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Surprise at FS coming for the Dolphins?

The Dolphins had a surprise plan at nose tackle. They didn't find a good one early enough in the draft to fill the spot so they simply moved defensive end Randy Starks there.

Well, they face a similar situation at free safety.

Today they didn't pick a free safety candidate until Reshad Jones was the pick at the bottom of the fifth round. Jones joins Chris Clemons and Tyrone Culver at the position.

Well, what if the team has a surprise here as well?

How about moving cornerback Will Allen to free safety? How about moving Sean Smith to free safety?

I would love to tell you moving Jason Allen, a former first-round pick, might be an idea. But that's been tried a time or two before. No one really believes that would resolve the search for a starting free safety.

Bottom line is Miami needs a Plan B at this position. Maybe that plan includes a free agent "acorn." But maybe that plan is already on the roster.

[Update: I asked Ireland if moving one player from another spot to safety: "I guess there's a thought there," Ireland said. "We haven't really talked it out in depth. We needed to get through this process and see what we have. But I probably would not bet on that."


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LMFAO @ Numb!

Thats some funny sh*t.

Especially if she is hot.....

All this moving players around can't be good. When you're good, you just line your players up at their proper positions and beat the other team.

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Here you guys GO! Just shout up and wait for the season before you start cryin. We have a new Coordinator, that ALONE will improve the damn defense. We have players that are ready to come into there own, trust me the Dolphins will be in every, I mean EVERY game this year. This is YEAR ONE of beating up on our competition, you flaky fans are going to be pleasantly surprise. Don't jinx us with Superbowl talk when the Dolphins are beating teams down this season. Just relax and enjoy the ride.



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Listen to the tone of Bobby. Most of the times he fires insults. We just speak the truth, no names, maybe a couple. I can feel the anger and hate inside of you. Everyone can see it, like road rage but on the blog. You have a quick temper. Practice being cool....just practice.....look at NJ he has been cool. Learn from him, your idol.

This just in...Big Ben was arrested for violating Rex Ryan's Little Debbies

Comforttblynumb, except Jrln2duf or whatever he calls himself..he's in his 50s so his mom probaly in her 80s...don't wanna be skull fuken that old biatch

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 24, 2010 at 11:42 PM

I proved my point. He is the "face" of his agency. What a joke. If I were his supervisor, I would have a field day with his @zzzz, but not in a Pricemaster way.

I said don't worry,

About a thing,

Cause very little thing is going be alright,

Listen guys this season were gonna wreak havoc
are starting defense is:
DE: Langford, Olrick
NT: Starks
OLB: Wake, Misi
ILB: Crowder, Dansby
CB: W. Allen, S. Smith, V. Davis
SS: Y. Bell, Clemons.
Except for Starks at NT(hopefully he can hold it down) and Crowder(who runs his mouth too much) at ILB we shold be on point. Hopefully Ferguson can come in and be a beast for the run at the end of the season.

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Mel Kiper hates the Phins draft!



Go Phins!

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This just in...Big Ben was arrested for violating Rex Ryan's Little Debbies

Posted by: Dantheman#13 | April 24, 2010 at 11:43 PM

Classic! Good laughs are a true blessing. Thanks!


I'm excited about Tim Dobbins...

I'm a SoCal Phin fan, so i have alot friends that are Charger fans...

Have heard alot of good things about the kid...

Crowder has to be feeling the heat....

Kick Ass D'Lines and Linebackers make Safetys look really really good!

Go Phins!

Machipichu, a name of somebody who I've NEVER seen on this blog but he talks about Justin, NJ and the Phins game. Mmmmmm HI PAUL, enjoy the draft???

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odinseye what place did miami finish in their div last year?

Posted by: billbill | April 25, 2010 at 12:16 AM

I know what place we finished. Records don't always indicate which is the better team, espeacially considering we played a tougher schedule.
The statement I was replying to was that we were the third best in the division. Two different things pal.

The Patsies were 18-0 when the Giants, with a worse RECORD, beat them in the SuperBowl.

Who was the better team?

LMFAO !!!!!!! WOOOOOOW , I come on here to see if thers's some news and what the convo is and even expecting some people/trolls talking crap about me or impersonating me. But what do i get ?? Nothing but good words and Compliments . I thank You and i can go to sleep happy later tonight, A special thank you goes tp machupichu ( LOL ! ) . I thank you my brother from the bottom of my Heart, :)

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billbill this is the mentality of some of the people(BobbyD12) on this blog. You say something that is different and you are labeled a Jets fan. It is like the f'kin Salem witch trails. The leader of this contagious behavior is....well you know.




Damn , Machupichu left !!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | April 25, 2010 at 12:30 AM


It's OK bodega just showed up.

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