kindle so we don't need you as much take this amount if you want to come. But taylor is establishing his value albeit through the jets ... so lets see how it plays out.

It has been 25 years and I still dream about that guy given me that header, I will not forget my true love. How I long for the day of man mouth




Good evening Gents and the ungentle... how is every one this fine Sunday Night? Pricemaster... good to see you in good form... Lots of opinions today...huh? Anyone buying into the trade down scuttlebutt? Or is this just the latest Miami smokescreen? All and all I have to say I'm happy its all getting closer to a brand new conversation.

If we trade Ronnie and don't draft a RB we could sign:

Michael Bennett
Ladell Betts
Chris Brown
Rock Cartwright
Justin Fargas
Ahman Green
Verron Haynes
Kevin Jones
LaMont Jordan
Jamal Lewis
Xavier Omon
Adrian Peterson - Chicago
Aaron Stecker
Brian Westbrook
DeShawn Wynn
Justin Griffith
Brad Hoover
Jeremi Johnson
Dan Kreider
Jason McKie

Or ride it out with Ricky, Lex, and Patrick - since the list isn't very promising...

I hate when people act like rivalries don't matter, that it's just a business and such. I hate the jets and the bills and the pats. We play them twice a year and we have to deal with their fans year round. To suggest that a player like JT should go to New York is ridiculous. And to suggest that fins fans should agree with that decision is beyond ridiculous.

Armando have you ever considered part of the urgency not to sugn JT earlier his because he's not going to be part of organized offseason workouts anyway?

I see no scenario where JT won't be resigned. Even if he becomes a designated pass rusher in creatively designed rush packages. Only thing 100% certain is under any circumstances will JT be an every down player.

Wonder if Dying Breed wants to wrap his lips around my man meat? Since he knows nuthin about the Dolphins maybe he be good at havin a mouthfull

The only scenario in which there is a sign and trade for Brown, would be a package deal. He has no value to other teams alone. What GM. in hau right mind would do a heads up trade for him at this point? Does anyone think we could get more then a 5th rounder for him right now? And even if we could, that is a shite deal for us. Hopefully Brown gets healthy, avoids suspension, and has a productive year.

Brown and Smiley for a 2nd....

I'm starting to think that JT has put up a mighty smoke screen to the fins. Earlier reports stated that he was about to sign with the jets and now his agent is saying that a decision won't be made anytime soon. This is great the Fins called his bluff and now the ball is in their court. I have enjoyed seeing JT all these years but who does he think he is. Kudos to the Fins for standing their ground!

I also think it would be smart for the Fins to drop down in the draft. Maybe they get a better value pick in the early 20's and pick up an extra draft pick. I would love to see Earl Thomas in a Fin uniform. Just imagine the secondary with Thomas, Smith, Davis, Allen, and Bell. It would seem like an automatic upgrade. I know everyone is screaming for a WR but the defense needs more rebuilding than the offense does.

Just Because,
Do you think your trade is realistic, or just a reach? We will see next week what kind of contract Brown is offered. You have to think if Brown is going to be traded, the size and length of any contract he signs here will be a big clue into any trade possibilities.

its a 1 year contract at about 3.89 mil - his tender.

Why wouldn't it be realistic? The asking price on Smiley was a 3rd round pick - realistically he is worth a 4th round pick. Brown is on a 1st round tender - realistically you might be able to get a late 2nd-3rd round pick for him. The both of them together - a starting RB who has been to a Pro Bowl and a starting Offensive Guard who is rated one of the best pass protecting guards in the league. Sure, they both have injury concerns - but a team like say San Diego - needs a RB and could use a OG - why wouldn't they pull the trigger?

I just think this is to steep a price for players that are injury prone. You know how freeky teams are about draft picks, especially early rounders. Having 3 picks in the 2nd round would be great. As far as San Diego goes, They choose I think @ 27, I've heard that they are high on Matthews from Fresno,or they could possibly go Best from Cal. I understand that San diego is just a team used for your scenario, but I don't think they would be a willing partner in a trade like this one.

By Tim Graham

Don't expect any Jason Taylor announcements for at least a couple more days.

ESPNNewYork.com's Jane McManus caught up with Taylor's agent, Gary Wichard, who said the longtime Miami Dolphins pass-rusher still needs time to decide whether he wants to sign with the New York Jets. McManus' report says "mid-week at the earliest."

"It's not even about a contract," Gary Wichard told McManus. "It's about Jason making the decision with his wife to move up to New York and play. When that's decided he'll have an opportunity to move forward in one direction or another."

Wichard also denied a South Florida Sun-Sentinel report from Friday that claimed Taylor was on the verge of signing with the Jets and that the only details being worked out pertained to Taylor's involvement in the offseason conditioning program.

We suck. Sorry about that.

Oh wait it is ok for pricemasterbater to have a man's mouth on his unit. Pricemaster can @zz bang men, as long as he does not get it up his. Is this not G@Y? Pricemaster is a qweeer!

I hear you too - but if Smiley is already on the block and Brown is reportedly on the block as well (I think it's possible he is, since they almost traded him for Braylon Edwards last year - reportedly) that they could get a 2nd Round pick for the both of them together.

San Diego could go for Matthews or Best - but any team that feels that they are close to contending, that needs a starting RB, or a strong RB to put in a platoon (much like Ronnie was with Ricky) and a starting OG or top reserve OG - could do worse than getting Brown or Smiley.

But again we are just throwing darts blindly in the dark.

Where is NJ? Nobody seems too worried about our beloved NJ. I believe he fell asleep on pricemaster's sofa and up with a mouth full of wiener. He choked and died. Then pricemaster disposed of his body.

Wonder if Dying Breed wants to wrap his lips around my man meat? Since he knows nuthin about the Dolphins maybe he be good at havin a mouthfull

Posted by: Pricemaster | April 11, 2010 at 09:53 PM

Sounds like you havent had a woman since that biotch in heat mutt last had you.

Dying breed you fool
it is NJ posing as pricemaster. he is taunting you, please fight back and put that piece of filth in his place.


Philadelphia (2 2nd Rders), Minnesota, Green Bay, Houston(would be rough trading with a competitor) are some other teams that could be open to that idea IMO

Just Because dont say "open" to pricemaster. He will any opening up. He is an admitted F@G.

J.B. I hear you, it is tough because we all speculate as to what is going to happen. Come up with ideas(good ones, bad ones) and go over these scenarios over and over in our minds. It is fun to have forums like this to bounce ideas, and have spirited debate.



IF the reports are true that the Dolphins are now trying to trade Ronnie Brown, then I'll have an I told you so to NJphinfan and all the other so called expert wannabes, Because of my prediction two weeks ago that the 12th pick would be Mr."Chunk Yards" CJ Spiller....the best player available with the 12th pick.

Bobbyd, I usually like everything you post, but I have seen you very strong in your opinion Brown could not be traded, that he had no value, that he couldn't pass a physical. I do not have the time to go find it, i saw it on a few occasions I remember that. Now that it is seriously being discussed, you say you have been saying this for some while. I have not been on a whole lot the last few weeks, so maybe you changed your opinion in that time, but you were very adament Brown had no shot of being traded. I only bring it up because you are usually very good with your posts. Ronnie Brown is my favorite Dolphin, there's not even a close second. I have given the Trifecta a lot of leeway, and even understanding that Brown is injury prone and in the final year of his contract, I will be highly pissed if they move Ronnie Brown. He exemplifies everything the Trifecta want In a football player, minus the DUI, and I just can't see them getting true value for him. What he brings to this team is a lot of things. Of only he could stay healthy.

Disagree on JT...What Bluff? they told JT what they were going to do...JT is not going to play games with this FO, If he truly wants to play for the Dolphins then he has to wait until after the draft....If we dont need him because we find what we are looking for then he has the summer to find a new home. Its simple as that, there are plenty of 3-4 teams that will be looking for veteran leadership at the LB position before the season starts because of injuries. Two years ago he wanted to take the summer off, now he willing to sign with the Jets in April.....JT has to understand that he is not calling the shots anymore, he's got 1 maybe 2 yr before retirement.

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