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Taylor to address media tonight

Jason Taylor played 13 years for the Miami Dolphins.

So, darn it, he's going to speak to the South Florida media first before he goes to New York for a press conference.

I'm told Taylor will conduct a press conference at his foundation's headquarters at 8:30 p.m. I will be there.

By the way, 790 The Ticket here in Miami is quoting "a source," as saying Taylor had a contract from both the Dolphins and Jets on the table ...

... And that Taylor picked the Jets.

Sorry, fellas, not true.

Where do people come up with this stuff?

Anyway, what would you ask JT tonight?


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no wonder 790 doesn't broadcast for the fins.

and for the record, i will not miss taylor.

wish him well, but he is at the end of his career, and even though seems like a nice guy, is definitely a prim-dona.

Not much to ask him just tell him we wish he stayed by were all buying his jets jersey


You got it... JT the the diva... Will you go to see his musical "Twinkle Toes" coming to broadway in July?

This is a strange move by the FO....YES Jason Taylor does NOT figure in any future plans....but Parcells and co MUST realise that they are going to marginalise about 50% of the fan base with this move....
Is this move good or bad is ONE issue.....how has it benn handled is ANOTHER issue...

The move is PROBABLY the CORRECT move for the dolphins going forward.Taylors production has dropped and we need a young aggressive passrusher who can be a difference maker...JT is no longer a difference maker...

But how have the FO managed this move....POORLY
They should have been eager to meet with JT and transition this move properly with full disclosure of their intent.He deserved at least that.The disrespect that they have shown in theire dealings reflects upon the mangement ability of the front office...its the CORRECT move that has been handled INCORRECTLY...

From JT's side of things...its a bit silly really...he disrupted his whole family and life with the Washington experiment and realised he loved Florida...he should have learnt something.Now he will again do exactly the same thin g to himself and his family...and for what??...ONE YEAR????....Fe is unlikely to be a lynchpin of an already No1 ranked DEFENCE so why try and shoe horn into it??...He will feature as a specialist only and maybe next year as a backup...if that...!!!
He MUST wake up and see that in his chase for a ring ( Jets wont win it) he is throwing away 13 years of cache he has built here in Miami...hell he could have had a monumental career in the media here because he is much loved...revered....Now he throws that all away for an unrealistic chance at playoffs with a team in which he will be a 2nd stringer.DUMB move and a repeat of Washington...he wont like it at all.....

So in my opinion ....a great chance to profile a Dolphin champion and use his image was lost by the FO due to some poor magement....and Taylor himself is pining for the Fijords thinking he still has it....both VERY POOR in their approach....

No Pramis, it's about WINNING, bottom line, not about Jason Taylor's or your hurt feelings...if this move puts a young guy onto the path to a great career, so be it...it's worth it...winning is what it's about, not nostalgia or feelings...

How will we ever find someone to give us seven sacks this season? And with only 10 picks to do it with! OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOoooooooooooo! How will we ever recover from this great loss? We will only win 8 games now because JT was good for at least three wins on his own! If only great starters like Jason Taylor (used to be) could be found in the third round and beyond, but you never find anyone of his caliber in the third round or lower! LOL

Ask him, why did u leave behind an 8 million dollar contract in Washington to play closer to home, but then choose your most hated rival for less than what Skins were offering?

I really am indifferent to him leaving. Obviously his best years are in the past, he will not be having a career year by any stretch of the imagination. The front office is making decisions to improve the team, I still believe they're making all the right moves.


BigaFly, how do you know that didn't happen??? All we hear is Armando's story, and the Dolphins rightfully refuse to air their business in the public...so be it

If one more person comments on how much faithful service JT has brought to the phins while excluding 2008 and the fact that he was paid MILLIONS of dollars to play a game I will absolutely lose my f***ing mind.


Did JT ever win something? Even Dances With Stars or other reality t.v. garbage counts if no football? :D

Wahhh wahhh They said they would meet with him after the draft. He tried to force Miami's hand and Miami didn't take the bait. Good job trifecta. JT is over the hill people. 36 years old. He is done. You want a 40 year old LB? He needs to retire. I prefer to see what the younguns have like Wake. You know they will also draft a few LB's. This is Dansby's defense not JT's.

Maybe now he will win a Tony on broadway or emmy for hard knocks


Oh yeah also 1-15 7-9 was the records with JT the last 2 seasons. 11-5 without him. I heart is not bleeding.

Zach Thomas said he will never root for Jets -- not even if they're in Super Bowl with Taylor. "I can't do it," he said

50% of the fan base will be upset??? If it's anything like this blog I see very few upset at the Dolphins, and once we win some games or Cam or Sergio or Derrick start sacking the QB it will be, what a great move, Jason who??




"JT Go feed your family" = LMFAO

Good thing he got the offer from the Jets or they would've had to cut out one night a week of caviar and filet mignon.

Poor athletes, they never get a fair shake.

To put in perspective: Alot of the best players in NFL history- Montana, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice,
Brett Farve..and on and on played for another team before they retired. Get a life this was a great player for the Dolphins. Like Montana,
they let him go because Steve Young was the future of the 49ers.

JT never got Miami to a superbowl. How can you compare him to Marino? JT was no LT he was good but great? Cya JT I hope Jake Long manhandles you.

LOL @ carlito and the twinkle toes on broadway. More like Off Broadway.

schedule time... forget about this old man... the two faced twinkle toes traitor

We might as well not even play in 2010. Our season is over without JT. Just like it was over a few weeks ago because we didn't have a top flight WR. Just like it was over a couple months ago because we never do anything in FA.

Some Dolphins fans are B I T C H E S.

Pop a goddamned midol and get over it already.

This would be the 2nd time that JT has forced his way out of Miami to go to a team he thinks is a contender... how'd that workout????

And some of these people still want him to be godfather of their children

Fu ck our front office and fu ck taylor

who car agaes about taylor. he's old anyway. he won't even be a factor in the games this season especially against the phins.

"I never thought I would see another Marino incident again but I was wrong. I remember when Marino got old and before he was ready to retire Jimmy shoved him out the door".

Dude, I was a HUGE Marino fan but do you honestly think he wasn't ready to retire physically? I know mentally he could still be going but the guy had leg braces on both legs. He looked like a cyborg out there and didn't have the lateral motion to side step rushers like he used to. I don't like the way Jimmy treated him and will never forgive him for it but Marino was ready for retirement IMO.

He should have taken a page from the Marino/Thomas playbook: retire rather than ruin your reputation as a DOLPHIN. He has lost a lot of fans today, regardless of the Parcells freeze out.

it's supposed to be who cares.

Dolphins open the season in Buffalo!!!! Thats good... no cold game in Buffalo this year!!!!

My question for JT -- First off, you will always be a Dolphin and fans appreciate how hard you played and that you wanted to stay. On to the important stuff: do you have a player still on the Dolphins you could recommend to become Armando's source on the team now that you are leaving? And if you arent a source (which is fine for us) then Armando has a man crush on you. Dont be jealous of this Brandon Graham thing .... its just a phase.

Ask JT following 2-part question: Will you retire as a Dolphin and do you think the Dolphins will allow this to happen?

3 prime time games... sep 26 sunday night at home against Jets and the next week Oct 4 monday night at home against pats... then a thursday night game at home in november...

I am now astonished of jt's betrayal of the dolphins. Armando ask him how the he'll a long time jet hater is now apart of the dolphins rivAls/enemy/nemesis

we should be 1-0!!

eeeewww last game of the season Jan 02 at New England

two prime time games back to back ....jets, sunday night (week 3) and pats, monday night (week 4)

Armando - talk to me about Osi Umenyora - I suspect that the trade rumours may be real about him now that Taylor is gonzo...

Jet Traitor piece of %!&#$* I still can't believe he would turn down the same amount of money in November and sign with the Jets.

IMO on the Taylor situation he WAS a great player (never injured); we traded him to Washington, and he got injured and had a subpar year. Last year he had another subpar year (for him), and had a shoulder injury.

Parcells and Co. were handling it correct by not talking to him til after the draft because when we got Dansby anyone who might have wanted to trade picks to get McClain knew they didn't have to because we had our guy; when we got Marshall anyone who wanted to trade with us to get Dez knew they didn't have to because we weren't going to pick him; if we signed J.T. then we were just sending a message we aren't drafting an OLB in the first we are taking Earl Thomas or Dan Williams because we have our guy.

Not wishing any bad luck but I think he will be injured again this year and have another subpar year then retire, but if not good luck to him and thanks for the memories.

save the best for last!!!!!

love the 2nd half of the schedule!!!
ok on the road to NY and NE mixed in that stretch and a Oak trip...but Det and Cle and Buf and Chi @ home

I love starting the season in Buffalo... thats great

THREE Peime Time games!!! Where's Billbill who insisted we get one!!

Man, you Dolphin fans are just as disloyal as he is. Listen to you people? Why would this team want to win a Super Bowl for you losers is beyond me. You sit here and say, they should draft this person, sign this person, you people were even trashing them for not signing Marshall, calling them cheap, but when they signed him to a good deal, you complained that it was too much. Now, JT, is supposed to recieve loyalty from a regime he BURNED when they first got here. Didnt show up to meetings, or practices because Dancing was more important. THAT is why he is not treated with respect here. Why should this regime respect a man that took dancing FIRST over the team they were trying to build??? I am on their side with this, and I am a DOLFAN and will be WIN OR LOSE. You people are pathetic and I dont understand why you call yourselves fans when you show this team ZERO loyalty or any appreciation whatsoever.

Dolphins open against the Bills at home and close at the Pats. Play the Jets in week 3 at home followed by the Pats at home.

The Fins schedule seems to be front loaded again, except for bills.
1 - bills
2 - vikings
3 - jets
4 - pats
5 - bye
6 - packers
7 - steelers
8 - bengals
9 - ravens
10 - titans
11 - bears
12 - raiders
13 - browns
14 - jets
15 - bills
16 - lions
17 - pats

So all you JT lovers. If JT comes to our house, happens to sack Henne and does his lame@$$ celebration...is that gonna bring some nostalgia back to you. If they happen to beat us, and he is hamming it up with his teamates...are you gonna be like "good for you Jason, cuz the Dolphins screwed you because they had the audacity to ask you to wait until after the draft to address your situation rather than kiss your pinky finger." Good luck with that. He's dead to me....dead I tell ya.

someone in miami should break his legs befor he ever plays the jets

kick rocks julie!!!!!

Good job Julie. Right on with your post.

Ross got his wish, no one o'clock games till Oct 24th in Miami

not taylors fault. unreal on parcells not signing this guy for basically nothing. parcells ego played a part in this one, pathetic. be sick to see him in the playoffs with jets

WooHoo Julie!!! Marry Me!! LMAO


I am not talking to JT, so I wouldn't ask him anything. I will stop the silent treatment when he is done in New Jersey jerking around!

There's billbill, three that's 3 Prime Time Games!!!

Games 2 through 12 are a hell of a ride!!

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