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Surprise at FS coming for the Dolphins?

The Dolphins had a surprise plan at nose tackle. They didn't find a good one early enough in the draft to fill the spot so they simply moved defensive end Randy Starks there.

Well, they face a similar situation at free safety.

Today they didn't pick a free safety candidate until Reshad Jones was the pick at the bottom of the fifth round. Jones joins Chris Clemons and Tyrone Culver at the position.

Well, what if the team has a surprise here as well?

How about moving cornerback Will Allen to free safety? How about moving Sean Smith to free safety?

I would love to tell you moving Jason Allen, a former first-round pick, might be an idea. But that's been tried a time or two before. No one really believes that would resolve the search for a starting free safety.

Bottom line is Miami needs a Plan B at this position. Maybe that plan includes a free agent "acorn." But maybe that plan is already on the roster.

[Update: I asked Ireland if moving one player from another spot to safety: "I guess there's a thought there," Ireland said. "We haven't really talked it out in depth. We needed to get through this process and see what we have. But I probably would not bet on that."


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U know bobby12 u have good football knowledge but you should tone it down with your daily swearing even if u feel egged on. Im not taking a shot at u but kids do read this u know.

Hey Mike...we are going to run the hybrid 3-4 & 4-3 mix...those guys will get to play all over the line in a plethora of formations.

agreed i also think this graft was good. not great but good. i really like the trade down i would have take hughs in the first and cody in the second but other than that i am happy. we got alot of linebackers which is good 4. one has to turn out great and two very good seviable. lets see

how you know ? test and me are friends .

The whiny lil b*tches are back aka Test and Martin.

Bobbyd12, I can't believe we got Reshad Jones. Why do you think he dropped so far down ? This kid will be great for us.

Hey, Test. I don't think anybody values the opinion of a fool who doesn't know the difference between "these' and "this". What a moron. When you graduate from junior high come try again.

hi,trash,who gave this name ?your mama .


Kids shouldn't be reading this or any blog without parental guidance so fock off, free speech biotch
Anyway kids swear in school starting in first grade, what r u some sort of g a y priest

I'm done for the evening, have a good night, I'm going to another blog where you sign in and people can't use ur name...Goodnight

I hate the idea of putting Will Allen or Sean Smith at Safety. Go with Jones,Culver or Clemons and see what we got. If in early June we're still unsure,go for Atogwe for 1 year

R. Jones dropped because he had no range as a safety and head hunts to much..misses alot of tackles.
Arkansas threw deep ball after deep ball to the tune of 450 plus yds passing on him a UGA.

guys relax its football talk not english class

i know this our biggest problem last year was missing tackles and it appears they agree with me... our 2nd biggest problem was kick coverage and we should have a solid coverage unit, so i say the draft was a B+

Whether Miami found some gems with their picks or not, one thing is for sure, Miami is going to be a BIG PHYSICAL team that will wear down every team they play. They drafted mature, big, physical players from cold weather schools. The Trifecta has a plan in place for where they want to be....in the future. If you look at most of the Dallas roster, it's filled with players from the Parcell's led drafts. Trust in their picks!

Waaaaaaaaaaa! Bad draft! Waaaaaaaaaa! No play makers!

Waaaaaaaaa! I gotta yeast infection in my Vag!

I don,t like the draft my self but I could be wrong it just we had the 12th pick we could have had 1 really good player now we have a bunch of picks that are really unkowns they have made some good pics but they also have made bad ones like Pat white , just think we could have had a DT last year at no 30 something where he was taken sometimes I think it is egos they try to draft people that no one heard of and then become stars when they could get some really good players but we will see hopefully there are no Pat whites in this draft and no FAs like gibril wilson and erenst wilford , I don,t know about this Ireland Dude , getting rid of JT and JP in the same year dosen,t make sense to me , I guess the guy from Utah will get like 9 sacks this year , oh well have agood night, fins fan for life

Cowkilla ur a real man eww real scary. U dudes have turned Armandos blog into a playground for idiots and keyboard

Jets and Pats ROCK!

I wanna blow Brady & Rex, Phins suck!

I think Jones will be a starter. We started two rookies last year at corner. why not give a rookie a chance to play with the vet Bell, and behind the 2 year pro corner backs. Our secondary will be Beast.

Mando I thought u were high on Evans as a FS prospect.

I wanna blow anyone who thanks this draft blows.

I meant jones

The Draft was an A....would have been an A+ if they got a super returner, a fast WR, and a young TE.....

Dansby will significantly upgrade the defense...Marshall will significantly upgrade the offense...

We got a ton of LB's (our biggest weakness last year) and a few have to stick....I think we found our safety in Jones....Let him battle it out with Culver/Clemens....Odrick will be a playmaker on the line and perfect for our new scheme (A Parcells type of pick)....The guard starts for us "yesterday"....We got another CB for depth....

People are just mad because they didnt pick their favorites and followed the Mock Drafts of the supposed "experts".....we got football players that are high motor, Parcell types with big upside and potential....If they hit that potential, this is a jackpot....

But we need to find a TE....A.Thomas, if cut by the Pats, would be a good addition as well...get a returner.....

Thunderbolt, You are so right about nasty stuff here. Thats why i never post here. Way to stand up GUY. Later.

let be positive about this. lets dream big. Jared Odrick i sthe next seymor , Koa Misi
is olb version of troy polomalu, John Jerry is just big as hell lenard davis type, A.J. Edds zach thomas,Nolan Carroll is next surtain, Reshad Jones next luis oliver,and Chris McCoy is porter.

stra8balla, say that again .

bobby12,why all that foul language ?

Naw for real though these two drafts remind me of jimmys first two. the era when we got patrick surtain sam madison, jt, zack thomasand daryl gardner . lets see

I suppose they picked up 3 starters in the first three rounds. However, they blew it from then on EXCEPT Reshad Jones, he will eventually be stud. But overall...VERY DISAPPOINTED in theis draft. You know you had a bad draft when the Raiders OUTDRAFTED you ??

Im not in love with the draft cause I wanted Fat Cody at NT but what do I know. Im just a fan so we will see what happens with 7 or 8 linebackers in training camp. I hope it works out, Go fins.

the Nolan defense is gonna be interesting. BP just gave him a lot of toys to play with ti figure out what's gonna work. I also miss the 4-3 defense that the phins use to run. Hope to see more of that next year. We had some good defenses when we had 4-3 or a hybrid. Its gonna be fun.

I see this as a good draft.

Where did Tony Pike go ( Cinn QB ).

Sean smith can't tackle nice try mondo.

Did you watch your own video? That was Vontae Davis NOT Sean Smith

Why does everyone think that the guy who's greatest highlight was being stiff-armed to the ground by Moss could EVER play safety?!


Posted by: Marc | April 24, 2010 at 06:17 PM

yeah i wanted cody too but hey

We can find a FS in FA but to ignore NT in this darft? That makes no sense. I assume they have their eye on someone we haven't discussed. I would have to give them a B- for this draft, it was looking good after a first round steal and trade down (obviously you have to factor in Marshall) but the rest of the draft was ok - we shall see, hopefully teams aren't running and throwing up the middle - again!

i love cody and his moves .

You know what everyone....

These are not the picks I had in mind when the draft started, but who cares... They are Phins now... Our front office are not idiots... They know what they are doing, so while I would have loved to taked Cam Thomas in the fifth instead of CB I have never heard of, or would have liked to see Jerry Hughes in a Phin unfirom, it didn't happen...

Get over it, and shut the Fu@K up.....

If you don't like our choices go root for the Raiders, or some other sorry team...


I bet Rashad Jones is going to be given every opportunity in the world to start at FS. He's the Parcells prototype FS.

Big O thinks the guy sucks. He says the scouts he talks to say the kid takes bad angles etc. But I bet the scouts don't like him because he doesn't fit the mold of the "current" prototypical FS.

Jones is a head hunter back there. Every time the ball is lofted up in the air you get the feeling he's going to come out of nowhere and blast someone. If he works hard and picks the defense up he's the starter. Guaranteed.

Good post Numb.

Dolphins expect to pick up San Diego State WR Roberto Wallace (6-4, 223 pounds) as a undrafted free agent.

I always find it humorous when Mando thinks Ireland or Sparano will tell him exactly what they are thinking. Like Ireland will tell mando they are or are not considering moving someone over to FS.

Meanwhile, when he is right about something it usually comes from a source that is not Irelan or Sparano.

RT @NFLDraftBible: Dolphins have signed undrafted free-agent DT Travis Ivey (Maryland), according to Justin VanFulpen, of NFLDraftBible.com.
Both tweeted by mando

I don't know how people can complain as quick as they did. As soon as we made a pick people were crying like they had studied tape on the guy for years. Right, give it a rest.
You have to consider Marshall a draft pick, so there's a guaranteed starter right off the bat. Odrick, Misi and Jerry will start from day one. Upgrades over Merling, Moses and Smiley respectively. That's FOUR starters in the first THREE rounds. Yeah, let's run the Trifecta out of town for this one.
They only picked one of "my Guys" Reshad Jones. I think he will be a starter as well. That would make the total FIVE. Five starters in one draft is probably "acceptable" by any standard.

I think Sean would be a good fit. If Will is healthy he is a proven starter and I don't think keeping one of them on the sidelines is a good idea since both Vontae and Sean showed potential. The reason i think it should be Sean is simple. What did he have the most trouble doing last year. FINDING THE BALL! He has stiff hips so it is a lot harder to turn and find the ball as quick as most can. So if he is at the FS position he will be facing the QB more. I think the FS will be either Rashead or Sean. Maybe even Sharper or Atogwe.

so if Ireland says not to bet on it, does that really mean they'll probably do it in a few weeks? seems to be his m.o.

O.J. Atogwe is the only option. Signing him will save the season!! It is a must!!! June 1st, I can't wait.

I hate this draft, we don't need any defense, just Offense, We should just have 2 offenses and no defense. And all our picks should be in the 1st round too.

Most of us are not familiar with the majority of these picks...Nolan carroll..???...so we cannot judge at all.But a few things are CLEAR now...
1 its seems that they are very satisfied with OFFENCE since they didnt draft any at all...
2 They have definitley tightened up the Defence..its really almost a complete overhaul..This is both GOOD and BAD...Reason: Well they have acted quickly in recognising the problem...and BAD because after 3 years they are admitting that this defense is not where it should be.It seems that many of the drafted players from Draft 1 with this FO are struggling...it worries me and it ought to worry them too.
3 They have really gone out on a limb by selecting players that were not on everyones draft board.They are either GENIUSES and know much much better than most football experts...or they are NOT.

My feeling is that in ODRICK,DANSBY,MARSHALL,INCOGNITO and possibly JONES and JERRY they have done very well so far in the offseason...I think they have 6 starters there...if they can pick up a FA safety like Atogwe or a maybe OSI in FA then I think most on these boards will be happy.

Once again...this is a MAJOR overhaul defensively..

Next year look for Running backs and TE's to be overhauled...We should be ready to challenge NEXT year for a shot at the big dance...

Maryland nose tackle Travis Ivey measured in at 6-foot-4, 341 pounds this week.

Thanks Po,

Just put back a sixer, and am getting sick of all the whining....


Like I said before, who cares if Reshad is more SS type?? It was still a good pick for us... If Bell goes down with an injury, who do we have to replace him...

Enter Reshad Jones.....

no need for drafting RB this year as productive ones can be drafted in almost every round, every year.

Foul language? That's nothing, wait until later when we do animal sacrifices. We smear ourselves with blood and dance around a campfire, chanting death to the jets.

Hey Mando- any word on our free agent signees after the draft. Usually we have a few names by now.

Having a bunch of starters isn't necessarily a good thing because they r starting no matter what because of need. I'd rather they have to compete against great players to start not justrhat we don't really have anyone at that position. We need to trade for fs and maybe even a pass rusher

LMAO @ Joe

Nevermind, I found a few names already.

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