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Surprise at FS coming for the Dolphins?

The Dolphins had a surprise plan at nose tackle. They didn't find a good one early enough in the draft to fill the spot so they simply moved defensive end Randy Starks there.

Well, they face a similar situation at free safety.

Today they didn't pick a free safety candidate until Reshad Jones was the pick at the bottom of the fifth round. Jones joins Chris Clemons and Tyrone Culver at the position.

Well, what if the team has a surprise here as well?

How about moving cornerback Will Allen to free safety? How about moving Sean Smith to free safety?

I would love to tell you moving Jason Allen, a former first-round pick, might be an idea. But that's been tried a time or two before. No one really believes that would resolve the search for a starting free safety.

Bottom line is Miami needs a Plan B at this position. Maybe that plan includes a free agent "acorn." But maybe that plan is already on the roster.

[Update: I asked Ireland if moving one player from another spot to safety: "I guess there's a thought there," Ireland said. "We haven't really talked it out in depth. We needed to get through this process and see what we have. But I probably would not bet on that."


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cocoajoe, why you sound gay to me ?

I would like Bootang and Rob in OC to post their views....Craig M...Im with you...Im unsure as to many of these guys as I dont know much about them...but the FO has close up vision of these guys via Senior Bowl....I say we TRUST them and I do think we will have 6 bona fide starters after this draft who will becom Phin favourites soon....

I guess we now have to look at each selection under the microscope and make observations...I like Kory Sheets and also Sperry a lot...so lets remember that we still have players on the roster that may develop...FOLSOM Nalbone Gardner etc

why DO you sound gay to me, fake bobbyd12.

DO! Doooooooooooo!

No Habla ?

Truth is nobody will know how well any teams draft classes will turn out for a LONG time! I wasn't too thrilled with some of our picks (Carroll has broken his leg twice already and Edds doesn't seem to impress) and misses (we definitely needed a true NT and didn't take any), but most of the picks seem to be no brainers. Misi will be a good pass rusher, Odrick and Jerry are straight up monsters and Jones is a really good DB prospect. I really thought we should have upgraded at TE but with New England taking two of the best, maybe it was a good thing we took so many linebackers so we can try them all out in coverage. One thing I have to keep reminding myself is that we have a new defensive coordinator and giving him this many tools on D can only prove to be beneficial in the long run.


cocoajoe that was awesome i just almost peed my pants. lol

Sean Smith ain't moving to safety period.
Armando's just trolling.
We use our 1st and a 2nd in 2009 on CB's. They both start and hold their own against some of the top QB's and WR's and were going to move one to safety?
We got Bell and Culver and draft two promising safeties in Clemons and then Reshad and were going to move Allen or Smith to safety?
It aint happening fella's. Armando quit wasting your time and ours with this stuff and get us some news on the undrafted Free Agents.

cocoajoe that was really funny i almost peed my pants. lmao!!!

I think the trifecta has a plan to bring someone infor the fs position. We will find out after June 1st . Possible free agent or a trade is in the works. Patience and trust . Dolphins will make the playoffs this year.


Good call on Sperry.. Think alot of people calling for him to play more last year forgot already...


Am I the only one here that thinks Charlie Anderson played decent last year when Porter was out???

Like the way defense is shaping up....

Phin up...


That’s how you criticize. Not Waaaaaaaaaaaa like these other LIL B*tches!


Seems like alot people in here are complaining about your language...

Maybe you should say "Earmuffs" before you post next.. Lol....


Am I the only one here that thinks Charlie Anderson played decent last year when Porter was out???

posted by: comfortablynumb | April 24, 2010 at 08:17 PM

I think Anderson just LOOKED decent because Peezy played so bad-lol.

Just saying..........

We should've drafted a linebacker. lol

Some decent picks in this draft, all D just what I expected and posted on here over and over.
We'll roll with and see what happens.

Do you guys think Chowder is done? I hope so.

Well get one next year nickfury


Crowders days are numbered. His mouth doesnt back up his play. The closest hell ever get to LT is naming his dog LT.


nt travis ivey 6 -3 1/2, 341 lbs, "has excellent overall mass,very thick trunk and raw brute strength" profootballweekly. also "clogs the middle rips down carriers with one hand", signed by mia after the draft, there is the nt, had a 3rd to 4th rd grade.

Here is the latest update on our undrafted free agent signings:

Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
AJ Wallace, CB, Penn State
Ross Weaver, DB, Michigan State
Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke
Roberto Wallace, WR, SDSU
Jonathan Amaya, DB, Nevada

Bigafly, the front seven were overhauled but porter and the Traitor were done. Looks like the LB corps were overhauled but not the secondary. That was last year. And BM was a second rounder in our draft. That's offense too.

What is the plan with out TE's? I was expecting the trifecta to upgrade this position...

Crowder, will be gone this year. write it down.

Armando, before you get some rest, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Will you put up a list of rookie free agents that the Phins sign?Will they do this tonight trough tommorow, or wait until Monday?


Lol.. Good point....

But seriously, think he had two sacks that game, plus he had 15 solo's, in just two games....

Not to shabby if you ask me....

Any word on our priority UFA targets Mando?

Dolphins Sign, Travis Ivey DT from Maryland.

UFA's Right here so far:

Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
AJ Wallace, CB, Penn State
Ross Weaver, DB, Michigan State
Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke
Roberto Wallace, WR, SDSU
Jonathan Amaya, DB, Nevada

Jason, Thanks. I must have been writing while you were posting the list. Have a good night fellas.

So far the Seahwks have been the most aggressive with the UFAs with 15 last count

BigAlfy - Great point about Sperry. Totally with you on that. Totally forgot how well he played with the very few chances he got.

With the 5 LBs we got in the draft (including Dobbins), plus Wake, Anderson, Torbor, Chowder, Dansby, Walden, Folsom and Moses that's 13 LBs. What are they going to do with that many? Did we have the luxury to pick so many LBs when there were other pressing needs? What's the max can we keep, really - eight on the roster, one on practice squad? That's pushing it maybe. So four to five players, minumum, will be gone. Probably one or two of the draft picks, Walden, Moses, Folsom. Maybe they trade Chowder, Torbor and/or Anderson for a need position if they don't fit the new scheme or are considered expendable?

Input anyone?

I think what Ireland communicated today is that every LB spot is up for grabs. I think it is very possible that we will have as many as 3 rookie LBS playing for us this year in a rotation with Wake and Crowder.

boobyd12 says sharper not coming, oh yeah he said that about marshal too,jerkoff

Kelton Tindal would be a great UFA for us to bring in. I keep scanning to find out where he lands.

Here is how the AFC EAST UFA picture is playing out:

New England Patriots
Dane Fletcher, DE, Montana State
Bryan Anderson, WR, CMU
Sergio Brown, S, Notre Dame
Kyle Love, DL, Mississippi State

John Destin, CB, Tulsa
Naaman Roosevelt, WR, Buffalo
Donald Jones, WR, Youngstown St.
Joique Bell, RB, Wayne State
Stephan Virgil, CB, Virginia Tech
Brett Johnson, S, Cal
Antonio Coleman, DE/OLB, Auburn

Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan
Charlie Tanner, OG, Texas
Kevin Basped, DE, Nevada
Jeff Cumberland, TE, Illinois (I was hoping he would land in Mia)

Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
AJ Wallace, CB, Penn State
Ross Weaver, DB, Michigan State
Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke
Roberto Wallace, WR, SDSU (Size Speed are there, hands are the issue)
Jonathan Amaya, DB, Nevada

I just preordered my spitler jersey!!!

boobyd12 says sharper IS not coming

IS not coming... Repeat, IS not coming

That's Bobby's dad.

Bobby's dad. Repeat, Bobby's dad.

No habla?

Going to have to charge you my little leaf blowing friend.

Ireland is a pus__y yes man. I seen his type b-4. Probably gay. This draft sucks!

Anderson looked really good at times, then disapeared for long stretches.

15 solo tackles in two games? Are you sure?

scrace, kind of like your pus__y?


patriots have two first rounders and two second rounder for next year already...sucks
Next year we will be able to focus on specialist players...its going to be tough getting to the top of our division, but when we do we should be able to camp ther for awhile...

I think we have cornered the market on D O U C H E bags on this blog. Thats what the female jets fans should be using every day to keep up the clean air laws in our beloved country.

Sorry to all the kids on this blog.


Jon Amaya, Fs from Nevada is a welfare mothers version of Earl Thomas. He is similar in size, and speed. He was a four year starter, team capitan. Obviously a longshot, but a chance none the less. The rest of the Phins free agents, I know nothing about. Anybody have any report on the rest of the rookie FA's?

Admittedly,not a glamorous draft.However,I remember watching the Senior Bowl and Odrick and Misi were in Tebow's face all game long.Would've liked to get Gators' TE Hernandez,hate to see him go to the Patriots.Overall,when Brandon Marshall is factored in,a good off-season so far.It might be wise to sign Faneca if Smiley is cut.

This off season we added 5 maybe 6 starters plus added depth and competition at key positions...Great Work!!!

Specialist players...WTF are u talking about. We need more skill position talent next year. Hopefully AJ Green or Julio Jones at wr. There won't be a CJ Spiller or Jhavid best in the draft next year at rb.

We need to be calling Denario Alexander from Missouri. The best remaining wr that will sign as a UFA. Surprised he did not get drafted in the 4th or 5th rd.

DD, This is from FFTOOLBOX

Vince Oghobaase Scouting Report:

Height & Weight: 6'5 - 305 lbs.

It is not every day that the Duke Blue Devils have a legitimate first day draft pick on their hands, at least in football. Vince Oghobaase probably could have declared for the NFL draft last year and been a first or second round selection. As a freshman in 2006, Oghobaase started all 12 games for Duke and earned a variety of All-Freshman accolades. Heading into the 2009 campaign, he has not missed a start since. However, a foot injury did keep him out of the lineup for a couple of early games in the 2009 campaign and have made his numbers five games into the 2009 season slightly disappointing.

1/17 Update: Duke had some success in the middle of the 2009 campaign, but lost their last four games with bowl eligibility on the line. Part of the problem was Oghobaase's inconsistency following his injury. At times he was dominating and did tally 7.5 tackles-for-loss and 2.5 sacks on the year in just eight games, but his overall lack of production has dropped his draft stock. Oghobaase is still at least a second round talent, but he needs to prove that he can stay consistent during Senior Week.

How did the Ravens wind up with the players which Miami SHOULD have gotten - Kindle, Cody, Pitta, Dickson, and they didn't even have a first round pick? I wonder how much influence in the draft Nolan really had.

Another disappointing Dolphins draft though at least this year they made a splash in free agency. Hopefully some day if I live long enough they'll have an all time top 10 or 20 draft class on NFL Network. SO far they are 0-43 as far as even sniffing the top 10.

It seems that many of the drafted players from Draft 1 with this FO are struggling...it worries me and it ought to worry them too.

Posted by: Bigalfy

I dont think Jake Long and Chad Henne are struggling too much. Also Kendall Langford is still a starting DE, after starting as a rookie. Donald Thomas is pretty good for a 6th rd pick too. Not too sure what you are talking about....

Not to mention Lex Hilliard showed alot of promise last year and he's another 6th rd pick.

Miami will never have an A grade in the eyes of the media. The regime does not hold skill position talent in high regard. They shun the elite talent from big schools in the draft and choose to find hidden gems they won't have to pay much and that have high character with blue collar attitudes.

There were some really good players that went undrafted. It speaks to the depth in this years draft that a player like Oghobaase went undrafted. Even if he can't crack the opening day roster, what a beast to have on the practice squad.

Lex Hilliard is a slow, plodding straight line power runner with zero speed or ability to change direction. This guy will never amount to much in this league. We need to find a real runner to replace Ricky and Ronnie. It won't be Cobbs or Hilliard I guarantee that.

wasnt a very good draft. i saw most graded it a d or c. kiper a d. ill go c. we should of found a second day rb at least. ricky and ronnie wont be here next year. for all you hating on crowder, remember the genius tuna gave this guy a huge deal to stay.


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