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Surprise at FS coming for the Dolphins?

The Dolphins had a surprise plan at nose tackle. They didn't find a good one early enough in the draft to fill the spot so they simply moved defensive end Randy Starks there.

Well, they face a similar situation at free safety.

Today they didn't pick a free safety candidate until Reshad Jones was the pick at the bottom of the fifth round. Jones joins Chris Clemons and Tyrone Culver at the position.

Well, what if the team has a surprise here as well?

How about moving cornerback Will Allen to free safety? How about moving Sean Smith to free safety?

I would love to tell you moving Jason Allen, a former first-round pick, might be an idea. But that's been tried a time or two before. No one really believes that would resolve the search for a starting free safety.

Bottom line is Miami needs a Plan B at this position. Maybe that plan includes a free agent "acorn." But maybe that plan is already on the roster.

[Update: I asked Ireland if moving one player from another spot to safety: "I guess there's a thought there," Ireland said. "We haven't really talked it out in depth. We needed to get through this process and see what we have. But I probably would not bet on that."


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02/04/2010 - Texas vs. the Nation, Wednesday: Maryland nose tackle Travis Ivey measured in at 6-foot-4, 341 pounds this week. He looked strong in the middle and rejected a pass with his 10-plus inch hands in Wednesday's practice.

Ivey looks pretty interesting too. Parcell's found Fergie in a late round, so you never know where the next big surprise will come from.

We added no firepower. Ricky and Ronnie only signed through til end of season. Plus we all know Ronnie is too injury probe to last 16 plus games. I grade draft a "b". Only cuz were going to be killer in defense. IMO. Of course.

8 Ball,

You been going strong since Thursday.

You know you're not supposed to snort your Ritalin, RIGHT?

Um meant "c plus". IMO.

Stra8balla. Do you need a hug, a stick of gum? I understand that these are your opinions. But it seems like you hate everyone, or everything on, or about this team. I asked you earlier, what would you like to see if you got to put someone back at running back. Hilliard does everything that Parcells asks his running backs to do. He doesn't have to be a back that can take it 80 yrds in a flash. That's not what he is here for. Lex has a ton of upside, and I wouldn't be suprised if he was getting a majority of the plays later in this season.
we can move the ball, and have success in the running game with the backs we have. Don't freak out because they are not flashy.

Odin, he won't shut up. He is a Jet fan on coke.

I think its tortureddolphin.

Any trade rumors yet?

Next round of Free agency action will start Monday.

It's been a long three days and we all need Sunday off, especially from all the whining.

Spitler can play middle LBer next year
next year we'll need fs,rb,wr and te

I want a good team with PLAYMAKERS and instead I have someone usen my name and telling everyones that I want NUTZ in my mouth this is bull

Next year's draft will be offensive skill position and BPA. IMO. Nothing but gravy and playmakers. Should make these whiners happy. Never mind, no chance of that.

Dolphins have added fresno state wr marlon moore as an unrestricted free agent

Now I would like to see them add brandon james. Give him a crack at the returns.

LMFAO @ Stra8balla! Thats some funny sh*t!


if spitler starts or even makes team we are in trouble.

Well...interesting draft. I'm not siding with the haters and I'm definitly not rubbing the trifecta off one. If we have a 9and 7 season then it is a success. 1 and 15 three seasons ago. Camarillo was best reciever and I don't want to mention the QBs. All the the players that can't make our team now were starters two years ago. This season is the test. Kind of like a college coach, let the man play with his recruiting class then we can judge. But trust me I am ready to.

Sh*t, I'm still laughin.

dude we are in trouble...were trying to field a team with people no one has heard of...

This is total bull you idiots!!!! Im leaving FU

see ya fa g meat

Stop it, please God stop it! That’s the funniest sh*t I've read here in weeks Stra8balla!

Please don't go!

I think the serious fans here knew we had too many holes to fill in one draft. Still I think they did another solid if not great/good job.

I don't always get it, but when I step back and look at the big picture, I end up impressed.

I think we have our starting safeties for the next 8 years in Clemons and Jones. They're in a pretty good situation too, considering Bell will take a little of the pressure to start right away off. He'll be there too school them every step of the way as well.

If we find our starting NT in one of these free agents, I think our D-line will suddenly be formidable.

next 8 years in clemons and jones, laughing so hard im crying.

all I know is that we're gonna be better next year than last. And last year we came within a game of the playoffs. I think we have good chance of going to the playoffs next year. I can't wait till training camp. Go Phins!


we missed playoffs by 2 games last year, which is alot. and with the schedule and jets so much better how will we be better record wise? 7-9 looks like the record again.


You sure you weren’t taken a piss and looking down at your lil tool before you started "laughing so hard you’re crying."

I predict Spitler will be knocking Spiller's teeth out!

This has to be the best off season for this regime yet , we added to superstars , added loys of depth at all lb positions , added secondary depth , and made our d-line a strength for us , ohh and they got rid of the scrubs (porter,Wilson,)

im guessing u must think clemons and jones will be our safeties for next 8 years also. get real fellas.

Leave billbill alone, he is smart!

I like tater tots!

how is our dline a strength??? look guys i love the fins as much as anyone, but lets get real here.

Tim TIm,

billbill lies peaNUTS!

Blount just signed with the 49ers

well I jus watched some rasdad jones highlights he looks like he has the ability to lay some wood out there and intercept I think they might have got there diamond in the rough with him

Ummm langford odrick at ends with starks and solia at nose for the first 8 and then the last 8 we can have a rotation like the giants had during their super bowl run with starks,odrick,langford,merling,solia,mcdaniels, and ferguson

UFA Update

Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
AJ Wallace, CB, Penn State
Ross Weaver, DB, Michigan State
Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke
Roberto Wallace, WR, SDSU
Jonathan Amaya, DB, Nevada
Marlon Moore, WR, Fresno State

NT is an issue but FS was what killed us last year. 3rd year will allow our D-line to grow to its potential.

so odrick whos never played a down, langford who has done nothing, starks out of pos, and backup solari. that is a strength?? giants had strahan, osi, robbins to name a few. not even a comparison.

By week 8 our D-line will definitely be a strength.
We solidified the DE position.
Starks plats like a Pro-Bowler and Odrick looks very promising. We have good solid depth/rotational guys behind them.
We're ONE "Acorn in the rough(NT)" away from being there.

3rd year is the charm.

Remember 1-15?

yes cam gave us jake long


I basically agree with you. Except I don't think Starks will be used at NT at all this year. He plays to well at DE for that.
If one of these Free Agent NT's don't workout, I think they'll use Solia on run downs and Tony McDaniels for pass downs at the NT spot.

billbill, how is our dline not a strength ? riddle me that...

scroll up.

Your point billbill?

wet fans are just pissed cause we drafted odrick before they could. thats the guy they really wanted. now since he is with us its not a strenth,bad pick, blah blah blah

We have Dansby as the leader of the LB coprs, after that, all jobs are up for grabs. This is what this draft was about replacing Taylor and Porter and probably Crowder too. I think Misi replaces Taylor, Edds is to push Crowder, McCoy is there to push Wake and Spitler is quality depth who has a shot to play if there is an injury but he will be a stalwart on special teams where we have problems. Its a good draft, it meets very specific needs. Jerry of course is your starting LG right now. Odrick joins a very nice young rotation of DLinemen, and yes he is one of your starting DEs right now. Carroll and Jones beef up a suspect secondary beyond Smith, Davis and Will Allen. My gut tells me the trifecta want Clemons to secure a safety spot but are bringing in guys to make sure he earns it. The defense got better today, bottom line.

my point just saying is that least cam gave us something,lol. that guy was awful

Yeah, the Jets 1st round pick really sucked!

Fair enough billbill.

I'll lay off, you don't seem to be an a s s hole. IMO.

actually the jets first round pick was one of the best, corner they took has been compared to revis. man i hate the jets

I believe if they move will allen to fs he would be a stud. Can hit and cover. Then let the two 5th rounders learn which position is the best fit behind two quality pros. I think the team will be much better this year and moving foward with this draft. I hope the young te's develop this year. next year rb then center and maybe a te if one of the young onces don't develop into a pass catcher type.

Those of you who doubt Starks at NT, just look at Suh. Starks has the same measurable as Suh but faster and stronger right now. How can Suh come oin and be a NT but Starks who has the experience at the pro level, the size, strength and uncanny speed for a big man not? You guys are not making any sense when you say Starks isnt going to work at NT.

we did good! i really believe we did. the wets fans think thier team are all pagan gods all of a sudden. dude for real. fins have more guts and hart we with smash them this year like we did last, we are more physical.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Now that the draft is over I have a couple of quick questions.

1 - Did Mel Kipper store enough fat before he goes into hibernation till next draft.

2 - If Mel Kipper crawls out of his hole and see's his shadow does that mean 6 more weeks till the next draft ?

3 - Was Mel Kipper sporting a short 70's afro ?

Just Wondering

Soiled :)

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