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Surprise at FS coming for the Dolphins?

The Dolphins had a surprise plan at nose tackle. They didn't find a good one early enough in the draft to fill the spot so they simply moved defensive end Randy Starks there.

Well, they face a similar situation at free safety.

Today they didn't pick a free safety candidate until Reshad Jones was the pick at the bottom of the fifth round. Jones joins Chris Clemons and Tyrone Culver at the position.

Well, what if the team has a surprise here as well?

How about moving cornerback Will Allen to free safety? How about moving Sean Smith to free safety?

I would love to tell you moving Jason Allen, a former first-round pick, might be an idea. But that's been tried a time or two before. No one really believes that would resolve the search for a starting free safety.

Bottom line is Miami needs a Plan B at this position. Maybe that plan includes a free agent "acorn." But maybe that plan is already on the roster.

[Update: I asked Ireland if moving one player from another spot to safety: "I guess there's a thought there," Ireland said. "We haven't really talked it out in depth. We needed to get through this process and see what we have. But I probably would not bet on that."


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Machupichu , where you at ??

NJ we all thank you. You have contained yourself for the last few days. But you were overtaken by BoobyD12. In a short time he has ruined it for you. You are no longer the most hated on this blog. We did not realize or appreciate you, but after tasting this idiot's filth. Welcome back, Mr. Cool, of course we all know you planned it this way.

LOL @ Odinseye, Yeah i noticed. I think that' s his brother though !!!


I'm not being insulting, I'm just asking.

Are YOU or ARE YOU NOT.....a jets fan?

Inca warriors are kool!

Inca , i've been cool and have not fought with anyone for over a month . Of course almost 2 of those weeks , i wasn't on here . I never talk about people 's mamma's or get personal. i omly fight over stupid things that are related to football

The sad thing is that booby can never be you NJ. You cant teach cool.


What's your overall take/grade for the draft?

We have added so many people on Defense and still have possible trades and veteran players who will be cut in June and during the preseason that we could possibly add. Remember Sporano said his goal it to continually churn the bottom 10% of our roster.

Someone will have to get cut when we get down to 53 players. Some will be veteran players and some will be players we drafted. The good thing about this preseason is there will be lots of competition at almost every position.

I will give you props NJ, but you are also very smart. No vulgar insults under the "NJ name", I am smart too you know. oobby could learn something from you, patience....cool.....change names...wtf. LOL

It will be interesting to see what kind of D Nolan dreams up and to see who and how our players will be used. I forsee a lot of blitzing packages from multiple sets and from multiple positions similar to what the Ravens D is known for.

Good night people thank god for the Lord of the draft is back. to HELL with Bobby

Inca Warrior,

Your skills are GOOD!

VERY GOOD......BUT......mine are superior!

I will DESTROY YOU!!!!

Odinseye , My overall grade was A - because of Miami's plan to switch starks to Nt. It all made sense after miami announced that as part of their plan. This defense was terrible and the LB stunk and was a mess after taylor and porter were given the boot. They addressed all that with 4 lb's and dobbins in that trade down.

NJ keeps this blog focused on football. Glad to read ur stuff bro.

Inca , i never change names. why would i ?? I can go at it with people under my name because Nobody knows who i am anyway. LOL

draft was an atrocity. we trade down cuz we HAD to have a 2nd rounder. and its a bum none the less. we will rue the day passing on mays

W.H. Phins Fan,

If it's anything like his past Defenses, I'm guessing high pressure, confuse the QB type.
He does like to zone blitz alot, of course it's his own "hybrid" version.

I think it's going to be fun to watch after seeing Pasqualoni's boring "straitlaced" type of D.

I myself will hate seeing Starks on the nose.
I think he's just too good at end. I don't think they'll go through with it.

I'm still hoping they "find" someone adequate to rotate with Solia!

Hopefully one of the undrafted free agents.

The dolphins should have grab atlease 1 wr. Cuz we have 1 true # 1 wr, then a bunch of slot wr, no true #2

Tenga cuidado hermano este hombre es muy inteligente. El nombre de el tiene la "n" y "j". Tenga cuidado porque el es dios.

Oh they're going to go through with it alright, especially the first 8 games and then see if he's the future at NT, this was the same path jat ratliff took. He was a DE/DT who they tried at NT after fergie got hurt and was out for the year in dallas, the rest was history, Starks can do it and he has already, He;s strong as a ox . besides NT's are making alot of money now because of the demands, He looves that , LOL !!

Yo Marc...so wat about the one handed INT he had that same game???...u dont think that was a good highlight???...or how about the INT he had against the Pats in game 2 when he completely blocked out Moss in the endzone and saved the game???...how about that highlight...i cant stand it when ppl talk ignorantly

Is Starks youg enough to be considered the future at NT?

If he is, and he plays great, I could learn to live with-LOL!

Blount would be a great pick up for us. We need players that play with attitude.. Nice guys finish last.. Ravens or Jets will get him for sure..

Starks will be 27 in Dec.

If he plays as long as Fergie has I guess he could be considered our future and then some.

I'll be right back. I gotta text Ireland and let him know he has my approval.

Blount would be a great pick up for us. We need players that play with attitude.. Nice guys finish last.. Ravens or Jets will get him for sure..

Posted by: philm | April 25, 2010 at 01:05 AM

Blount was San Frans first free agent signing.

starks is only 26 years old !!. he came into the league as a 20 year old

LOL @ Odinseye, tell ireland he also has my approval.

Odinseye , there's a new blog up and then i'm outta here for the night .

Oh well, whats done is done.

I had visions of Starks drawing double teams and getting Wake one on one with TE's and RB's.

You can't have it all.....or maybe we can....

Would someone check Micah Johnson or denarii Alexander or lindsey witten and tweet them and see if fins will bring them in???

How bout that 6th round WR Carlton Mitchell!!!!




You clearly LOST that bet NJ PHIN! Pay up bud.

Hehe... I thought for a second he was going to slip into my original projection in round 7. I was like oh, SNAP!


Man it got a little out of hand here, anybody want to talk draft?

Hey DD! Go to the new blog I'll chat you up.

Ok, I guessed them all,. right on the money

Make this a make or break situation for Jason Allen. You become starting FS and earn your first round selection, or be traded or cut. As simple as that. But thr Fins will get that young safety of the future in next years draft.

Reshard Jones is a beast! Im betting he turns out to be the player with the greatest immediate impact from this draft. You tube this kid.

they better pull off another blockbuster trade or sign a free agent at the safety position,or it will look like wilson is still out there on the field.


everyone is knocking the option of Jason Allen moving to free safety but it clearly is the best option at this point no one ever looked at the statistical standpoint of the last time he played the position he was second on the team in tackles and led the team in INT's in only 8 games of the season he's a #1 pick it's do or die at this point what do they have to lose by doing this again. He's making about $5M a year they might as well put him on the field. Yeah he got stiffed by Moss hes not the only one to have it done to him but he also held him to 18 yds the first time they played 2 seasons ago but no ones looks at that

Apologies...That was VD...I remembered a hugely embarrassing play, it was against BREASTON(I think) though and not Moss...

It's in THIS vid:

Few key plays by Ginn too

Eddy, i was mistaken about the vid, but, so are you...Vontae had a few INT's...SEAN SMITH had ZERO for the season...

Sure, he had a pretty, one-handed INT in preseason...

Tyrone Culver at Free safety...We may have a problem

After further review, we did well. I never thought in 3 days we could be this deep in LB.I'll be very happy if someday I can say "ya, Edds and Thomas were some of the best".Right now I am 50% right.

How about making the right decisions in the first place???
This team has been screwing up since they signed wilford and drafted pat white.
You can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh*T as tony wise commented after leaving the Awfulins.
They dropped down got another pick then laid an egg sitting at 28 with Dan williams dropping..until he got to KC, They almost sh*t thier pants according to those associated with the team. They had him rated 9-12. Initially they were going to take an OLB first, but a golden egg fell in thier lap.
meanwhile the Miami Doofins fell asleep at the wheel as the boys,denver and others were making trades at the near end of round one which is where it happens every year.
The JETS sweated it out while minnesota tried to move ahead of them to steal the top rated corner.
Miami could've traded with denver who would have still got teebo at 28.
The awfulins took alot of time making the pick because KC stole thier guy!
Hence the confusion about why they picked odrick. The following day the BS came out that starks was moving out of DE where he's thier best DE and get his butt kicked at NT.
Neither Odrick or starks can play NT effectively, trust me. They didn't sign s suspended ferguson who's a 100yrs old if they thought starks could play the position.
Trust me, this threw thier whole draft off.
Because now Arizona ends up with a better combo in williams and the OLB from TCU.
Baltimore has ozzie who finds the best defensive players took Kindle and cody.
All three teams went one & two and the loser is Miami

Sean Smith is a bad tackler so it would make alot of sense to make him a safety where you have to nail people.
This team is a mess, they keep moving people around, cutting people, thier FA track record is pitiful and the drafting hasn't produced a stud other than Long which was a no brainer at #1
They had to trade for a playmaker because they can't seem to find guys like garzon, santonio holmes,dehon johnson, etc Hell i could go on forever.

Then go on but do it elsewhere...

why continue to harp on the failure to draft a free safety .... the majority of these guys take a year or two to develop into a starter .... the team drafted one last year and developed him thru the season and now in the off season ... he will be more ready to take over the gerbil's spot than anyone they could have drafted ... Ireland has made it clear Clemons has everything they look for in a free safety ... and now has a year of experience under his belt ...

trust in the Trifecta!
trust in the Trifecta!

Reshad Jones, the head-hunter, will eventually claim that spot for years to come. A steal.

dan your either a jets fan or pats fan dont $#%^&^%$ comment anymore DON the o is an a hi my name is don' you either have a crush on tom brady or pretty soon a bust sanchez don'

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jet fan my name is santoss my beer at a broad please someone pick me up the{ jets.} Lt hes done hes a charger jason taylor hes a dolphin braylon man dont get me started would rather have ted ginn want me to keep goin ok you should extend vernon Gholstons contract. broadway sanchez huh is that your idol cause they traded down wow rex cryan i mean ryan your team reminds me of ;;; cranberry juice you shold be in bush league your girl just called she has a yeast infection

Not a great draft for Fins, never resolved our 2 biggest needs- N.T and F.S Starks was great @ D.E (why mess with that?) and what happens to him when Ferguson comes back? Merling and Lankford non existent last year! also tired of these Long plays down middle of field! No more experimenting- sign Sharper!

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