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Taylor to address media tonight

Jason Taylor played 13 years for the Miami Dolphins.

So, darn it, he's going to speak to the South Florida media first before he goes to New York for a press conference.

I'm told Taylor will conduct a press conference at his foundation's headquarters at 8:30 p.m. I will be there.

By the way, 790 The Ticket here in Miami is quoting "a source," as saying Taylor had a contract from both the Dolphins and Jets on the table ...

... And that Taylor picked the Jets.

Sorry, fellas, not true.

Where do people come up with this stuff?

Anyway, what would you ask JT tonight?


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Rob in OC, I posted yesterday about what the Raiders might do because Davis is so off the wall he could screw up everbody cause no one knows....Well PFT reporting Oakland is falling in love with Lupati...


I would say...no Standley.

When people just react to the indignation of someone jumping off their boat and simply can't pull back enough to see that "IF", Just "IF" they were to walk a mile in a man's shoes, they may be doing the exact same thing.

Money, Pride, Furthering one's career to a more "Legendary" status from a totals perspective, Disrespect, and Being sought after. All these things can cause stark, cold realities to set in.

Anyone doubt for a minute if he spoke with Zack on what he thought he should/would do? How the regime was with him, etc?

About a month ago they asked Zack what he thought of Brandon Marshall and he said, quite prophetically, "Pay the man!" "He just wants to be paid so pay the man before someone else changes their mind on him as he is a beast." Most of us thought it was just an old concussed LB spouting off. Turns out the F.O. agreed.



Al is amazing!!! Only mummys look that good. Hehe.

Everyone has them as combine wonder OT Bruce Cambell lovers. You are right, they may be the monkey wrench in a lot of motors.

I wonder if there are senilty clauses in ownership for NFL ball clubs?

On the flip side even though Iupati has been touted as a second half first round guy I have heard through NFLN that he has been shooting up some teams boards.

In the end that's what makes this all so funky. It's all opinion. Heck, I like Iupati a lot just not that high in the 1st. I think he will play for a long while in the league.

What did your post the other day say?


Are any of the outlets like ESPN etc playing the JT presser?

Anyone know?

Watching my usual 2 episodes of Seinfeld Now. The crew is on there way to the Hamptons!!

I think it's the shirnkage episode???


That show is a classic...so many good episodes.


George's date goes topless in that one?

Krammer just found the lobster traps!!

Whappen? Seems a bit early for so many to be out of steam...

JT just took it out of folks. ;)

Yes Jane went topless!

Ima act like a baby and head out. I will try again after awhile.



I did remember ... steel trap...hehe

New Blog up

Dumb ass bob-o...check your email. Renewals are down and they are giving second and third and fouth chances to renew. Do you think you are the only one with season tickets? Seriously dude...

Bobby,,, If your still on I just read you bustin out that dude for his "I'm giving up my Season Tickets rant"... You are absolutely correct. All payments were do by the end of March or you had to either A. Pay a late fee and perhaps lose your chosen seats to ones provided Or 2. Start all over. Either way you lose your seniority by not being paid up on time. As I have told you, My family has had Tickets since 71. We missed a few years but the tickets were kept alive by close friends who enjoyed them. NO ONE WHO HAS SEASON TICKETS WOULD EVER....EVER!!!! Give them up for one player. Dude. I have watched Shula, Marino, Czonka, Warfield, Maddison, Troy Vincent, Patrick Surtain, Duper, Clayton, Webb, Simms, Coleman... Need me to continue??? Walk away or get the boot or just get cut in my years as a fan/ticket holder..... JT is just one more... If I was ever going to give up my Tickets it would have been between 1998 and 1999 when Johnson and Marino were going at it.... even then...NO WAY... players come and Go... The team remains. Besides... unless you are a fool you figured out right after Free Agency started you were now cheering for a LOGO... not the players... otherwise you were in for a major disappointment.

Techsigma .... if you are telling the truth and you are willing to walk because of one player.... The stadium will do better without you.... Player come and go dude... JT made this bed just as much as anyone else... you think when he left for the Redskins it was our fault also?.... Look dude.... I appreciate JT and all he did... but why not wait 3 little days and work for the team you supposedly love? They already offered an extension in November but he/his agent was too good for that... so they told him to chill... he didn't... that's on him.. we are trying to win another championship not play games with over the hill players... I have seen much better then JT go... and trust me... I know I will see it again.. It is what it is... So go buy some ticks in Jersey and watch you boy play... I'm sure it will really make him feel great.

I say we should draft the RT from New Hampshire with the 12th pick and move him to LG.

Dude, it's not about one player. It's about the loyalty. Man, I held by this team through the 1-15. I've been in the good and bad. I am hurt that they do not see that we, as fans, do not see this only as a business. I don't know about you guys, but to me this is more than just a business. Man, I have to save for tickets. I have been unemployed for a while and this is the only thing that keeps me sane. I love the Fins. I love the team dude. I am just hurt that they treat an icon as simply a business transaction. Look, regardless of what Bob there thinks about me, I am not an idiot. I just hoped that my team did not treat people as poorly as the rest of these employers. I am doing a knee jerk reaction which I will probably regret tomorrow. But, I am hurt...instead of calling me an idiot, see where I am coming from.

I have heard that Eagles want to trade up for Earl Thomas ..... lets hope ET is there at 12. Eagles would have to trade 1-24 plus 2nd and 4th round to make that move .. IM ALL FOR IT

THEN .... here is a realistic mock draft

2nd round (eagles trade) SAPP,OLB clemson
4 (eagles trade) SPIKES,ILB florida (he will drop in draft due to slow time at nfl combine)
5.... MIKE WILLIAMS,WR syracuse
6 + 7 (6 picks) a few more OLB and BPA

at least they should offer him a cheap contract just to play 1 or 2 downs at least, the trifecta sucks sucks MIAMI will have a record of 8-8 a modest way.

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