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Taylor to address media tonight

Jason Taylor played 13 years for the Miami Dolphins.

So, darn it, he's going to speak to the South Florida media first before he goes to New York for a press conference.

I'm told Taylor will conduct a press conference at his foundation's headquarters at 8:30 p.m. I will be there.

By the way, 790 The Ticket here in Miami is quoting "a source," as saying Taylor had a contract from both the Dolphins and Jets on the table ...

... And that Taylor picked the Jets.

Sorry, fellas, not true.

Where do people come up with this stuff?

Anyway, what would you ask JT tonight?


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Tommorrow I will make up two medals...on the front it will say " Thanks for not Jumping Ship" On the back it will say "I hope the tens of millions we gave you makes u happy".

I'm out guys.....have a good one

Anyway... after all I said about the defense, and I still believe everything I've said, I'll put money that it's either Lupati or Bryant.

Any takers?

OK THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION on who Miami should pick with the 12 th pick...,,...drum rolllllll ... It is JERRY HUGHES TCU OLB


I'll take that bet. I think your off your rocker!!....That's going to be ONE Hell of a pass rush we have if don't take an OLB in the first round. you obviously don't want the team to win next year.

I love Sean Smith and Cameron Wake!! While everyone on here is having a heart attack during Jason Taylor's press conference, Cameron Wake is tweeting pictures of his surf and turf dinner and Sean Smith is tweeting his bowling score!!!! We should spend more time doing what these guys are because obviously it wasn't that important to Cameron or Sean!!!


Gun to my head, my current draft desires...

#1 Brandon Graham: I would take him at #12 (Would prefer to trade back but still would be my #1 target) in a heartbeat. We need heat on the QB and need to drop those pesky shifty punters and old, slow Buff back up QBs in their tracks when they try to run outside!. This guy will bring the most thunder of them all.

#3 S Morgan Burnett Top quality tackler and ballhawk in one package. Has frame to get bigger and is over 6'1" and 209lbs. Smooth athlete. Major Wright and R. Jones would be my two back-up plans.

#4 TE Jimmy Graham I hope he falls this far but I think his measurables take him off the board before now even with his lack of playing time. B-Ball background will serve this tough minded youngster well. TE Dennis Pita is my back up TE. Not as athletic or big but much more polished and ready to start.

#5 NT Type Kade Weston or Jeff Owens. Owens is bull strong and may be the guy the Fins are targeting from way back. Weston is bigger and has more girth to anchor. Jay Ross from Eastern Carolina is a sleeper with solid numbers all the way around. Nice production, Good size and even gets into the backfield some.

6 rounds on is a crap shoot. There are some intersting big WR types. Some that could possibly be converted to TE. Pat Simonds from Colgate intrigues...6'5 1/4 tall, 229lbs, 4.64 40, avg over 1000 yards last two years and 14 TDs as a senior.

Of Course he is not under any radar but Freddie Barnes from Bowling Green is a guy that should get play with NCAA records broken! 6' 212lbs, 4.62 40 and get this... 155 receptions as a senior! for 1770 yards and 19 tds. May go sneak into 4-5 range.

Bigalfy... I love Jerry Hughes in the late 1st early second round range if the Fins can reel him in too!


y'all have nothing to squawk about. JT will be a stinking Jet because the Dolphins organization did not see him as an asset and they (JETS) did. We all can sit back and see what this front office has up their sleeve. Obviously they feel good about the OLB position in the draft or on the roster or they would not have let JT go without as much as an offer. Let them work their MAGIC and see what an 8-8 TEAM can do...

The more I watch tape of the leading OLB's and converts...the more I like Hughes and Jason Pierre-Paul. I can now see the Dolphins trading back and getting either of them. Some would be worried that Paul is raw...I see that as a plus...considering he's raw and accomplished what he did, what can he do with great coaching.

Rob in OC,
Thanks for acknowledging Freddie Barnes; I brought him to your attention 4 days ago.
Cheers mate.

Anyone on here believe that this TEAM is better or worse than 8-8 and I will consider the rhetoric or even monetary bets...

Craig M,
The team is short 3 LB's, 1 FS + 1 NT.
That means we have to draft all of those positions anyway. We could be justified with taking defenders the first 7 picks.
But what would make the whole team better? For a long time?
How about Marshall, Bryant & Henne for 6 or 7 years together? How good would that make us? Maybe only on offense in 2010 but offense and defense in 2012.

Funny when I look at the schedule...I can see the Dolphins beating these teams...Bills Twice, Lions, Browns, Raiders...thats five wins already...now alot depends on issue's like Does Favre retire...if so...Vikes should be a close game, I'm not worried about either the Jets or the Pats...both have to prove the're better...are the Steelers going down hill? I could see the Dolphins winning at least 10 games.


Listen to what your saying man!

Let's be VERY clear... the only thing YOU REALLY care about is YOU. Am I right? Just the same for me and Bobby, Odin, Mando and ALL the bloggers.

I mean if I told you I had woes you may feel bad for me but your still gonna do what powers your life, for you.

Patience is exactly that. JT wants to play football badly...VERY badly or he would retire. He obviously didn't want to do that and so he pushed what little weight he had to play.

The Fins front office offer maybe only has a slight chance that he can come in and compete for meaningful snaps. He watched from the inside and has seen and heard all the offers or non offers as the case may be.

The Jets have a REAL deal on the table now and say it MAY dry up after the draft depending...

The Fins say we MAYBE, MIGHT open talks after the draft depending on who we get...

JT's would be an idiot for getting left holding the bag if both orgs say no thanks after the draft.

So he makes a business decision that one in the hand is worth two in the bush... no brainer... why so much venow for the guy?

So what, he wants to work, the Jets offer now, the Fins say maybe later and he takes it... simple.

I can't fault eiter side. I was very upset with how the management "seemed" like they handled it weeks ago when it 1st was a story. I have pulled back from my emotional attachment and put myself in both the Trifectas shoes and JTs shoes and Voila~!! It makes ok sense from both sides.

I dang sure am not gonna be a prima donna fan and get "My WAY" and order JT not to take the only offer he currently has.

Hey JT will have to worry about loogies in his food and cooks urinating on his food simply from him talking so much smack about the Jets fans. I say JT has a steel set for even trying to play in Jestlandia.

Does any of what I'm saying ring true to you Bootang?


What does NOT MSKE SENSE is the lack if class with the TRIFECTA in NOT being up front with JT and changing their tune with him ONCE HE wanted to be represented by hid agent!

No matter what your strategy as an organization all professions know the same principle and that is treat others as u would want to be treated. The TRIFECTA did not in the case of JT! They should gave been straight forward with him as he deserved this!


Evening FB,

Nah bro....go back through the blogs...I been preaching WR Barnes a loooong time.

If you want the scoop though you can have it. I am not sure why knowing stuff first is important?

Kinda hard to go under the radar when you are breaking all time college records!

I definitely don't know about many college guys but he is one that is hard to miss.

Whats your mock like FB??


You don't spit in the eyes of the great dolphin tradition of class! Shame on you Bill P

Bob...I had not renewed, but I still have the option till end of May...so...whose the idiot? I have the email to prove it if you'd like

Quentin Moses and Charlie Anderson are gonna tear it up pppsssttt. Yeah right. Bottom line the Jets got alittle better today and the fins got alittle worse. The trifecta treated an icon like an acorn. They better bat 1000 this draft.

They offered him a contract extension in November and he declined it. He had a choice. He is a traitor. End of story.

Parcells needs to make peace with the ghost of his father! Otherwise he continues to reenact the distant father with his players! HOW IS THAT FOR A PSYCH ASSESSMENT of Parcells

Why did the Dolphins owe Taylor anything? Didn't Taylor want things his way when he wanted to dance instead of being with the team, didn't he leave and come back the next season a failure with the Redskins, didn't the Dolphins take him back., didn't they offer him a contract in 2009...and he refused. I don't see the Dolphins owing him anything. He played and was paid..nothing more nothing less...and now his ego as gotten him out of Miami AGAIN.
I care for the Dolphins...not a single player, no single player has and will be the Dolphins.

Doesn't matter now aqua..it's a done deal and I think we have the better team anyway. We grow and move on...

Agreed cow to some extent! I believe teams only become great if they execute decisions with wisdom and class/ humanity

Even though I'm still pissed off bad at Jet Traitor, I almost wish we could wake up tomorrow and have it all be a big bad dream. *sigh* It's sad to see him tarnish his legacy like this twice in three years. Going to the Redskins was bad enough, but the JETS?!?

For those of you who think the jets are a better team...you're crazy! They went 8-8 for the last 3 years or so...if Indy didn't pack it in they would have been home, they just got lucky last year. Again...we beat them twice this year AGAIN.


Who takes the first offer on ANY table??

What business acumen is that?

If I say how much is this?

Your answer is suppose to be:

What will you give me for it?

Not... 1.5 million...OTAY! SOLD!

JT came back on board at a super bargain price compared to waht the Skins were offering. He was well within his rights to wait and see what the market would bring instead of just jumping on a lowball offer.

It didn't work out like he had planned but, meh, no time machines for any of us.



Peace ouuut, shomer shabbas, Miami still wins, the jets are still garbage. Hopefully there will be new blogs with better subject matters tomorrow as the JT news is making me have gas.

Wouldn't be surprised if Adelius Thomas becomes a Dolphin

I forgot about brian griese damon huard and trent green. May as well throw noodle arm and pat white in the list of dolphins crap QBs.

lol,nice to see your back td.You can have him,oh,wait you do have him.

The Jets pick another teams old HoF player, Farve, Tomlinson, and now JT. While Farve didn't work in NY there is a reason why these old injured players are not on their old teams that are looking to move ahead, and leave the drama behind.


Taylor admitted as much in his presser.... scroll up and Bobby posted some of what JT said and he said the Fins owe him nothing and gave him a lot gave him "his spot in life".

I think JT is trying to save as much dignity as he can but still wants to play.

If some "other" team would of swept in in the 11th hour with an offer I am sure he would have strongly considered it... but, I am not him so no one can truly know.

I am just not gonna hate the guy. I think he is a Fin in his heart and who knows... maybe it's in a crucial part of a heated game vs his old team and he has Henne dead in his sights, he may accidently trip.

If Taylor felt so wronged he would have lashed out at the Fins...he is saying some pretty good, heart felt things about the Miami Dolphins org.


Cant wait to listen to all the whining when Dansby turns into a massive waste of money. LMFAO Paul Solia is going to do as good a job of keeping blockers off Dansby as he did Chowder last year. Its going to be good for many a laugh. Then things will really start to fall apart after Marshall realizes he will never catch a 100 passes from any Miami QB not named Marino. Cognito for Smiley? Pure comedy. Bill Parcels = Jimmy Johnson. Smelly Fish Fans = fooled again.

Techsigma, ur full of shyt...I've been a season ticket holder for 14 years now...u don't have till May till renew ur seats because the Fins have already started calling people about "moving" to better locations...feed ur lies to somebody else, u got caught, admit in and move on...and honestly, if the reason ur not renewing is JT, then ur a tool, stay home where u belong

Rob, my Internet messed up so my long reply to you didn't post. Basically I agree with a lot you said, I just dislike him signing now, I wouldn't have cared nearly as much if he signed the same contract with them next week. Anyway, a buddy of mine who is a Fin fan in Cali turned me on to a guy who I was interested to see if you have scouted at all. Daniel Te-o'Nesheim from Washington. A poor man's Brandon Graham he told me. And in all the research I have done the past 3 days on this guy, he is exactly that. The similarities are kinda eerie in a way. You would love this guy.

Plus he didn't leave the Fins to go to Washington he was traded... big difference.

He didn't endear himself to the regime by not working out with his teamates and he got traded. If it was so huge the Fins never would have taken him back in. The dancing with the stars thing is over played imho.

Around the league many top football players stay away from camps...

Edge James


Ocho Cinco

Chris Johnson

The list is long and has all sorts of players training on their own.




Rob, It's not like they didn't do him a favor, they did offer him a contract, he didn't want it at that time...well they didn't want him at this time. Really do you care? I don't...as always the team will move on to better things as always. I've been a Dolphin fan since 1968, and I've seen them come and go...when I'm gone, there will be a Miami Dolphin team.

hello guys. i gotta say, all the uproar here is sort of sad. i mean, i am hoping it's not real. i am hoping that deep inside there is a part of all of you that is saying, "wait a second, i am getting enraged about a guy who is being paid millions of dollars to move to one of the greatest cities in the world just to do the same thing he has been doing for his whole life except in a different colored outfit every week. and wait, isn't it rather arbitrary where these people end up anyway? and wait, if i was born in new york, is it possible that i might actually be a FAN of this team that wears different colors? and if i really think about it, i suppose i didn't really do ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to contribute to the accomplishments of "my team," so maybe i have no reason to feel as betrayed as i do by this man. and really less deep down i realize that even if i weren't aware of how silly and arbitrary all of these allegiances are to specific colors and such, if i were in the exact same situation as jason taylor, i would do just what he did." you people need to grow up. the fact that you are so hurt by this guy makes all of your insults just seem so pathetic. because to be offended is to reveal yourself as the immature losers that you are. i love sports, but for the most part, i love them because i enjoy seeing these guys do things i could never dream of doing. i've watched the dolphins all my life, and i do want them to win, but i could never bring myself to whine and holler about "loyalty" and that garbage. jason taylor owes you nothing. if anything, you owe him for making your pathetic little lives feel just a little bit better each week for thirteen years.

Rob in OC, players may stay out of OTHER camps but not with Parcells...u should know that, don't show up, don't play, real simple

And why was he Traded Rob?

Everyone is getting on this regime for loosing Taylor. Are we all forgetting his "Dancing With the Stars" foray. He thought it would make him a STAR and, of course, it didn't. It only help to make the trifecta indifferent to a guy whose actions were all about himself. Sparano was willing to give him the benefit of a doubt. Parcells and Ireland were not. Let's face it, JT has always been about JT. He is looking at the Jets with a revenge factor like Farve looked at the Vikings for his revenge against the Packers. Yes, I agree that the trifecta could have and should have handled it better. But I, for one, am glad he's gone. I remind everyone that we won a division and were 11-5 without him. He came back and we went 7-9. Plus, look at all those loosing seasons with him. He is not a difference maker. Never has been. I too hope Jake Long pancakes him into the Jets home turf!!! Goodbye JT and don't forget that we know that you were also forcing a hand here. He was definitely not the great team player that everyone thinks he was and never has been. "Dancing with The Stars" is were his head has always been. JT for JT.

As I said before, PEACE, thanks for the memories. JT's on the wrong side of the hill, the Jets are the second coming of the 2000 redskins. Im glad they are taking all the trash off the market and wasting thier money and picks





O ' Nesheim will be a steal with one of the 6th round picks miami owns. maybe 5th. He would be one of the double downs at OLB for miami.

Just another example of what a total joke the franchise has become. They couldn't even tell a guy that has piled up 127 sacks over his career yes or no prior to the draft. Then they cancel a meeting. Granted the guy is a complete douche bag but it will be hilarious when he goes around Long and that fat ass Florida douche you have trying to play RT. Your treatment of Taylor and Thomas over the past couple of years speaks volumes of the arrogance emanating from that whale you have running the franchise (who can't even travel to away games). Hey Bill hope you find the next Wilson/Wilford/White in the draft. Come on Tony give the troops one of your patented fist pumps. Goooooooooooo Dolphins!

on that note , good night to all . 2 more days !!

Y'all trippin',everyone should wish him luck.

I hope Jake Long breaks Taylor phucking neck


I like the way you worded your post @ 12:57

Especially this part:

Rob, It's not like they didn't do him a favor, they did offer him a contract, he didn't want it at that time...well they didn't want him at this time. Really do you care? I don't

Thats exactly it in a nutshell (whoops, can't say that or TD gets wood, lol) that it is a two way street of when one wanted the other the other was still mulling it over. The consumate chicken or the egg thing.

I am like you...in the end, it really doesn't truly affect us the fans, unless we choose to let it. I don't begrudge the guy finding work. I hope we crush them when we see them in both games. I also hope that JT gets a warm welcome but, there are tons of haters now.

Draft D-Day coming! Good draft, finish with any late pick ups or trades and lets open the season with both guns blazing.


Can't wait to see Ricky and Ronnie Bulldoze JT and carry him for 5-6yds a carry!

I want to stick my tongue up Rex Ryans Rectum and tickle his prostate with my tongue Im so happy he has signed the geritol gang of four that will do nothing for us and all be gone by next year

Did anyone stop to think that the reason JT did not sign that extension in Nov. is that there is a good chance they would have traded him away for anything. Probably what his agent was thinking

I cant believe what a piece of shtz i am but everyone else knows
im a p u s s y im a p u s s y

Bobby, Fishypete,

Like I said... Everyone has to do what everyone has to do. JT chose to Dance and Bill P decided to send him to Washington in a trade that netted a #2!

The Fins held firm and would not back down from a 2nd rounder and then the Skins DE went down for the season. They got desperate and called. They upped the ante to a #2 and Taylor was suddenly for sale again.

Why was Brett Farve able to roll in right before the season and do just fine at QB last year? LT use to take ZERO snaps all preseason or just a handfull. JT missed a camp to do something very athletic and trained hard to do so. I think the fact that he went and competed on that show is really overblown for a long time vet like Taylor imo. I doubt too many were hating on JT from inside the locker room.

If the Trifecta were super pissed about it they never would have let him back in the door. As it was they loaned him to Washington for a year and netted half of the Brandon Marshall deal.

Deft maneuvering by the Trifecta I'd say.


LOL... TD should think twice about coming to this blog and stirring the pot!

Comedy... "Name posing actually working FOR us!"
(In my best Seinfeld voice)


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