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Taylor to address media tonight

Jason Taylor played 13 years for the Miami Dolphins.

So, darn it, he's going to speak to the South Florida media first before he goes to New York for a press conference.

I'm told Taylor will conduct a press conference at his foundation's headquarters at 8:30 p.m. I will be there.

By the way, 790 The Ticket here in Miami is quoting "a source," as saying Taylor had a contract from both the Dolphins and Jets on the table ...

... And that Taylor picked the Jets.

Sorry, fellas, not true.

Where do people come up with this stuff?

Anyway, what would you ask JT tonight?


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bobby whats your honest thoughts on jt

Don't listen to the idiots here Jason. We all know that Parcells made a mistake...TWICE! I doubt you'll be coming around next off-season looking for a contract. Good luck to you with the Jets except when you're playing the Fins.

I am in love with Julie! PREACH!

This organization has a track record of not respecting or honoring their own. Think back how they dealt with Don Shula and his forced retirement ( I know previous management but still ) Dan he Man even he didn't go out The way he should have. With dignity yeah he was ready his body was shot but please the man even looked at having to sign with the Vikings, Thank goodness he didn't do it and retired a Dolphin. Look people today's NFL is a mad business world there is no loyalty by neither party owners or players. Jason Taylor should do whats right for him and his family. If the Dolphins were honest with him and clearly disclosed their intent to him I cant blame the man for going for the sure thing.

As far as Zach Thomas or J.T. not being allowed to address the media or hold a press conference, what the heck is ESPN for yhey will kindly give you the floor regardless of what your former team thinks. I really enjoyed the play of both these guys they were incredible but time took its toll and the physical talent starts to wear away and younger stronger players are there waiting to take their turn, J.T. its time to go Dance in to the Horizon, Thanks for the memories..


You go dancing with the jets. JT you will regret this someday! I always questioned his caracter. He just proved it!

who wants a candy from me ?

The only mistake Parcells made regarding the first JT trade was wasting the pick on Pat White. JT did exactly what we knew he would in Washington..Jack Squat!! Like NYSCOTT said, what we do with all of those 8 sacks he provided for us.

I seen Julie on the corner last night.

Jason Taylor? Who the heck was Jason Taylor???

I may be gay, but you're an ass. Ha Donkey, get it.

But for real I have had a crush on Julie since fifth grade.

schedule is brutal. no easy games till late.

heynow, would you like to know me ,julie ?

without..that is

The schedule is what it is. Bring it!

The sched is brutal but we must also be a brutal team to face.

Julie is my new favorite poster.

still pissed about parcells treatment of jt, should of signed him

No. I'm good with the fantasy. For all I know you are a 400 pound dude.

the real Julie :)

JT never winning a superbowl had nothin to do with the Alist of quarterbacks like Gus Ferrote Dante Culpepper Ray Lucas John Beck Joey Harrington AJ Feely Cleo Lemon Jay Felder and Sage Rosenfelds ABSOLUTELY SUCKING!

Let's have a Bon Fire at the beach and burn all the JT Jerseys!!

Jets vs Dolphins Sunday night Sept 26!! Give the traitor hell!

Bye JT, You will be replaced by the end of day Saturday. Wow what a schedule. We are going to see some great games this year.

JT is going to play for the yets? love JT always makes plays and will get the most out of playing in that D having said that I hope he loses every game this yr and I have a felling he will reget it like he did when he went to the skins.

Screw easy...I don't want to friggin slide into the playoffs, I want to contend. I want to leave no doubt about our ability. Easy schedule gets you falsely amped up and then quickly ousted in the playoffs

billbill, I will boo JT when he comes in wearing green and I will stand and cheer like crazy when he comes back and is inducted into the Ring of Honor, he deserves it, whether he wears Green or not for a year or two...that said, I feel his time was up for this team, I don't think this was about money at all....this was about the fact the Dolphins decided to draft or bring in an OLB and they want that guy to play and develop...Jason wanted a guarantee, like the Jets gave him, coming in every third down, the Dolphins would have used him for depth only...that's my take on this whole deal

Let's just turn the page, I'll remember Jason Taylor as part of that 1-15 team, something I would like to forget!

Tell him everything he did for this team and these fans is out the window. I understand this is a buisness, but what about loyalty to the fans who cheered for you for 13 years? couldve gone anywhere else. Ill never forgive. Thats for sure. He disgusts me.

The phins should of signed JT.

Tough first 6 games... after that it gets a lot easier

who wants candy ?

I know, I know, he’s getting old. He’s lost a step. We need to get younger. Blah, Blah, Blah.
What ever happened to loyalty? What ever happened to having that consummate team leader and veteran you have in the locker room because he is great in situational coverage and at the same time a mentor and role model for those new kids you bring in? Jason has done EVERYTHING this franchise has asked. He has never been in trouble. He has been fantastic. Not to mention, we need someone at his position. Now what happens if we don’t get that guy in the draft?
I think, in most cases the Dolphin brain trust has done well but this is wrong, stupid, and bullsh1t!

You guys shoulv pay more attenion to your girls then football.

38 years old man .

Jets play Ravens and Patriots before they visit us in game 3...

Wooo-hoooo!! We open against buffalo and could start season with a win for first time in 3 years!!!!!!!

Everyone should be saying thank you to Jason Taylor for all the years of blood, sweet, and tears he put into this origination. Same thing with Zach Thomas they earned the right to leave when they cant do it anymore. He is a leader and well respected in the locker room.

The way this was handled was classless and shameful. I am not happy to call myself a dolphin today. I understand you giving the cold shoulder to a TO or Chad onicho cinco diva but JT was the greatest selfless players in the league. You will be sorely missed, and I will not be surprised if the Jets do dominate us now. Wes welker, Sammy Morris, Evans, and many others always find a way to stick it to us after we leave a bitter taste in their mouth or undervalue their hard work. Good luck Jason I will always respect you!!

ashley , i like you ,can we get together ?

Ask JT why he's a traitor! Going to play for the stinkin' Jets of all places. I know he's thinking he'd like to get a Super Bowl ring before he retires but doesn't he know the Phins are going to own the Jets this year (again) and we are gonna take the division and hopefully be in Dallas in February. Didn't he learn from the first time he decided to leave when he went to the Skins and we won the division with out him. Peace Out JT! Its a shame you couldn't just wait for a contract until after the draft. You must be scared that you can't compete with the young talent. If you waited what's the worst that would have happened, the trifecta thinking you were washed up and didnt want you, then you could have just retired a Phin with respect. Ask him why he didnt do that Mando and tell him not to get to close to fat boy Rex he might sit on him.

Zach Thomas was old, and suffering from cuncussions. What contribution could he have made if he played??? He showed his age in Dallas, AND in Kansas City. They want to get YOUNGER. Not keep around old players who are in obvious decline as Thomas was. They didnt treat him like crap, they released him so he could go elsewhere if he desired. Due to his age, and injuries, they were not going to invest a lot of time and money into him. You people suck. Seriously. You could care less about this team, you showed Marino and Shula no appreciation, booted them out the door and made them feel unwanted. Why should any player, or part of this organization want to win for you whiners when nothing they do pleases you??? Get over yourselves. Be fans, or not be fans, make up your minds. But JT is NOT the whole team or organization. Personally, I think the team will do better without him, than we did with him. He is declining, and he doesnt want to accept it, and neither do any of you. This regime sees a player in decline and they are moving on.

Whatever happened to loyalty and blah,blah,blah the year JT decided to do his own thing and become fred astaire? Give me a break. It's a business. Jt's camp was playing the loyalty card from the get this year to try and force the regime's hand. Didn't work.

Miamitruth, when you let players leave on their own terms you have what's called: A LOSING TEAM...that's one of the stupidest statements I've seen today

Love the loyalty of fans questioning the loyalty of team. We let go of a 36 yr old w/ shoulder surgery, ex dancing w/ stars runner up, 7 sack and ONE playoff win in 13 years wannabe actor/model.. Sure I named my female Maltese Taylor 5 yrs ago, but now he's an enemy!!! Let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

julie , what's up w/the fake name ?

Julie is on fire tonight!!!!!!!!

Go, stay, it really doesn't matter. If you are a true Miami fan you are cheering for the team and the city. Players and organizations are not what they were in the old days when players stayed put and were true fans of their own team. Nope, today we should cheer for the uniform and not the player inside it. When I think of $120 million and what that could do for my school district, I can not sympathize or even cheer for DWade.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/04/20/1589112/dwyane-wade-says-leaving-miami.html#ixzz0lgdTIU00

this team smells as the team that ended in 11-5

I like opening with the Bills, I like it a lot.

Let the beat-down begin!

Ask Taylor has he lost his mind?the dolphins is who he's suppose to be playin for we wouldve gave him a contract but he had to listen to that ass face Ryan this is a sad day in dolphins history very sad

Thanks Jules, but Iam into guys, or should I say guys are "Into me". ohhhh Iam so nasty.

Go, stay, it really doesn't matter. If you are a true Miami Heat fan you are cheering for the team and the city. Players and organizations are not what they were in the old days when players stayed put and were true fans of their own team. Nope, today we should cheer for the uniform and not the player inside it. When I think of $120 million and what that could do for my school district, I can not sympathize or even cheer for DWade.

This post from the Heat blog is so applicable in this discussion dont you think?

How is it classless. They said "we will handle this after the draft." "his camp knows where we stand and his situation will be handled after the draft." What's dishonest about that? And Dean...really...Loyalty...really?! Jason Taylor said he wanted to be known more/his claim to fame to be stuff other than being a Dolphin. When crying about his bid to dance with the stars and get into action films and movies...loyalty...pffft. Whatever.

I'm as good as there for that home opener on monday night against New York... looks like I'll be coming home sooner than I thought.

Can't wait to hear what JT has to say later, the comments on here are going to be brutal.

Also, Brett Favre is another player refusing to let go. He was old and washed up with the Jets and had one good year with the Vikings and showed his age when he got his butt creamed by the Saints. Now he sits at home, pouting like a baby wanting the Vikings to come to his home on bended knee and ask him back and stroke his ego to make him feel special. What is wrong with these players that REFUSE to move on when their teams dont want them anymore, so much that they feel these organizations should be at their beck in call?? Like they OWE them something?? JT had a great career, he was fun to watch. But if he wanted this regime to show loyalty to him, then he should have considered that when THEY first walked through the door and asked him to attend meetings and be a part of the team functions. He decided he wanted to dance instead. So there you go....You cant expect someone to be loyal to you when you spit in their face first. Just how it is.

ashley, i am too ,lets try some thing different . all the guys on this blog looks ugly,real ugly and i can tell that the ugliest is doof then bobby then nyscott .

There is not a bigger dolphin fan then me, and I hate to see Jason go to the Jets but how anyone can blame him is crazy. He wants to be here but no one will even meet with him. He has the right to work and if the Jets are the only one giving him the chance he should go for it. The main person to blame is parcells he is making himself easy to hate. And taking a little of the shine away from being a dolphin fan.

Uh, ALoco you actually had me fooled till u put me in the Julie blog!! LOL shoulda played it better

Guys, Iam on my cell phone, unable to access the new sch., whats it look like???

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