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Taylor to address media tonight

Jason Taylor played 13 years for the Miami Dolphins.

So, darn it, he's going to speak to the South Florida media first before he goes to New York for a press conference.

I'm told Taylor will conduct a press conference at his foundation's headquarters at 8:30 p.m. I will be there.

By the way, 790 The Ticket here in Miami is quoting "a source," as saying Taylor had a contract from both the Dolphins and Jets on the table ...

... And that Taylor picked the Jets.

Sorry, fellas, not true.

Where do people come up with this stuff?

Anyway, what would you ask JT tonight?


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Ok Bobbyd12, I do agree with you about it being a ( OLB ). But would it surprise you if it was Dan Williams? That has been my choice all along. Until now.

Derrick Morgan! Can rush QB and tough against run.

I love Mando, but who gives two craps about this JT thing now? Honestly. He is a Jet. Move on. We have a brand new schedule to dissect and he is having a blog about a guy who would have been a role player for us. Mando gets on his vendettas and never gets off. We get it, you felt for $4M and his meaning to the franchise we should have signed him. The fact is we didn't, the topic is now moot, let's talk about DOLPHIN football, not Jets.

Doof, we all have opinions...I wonder sometimes if all those day games were sapping our guys near the end of the year...Other teams play once in it, we practice and play in it week after week, so at the end of the year was it really an advantage???

Loved JT and what he and ZT did for us all of those years.
But, bidness is bidness! Thanks for the memories.
Wish him well (except against Miami).
On another front, when he was gone, we went 11-5! He came back and our D sucked! Maybe we start winning again



Well said Bootang.

"...you felt for $4M..." beautiful

I certainly don't care what JT has to say in his Miami press conference tonight. Go on up to the NY press already.

The Trifecta may have botched this up but ultimately, it was Taylor who went to the Jets. High Treason, ANYWHERE, except the freakin' Jets !

Armando ask him if he thinks he should be allowed to retire a dolphin after double crossing them like this w the Jets
Im throwing away my jersey right now

I love JT as much as anyone, and he is involved in quite a few of my all-time favorite plays, but honestly, how many meaningful wins has he been a part of? I know he played on some bad teams, but he has shown his true colors to be all about Jason Taylor, not once, but twice now.

Liepers, I'm never saying never again, especially after being soo wrong on Dansby and Marshall but if I had to make a bet, I would lay my money on Morgan or Kindle...I like Williams too but to me the numero UNO priority is a Big Time Outside LB that will start and dominate immediately

f the money he just pissed on his legacy as a dolphin 4 ever

I'm hoping Wake and a rookie will come in and erase any memory of him He will always be a 4-3 DE not a good olb

There was only ONE person who could have KILLED the Joey Porter situation last year, and it was JT. He did nothing. That is the type of veteran leadership we need, and he showed he is incapable of being that guy. Don't bring up the NE game when Sean Smith got burned and JT went over and consoled him, the reason I vividly remember that was because it was the first time I ever saw JT do anything like that. With no leadership to offer, and declining skills, JT had to go. Period.

Mr. Cote...a great article..

A sad, pathetic series of actions by a team lacking in leaders who can still play at a high level. Very few players endured what he had to last year in order to return--only to be shoved out the door again. For the first time in my life I am going to root against the Dolphins and for the JETS when we play next year. This simply should not have been allowed to happen. And as you said--common sense on every level says the Jets are better with Jason than we are without him.


Bobbyd12, I'm with you man about it being a LB. But don't sweat it, we all make bad calls sometimes. Good Night Dude.

The guy is a f*cking traitor, plain and simple. He did have a choice. He could have been a good soldier and waited until after the draft like he was asked to. He got impatient. Of course he'll find a job somewhere. He still has value. I hate the way management didn't want him but he didn't have to sign with them. It only april for god's sake. Taylor didn't sign until the middle of the summer last year. He could have waited. He's a traitor and I hope Sergio Kindle picks the number 99 because there is no way they'll retire his number now.

curtis is a little brown donkey .

And again, need I remind everyone since 2001, we have made the playoffs in ONE year. The year that JT just happened to be not a Miami Dolphin.

jason is giving a lot of excuses in his press conference. He didn't have an offer from the dolphins because since January they told him they would deal with his contract after the draft. What part of that did he miss. After, the, or draft? 48 hrs to go and he signs with the Jets? Sorry Jason. Not a good excuse. It the Jets want you so badly they would want you after the draft. Ryan even said there is no time limit on the contract they extended to you

Jt traitor honestly I hope that Derrick morgan takes 99
Jets can suck it

Last time Jason Taylor played for another team, the Dolphins finished 11-5, AFC East Champions...

I was planning on going to a game this year, I can tell you now it will undoubtedly be the MNF game against the Jets. The stadium was going to be rocking regardless, but I can't wait to BOO the freaking hell out of Jason Taylor, and stick it to the Jets. Just wait JT, until Ronnie Brown squares you up and runs you flat over. I for one look forward to it. Selfish SOB couldn't wait 7 more days make the decision.

I still think the Dolphins will take Rolando McClain with the #12th pick, he'll play inside with Crowder and Dansby will play OLB... Would be a great idea...

Our D was not as good with jt.
We will still kick ass
Wake will get 12+ sacks and Jake long will put JT on his ass when he tries to get around him

I can't wait fir Jake long to put JT on his ass when blitzing.
We will take Morgan fir olb

Sapping our players strength by year end? That's a fair question. There may be some truth to that. I would say though, that if they practice in it week in and week out the once a week game maybe 2-4 times a year would not factor in enough to justify changing it and losing the advantage.

Either way, it's done so lets kick some butt this year except for curtis since he's rooting for the Jest now.

You'll be missed curtis.

Dolphins nation will somehow move on without your staunch support. Die hard fans like you are the backbone of this team and fan loyalty like yours can't be bought at any price. The Dolphins tradition will never be the same with curtis the Dolphin fan rooting for the arch rival Jest.

The Jest, however, will be keeping in their own storied tradition of ass-clownery by adopting you as a fan curtis. So here's to you curtis the Jest rooting Dolphin fan. Bravo!!

No dolphan routes for the jets.
We dispose jets and NE.
NE will suck this year though

Sorry guys, been having all kinds of problems posting on here all day. Sounds like a lot of you have been having the same problem.

I would have nothing to say to JT. He's become 'just another player'. with our offensive line, he won't get anywhere close to Henne next year.

Anyone on here think that it won't be OLB in the first round? It's either Kindle or Morgan in the first and if we trade back it will be either Graham or Hughes.


Good article Mando with two exceptions.

"You've sweated and perhaps even cried through that nine-year (2001-2009) desert experience when the Dolphins mustered only one playoff appearance. Taylor sweated, cried just as much.

And, by the way, he also bled and suffered broken fingers and cracked knuckles and separated shoulders".

That seems a bit condescending. He also was very highly paid and all athletes going into this business know what they're getting into. I think we've suffered equally considering A. I don't get paid anywhere near as much as Taylor and B., I've been a Dolphin fan FAR longer than Taylor has been a player so on that side of the suffering I win (or lose depending on how you want to look at it).

And secondly that poll that asks us if A. we will root for him because he's a legend or B. root against him because he's the enemy, needs another choice and here it is; C. I will root against him because I'm a Dolphin fan and actually want my team to win!

It seems incredibly foolish to root for a player to do well when doing well will effect your team negatively.

Zach Thomas is more a Dolphin and a man than Taylor will ever be.

Zach Thomas said he will never root for Jets -- not even if they're in Super Bowl with Taylor. "I can't do it,"

Craig M...gotta be an LB, I can't imagine it being anything but now

I wouldn't want to watch this presser. Jason Taylor is douche bag.

Couple seasons back "his agent" talked him into dancing during the off-season when he should have been at camp. Okay, so he lets his agent run his career? So he ends up in Washington and flames out. He begs to come back and they throw the guy a bone.

This year he gets offered a contract extension straight-up and he says no, he wants the agent involved. Fine, fins say wait till after draft.
Cause, guess what bro, they don't want to deal with your sissy-ass agent that wrecked your career.

Then, "his agent" talks him into going to visit the Jets, as if that's going to ingratiate him to our team and fan base. So he goes?!? With all the other teams in the league that could use his services?!? Bro, when you gonna learn?

Meanwhile the team never changed their stance. They said after the draft. Now, I supposed it's his agent that convinced him to take the deal.

This is stupid. Just stupid.

He started this nonsense with the dancing crap, and he fell out of favor with the front office. He was trying to use his stardom to set up another career while they were busting ass, trying to rebuild a winner. What does that say about you? Then he comes back and expects respect? For what? The past is the past bro. Loyalty held this team back for too long.

Anyway, I love watching the guy play for our team, but wow!! I'm so tired of the pity. This is a business man. You all check the taxes and the agent's cut and tell me if what we offered in December was any different that what he end up with. His sissy agent sunk his brilliant career.

The agent should have gracefully bowed out and looked over our offer on the house but not get involved, it's the least that he could of done for the money JT has made him.

And if this was all JT, using his agent as a shield..? Well, guess you got what you wanted.

Douche bag. Real, Douche bag.

Why thanks aloco :) It always feels nice to be noticed by the local loco.

On to your suggestion: Except for the fact that only goofs root for the jest and I'm a doof, I would probably have no problem hanging out with curtis the jest rooting dolphin fan.




your posts always

Two years with the Jets will kill a lifetime of goodwill with the Dolphins.

Bite me JT. You work for that Fat Boy now. Retire a Jet please.

From Armando's Twitter: ArmandoSalguero Does Taylor regret not taking the extension offer: "It wasn't the right time. I wasn't comfortable with contract situation coming up then."
31 minutes ago So the Fins offered him an extension I guess in November and he turned it down....and this is Parcells fault??? Some of u fans are complete morons

Jason Taylor: "I think I have a lot to offer, but there's only two of us who think that. Me and Rex."

Well thats one thats true...no one but you and T-Rex think you have anything left worth having.

all this talk for a washed up player.

On another note Jason Taylor was a hell of a player and I loved watching him get after the QB on Sundays. We definitely are lucky to have had a hall of famer wear this uniform with pride for so long. I don't want to blame either side on this. It happened and it's time to move on. I wish JT the best of luck, except of course when they play the Dolphins, at that point I will be wishing he gets injured. Not seriously, just enough to make him a non-factor :)


I think we've both thought that for awhile. Even before we added Marshall and there was all this Bryant talk we were still 'it's got to be an OLB'. Only other surprise might be if we draft McClain and move Dansby outside. That's the only other wrinkle I could see happening.

Guys I was the third one on that boat. I've been saying OLB for a while now as it has been quite obvious that has been our biggest need. I don't think there's anyway they move Dansby outside but I could be wrong. It's just that he made a point of saying "I'm an inside linebacker" when asked by the press and he was very serious when he said it. Goodnight all.

Hey J.T. what does your brother -in law think about you playing for the "friggin" jets?


More from Taylor: ArmandoSalguero JT on Dolphins: "They don't owe me anything .. I owe a lot to Dolphins org. They afforded me a lot of things, my spot in life. "
22 minutes ago

Bobbyd12... You are correct about this particular blog... most do "Get it" It was the previous one I was really side lined by. I believe any of us would have welcomed JT back. I believe that we all hoped it would work out. But, slamming this management staff for this matter when all they have said since the end of the season was "Wait till after the draft" is not fair to them. Parcells and Co. Has gone above and beyond nearly every other team (Jests included) by taking the top talent available and not just going after Mid level position fixers. Then... after they give us an instant contender... some get pissed because they let a player who seems dead set on going walk out the door. Neither Parcells or anyone else on this team is going to go running after JT like some loser chasing a girl who broke his heart. They are simply not going to do it. JT made his own bed... period. Our team is on the way to something special, the Jests are just a bunch of cast offs who are now expected to be a great team... the antithesis of The Miami Dolphins Organization.

Heaven forbid he wins a superbowl up there because we will never hear the end of it.

It doesn't matter, we will stomp the jets twice again this year...and JT will get plowed over by our new fresh O

Ask Bill, what gets me is he was offered a contract extension in November and turned it down...if he so much wanted to be a Dolphin he shoulda snatched it up and finished his career...in no way shape or form is this the Dolphins fault

Fact is this ragime has failed..akin aydole...Wilson...smiley...grove...pat white...fasano...Eric green...pat turner... And the list goes on..It doesn't make any sence that u need two defensive lineman at the least and two linebackers at the least.. And you don't want Taylor..... And don't forget we still need to draft a starting safety...We draft a receiver in the third round that apparently is so off he can't even dress out... Are u kidding me? How could they miss that bad.. A qb in the second round that can't make a 10 yard pass... How could they screw up so bad.. There draft picks make Jamar Fletcher and Eddie moore look great.. At least both of them got on the playing field and did something!!! Parcells and Ireland are way overrrated!

I hate to say it but the road to the division championship will go thru New York.

They plan to move him around like Saban did so he could put up a double digit sack total. He and LT will be playing with a chip on their shoulder. He can only make the Jets #1 defense better.

He will get his ring this year or in 2011. He'll probably still wear a Dolphin cap when he's inducted to the HOF even if he gets a ring with the Jets. The Dolphins might compete in 2011.

I love Jason But the fkin JETS come on man you were a doplhin legend now I am not so sure I wanted to go to the hall of fame some day and see you but now I don't know

I hope so too Jason, time heals everything...

ArmandoSalguero JT: "Hopefully one day I can walk back in the stadium and not get booed."
22 minutes ago

How can you guys call yourselves Dolphin fans and not love JT? The Dolphins didn't want him, what's he gonna do? I still can't picture him in puke green but this is the NFL in 2010.

I hope all the fans let the Dolphins organization know how they feel. This is a disgrace.


I know I speak for the other Dolfans on here when I say 'you should take your act with JT to New York'. Ain't no room for bandwagon jumpers like you on this bus.

If a broken down 36 year old linebacker can't put his ego aside for a few days until the Dolphins do things on THEIR schedule then I don't want him on our team. There's no room for that type of 'me-first, selfishness on this team'. Good riddance!!

JT is history. OLB first round, Morgan or Graham. Maybe safety but I doubt it. Need QB pressure first to make the safety have a chance. Who's it gonna be??

Oh great...the old ratty 99 Jets jerseys will now have duct tape over Gastineau's name

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