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Sunday morning happenings in Dolphins country

A couple of interesting things this Sunday morning:

First off, Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post is saying that based on his conversations with other teams, it seems to him the Dolphins are looking to trade down from No. 12 in the first round. Perhaps the trade down I proposed last week isn't so crazy after all.

Bottom line here? Teams call other teams before the draft and talk about trading up and down all the time. Doesn't mean they're going to do it. Doesn't mean it is what they want to do. They are testing the waters so when they dive in on draft day, it isn't a shock to the system.

Having said that, every player the Dolphins seemingly have locked into -- Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas, Dan Williams -- seem to be rated slightly lower than at No. 12 by all the so-called experts. Maybe the Dolphins can gain a pick by moving down and still land their guy.

Next, Jason Taylor continues to be an issue because, well, because I choose to make it so.

In my column in today's Herald, I make the point that Taylor should just go ahead and call the Dolphins' bluff and go to the Jets.

If you are now aghast at the thought, get over it.

Man's got a right to work and the Jets are offering a job.

If you would consider J.T. some sort of turncoat if he goes to the Jets, let me pose a hypothetical question to you.

As much as you hate the New York Jets, what would you do if you were unemployed and Rex Ryan called you tomorrow and said, "The New York Jets will pay you $1.5 million to come work for them this year and $1.95 million for next year." You know that you'd hold your nose and take the job. If you say you would not, you're probably lying.

The amount of the deal isn't actually that important. A job is a job and you take it.

It's a business decision and you'd make it.

Jason Taylor is also entitled to make a business decision -- even one he doesn't necessarily want to make.

And if the Dolphins don't like the idea of that decision, they should step in and stop it. They have not done that so far.


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Craig M,

I truly hope they do fail miserably. I love watching Jets fans get tortured more than anything else. I can't think of a team who took this approach and were successful, maybe the Yankees, but that doesn't apply here. I think the thing you have to understand here is Holmes lessens the pressure on Edwards, and vice versa. Darrelle Revis makes it so there is hardly any pressure on Cromartie, if he fails, at least they tried. Greene's load just got a helluva lot easier, as their passing game is legitimate and stacking the box is much tougher to do. Also funny in this is the complete opposites that Rex and Tony are. I mean, the Jets and the Phins can NOT be any more opposite right now, it is completely amusing. This rivalry may be as good right now as it has ever been.

holmes 09 stats 79 rec 1248 yrds 5 td ...not good enough for miami i guess

Big Alfy,

That exactly my point!! Why are we still listening to what these guys say.....it's 'lip action'.

Boldin, Holmes, Antonio Bryant, Marshall.....

Why don't they just be honest with the fanbase and say 'we're not prepared to go out and give anything up to improve our WR situation'. Sorry but it really is an embarassing part of this football team. The top receiver on our team would be rated where, somewhere in the 35-50 range of top wide receivers in the league? That's just not good enough!

The dolphins FO needs to grow some balls!! Do they seriously think that a fifth round draft pick will EVER be beter then santonio holmes? The dolphins need a WR and getting holmes for a 5 th rounder would have eliminated the need for drafting dez at 12 th and gave us more flexibility. GROW SOME BALLS, dolphins FO

One thing for sure, the Rooney's in Pittsburg look like they are done with players giving their team a black eye...Big Ben might be next to go

The Patriots in 2007 went to the Super Bowl after a few big splashes in the offseason. The approach this front office takes is very risky in a city where the fans won't come to the games unless you have big names on your team or big wins on the field.

well i dont think miami has a fifth to give but i am sure they could have worked something out

i got it, Tanebaum either sat down with the steelers GM and slipped him a Roofy, and then made the deal, or

The steelers let Mangini be the GM for a day

THATS THE ONLY WAY TO EXPLAIN THIS MADNESS---a 5th round pick for santonio is a joke, i dont care if he gets suspended 4 some time, that is just rediculous

someone should check to see if Parcells died in Davie sometime in January because it sure feels like it.




Can't argue with anyting you said (for the record, there was a time in the '80's when the Yankees were still spending far more than anybody else and they were awful!! Blue Jays were kicking their butts on a regular basis).

I remembered Sparky Anderson once said you've got to be careful you don't have too many superstars on one team....too many egos!! His point was you need to have role players and guys that like to get dirty. When I look at New York's team, it appears they have an awful lot of divas (Edwards, Cromartie, LT, Holmes). I think JT should join them now....he'd fit right in.


I hope your right about the Rooney's and Big Ben. Maybe we can counter New York's move by getting a first for Thigpen.....LOL.

Mando said "Maybe the Dolphins can gain a pick by moving down and still land their guy."
And I say, even if the Trio DON'T get their guy, thy'll lie and say they did.
All teams that miss out on their choice pick say this to save face. We'll be no different.
They don't want egg on their face if they bungle the #12 pick.
Typical Parcells, playing it safe, while the Jets Holmes for a # 5!!!
This smells. I believe the league is conspiring SOMEHOW to get the Jets in the SB. Watch all charges in Florida against Holmes dropped by Wednesday.





Craig M,

I totally buy into the "right 53" players idea that the Trifecta talks of often. Not the best 53. I prefer our approach over the Jets, the Redskins are always the offseason champions, and the Jets are giving their all to win it this year. If the report just broke an hour ago and we had given up the 151st pick for Santonio Holmes, and not the Jets, NOONE would be on this blog complaining, we would be celebrating and talking of what a steal, and a bold, genius move by Parcells & Co.

I will tell you this, I am really starting to lean to predicting Dez Bryant will be the pick at 12. I have argued constantly on here that WR is not a position of need, but Miami ignoring Boldin and Holmes makes me wonder if they don't have their eyes set on Dez Bryant. It really does.

Does this mean the Steelers are now in the market for a WR? Do they now draft one in the first round instead of an OL or CB? Obviously they will have no interest in Bryant or Marshall but I think it's bad news for us, in that they may now be after one of the guys we're looking at later.

Dear Justin, and who are the teams that continue to get to and win the Superbowls??? Indy, NE, Pitt, NO year after year..and what do everyone of these teams have in common??? They were all built through the draft, not by making big FA signings...

The JETS are showing us how to build a team...and they will do well THIS YEAR...we are waiting for the perfecr scenario...this guys too mean...this guys too short...this guys got short arms...FFS...!

The pick SHOULD have been Boldin for a 3rd or 4th...if not HOLMES for a 5th.

As it stands theyd better have BM for a 2nd and Smiley or somthing similar...this ought to be WHY they are PARALYSED..!!!...no other reason really as their have been sufficient opportunities to plug holes already....unless of course theyre going for BRYANT...then it makes sense.

Have a good evening guys, and ALoco, calm down and put Justin back in the closet bro...


Totally agree with a lot of what you said. I've thought for awhile that they are looking at Bryant. I've argued that this guy will be special in the right structure and I think the Dolphins have the right structure. They've done a very good job of not telegraphing their intentions.

And it's funny you shoudl mention the 'right 53'. When we were talking earlier about the Jets and how they have done things, that's exactly what I was thinking about. I know you are huge fan of that concept and wat the jets are doing has nothing to do with that concept. Time will tell if we THEY or US have the right approach.

bobby12 the Saints were nothing before they signed Drew Brees from free agency.

Bigafly, they will do well this year, not good enough to win the Superbowl though and then suk the big one for 10 years after...no thk u, been there done that goodnite

See ya Bobby.....I think we are down to like 11 days and counting....or something like that....

Did anybody see the breaking news on ESPN Pitt traded Santonio Holmes to the Jets for a 5th round pick????????

How did this happen?


Actually they were nothing a year ago WITH Brees. That year they finished 8-8. They realized they needed to improve their defence and they added through the draft and key pieces like Sharper but probably their biggest move was adding Greg Williams as their DC.

But Bobby is right. The majority of their team was built through the draft.

The Santonio Holmes trade also may push Earl Thomas up our board a little bit. Before you guys get on me (being that I am probably the biggest Earl Thomas pusher on this blog lol) remember smart teams build to win the division first, and everything else second. We need to have the horses to slow the Jets and the Patriots down, and our void at FS is GIGANTIC. IMHO, the Phins are down to 2 players, and it is a matter of whether either is there. I believe they are debating between Bryant and Thomas. It would be very interesting to see if both are available, who the pick would be. If it was even one of the 2 of them.

Problems I see on the team:

1 No No1 WR
2 Ronnie Brown is questionable with injury
3 Ricky Williams could be outta gas any minute now
4 Lex Hilliard is good but not great.
5 Cobbs is not a No1 RB and never will be.
6 Tight ends are poor to mediocre, esp Haynos.

Then the defense requires an overhaul.

We need a lot.We will fix maybe 2 or 3 slots if we are lucky this year.

Thats why we need top be aggressive in FA...

The silence is deafening.!


I still think Dan Morgan is in the picture too. He's just a Bill Parcells type of player. But i agree with you on Thomas and I like him. I'm just not convinced BP will pick a safety that high....maybe, I'm just not convinced.

Craig abd Bootang...the fact that we didnt have a crack at Holmes ( maybe we did?)...tells me its either of 2 scenarios:

1 They are taking BRYANT at 12.

2 Thay have BM in the bag for a 2nd and something.

Nothing else makes sense after passing on Boldin and now HOLMES...

Bet im right.!

Craig M,

Maybe I have put my own personal preference into thinking they have settled on Thomas and Bryant. But I think the Trifecta has to realize our lack of playmakers and speed. Our defense lacked speed and instinctiveness, and these are 2 areas Thomas immediately brings upgrade at. I like Derrick Morgan, but if he were picked over Bryant or Thomas, I would be pissed. Morgan just seems like another slow, plodding player. I would much rather have Brandon Graham than Morgan, I want a guy who plays in the opponent's backfield from that spot, and I am not convinced Morgan is that guy. We need immediate impact from whomever it is we choose at 12.


You might be right on Bryant. I doubt your right on Marshall. I'm not saying they have ruled him out completely, I'm just not certain they have anything going as far as he is concerned.

The Saints are nothing without Brees. Nothing.


I think you need to go back and look at the tape on Morgan. I don't agree with your perception of him at all. He had 12.5 sacks last year and the reports on him are 'he brings a powerful pass rush and is strong against the run'. I think we have room on this team for that.


I agree. But i'm just saying they were nothing before they got their defence straightened out.


Craig M,

My concerns with Morgan are solely I believe he fits much better as a 4-3 end, I just don't think he is what you would call explosive. Not to say he wouldn't be a good player or a good pick, I guess I just want to see more playmakers and speed on the field for us. Heck, Ricky and Ronnie are great examples. They are both 2 of the top 20 or 25 RBs in football, yet neither could be classified as explosive. Morgan falls into that line of thinking for me. Hope that helps make sense of what I was trying to say.


Either way, I hope you're right.

What makes more sense to you? Bryant at 12 or BM for a 2nd?

If they pass on both BRYANT and MARSHALL...il be gobsmacked..!!!

Further if they DO find a diamond as a NO1 WR later on in the draft and he turns out to be a great player....il say Parcells is a genius...

But if he doesnt.....he will have a lot of " esplainin to do"


Makes a lot of sense....new blog is up guys.

ODIN...I would do the BM trade for a 2nd in a heart beat....and I would invest my first FOUR picks in this draft into the DEFENSE....the 2nd round pick for BM would come via a trade down and player scenario...which is what I think they are doing right now....i think thats their plan....

Id take GRAHAM at say 20 if hes there then another linebacker then a safety and a NT...

May take a TE at the 5th pick

they better draft a safety and sign sharper, all defense this draft , b/c the afc east is going to be stacked

JT needs to do what is good for JT, I would love for him to stay in Miami, but if he leaves, he leaves. We don't beg, we move forward and continue to grow as a team. We Need Speed PERIOD. Lets go get Earl Thomas, or Eric Berry and let the Fins rock

i have been saying to trade down for the past two months ..... trade 1-12 for 1-27 and pick up an extra 2nd and 5th round selection ...

1. DAN WILLIAMS will still be there at 1-27 (if not, take PRICE,DT from UCLA or CODY)

2.R.JONES,FS ... he wont be there in 3rd round
2 (extra pick) trade to Denver for B.MARSHALL,WR
3. DEXTER MCCKLUSKER, RB/WR ole miss (Percy Harvin clone)
4. J.JERRY, OL ole miss
4. (extra pick .. Sweeney trade) J.GRAHAM,TE

6 AND 7TH ROUNDS .... 6 picks .... LB LB LB LB LB and Kafka,QB NW. Hopefully, one of the LBs is good

Ridiculous analogy, Armando. Sure the average unemployed Joe would jump at a job that pays those numbers even if the position was for a manure snorkeler on a farm for bulls with diareha. But Jason Taylor is not the average Joe and he is not really unemployed. Firstly, he is used to that kind of salary and has been making millions for years. If JT never works another day in his life I am sure he will always live comfortably and his great grandchildren will all be well provided for. Secondly, to characterize JT as unemployed is as stupid as Rex Ryan flipping off a dolphin fan on YouTube. Everybody knows Jason Taylor will be a professional football player in the NFL next year, regardless of what team he plays for-that is not even in question, so he os NOT unemployed by any figment of your imagination. Sure, the Dolphins organization may be deficient in "warm & fuzzy" but it's the devil you know vs. the devil you don't know...and the FANs LOVE him. So stop stirring the pot, because the more you stir it the more it stinks.

Jason Taylor will get a job in the NFL, whether it is with Miami or someone else. So, he doesn't have to jump at the Jets offer. All he has to do is be patient..It is not like the Jets offer is overwhelming and Taylor surely does not need the money....he just wants to play.

I get the "other 30 teams" option from some fans but I think he's choosing the Jets because he feels that they offer the best shot at a ring for him this year. ...Tough call. Personally, I'd balk and keep my Dolphin player rep. in tact.

Oh yeah Mando...alot of bloggers who said the money factor is a bad example comparing a multi millionaire to and average income earner are spot on.

Hello, Hello

I don't know why Bill says goodbye
Rex says hello

Rex says Jets
we say no

Bill says draft
I say pay the old goat

Oh oh no

Bill says goodbye
Rex says hello

Hello, hello

I don't know why
Bill says goodbye

And I say the goat

Hello, hello
The Jets will win
while we suck wind
God help us all.

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