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Taylor to address media tonight

Jason Taylor played 13 years for the Miami Dolphins.

So, darn it, he's going to speak to the South Florida media first before he goes to New York for a press conference.

I'm told Taylor will conduct a press conference at his foundation's headquarters at 8:30 p.m. I will be there.

By the way, 790 The Ticket here in Miami is quoting "a source," as saying Taylor had a contract from both the Dolphins and Jets on the table ...

... And that Taylor picked the Jets.

Sorry, fellas, not true.

Where do people come up with this stuff?

Anyway, what would you ask JT tonight?


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Jason one questions is it really worth it why turn back on the organization that has paid for your extremely luxurious life for years? To win a super bowl... There is no such thing as jets and winnig... I never thought I would say this to you but you should of takin it like a man and retired. Ex taylor fan out!!!

I wouldn't ash him anything. I'd just say "thanks" for all the years you played for the Dolphins.


You dont treat players this way who are ALWAYS going to be dolphins and who WILL have their names in the Dolphins Stadium ring of honor and in the Hall of Fame.

I'm back!


Playoffs... Are you kidding me??? Why would you even think that this TEAM is even close?

Thunderbolt, you sure you got the story right??? I mean, if Zack Thomas wanted to have a press conference, all he has to do is call the press...no one needs " permission" to give a press conference...maybe they didn't want it to be an "official" Dolphin conference, that's understandable, but to say u needed permission is way out there


Dont waste your time JT- no one cares what you have to say- get lost

I just heard him speak for himself on the sid rosenberg show 10 minutes ago.


1-15 w/ JT No Playoffs

Jt leaves

11-5 Win the Division

Jt comes back


(learn sarcasm please)

HOF yes Dolphins ring of honor NO!!You have to have honor for that to happen!

ALoco...where have you been for the last decade?

Jason had to do what he had to do and so did the Dolphins. JT will play one season in NY by the looks of things. His large roster bonus due next year and the fact that his numbers are declining while his age and injury issues are on the incline will prevent the Jets from keeping him. So the Dolphins will only play him twice and he will only be playing on obvious passing downs.

What is absolutely hysterical is the reaction from Taylor fans. I love the fans who are talking about how "loyal" JT has been to the Dolphins. Apparantly they weren't around for the "I don't want to participate in OTAs because I want to be a hollywood star" fiasco. But I guess they probably think Parcells was also too blame for that one.

So now JT is going to be the difference maker in NY? THEY HAVE THE #1 RANKED DEFENSE IN THE NFL PEOPLE! That's like putting a scoop of chocolate ice cream on top of a pile of chocolate ice cream and exclaiming that the pile will now taste better because of the scoop. They're still going to have a great defense with or without Taylor so get used to it.

Stop the bitching and whining and try to act like men for the love of God. It made sense for both sides. We need a full time linebacker and Jason is no longer able to put in full time minutes. It's time to move on just like it will be time to move on with all of our current players and just like we moved on from our past players. Good luck JT, wish you would've went to a different team because you might have forgot but, psssst, we kind of own the Jets.

Ask him if he spoke to Junior Seau about ruining a legacy. He'll have the same fate as Junior Seau, jumping around, looking for a title and not getting it.


"Jt will always be a Dolphin?"

JT now the opposite of Dolphin... paper airplane

Because we were 7-9, and we didnt have our best player (ronnie brown), we didnt have our best cb(will allen), we had 2 ROOKIES starting at Cb, damn near our whold O-Line was hurt,we didnt have our best LB (Channing Crowder), and we basically had a rookie QB starting!! AND we had the leagues HARDEST schedule! and we werent too far off! And we added one of the top ILBs, and maybe the best wr in the league! Ya, we absolutely have a shot at the playoffs.. get off our blog, hater..

I would ask him....

1)Why he couldn't wait till the draft was over?

2)Why the Jets? and not another team that's not in our division.

3)Why he didn't sign the extension offered to him by the Dolphins back in November if he really wanted to stay a Dolphin.

4)Why even bother making a press conference...just leave if you want to leave so freaking bad!!

I'm a Dolphin fan for life so your departure will make me sad but i'm thankful for the years you have given my favorite team the Miami Dolphins...I have been a BIG fan of yours since day 1 even with the Skins and was very happy you came back. Now that you are with the JETS sad to say I'm no longer a fan.

Thanks and good luck!

I wanna hear the Dolphisn side of the story

Aloco ... JT is the current active career sacks leader in the NFL. Thats ring of honor buddy.

In all seriousness either Parcells and co know something we don't or they have completely botched this. We have no OLB right now that can even carry JT's water bottle. I hope that Wake is the second cming of LT and they are going to draft a couple OLB's that are demons otherwise our secondary is gonna get shredded again.

What part of "Time to move on" is so hard for some of you understand??? Jason Taylor was a DECLINING player whose time was up...The Phins wanted to go younger, it's that simple...JT did not have a spot here, that's football

Hey Loca, you're CAPS LOCK key is stuck, dumbazz.

I'm not listening... couldn't care less. Have fun with the trash in NJ twinkle toes!

JT go feed ur family. I support u wholeheartedly.

Thunderbolt...actually Zach could have called his OWN press conference.
Zach calls Mando, he blogs it, spreads the word, DONE.

The Fins brass would have really looked silly if Zach takes the occasion to blast the organization that called the press conference.
Lets face it, Bill Bellichick didn't get surely watching Family Guy. It was due to hanging around with BP.

JT, when you "go feed your falmily" make sure Rex Ryan's not around cause they'll go hungry.

some things in life are not worth the price.... this is one of them. jets fn suck!!

im exicted, gud luck JT---i been wanted adalius thomas for months now---this news just increased that probabilty---

u heard it here 1st AD is a dolphin---nolan line up the soldiers.

I don't @#$% the dancing f@gg0t!

Happy for JT am big fan of him whatever he's goes still his fan he made me a dolphins fan that would not change

My first question would be more of a statement, bye

I am no hater! Have been Dolphins fan my entire life, but I am realistic. JT is one player. This is a TEAM sport that I played for 13 plus years. Adding some superstar pieces will not make the TEAM. There are a lot of areas of concern that will need to be filled by Rookie or unproven talent.

These guys r talkin like Jason is goin to get a new job for just another organization... No we are burger king they are crappy mcdonalds... U betrayed us now.. Stay out who cares wat u have to say...

He is washed, what do Dolphins fan care?

terrell suggs says every defensive player shuld be able to play with rex ryan once in thier career that the reason---dolphins fans stop being BITTERR---this guy gave us great years, and apparently he was more comfortable with the reigning number 1 defense and rex ryan---the mike nolan with a lot of young players and dansby----

Desnt mean the jets are going to be better this year---i think the phins defense will be good this year under nolan, but if u had 1 year left top play wat defense would u rather be in

NFL is a business and with his age a factor, I'm sure that's what did him in. Don't get me wrong, I have a Taylor Jersey and wore it every Sunday, except when he was in Washington. So am I gonna miss him? Sure I will, he is one of the Greatest Dolphins ever, BUT like I said this is a business. If I were the Trifecta, I'd be letting him go unless he wanted to play for a contract similar to last year. Let's put it this way, when JT left for Washington, Dolphins went 11-5, when he came back 7-9, and now he's gone again, Can anyone say playoffs? Just saying....


I'm disapointed...but I'll never wear his jersey again...he's a tainted Miami Dolphin...he could have waited...Adelius Thomas anyone?

Bravo Parcells to sticking to ur guns and not being blackmailed into keeping a 36 yr old injured player who would have stopped progress...keep building a winning team, that is more important then JTs ego!!!

all u people complaining this is business and leave it at that.

This is simple. They didn't hold a gun to his head and say sign they did say over and over.."we will address this situation after the draft." Jason just wants to be sweated. Its like last year when he started crying because he interupted his bossed meeting so they could acknowledge him and and coo all over him. He has gone to the most hated Jets...no friggin excuse. I was trying to soften my heart to him last year, but that's it. Now if they kept screwing with him after the draft then I side with him, but this is on J. And don't make it about the money....he's friggin rich already. 4 million is like pissing on a fire: nothing.

I'm going to steal one of my favorite lines from Mr. Aloco,

Who is JT? Did he ever win something?

i love JT for all he gave this team while he was a Dolphin. Now he's a Jet, and I hope he gets hurt in training camp and doesn't play a single down for the NY Jest. Loved him as a Dolphin, HATE 'em as a Jet.

this was a decision based on moving forward. jt had only one offer for almost no money. that really should tell the whole story. go be a jet and get paid 2 years for doing very little. the fins made 6 great offseason moves. getting dansby and marshall, jettisoning portor, ginn, taylor and (he was so bad i forgot his name) the FS. anderson and wake plus whoever they draft will be better options than taylor and porter.

the last 2 seasons he's had 8 sacks, so if he can be just as good with the jets they paid him $500,000 per sack. lol jets suck, and are stupid!!

Good Riddance! It's over let's move on. Is and will be one of my favorite Dolphin players but I do feel he betrayed us and this team going to the Jets....

He should have waited until after the Draft like Miami asked him to. If he feels he is as good as he is he could have signed with any team (not named Jets) after the draft and maybe gotten more money if Miami didn't want him.

freakin trader. To hate the Jets so much than go and play for them. FREAKIN TRADER!!!!

Why is Jason Taylor holding a press conference? Did he just become president or discover the cure for cancer? I don't get the press conference unless of course he wants to rake the Dolphins through the coals.

Knowing very well the Dolphins will have no comment on the matter I will be livid if the Taylor camp decides to badmouth the team. It seems to me they were upfront with him on what they wanted. They told him they wanted to wait until after the draft so it is what it is. Both sides made a decision and stuck to it.

Let it go and move on.

Hey dwain454--This will not be and 8-8 team. We now have two great players-Dansby and BM which we
didn't have last year and the schedule is not the
most difficult in the NFL, but probably the 10th.
I'll go on record, that the Dolphins will be 10-6 and will make the playoffs. I'll fly to Vegas and bet the 8-8 odds if they're there.
My prediction on the draft: Miami may trade down,
if not they will pick Earl Thomas, Spiller, Kindle--or maybe Morgan. Go DOLPHINS!!

As usual, I will be hoping the Jets fail miserably this year again. Nothing has changed. I don't need to hear his press conference. Thanks for nothing.

I never thought I would see another Marino incident again but I was wrong. I remember when Marino got old and before he was ready to retire Jimmy shoved him out the door. Now it is JT turn to be shoved out the door by Bill and company. What I do not understand is why. I can only figure that Bill could not take advantage of him again this year. I watched all the Miami games over again at least 3 times and JT was still the best all around OLB we had. All Miami had to do was offer him a 1 year 3million dollar contract(chump change for a Billion dollar industry)and he would have stayed. Miami could still have drafted whoever they wanted and cut JT in training camp if they felt he could not help the team. I remember Will Allen getting a new contract after playing injured after the 2008 season. So what does JT get after playing with an injury THE BOOT. Bill you may be a good football Zar but I am glad I am not your friend because one day you would just decide I was not good enough to be your friend and give me the BOOT. Good luck JT I hope if Maimi can't win the superbowl next year that you do. I will always remeber you as the best DE in the NFL.

Adalius thomas.... with nolan letss gooo--call me a prophecy

I'd ask: Why do you think the Dolphins treated you with so much disregard this offseason after so many years of faithful and productive service to the franchise? Also, I'd like to know what the Dolphins front office has said to Taylor, if anything, since this whole thing got started.

20 minutes till the schedule comes out, much more important then this JT garbage

Carlito , Jason craves attention and couldn't wait to stick it to the dolphins.

My question how does it feel to sell ur soul to the devil? Hope it was worth it! :(







To all of those looking to switch teams please do. If the thought is even entering your mind then you just don't get what it takes to be a true fan. Losers.

Of course he couldn't NJ...He visits ONE team the Jets, and them he announces a couple hours before the Prime Time Schedule release that he has signed with the Jests...All about EGO and his big head...thinks he is that important...

Both sides lost out on this one: The current dolphins management team lost me as a fan for not resigning the person who not only was their best defender last season, but is the equivalent of Marino to this franchise and it would have taken very little money to do it; and for Taylor, as much as I love the guy, many people will hold this against him forever since it is the Jets he is signing with, which in effect, will never allow him to be considered in the same level as a Marino.
Once again, both sides lose along with our fan base. Thanks Parcells...its not about your guys, its about our guys....all being Dolphins.


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