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Sunday morning happenings in Dolphins country

A couple of interesting things this Sunday morning:

First off, Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post is saying that based on his conversations with other teams, it seems to him the Dolphins are looking to trade down from No. 12 in the first round. Perhaps the trade down I proposed last week isn't so crazy after all.

Bottom line here? Teams call other teams before the draft and talk about trading up and down all the time. Doesn't mean they're going to do it. Doesn't mean it is what they want to do. They are testing the waters so when they dive in on draft day, it isn't a shock to the system.

Having said that, every player the Dolphins seemingly have locked into -- Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas, Dan Williams -- seem to be rated slightly lower than at No. 12 by all the so-called experts. Maybe the Dolphins can gain a pick by moving down and still land their guy.

Next, Jason Taylor continues to be an issue because, well, because I choose to make it so.

In my column in today's Herald, I make the point that Taylor should just go ahead and call the Dolphins' bluff and go to the Jets.

If you are now aghast at the thought, get over it.

Man's got a right to work and the Jets are offering a job.

If you would consider J.T. some sort of turncoat if he goes to the Jets, let me pose a hypothetical question to you.

As much as you hate the New York Jets, what would you do if you were unemployed and Rex Ryan called you tomorrow and said, "The New York Jets will pay you $1.5 million to come work for them this year and $1.95 million for next year." You know that you'd hold your nose and take the job. If you say you would not, you're probably lying.

The amount of the deal isn't actually that important. A job is a job and you take it.

It's a business decision and you'd make it.

Jason Taylor is also entitled to make a business decision -- even one he doesn't necessarily want to make.

And if the Dolphins don't like the idea of that decision, they should step in and stop it. They have not done that so far.


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If I were the Houston Texans, I'd offer my 2nd in a heartbeat for Ronnie Brown. Imagine that offense with Brown and Slaton. They struggle mightily in the red zone, and Brown is a beast there. If Brown is on the trade block, he will be traded, I have no doubts.

Yessss Bootang in the house!

I would be sad if Brown was traded, he is my favorite Dolphin as well, but if they get good value for him it could be a smart move


Bootang is correct. You are a flip flopper. What a joke boobyd12 is. bwhahahahahahahahahah

this is bull.s.h.it not the planes

As much as I don't care whether JT signs with teh Jets or not, your hypotheetical scenario isn't entirely fair. Jason Taylor has made somewhere int he neighbourhood of $70m over his career as a 'Phin. 2 million isn't going to make or break him while it would certainly make everyone on this blog. If he signs with the Jets, it's purely selfish and has nothing to do with business. he doesn't need the money which is why he played for the league minimum last year. ....my feelings exactly

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/04/sunday-morning-happenings-in-dolphins-country/comments/page/2/#comments#ixzz0kqqAixBn

Bootang25, at the end of the year I said that the only tradeable player we had was Ronnie Brown and I thought he might be traded...after I read about how serious an injury he had and he was barely able to walk I posted we can't trade him at this time because he can't pass an NFL physical, which he couldn't at that time...I know I sounded like I contadicted myself but I didn't realize the extent of his injury, when I did I said he couldn't be traded at the time...Sad to say I still think he is our most tradeable commodity... Situations change

If we could pull a 2nd rounder for him I think Parcells would pull the trigger in a heartbeat


What is good value for him? A high 2nd? I mean RB is one of those positions where you an find them at every point in the draft. With the money we have invested in our OLine, we should be able to have anyone toting the rock and be successful. So I can make a case for trading Ronnie, I just think it would be a mistake. He probably is the face of our franchise, rightly or wrongly, and as I said, is everything the Trifecta wants in a football player. Getting rid of him would just seem to deviate from the plan.

And killa dolphin, when I want ur opinion I'll beat it out of u, in the meantime be a good little girl and go to bed before mommy n daddy get upset

Bobbyd, no problem. I understand your comments now. My problem with trading Ronnie is you aren't just trading a RB, you are trading one of the leaders of our team, and arguably the most liked guy in the entire locker room. I like a LOT of guys in this draft, and the RB position is loaded. None, however come close to Ronnie.

Bootang25, the question is Ronnie is a FA at the end of the year..he would have been a FA this year except for the CBA being voided by the owners...Fins made no attempt to sign Ronnie to a new deal...sooooo do we let him play this year and let him become a FA or do we try to get something for him before years over...I don't think with his injury history Fins are going to give him long term deal...

Bootang no problem. I must say it is hard to admit when someone is wrong. I guess I was wrong

What's that?

The writings on the wall.

Ronnie Brown's the next veteran "progress stopper" to find himself on the outside looking in?

And by the way, I like Ronnie, when the organiztions said last week that they have one RB more then they like and they want Hilliard to get more carries this year I started to wonder if the writing was on the wall for someone

sup' fella's, any one out there that can tell me the name of the quaterback that replaced marino when he blew out his achilles tenden and if so was it against the browns? need a quick answer to settle a disagreement if any one knows thanks. also what year? got money riding.


I understand completely why they would want to trade him. However, I look at his injury history a little differently than most. One, it lowers his market price, making a long term contract that much easier money wise. Two, he doesn't have the miles on him most 29 year old RBs have. Why do you think Ricky was so successful this year, and LT for example hit the wall. Career carries. Ricky missed basically 3 seasons worth of carries. So Ronnie is much more fresh at his age than some 27 year old backs. 'The right 53' we hear all the time, well Ronnie Brown is exactly what the right 53 is all about.

Belicheat doesn't hesitate to put veterans on the block. He usually does it at just the right time.
bobbyd12, I like Ronnie Brown, but you just might be on to something.

Scott Mitchell


It was Scott Mitchell

Jaskin there is a new web thing out u might wanna try, it's called GOOGLE

Jaksin, it was Scott Mitchell and then Steve DeBerg, if I remember correctly. Mitchell parlayed those games into the Lions getting him.

I think it was 1992 0r 1993 against Cleveland

ace and carlito thanks, putting a $fifty in my pocket right know. sweet!!

Santonio Holmes traded to the Jets! Story coming at PFT.


Carlito and I would like a % for our contributions.

I legitimately wonder if the Trifecta weren't secretly happy Ronnie got a DUI so that they could add it to the list of reasons to justify trading him. I am not a big conspiracy guy, but if they wanted to get rid of him, they had to know how Ronnie is viewed by the fanbase. This is not the JT situation, entirely different. Ronnie is still young and exceptional, with no declining skills.

now. and yo bobby im buzzed at bw's plus what else you got to do? thats right so lightin up & give a fellow fan a hand.


I agree with the sentiment if we can get a high second for Ronnie, it's a deal the trifecta makes in a heartbeat. I also like Ronnie but Bootang, despite what your saying about not having a lot of miles on him he has suffered a number of injuries and you have to think that will take a toll on him at some point. I was thinking they would let him play out the year and chances were good he'd be gone next year but it sounds like they are looking at a trade for him.

So the question becomes, if you get a second for him, do they draft Spiller in the first or grab a RB in the 2nd or 3rd?

santonio holmes to the jets


It was against Cleveland, Scott Mitchell.

His first pass attempt was a 97 yard pick six.

I would tell Rex Ryan to F.O...I HATE THE JETS!

I would be no better than Bart Stupak if I took a Job with the jets.

I don't think you understand the depth of hatred for the jets for you to think that we would automatically sell our souls for money.

I was in an airport in NY once and had to crap...you know what I did??? I waited until I got on the plane and left NY airspace because I respect my crap more than the jets.

i think that takes the jets out of the running for bradon marshall .... think he might jus be staying in denver


I was just about to mention the pick six on Mitchell's first pass. Prior to the play, I told my girl not to worry, Mitchell is cool. Then after the pass I started to yell " you god damn motherfker what is wrong with you!!!

Man the Jets sure do make it tough to be a Dolphin fan with how aggressive they are. They had the balls to go get Sanchez and Greene, and then Edwards, and Cromartie, and now Holmes. While the latter 3 all have legitimate question marks, they are about winning and winning now. Considering we have the completely opposite approach, it does make you wonder. While some say they are mortgaging the future, all of those guys are proven commodities in the league, and relatively young. They should be quite formidable on offense, Greene, Holmes and Edwards, Dustin Keller, with that line. We better get better in a hurry defensively in the draft.


I like a lot of the stuff you post on here but I gotta tell you, I think your comment about the trifecta being 'secretly happy about Brown's DUI' is ridiculous! There's is nothing redeeming about one of their players doing ANYTHING negative on or off the field. It embarasses the organization and is a distraction the team doesn't need. I also think it does not but lowers a players value. So sorry bud, don't agree with you on that one at all.

I wonder what Vontae and Sean think of Santonio Holmes.

My guess: He ain't s h i t!

Also, let me be clear I prefer our approach much better than the Jets, but it does make you wonder. They are not scared to build around their young QB. I am in no way saying the Jets are doing the smart thing, but they aren't just sitting idly by either.

Craig M, I'm gonna go back to what was said last week..the Fins only want 3 RBs on the roster..IMO if they trade Ronnie Hilliard and Ricky get bulk of the work with Cobbs back there..why would they draft another RB when they said they only want three??? Maybe someone for practice squad but I would be very suprised if they took a RB in this draft

If any of you guys were GM's, would you trade a 2nd rounder for a good RB coming off his 2nd injury in as many years?


It is frustrating being a Dolphin fan and seeing Rex Ryans "methods" get them to the AFC championship game.

I know, I know, they backed in, but they got there.

The Jets are nuts!! Yeah, they're mortgaging their future. Guess what other team used to do that all the time....the Washington Redskins. How did that work out for them? I have a feeling the Jets will have a disappointing season and finish between 7-9 wins again.

So let me get this straight.....this just traded for a guy who got suspended for 4 games by the league? What a beauty!! Wonder what the gave up. Anybody think it might have been their first round pick? I actually think that's good news for us. I want D. Thomas to be around for us in the 2nd.

Craig M,

Shula did it once.

Irving Fryar, Kieth Jackson, Mark Ingram and Kieth Byars.


I've given up listening to what the trifecta says. I don't believe a thing they say any more. They said they liked Wilson and then he was gone right afterwards. They said they want playmakers and then sit on their hands. I don't believe them when they say they only want to carry three running backs. I don't believe our backs are good enough with a 34 year old Williams, a coming back from injury Cobbs and a still unproven Hilliard. To me that would be a very unimpressive backfield.

I'm going to be interested in seeing how the Jets manage the salary cap issue when a new CBA is signed...They are definitley trying to win it all this year with a QB who has proven nothing except he has two bad knees after one year of football

The report I just saw says that the Jets gave up a FIFTH round pick for Holmes.....what the Hell???

Where are we when these talks are going on? Holmes is better than anything we have at WR. Why are we not in talks for a WR? Very disappointing!!

Does anyone know, has Edwards signed his tender yet? I could see Holmes taking Edwards spot if not.

Craig M,

I tend to disagree a little with the Redskins comparison. The Jets are trading for young players, and if they had no issues, they wouldn't be available anyway. The Redskins threw tons of money at guys into their 2nd or 3rd contract, all of these guys the Jets have traded for are still on their first contract, and by being traded from an original team, feel a sense of hunger to reprove themselves, to prove the other team wrong. I mean Cromartie will get to line up from everyone's 2nd best WR, how can you argue with that. And Edwards and Holmes both have legit talent, they open up things for Keller, for Greene, for Sanchez. LT will have more of a leadership role for them than anything, and that is much what they want from JT as well.

I guess I have been doing the patient thing, build through the draft thing for so long, and gotten so little as far as results, it does get kind of irritating. I think even the most true blue Trifecta believers, and I am one of them, a part of them has to secretly say it would be nice to be bold and make these kinds of trades. The same part of them who wonders is Dez Bryant worth all of the trouble, would Brandon Marshall really be a cancer.

And funny that this trade happens right as we are talking about trading one of our team leaders, the polar opposite of a cancer. So we won't be bold and acquire a potential cancer, but in the same turn will trade a guy who represents everything opposite of a cancer. It does make you wonder.

Craig M, you should usually take what is said with a grain of salt but not in this case...Parcells managed teams almost always carried 3RBs and considering how they use Pat White, it's almost 5 RBs...I fully believe tis team will carry 3 QBs and 3 RBs into the season..4 of each isn't going to happen and is not normal

Something absolutely has to be up. At least I hope so.
Craig said it. this FO looks like it sitting on their hands.
We got 4 RB's. 4 QB's. No OLB's and a very questionable(to be polite) recieving corp.

Free Agency? We made a splash....ah...OK maybe not a splash, we made one good move. ONE!

WTF-trade somebody, do something, ANYTHING-SOS!

I hope to GOD they can figure out how to pull a rabbitt out of their collective a s s e s!

Braylon Edwards signed his tender a couple weeks ago

Santonio Holmes for the 151st pick in the draft. Wow. Let me say that again. Wow. Unbelievable. Wow. Wow. Crazy. Wow. These guys still have their full arsenal of high draft picks too. Wow.

so much for anyone thinking that miami could get anything better than a fifth rounder for ginn...holmes was better than a fifth ... well maybe parcells can trade him for a bag of those things ginn doesnt have balls...i sure hope that miami can get a couple extra picks through player trades ... seems like no one wants miami players not through trade anyways

haha wikipedia says they traded santonio for sanchez! lol!


Can't really question much that the Jets have done, just the process. Show me a team that it's worked for? It's not how the good franchises do things. They are bringing ALL these guys in to 'win now' and when it doesn't work, now what? The fans in New York are impatient and they will be all over them. The New York Rangers tried to do things this way too before the salary cap game in and the results were disasterous. They are still trying to recover.

The Jets plan is not without their faults:

Biggest one....can Sanchez win a big game for them, in the windy confines of New York when it matters most? I don't think he can and I don't think his arm is strong enough.

Can Edwards reduce his number of drops at key times in the game?

Will LT's ego be able to handle being a complimentary player to Greene? Can Greene handle the load?

Will Cromartie have his head on straight and will his lack of tackling not hurt his team too much? Will Holmes be a good citizen? Will Vernon Gholston ever show up?

It's a choker organization....they will find a way to screw it up!!

OMG!!!!! I'm drinking till I collapse!!!! F U jets!!!!

well miami prolly wasnt in the mix for holmes cause he doesnt fit the mold of reciever they are looking for ...you know he is productive and on the short side of 6 foot more of the productive part

Holmes for 5th is GREAT business....we missed out on Boldin...now Holmes...WHY>????

And Ireland says that theyre hrad to come by...NO THEYRE NOT....!!

Thyed better be right on Brandon Marshalls tail...or else.

This FO is way too slow to act...too conservative...too TIMID...

I cant understand why they are not aggressive....

Sanchez doesn't have to do much. Edwards or Santonio will be open and they have a really good tight end also. The Jets are loaded with talent and the Dolphins are in a coma.

Travesty - another year in 3rd place.

In the famous words of Rob Schneider in The Waterboy "We suck again!"

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