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Taylor to address media tonight

Jason Taylor played 13 years for the Miami Dolphins.

So, darn it, he's going to speak to the South Florida media first before he goes to New York for a press conference.

I'm told Taylor will conduct a press conference at his foundation's headquarters at 8:30 p.m. I will be there.

By the way, 790 The Ticket here in Miami is quoting "a source," as saying Taylor had a contract from both the Dolphins and Jets on the table ...

... And that Taylor picked the Jets.

Sorry, fellas, not true.

Where do people come up with this stuff?

Anyway, what would you ask JT tonight?


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Swamy, I think ur crystal ball is broken, goes thru NY LMAO... Ur kidding me right??? If Indy don't lay down they are a 7-9 team last year...they bring in 4 old declining players and it goes thru NY??? U think they are better then Indy now??? U have got to be f'u''cen kidding me

and happy 420!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JPP i want to welcome you to south florida with the 12 pick in the nfl draft------Adalius thomas waitn to fill JT veteran role----cant wait for thursday

I will be rooting for Jason Taylor and the Jets. The Dolphins have no class I am very dissapointed in the Dolphins my team for the last 40 years. So sad.

Give JT a break. His family has to eat. I jeard Bernie Kosar (ex phin) had car repo'd the other day. U dudes sound like hes supposed to go home and cry hoping the fins call him. He got DUMPED and none of u pay his bills. Let him do what he wants.

Joel and GMan, maybe u should read JTs conference before u get on here and talk dumb....Taylor was offered an extension in November which he turned down..if he took it he would have ended his carreer here, he also said looking back he wish he took that extension...and this is Parcells fault how??? Guy was told they would talk to him after the draft...Jason didn't wanna wait...Bravo Parcells!!!!

I have to see the day that the Jets win the Superbowl with the crowd they are bringing in...I'm sorry...a guy with a four game suspension, a old OLB...they are going to dump Faneca and more...and they truely believe they are going to have team chemistry? I don't care what T-Rex thinks...you don't build a team like that. The same thing happened to them a couple years ago when they brought in Favre and the others...it happened with the Dolphins once when Shula brought in a few older players and they fell apart. It take's time to build a good team.

xfan, u were NEVER a fan, don't let that big Dolfan Door hit u in ur stupid A"S on the way out...root for the Jets, u piece of shyt loser


He turns down $8 million from Redskins to play for $1.5 million with Dolphins. They offer him a contract for the same amount more or less and he rejects it because he knows he's worth more. The FO treat him like a prom date backup plan while the Jets wine and dine him and even the owner gets on a four way call to get him. You can't blame him for leaving.


ffff off and stay an x fan for good.

Ask him why parcells is such a fat idiot, I've had a sick feeling ever since I heard the news, I'm embaresed to be a dolphins fan today, even more than our 1 win year!!

Zachs right,

We(FO)could of had more class.

And then he gets the same amount from the Jests...lol..he was given an opportunity to stay, HE said that was more important then the money, don't try to turn this around, u think people are stupid???


Your either A Jet fan is disguise or a bandwagon fan. Either way you should be a part of the Jets blog. YOur not a true Dolphins fan and if you think cheering for JT and the Jets is the right thing to do, then you need to pack it in buddy. No room for you on this bus.

Dolphins offered him an extension in November and that wasn't good enough. See u later a-hole and i hope that Richie Incognito chop blocks you.

Would like the link B12.


Good call.

Po White, they offered him an extention, he said no...they told him to wait till after the draft, he signs with the Jests two days before...Parcells isn't running a sorority house here, this is football, he was told like A MAN they would talk to him after the draft...Dolphins did NOTHING wrong...

If there was an extension I will say we did what we needed to do to keep him but I would like to see it in type.

So Gman05...... your statement...
"Fact is this ragime has failed..akin aydole...Wilson...smiley...grove...pat white...fasano...Eric green...pat turner... And the list goes on"

Is one of the most disconnected from reality I have ever seen. Every team has busts... every team has bad FA acquisitions (Again, why teams should try to build from draft AMAP)
What is the problem with Grove... He is a very solid Center and will be the starter this season no doubt. Smiley is a good player... we do not want his injury prone nature... but he is a good player nonetheless and with luck with make a good trade during the draft. You say "The lists goes on"... Bet your ass it does.... Here is a list for ya... Long, Henne, Hartline, Marshall, Dansby, Pennington, Vontea Davis, Sean Smith, Lex Hillard, Lousaka Polite, Donald Thomas, Joe Beger, Kendall Langford, Nate Garner... and the list REALLY goes on, ... These are all YOUNG, Talented...HUGE players who are locked into long term contracts.... I'm not certain what world you are coming from talking about "Failure" The only failure I see is the "Failure" of your post to make one damn bit of sense... Failure? 2007 was Failure... and JT was a "Leader" that season.


Po White, u have Twitter?? Armando tweeted throughout, that's what I have been copying, Armando's tweets

This is wrong on many levels but let's cut to the chase. Who's going to play at OLB? Wake who couldn't get on the field until the season was half over? A rook DE who will take a year to learn a new position and learn how grown men play the game?

For every good decision Parcells makes, he makes two bad ones. Way to go you yankee greaseball.

If he turned down the extension....

No mercy, but I'd like to see it in writing.

More from Armando: ArmandoSalguero Does Taylor regret not taking the extension offer: "It wasn't the right time. I wasn't comfortable with contract situation coming up then."
31 minutes ago

From what I've read the contract is about the same with the Jets but with incentives can be $4 to $5 million.

Unless Henne improves significantly this year the Dolphins will be a 9-7 or 8-8 team. I believe the Jets and Pats will be four losses (if they split they're lucky).

The Jets will be 11-5 and Pats will be 10-6.

Po, think you're right, there was no offer from the Dolphins.

First pick in the draft is EXPECTED to go out and start...that's why they are given insane money as pick one...if it's Morgan, Kindle, Graham, whoever...they are expected to go out and replace a 36 year old coming off shoulder surgery and be better

Po White, from Armando's previous blog:

"It was such a successful reunion, the Dolphins offered Taylor a contract extension early last November, according to a club source.

The Dolphins have done this before with others players -- Parick Cobbs, Lousaka Polite, Greg Camarillo and Ricky Williams -- performing at a high level.

The difference for Taylor was that the contract offer was basically for the same money he played for last season. There was modest base salary increase offered from $1.1 to $1.5 million and there was one interesting stipulation: The Dolphins wanted to deal directly with Taylor and not let him include Wichard in any talks.

Taylor wanted to include his agent and that concluded the talks."

No B12, too old school and just too old.


God I hope you are wrong but the more I see the more I worry. Roth Turner White Wilson and then some worry me.

Looking at the schedule, I don't see any reason why the Dolphins can't be in the mix for the AFC East.

Cocoajoe, how many tweets from the press conference u want...Jason Taylor himself said he was offered an extension and turned it down...to say he wasn't offered the extension is just bizzare

You r crazy if you think the jets will go 11-5! Are you buying into the T-Rex program? You must be a jet fan...the jets aren't gonna be that good..I say the pukey jets will be 8-8 at best


If thats the case than F*ck him...

Just hope we did what we should of....

Acted with class.

I cant wait to see jt trying to rush Mr Long,
just let the guy go he is lacking atention and he will end up just like he did in Washington.

I don't like the bye in week 5......that's too early in the season if you ask me.

Stupid move by Dolphins Big 3. Signing Taylor for 1.75M is chump change....What big egos they have in the front office. Unbelievable

JT's replacement should eventually be a player but JT's experience reminds me of a joke I heard in a movie.

The "Papa Bull" and the "Baby Bull" were at the top of a mountain looking down at the herd of cows in the valley. The Baby Bull said, "Let's run down there and #@%& a cow. The Papa Bull replied, "no, let's walk down and #@%& them all!"


No baby bull in the draft will have the same output this year that JT would have had.

Don't tweet but I do read. When I read in black and white no contract was offered, I kind of believe it. This has been reported more than once.



Wake is that Bull. Playing part time he acquired 5.5 sacks. Now draft a couple OLB's and see what happens then.

JT himself was quoted in his press conference that a contract extension was offered...no matter what u read elsewhere, that's what came out of JASON TAYLOR's mouth...to me that's pretty final

Robert Duvall and Sean Penn.



Duvall yes...Penn...let him play for the Jets.

Kind of tired talking about the JT stuff. This is supposed to be an exciting time. We're going to beadding some great young players over the next few days. Let's start getting excited about that again.

OK, all this talk about the Jets. What EXACTLY are we supposed to be afraid of with these guys? What makes anybody think they are improved? What EXACTLY have they done to make themselves better this off-season? They've added a suspsended WR for 12 games (big deal!...OK, next). A CB in Cromartie who's head isn't in the game most of the time and can't tackle....NEXT....They get rid of a 1400 yard Thomas Jones and replace him with a broken down LT....not even their fans like this move. And then they add a 36 year old, broken down LB, who is coming off shoulder surgery and hates the Jets and whose fans hate him....GREAT move!!....Let's see how things go with JT and his ego when he can't get on the field for playing time and the 12-15 sacks that Rex Ryan promised doesn't happen.

He talks about how he hates the jets and loves miami to much etc... but at the end of the day HE IS A BIG TIME SELLOUT !!!! point blank period JT UR A SELLOUT I hope u read this


Here's for ur reading from the Jason Taylor press conference:

ArmandoSalguero JT: Confirms my report that he was offered an extension in 2009.
about 2 hours ago

Bring on the draft!

Nite all.

Confirms my report that he was offered an extension in 2009

From JT: ArmandoSalguero JT on if he had that offer now: "If that was final offer and I didn't have nothing else, I would have signed it."
about 2 hours ago

Only time will tell if the FO decision to not pay JT more was a mistake or not.


I am sorry to hear that you are no longer a Dolphin. However, I believe that you deserve best wishes from the Dolphins organization and fans.

I hope that we beat you at least twice in 2010. However, you deserve the Best of Luck for the other games of the upcoming season.

I am proud to be your Fan past and present.

It is too bad that the Dolphins organization does not value your contribution both on and off the field. I hope that other fans such as myself will never forget.

May many Sacks be in your future - just not versus the Dolphins!

More: ArmandoSalguero The extension offer by the Dolphins, as I have reported, came LAST year. And it was withdrawn.
about 2 hours ago Withdrawn after Jason turned it down

The guy was offered a deal. He thought he could get a better one. He rolled the dice and lost. You want to play rough you got to be tough twinkle toes.
He still could have stayed. He knows we need OLB's like nobodies business. He knew there was still a spot for him here, just not on his and Wichards terms.

Sooooo.........what does he do? Compromises his own "convictions" and crosses over to the enemy. Look at the facts and explain to me who has no class.

Bottom line he's the enemy, signed sealed and delivered.
Wish him well? Not on your life! I'll wish him a concussion compliments of Jake Long.

Taylor speaking about the extension: ArmandoSalguero Does Taylor regret not taking the extension offer: "It wasn't the right time. I wasn't comfortable with contract situation coming up then."
about 2 hours ago

I cant believe all you crybabies! The Dolphins front office was totally up front with JT. So he is a Jet, big deal. All good things must come to an end. The Dolphins will be a better team than the Jets. Heres to who ever the new stud rookie OLB is GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!






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