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Taylor to address media tonight

Jason Taylor played 13 years for the Miami Dolphins.

So, darn it, he's going to speak to the South Florida media first before he goes to New York for a press conference.

I'm told Taylor will conduct a press conference at his foundation's headquarters at 8:30 p.m. I will be there.

By the way, 790 The Ticket here in Miami is quoting "a source," as saying Taylor had a contract from both the Dolphins and Jets on the table ...

... And that Taylor picked the Jets.

Sorry, fellas, not true.

Where do people come up with this stuff?

Anyway, what would you ask JT tonight?


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Bonus tweet: ArmandoSalguero JT on Dolphins: "They don't owe me anything .. I owe a lot to Dolphins org. They afforded me a lot of things, my spot in life. "
about 1 hour ago

He could have signed...he didn't. He played chicken...and now is dinner...or toast as it is said...bye bye.

And I hope he gets his leg broken...and wimpers off the field forever.

It's just a very sad day. I am left with no respect whatsoever towards Parcells. I knew he was a classless pr¡ck, but didn't care as I thought the team could win with him running the show. Now however, I wouldn't mind if he left. It's just a very sad day.

The only sack JT will get is Jake Long's NUT SACK in his mouth

Have you guys read what Zach Thomas had to say? It's JT talking through Zach's mouth.


Shut up about JT...he's gone...look to the future..

Put up your MOCK DRAFTS dudes:

Time to put up or shut up...

1 Brandon Graham
2 Jerry Hughes
3 Major Wright
4 Reshard Jones
5 Jared Odrick ( will be gone )
6 Lagarette Blount
7 Jeff Owens
8 Jimmy Graham ( will be gone )
9 Lamarr Houston
10 ?????

Maco, here's ur tissue and fake fan t-shirt...have a shytty life

MaCo, wahhhhhhhhhh

Who cares, Taylor is a phony for going to the team he claimed to hate.

The future is NOW!
How many of you actually care about a sack, a fumble or a dropped pass from previous seasons.
JT used to be one of my all time favorite Dolphins but that all changed with the twinkling of a toe and the stroke of a pen.

He had a choice and he made it! JT I used to think you deserved my praise, now I wouldn't even rob a bank with you!!!!

The only reason I wanted your one year stop gap a z z to stay was so we would be more likely to draft a strongside backer like Graham. Thanks for NOTHING JT, hope you like wearing those gay green uniforms.

Zach Thomas...Superbowl Rings with the Fins= ZERO. Jason Taylor Superbowl Rings with Fins = ZERO... Cry elsewhere: TODAY IS THE START OF A NEW ERA!!


This is not a personal attack brother. But your on a Dolphin blog wishing a NY Jet well.

You're making a fool of yourself Bro.
JT just threw you, the Fins and ALL THE FANS


Here's what I wanted to say this morning about our schedule.....

I see four very winnable non-divisional games (don't remember them all but I think it was something like Cleveland, Oakland, Detroit and I forget the other. I also think we will beat the Bills twice (that's what I'm counting on anyways). I think we will do well to split against New England and the Jets, which takes us to EIGHT wins. I think the last six non-divisional games will be what decides whether we make the playoffs or not. I think we need to go 3-3 in those games to make the playoffs. It's a tall order but I think it's attainable. If we're a playoff team, we're going to have to earn it.

Whew! Damn! Finally get caught up with this friggin blog. Too much news and it moves fast as the boggers come out of the woodwork.


I sure glad no one saw my post that I was glad to see JT was coming back based on bigus news earlier... LoL. Bobby, we all make some unlucky calls. ;)


The only sack JT will get is Jake Long's NUT SACK in his mouth

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 20, 2010 at 10:46 PM

BobbyD12 this deserves consideration for post of the YEAR!!!!

Well said!

Odinseye, I've been saying it since the season ended: cut the umbilical cord, the last decade was a disaster and Taylor was the last link to that decade....Today the sun has finally risen on this organization!!! Three years, out of the ashes the Parcells regime has risen...The Phoenix has RISEN!!!


Sup man! How do you have Brandon Graham and Jerry Hughes? We have no second bro.

I love the move and believe those are the 2 premier pass rushers in the whole draft!

Lamar Houston 9? How is your list compiled bud?


Watching the Jets fail now is going to be even sweeter now that JT wears the green jersey.


You said it. It's officially a new era.

Remember the song the guy mentioned the other night. Winds of Change.

Goodbye JT

Hay Bobby. I never said I wanted the fins to do bad. NEVER. I will ALWAYS root for Miami and will always want the Jets to do bad, so don't understand why you're calling me a fake fan.

Please, before posting stupid words, learn to read.

And the have a shytty life comment... what are you, 5? Come on dude.

Thanks again JT.

Now I'm rethinking the Giants 1st(15) and Osi for our 1st and 5th.

We could still probably get Graham at 15 and Osi would basically have been a trade for Ginn.

What do you think Rob in OC? Osi, no Osi?

Anybody who blames 2007 on JT is an idiot with the memory of a goldfish. Camoron was your Head Coach. John Beck was your friggin quarterback and Ted Ginn was your starting WR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO ROOKIES WHO 3 YEARS LATER STILL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Who do you guys think we should draft?

Rob.yo bro..!!!..i think we trade down around to 20 and pick up a 2nd....and I think Houston could fall back a lot...Im thinking Smiley will be a makeweight in any moves....Im probably wrong tho pal...wishful thinking I know....but Im pretty sure theyl draft 2xLinebackkers and 2x Safeties....

Really have to wonder about the mentality of a guy who chooses to go play for a team he hates and for fans he clains to hate. I bet he's not well-received by the fans on New York, they HATE him there!!

So are you telling me there in not another team in the whole NFL who wouldn't want JT on their team? I don't believe that. He has to go to a team he hates. If there isn't another single team out there who wants the guy I think that says a lot about his diminished skill set.

And is anyone really surprised that this egomaniac chooses to hog the spotlight two days before the NFL draft. He couldn't just make a quiet move somewhere AFTER the draft. I will be very surprised if he has ANY success in New York. this smells like the move to Washington all over again.

And now the Roth issue gets bigger. If we had Roth, we only would need a situational OLB now, with Wake playing 3rd downs. Now we definitely need top quality OLB.

There goes my Earl Thomas wish.

No MaCo, u need to read...u hope Parcells leaves??? What kind of asinine statement is that, he is the best hope we have had in years...Parcells is classless??? Taylor was offered an extension last November and turned it down...he was then told to wait till after the draft but his big ego couldn't do that....this isn't ballet, this is football, he was given an opportunity to extend or wait...don't call this organization classless...and by wishing Parcells to leave ur wishing for the fins to suk again, and with that I say have a shytty life...try to get all the facts before spewing stupidity on the blog

Watching the Jets fail now is going to be even sweeter now that JT wears the green jersey.

Posted by: beerndrums | April 20, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Can't wait to see him goofy and green at the end of the game walking into the tunnel, hands on his hips, looking at the ground with a dejected look on his disgusting face.

He has to be accounted for.
They'll run stunts with him and another and teams will have to block it. But whatever.

I will be very surprised if he has ANY success in New York. this smells like the move to Washington all over again.

Posted by: Craig M | April 20, 2010 at 11:13 PM

Astute observation Craig. They're now known as the Jetskins.

When the blog crashed today I went on the jets blog and tortured everyone there.

Aloco would have been proud of me........

LMFAO , bobbyd12 tell us how you really feel. by the way i agree with you

We still have one reciver too many on the depth chart if we want Patrick Turner moved up.
We could probably trade Camarillo and/or one of the TE's to Denver, Washington, NE, AZ.
Maybe if one of those teams drafts a LB they'll trade us one of thier current LB's for Cam'o.

As for JT and his decision NOT to accept a way below market value (Or so he thought due to Washington wanting to give him 8 million!) back then... why would any of us fans get bent over that?

He grits out the season and contributes decently, playing full time (when the Fins needed it), playing on the wrong side, and towards the end mostly mostly handling the run. I simply believe he thought he took a bullet financially leaving the 8 million on the table and would get more credit from the F.O. for doing so.

Bobby, (we go back a lil ways on this blog now so I hope you don't mind me using you as an example) You damn sure would not keep getting paid what you are where you work if they started offering you pay that you thought was well below what your time in said you should be paid... then on top of that a rival agency was trying to sign you for more than what you were being offered...and you were not feeling the love from your management whom you bled for and made them look good?

Come on...you know you would jump ship... most everyone in here would. Most that say they wouldn't are lying. It's simple human nature.

The fact that he was offered the contract way back then and didn't take it is simply business. The harsh reality of business, NFL and life.

I agree everyone on this blog is entitled to feel wronged, stepped on or all rump hurt but, at the end of the day, we all know we don't have a damn thing to do with JT's finances, his family and we don't know his own life's master plan.

I am not getting my panties in a wad at all. I see their are points to both sides in how they handled it, right or wrong.

I say JT clocked a lotta sacks, Ints, Ints/Fumbles for TD's and made a ton of exciting plays for the Fins over the many years. He has earned my respect and thus my best wishes for the guy. I actually hope JT gets 10 sacks a game (cept vs Fins) and the Jets STILL lose 3-0 and go 0-16!!! LOL

The Trifecta has a plan. I am HUGE believer in the team concept so I am ready to see what the draft and future has in store for us...More Wins I hope!

Go Phins! Rock the Draft!


JT jumped ship TWICE !!. Taylor and His ego CRAVE attention. He couldn't wait to stick it parcells and the dolphins.

This is what happens when you get two head strong egotistical legends trying to "be right" rather than "do right". Both Parcells and JT are equally responsible for being to proud to "make it work".

So Parcells is the only chance the Dolphins have to win? LMAO. The guy hasn't won anything since wide right.

And I'm not calling the organization classless, just Parcells. Cancelled meetings? Unreturned calls? I guess that's pretty classy.

By the way, the constract extension offer was for the same he was making, wich was a pretty low offer.

Ron on OC, the man said money wasn't important, what was important was ending his career as a Dolphin...He said it, obviously didn't mean it...I hold no grudge against Taylor...unlike others I will stand up and cheer like crazy when he is inducted onto the Ring of Honor, he deserves it...I don't like the criticism that the FO was "unfair or classless".. They told him like a man what the situation was, he chose to go, so be it... The start of a NEW Era began with the cutting of the cord of the decade of disgrace...I'm really fired up for the draft now!!

Cmon...Bobby...Bootang...Odin...Rob..Ask Bill..Cralito,Aloco,Inimounts,beerndrums...all others

Lets see your DRAFTs....Time is NOW

I am eternally greatful to JT. And for that, I will not be renewing my season tickets. You do not treat local icons like bums. He earned the right to retire here. While this is a business, to us fans, it's more than just a product. This is not only a slap to JT's face but to all who have been at the Fins side, good times and bad.

...The Miami Dolphins choose ...Guard University of New Hampshire...

And I still wish the fat guy leads us to the superbowl this year.

MaCo, Parcells has done nothing but pull down organiztions out of the gutter and turn them around...I'm not gonna sit here and argue with a moron cause I'm in a good mood...go back and watch Saban tapes since that's what u want.....this is football where men are supposed to be men...wahhhhh I didn't get a phone call back, give me a f'u''cn break, u should be watching figure skating and blogging about that


Pasqually was screwing up. Wake and JT were both being played out of position.
Wake is going to be "turned loose" on the weakside this year regardless of what taylor did.

In Nolan's 3-4 the ILB covers the cutback lane(s), The weakside LB has outside containment and pass rush responsibilities.

The only reason I wanted JT to stay was in case Wake falters. Also so we could go after a true strongside guy like Graham.

Now it seems like a true weakside, pass rushing LB will be the priority.

Gawwd I hate JT and the p u s s y jets

Who's Ron in OC? lol

JT takes the cl out of class now.

And then you get guys like Techsigma saying he is not renewing his season tickets, which is a total B/S lie...Renewal payments were due last month, so if he didn't pay, it would already be too late to renewal, he would have to get different tickets...LMFAO you idiot, I'm not renewing, u never even had tickets or u wpuld know that...Stupid A'S Liar


While most of us would probably go to the other agency, as you bring up, you left out the fact that the current agency told you exactly what the situation was. They were honest. All JT had to do was wait one more week. That is what bothers so many of us. We flat out told him. He only cares about JT. Which is fine. I do not have anything to do with JT as a person. But people want to talk all this JT this, JT that, the fact remains 2 times in the last 3 years this guy has put himself over the good of the team. That is indisputable. I commend the Trifecta for being perfectly honest with him. It's not their fault he is impatient.

Can't believe the Predators are beating the Blackhawks 2 games to one in their series. I figured the Blackhawks would take a good run at the Cup this year. They had better wake up soon or their season is going to be over.

Truth is that over the last nine or so years we have been punished with bad coaches, GM's, and their horrible draft picks and decisions. We don't just recover quickly here, it takes a while to un-do all of the crap we Fins have had to deal with. The current front office, coaches, and personel are doing good finally. JT isn't the missing link to a super bowl...the point is we are headed in the right direction now..but patience is key. We will still spank the jets twice this year!

BigaFly, McClain, Morgan or Kindle if we keep the pick...i don't know after that, so much going on I haven't even had time to think...The Dolphins right now have 13 openings, 10 draft picks which means 3 more openings for FA or undrafted talent...Looking for one more trade (Smiley) or suprise before Thursday...I'm psyched


I will be posting my mock in the next day or so. I have been working diligently to try and figure out the later round guys. It's easy to hit on who we select at 12, I want to hit on later round guys. To me, that is more impressive.

I don't want to predict how the draft is going to unfold(I hate the taste of crow) but I'm almost certain that the first pick will be on the defensive side of the ball.For a while I thought that just maybe they might go for an offensive play maker to go along with Marshall.... maybe CJ Spiller or Dez Bryant.I think Kindle will be the 1st pick.I've got a little over 24 hrs to change my mind.


I would love to post my "draft Board" complete with round by round alternates.
I just finished it last night. There's only one problem. I was wrong about JT. Yes, I know it may be hard to believe, but I'll admit when I'm was wrong. I didn't think he would ever actually sign with the jets.

Thanks again JT! I'll be rearranging my board AGAIN!


We're on the same page. I believe it will be one of these three guys too. The one thing I don't think we agree on is who we think it will be. Right now my money is on Kindle, whereas I think you have them taking Morgan. I would be fine with Morgan too. Getting close!

Bootang25, how many UFAs are still out there??? A whole bunch, including guys like T.O....point is most of them know that they have to wait till after the draft to let teams see where they are....I bet JT woulda got some better offers if he waited, he didn't, so it is...

AJ Feely Cleo Lemon Jay Feidler Sage Rosenfelds John Beck Ray Lucas Gus Ferrote Dante Culpepper...and the Ricky Williams fiasco. Here is why the fins havent won squat! Zach and JT derserve medals for not jumping ship years ago if they had they might be wearing superbowl rings right now.

I hear McNab is singing the praises of TO again.That would be interesting to see TO in Washington.

If we'd have just kept Brien Griese in the starting role and kept Chris chambers we would have been respectable.

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