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Ginn: 'Still have hopes of being an elite receiver'

Ted Ginn may not have been a great receiver for the Dolphins. But he was a great person.

The kid was classy in victory and defeat, in good times and bad. And that continues. He just spoke on a conference call and rather than taking any shots at the Dolphins or the fans that gave him a tough time, he stayed classy.

"I wouldn't say it's a sense of relief but it's always good to have a new start," Ginn said of his departure from Miami. "Going out to the 49'ers is going to give me a brand new start. Leaving Miami, you know, I hold no grudges. I don't have no bad feelings about them or anything. It's just my time was up there and now it was time to move on."

Ginn goes to San Francisco for a fifth round pick -- No. 145 in the coming draft. He goes to San Francisco ostensibly to resolve the 49'ers return problems on special teams. But Ginn is not selling himself short.

"I still have hopes of being an elite receiver," he said. "I don't think that I sell off at all. I just believe that special teams is one of the assets I have in my game. I'm just going to come in and do both."

The Dolphins obviously didn't think Ginn will become elite. That and the acquisition of Brandon Marshall made Ginn expendable. But Ginn doesn't accept the Marshall trade ushered him out of town.

"I didn't really know that," Ginn said. "I can't say, "Yeah, when we picked up Brandon Marshall I knew I was gone.' When we got the trade, I was happy. It was another guy coming to the Miami Dolphins. But in the same sense, you know the game, you know the business.  You're up for anything."

Ginn said he spoke to San Francisco coach Mike Singletary for the first time today.

"He didn't really tell me how he envisions using me," Ginn said. "He said it was a great situation for me and him. Just get down there and let's get with it."

Ginn was asked if he was surprised the Dolphins gave up on him after three years in the league.

"It's a game, it's a business," Ginn said. "They just wanted a new start. But like I said, it's no bad blood. It's the best decision for both of us and we moved on."


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... in the CFL

I hope we will not regret this. Last year was his first year playing with henne. I think it would have been exciting next year with ginn on this team. Yes he plays scared but he can stretch the field. With b Marshall getting doubled teamed it might have led to some big plays. It wasn't ginn's fault he was drafted number 9.

"LOL. Miami is putting out a feeler on ginn and now all of a sudden miami is getting Marshall."

"I knew wilson would be back. Miami has enough holes to fill."

"Brandon Marshall is going to seattle !!! He 's there today to iron out a contact extension before the trade can be made. ENOUGH WITH BRANDON MARSHALL !!! HE'S NOT COMING HERE !!!"

"Dansby WILL be a Giant!!!!!Count on it!!!!!"

"Ginn ISN'T goin anywhere"

I have enough crow to feed an entire country

If I were Ginn, I'd eat nothing but bull balls from now to the start of the season to prove Mando wrong.. Imagine he turns it on... That'd b funny!!! I'd still take B Marshall though..

Good ridence with ginn and his entire family

Great article. Is their any way to change the iPhone app icon to reflect the 2010 season?? Thanks!

What kind of grudge can he possibly even be thinking about? They gave him every opportunity to succeed and for lack of better terms, he dropped the ball!

Maybe he thinks that the team should have lobbied the league to make the sidelines less wide or something.

Nice to see an ex-Dolphin talk with class about the team... best of luck out there, and one more thing, PEACE!!!

Big Tuna, if your reading this, all I want for X-Mas is Taylor Mays first round 12th pick.
That should feel our needs at the safety position!

Make it happen...

I for one hopes he does well in San Francisco. Like someone already mentioned, it wasn't his fault he was put in the position he was put in, it was the incompetent that drafted him, who then made it worse by talking about his family. Ginn, nor his family, deserve the abuse they received. Yes, he deserved the criticism, but not the abuse. Good luck, Ted Ginn, Jr.

Maybe ginn doesn't know what elite means. It doesn't mean sucks terribly. Hope that helps Teddy!

Now watch,Ginn will go to niners and have a career year.

That numb nutts cam cameron caused this inconvenience to teddy ginn and his family good luck teddy ginn he was a jet killer that's for sure.

I hate this move. First of all, I tend to be a fairly loyal person, and I do not believe that this coaching staff has invested the time needed to bring out the best in Ted. He was not their type, so they kinda gave him the short end.

The second reason I do not like this move is that by giving away Ted we have to at least pick up a kick returner in the draft, thus limiting our ability to take the best player available in another slot. Cobbs does not strike fear into anyone when returning kicks, and neither does Bess while returning punts.

The third reason I dislike it is that out of all our receivers he was the only one of his type. Marshall and Turner are the same type of player. Big, Physical and mean (or in the case of Turner, he could be the same type). Camarillo and Bess are the same guy. Hartline is right about in the middle of those guys. Ginn was a Dragger, (he drags people behind him) and whether he catches or not, you have to respect the speed. How many other receivers beat Revis deep last year? You keep him and safetys cannot cheat towards marshall as much or cheat towards the line as often, because 1v1, he is getting behind you.

Would have made more sense to me to trade one of the guys that is replaceable by a player on the roster. Guarenteed you get a 6th for either Camarillo or Bess, if not a 5th, and it is one less need that we have going into the deepest draft I've personally ever seen. The ability to take the best player available in invaluable, even if it is a lowly 5th round pick. And last I checked, there is only a need for one slot receiver, which both of them are best suited for.

"I don't have no bad feelings about them or anything"

Brandon could have schooled his about public speaking. Marshall was polished and smooth and Ginn never sounded like he had an education. Kinda sad, I enjoyed watching him KILL THE PETS each year. Good luck and work on that English Ted!

In the end he was traded due to an inflated salary considering his role. This was the only real move the phins could make to save some money and gain a pick. Next up...Smiley.

this was a stupid trade, you dont trade speed and the guy was only in his third year and the only one on the team with speed. i truely thought we had the perfect WR to compliment ginns ability,but then they make this trade,for a 5th no less. we just gave up on the second best player in the nfl(yards per touch)that is. i was looking forward to marshall and ginn tearing up the jets defensive back field. the real question is why keep both bess and camarillo!? they are the same player! besides camarillo does not play special team

I think we made a big mistake. Ginn could have been a huge help to us to take one db long every series and open the field. We don't have any speed now at receiver. Are we going to get a better receiver with a fifth round pick? Gave him up for too little and I wouldn't have given him away for less than a third. If we never threw him a pass all year and just used him as a decoy long all year long, that is worth more than a fifth. Throw in using him as a return guy aka Jets game and we made a dumb move. it took Duper years to get to be "Super".

We got a fifth for Ginn.
What'd we get for his family?

Ted Ginn played with a complete lack of courage. Sorry, but that just isn't going to cut it on a Parcells team.

None of that makes him a bad guy and I hope he does well with the Niners, but I won't miss his shrinking act whenever a defender closed for the hit. Besides, we just got the best receiver in the game not named Larry Fitzgerald.

I agree with Armyphin up to a point. I think Hartline is a bit better than his evaluation. He was faster than I thought and had better hands than anyone on the team not named Camarillo. Speaking of Camarillo, yes I believe the Quadfecta will probably try to trade a 4th or 5th for Best or Camarillo, they are very similar in their effect on a team's offense. Very dependable slot guys. You got to have them to be successful as an offense, but two is probably a luxury that you can live without. I like them both so it's hard for me to root for one over the other, but I'd probably vote for Camarillo, best hands in the NFL. Henne just doesn't use him as well as Penny did. Henne seemed to have a better connection with Best, so maybe in the end that might be the slot guy to keep.

I would have given Ginn another season and off-season with Henne. Ginn's talents and speed were under-utilized with Pennington. Penny's arm just wasn't good enough to utilize Ginn's speed. I think some of you guys are going to be sorry when you see what Ginn does with SF. You are also going to be complaining about our return game. It's what some of you guys do best.....

Great trade!!! He would have been cut eventually because there was no roon for him. How can people defend him after he showed no toughness and always running to the nearest sideline. It give the team a bad look when a guy is not tough enough. I say he can easily be replaced in the draft. He was given two years of trying by this regime. I can't believe some of my fellow dolphans out there would have wanted to give him another year? for what? Even if he succeds in S.F. this is still the correct move. Great job Tuna for getting a 5th. This guy led the league in droped passes. Best of luck Ginn and family.

Mistake.Ted Ginn Jr certainly isn't an elite receiver but he certainly is an elite kickoff return man.A fifth round pick does not represent anything near his value.I think PIS blew this one.I hope they manage to pull this Jason Taylor thing out of the fire pretty soon.We are going to need him this year.


Next, Smiley and White. Mo draft picks, mo draft picks.

All of these comments all over the internet are the best. "Great, now he's going to go to SF and become elite". As if we should keep him and his big contract JUST IN CASE he ever turns it around. How many "elite" receivers have lead the league in dropped passes 3 years into their career? How many elite receivers get schooled by practice squad players?

Seriously people, get a clue. Probably the same people who were whining about the Phins passing on Quinn.

I can only laugh at all the people crying for Ginn. He wasn't given time, he had weak armed Chad throwing to him, blah blah.

The guy had two years to prove his worth. He also had a strong armed QB for nearly an entire season.

Ted Ginn proved to be inconsistent and unreliable, as well as unproductive as a WR. Three years is more than enough time, and consider he actually regressed a lot his third year.

Yeah, as a returner he could be special once in a long while, but for every TD return there were thirty returns where he falls on the first touch.

Plus, as much as I tried to ignore, the guy loves the sideline, he's magnetically drawn to it, he is not a tough player, that was it for him.

Good riddance.

I can't wait until next Thursday. The Draft is going to be fun to watch. I'm sure the FO has a plan in mind and certain directions to go depending on who's available at our pick.


This move sucks. Ted Ginn will have a career year in SF while the Phins will suffer without him. Brandon Marshall, excellent slot receivers and a strong running game guarantee Ginn single coverage against the oppositions least capable corner. Ginn would have run past these lesser corners with ease and had the opportunity to catch deep balls uncovered - just like at Ohio State where he excelled. Do I think the guy is soft - YES. Do I think he has been less than properly utilized by the coaching staff - DEFINITELY. But he has ample enough speed to help this team win games. Oh, and the guy is going out with CLASS despite being ragged on from the day he was selected. Our team was too bad for one person to fix alone. Ted earned a certain amount of the knocks he's taken but he should never have been drug through the mud the way he has been. I wish him Godspeed with SF and pray we don't regret him not being a Miami Dolphin for years to come.

And I don't know what he could possibly say bad about the Dolphins organization. They picked him higher than he should've gone. They made him their #1 receiver for three years. They payed him a lot of money for mediocre to bad stats. Mando the kid may drop passes, run out of bounds, and lack toughness, but he isn't that stupid is he? Would he really have any reason to bad mouth an organization that has given up so much to pay him a lot of money? That line didn't make sense to me.


Howdy, I tell you what, I'd rather have a great receiver than a great guy with a great family. Godo luck Ginn, cause you're gone...

Aloco, most great receivers have some off field issues. It's unfortunate but it's the nature of the position. Even Marvin Harrison was involved in a gun incident. Ocho Cinco, Terrell Owens, Michael Irvin, Chris Carter etc. I could list so many receivers who had off field transgresions but also have superbowl rings and hall of fame status under their belts.

It's like goalies in hockey, biggest head cases in sports. But one thing is certain, he does not drop balls so I would love to take the bet with you on which guy (Ginn or Marshall) will have the most drops at the end of their careers. That is if Teddy even sees the field as a receiver more than a handful of times per game. I will also be interested in comparing their yardage numbers and TDs allthough Teddy won't even be on the same planet.

I agree it would have been fun to see how Ginn would have done with Marshall in our line up, but don't forget allthough he was fast he also had stone hands. He had one of the worst completion percenatages of any receiver in the NFL. In fact if you look up stone hands in google images his picture comes up.
I think we have a good complement of receivers now that we have our true #1

And people, if you really do love Ginn that much, you can still root for him. He didn't leave the NFL. He's playing for the 49ers and they still sell jerseys if you're interested in switching teams.

would of been nice to see Ginn blossom for my beloved Dolphins, if that day ever comes.

Anyway, on with the draft coverage, Mando.


and for cryin out load sign JT already!!

Ron, he's going to have a really tough time having a career year when he's being used primarily on special teams. They were only willing to part with a 5th because he has NO value as a WR. IF, he had value as a WR and a returner we would've received compensation that would be more of the 2nd or 3rd round type. If he had value as a WR and a returner we would've never traded him. Bill may be old fashioned but he's certainly not stupid. You naysayers will all be happy in two years when you see he's going nowhere and gets traded again for a bag of sweaty jockstraps.

Elite receiver? Don't make me bwahaha!

Ginn will be competing for the #3 wr spot on the 49'ers... He will be behind Crabtree and Josh Morgan

Aloco, I agree, Teddy is a GREAT guy. Polite, nice, and a wonderful teammate. But we're trying to build a championship football team here not a good guy club. Every team has players with issues, every family has someone with issues, it's the way of the world. Good guys finish last and as sad as that may be it's true, and I'm sick of finishing last. I'll take Marshall over Ginn in a heart beat. The guy made some mistakes but is married and starting a family. He is home now and getting payed what he believes he's worth. Everyone is going to love what this kid will bring to the field. We should all get behind this move and look forward to seeing a real WR do what he does. Ginns a great person, just not a great WR.

you can take the great human beings

i want performers on the football field

Teacup Teddy Ginn had 5 career t.d. receptions in 3 years... horrible...

i guess thats why we still have bess and camarillo both on the team(they dont have any trade value). WES WELKER had over a 100 catches this past year and did not score a TD over his last 75+ catches to end the season!! whats the point in having a team filled with possession WR

First off. No ones crying over Ginn but I think most reasonable people see his potential and ability and with...for the first time...he is under a consistent system. He is with the same QB. I keep bringing this up because its true: EVERYONE...(except Camarillo)...was dropping everything Henne was throwing at first...Ginn, Bess, Fasano..all of them. He gets what? A Million this year? That was killing a Capless year. People talk about his stats but of course his drop/catch average was high...he had severely limited opportunities. Look up his second year stats v.s Reggie Waynes 2nd year stats. they were pretty damn close, and Reggie actually had a legit # 1 across from him to learn from. Tedd was an project as it was and had no one to learn from. I think what is being said is...with his ability in the return game whether you wish to acknowledge it or not...and now that he has more time with Henne (and he caught better at after he was demoted) what harm would it have done to see what he had this year. Not saying becoming the #1 ..thats B Marshall but becoming a serviceable receiver. But this is good for him. It's like Jason Taylor said, Teddy can't win no matter what he does (paraphrase).


For anyone that is complaining that the Dolphins should have kept Ginn through camp and one more season to see how he does, there is no guarantee that he makes it past training camp with all the wr on the roster and then the Dolphins would get nothing for him...

You want to wait and see how he does? We were waiting for him last year for his breakout season, but... dud... How long can you afford to wait with a guy eating up roster space?



drsamii, you are spot on!! its funny how ppl in here wants pat white to get down or run out out bound to keep from taking the big hit but with ginn it totally different. this man's production was hindered by not having a veteran to show him the end and out of his craft. and would have had maybe 10 returns for TD if not for holding calls!! i give the guy much props for never "WHINING" now that would have been soft

But that's the thing NYSCOTT. I think what people are saying is seeing what Ginn could do WITH B. Marshall. Why are you phrasing it as 1 or the other (i.e Marshall over Ginn)? If it failed...fine...ship him out...but if it worked Great. Why are we friggin keeping Pat White? Seriously. Explain that one to me NYSCOTT. Because Bill Parcells picked him. What did he do? Got 1 maybe 2 first downs. Got knocked the hell out while trying to (ironically) run out of bounds? What is B Marshall gonna do when Sparano lets Dan take Henne out to let Pat White kill a drive? I think the B Marshall thing is a great pick-up but just saying I wonder what he could have done. Could he have redeemed himself.

Ted Ginn also does not fit in the physical nature of this team... the guy literally goes in the fetal position when someone is in front of him

Now we need to grab jacoby Ford with that 5th


Posted by: NFLBS | April 16, 2010 at 04:30 PM

Yeah. You are first. You are also extremly pathetic.


Thanks 2 steps forward. There was definitely an adjustment that had to be made with the receivers when Pennington went down and Henne came in. And you are right, even with everyone coming down on him, he never complained. He just kept saying how he wanted to improve and make the most of his opportunities.

this is the part of being a die-hard dolphin fan that sucks, for some strange reason i think ginn will be better than most ppl think and will be showing out for some other team like so many other players who have left to early.


And Pat White fits that mold Carlito?

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