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Ginn: 'Still have hopes of being an elite receiver'

Ted Ginn may not have been a great receiver for the Dolphins. But he was a great person.

The kid was classy in victory and defeat, in good times and bad. And that continues. He just spoke on a conference call and rather than taking any shots at the Dolphins or the fans that gave him a tough time, he stayed classy.

"I wouldn't say it's a sense of relief but it's always good to have a new start," Ginn said of his departure from Miami. "Going out to the 49'ers is going to give me a brand new start. Leaving Miami, you know, I hold no grudges. I don't have no bad feelings about them or anything. It's just my time was up there and now it was time to move on."

Ginn goes to San Francisco for a fifth round pick -- No. 145 in the coming draft. He goes to San Francisco ostensibly to resolve the 49'ers return problems on special teams. But Ginn is not selling himself short.

"I still have hopes of being an elite receiver," he said. "I don't think that I sell off at all. I just believe that special teams is one of the assets I have in my game. I'm just going to come in and do both."

The Dolphins obviously didn't think Ginn will become elite. That and the acquisition of Brandon Marshall made Ginn expendable. But Ginn doesn't accept the Marshall trade ushered him out of town.

"I didn't really know that," Ginn said. "I can't say, "Yeah, when we picked up Brandon Marshall I knew I was gone.' When we got the trade, I was happy. It was another guy coming to the Miami Dolphins. But in the same sense, you know the game, you know the business.  You're up for anything."

Ginn said he spoke to San Francisco coach Mike Singletary for the first time today.

"He didn't really tell me how he envisions using me," Ginn said. "He said it was a great situation for me and him. Just get down there and let's get with it."

Ginn was asked if he was surprised the Dolphins gave up on him after three years in the league.

"It's a game, it's a business," Ginn said. "They just wanted a new start. But like I said, it's no bad blood. It's the best decision for both of us and we moved on."


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Ginn should never have been drafted at the posistion he was. That put a ton of pressure on him that he was not able to overcome. He shold have been drafted in the 4th or 5th round as just a returner.

I agree 2 steps. And if he does, i am going to be pissed. I am tired of picking up peoples garbage wilford, greene, betty crocker, wilson and letting go of our people for them to go somewhere else and do well.

Don't be fooled, Teddy want going to be anything better playing along side of BM. This is what would have happed if Teddy stayed...
BM draws a double team on one side, Teddy runs out of bounds and every other reciever is covered because Teddy is crying on the sideline becase he is a useless NFL player. Speed downtown mean talent..and if we play SF anytime soon the only way MIA could lay a hit on Teddy if if we pay the waterboy or a trainer to stick him after he runs out of bounds...

Parcells with another strategic strike!



Yes, Henne the Hero

if ol noddle arm was throwing passes you shouldnt drop passes like we did in 08(fewest drops that year and ginn started). last year with decreased playing time he still finished 2nd in yards per touch behind only percy harvin. i blame the OC for not using him correctly and the play that sealed ginn fate was the reverse hartline scored on

Sorry for the spelling there..iPhone auto correct screwed up some words..anywhooo...
Get over it man, Teddy wasn't under pressure because of his draft spot...either you have that "it" factor to play at the next level in the NFL..or you don't period. Teddy just doesn't have NFL skills...sure he was decent in college, but we see it every year guys...some players just can't make that next big step after college. Teddy is a bust, just like all the other busts. He will not be elite in the NFL no matter where he goes, so don't worry about him all of a sudden being a #1 or even a #3 WR anywhere...anytime...Taint Happnin gents

Jacoby Ford is Ted Ginn with worse hands and route running ability. He would be a Return specialist only and not sure there's a roster spot for that alone.

Most of you Ginn lovers should start cheering for the 49ers. The guy did not have the parts to play in the NFL. He is fast but could not catch a ball that did not hit his hands at his waste. If the ball was an inch higher, he would drop it. Even with catches he made they just weren't clean. He shied away from hits on run backs and that is not what you need when you are receiving a kick off return. Juke and jive, fall forward, do something but he could have made 5 or 6 yards further and instead he visibly slowed. Maybe the 49ers will be able to do something with that but if you play in the NFL with fear, you will get creamed and it is only a matter of time.

Good point provided they only use him on special teams. The thing is, if he is playing with a strong special teams unit, the guy is gonna score even more TD's and create field position. Our special teams have stunk the entire time he was with the Phins and he has still scored several TD's and would have had more without stupid penalties. Special teams penalties cost us 2 games in his first year with TD's called back.

I think the Niners will use him with Crabtree and that he will be very productive. If their coaching staff is more creative putting him in winning situations than our staff was (God help us!), he will have no problem.

Personally, I think the guy has a concentration problem and doesn't like to get hit. My point is that if he is flying by the other teams lesser corner, I think he will produce similarly to when he was in college. He has no problem catching the ball when he is 3 steps clear which he can create anytime in one on one coverage against a weak corner. He would have had that opportunity now that Marshall is on the squad.

I also think the post about Henne was dead on. EVERYONE had trouble catching him for a while. Henne needs a lot of work with touch passes or modulating the throw to help the receivers.


YO! 2 steps forward 1 step back, you mean Ginn's ability to drop passes and duck out of bounds?

I'm thinking more like a Golden Tate in the later rounds to fill Ginn's old spot...Tate is good guys, better than the analysts are giving him. My uncle knows the Tate family and he's a lit better than "they" are saying

drsamil, totally missing the point...1. Ginn has 3 years left in his contract, if you keep him thru the year and a new CBA comes out, BANG, u take a cap hit to release or cut him 2. I was at the games, I watched him, the second he caught the ball on the kickoff, he headed towards the sideline..u can fix alot of things in the NFL but u can't fixed scared...4. (props to BigaFly from Down Under) In the NFL high round picks are given 3 years to prove themselves, Ginn had 3 years and like Mando said, regressed, Pat White has only had one year and will be given his opportunity to see if he fits somewhere, just like most high picks...5. Dolphins are not carrying 6 recievers into the season, just like they won't carry 4 QBs, Ginn has proven he was the low man, instead of getting cut Parcells got value...Good luck Ted, but u were a bust in Miami

we need 2 starting LBs now and we are ok,forget about little earl! for some reason im look at b. graham at OLB could be the next freeney but at LB. they look the same! i also hope we draft j. graham with that 5th pick we just picked up for ginn

No hard feelings??? That's what the guy who ripped u off for millions says, thks for the millions u shelled out for me, I gave you squat but hey, no hard feelings

Here is the man who will take Ginn job. Dolphins coach him in the senior bowl and loved him.
3rd picks Miami Dolphins select
RB Dexter McCluster
Mississippi senior
Ht: 5-7 | Wt: 160 | 40-time: 4.5 (all estimated)

Upside: Has explosive big-play ability with terrific quickness, agility and balance. Extremely tough and has shown he can take and deliver big hits. Outstanding competitor — plays bigger than his size. Runs hard and can shake his way out of tackles with surprising run strength. Willing, competitive blocker. Very good all-purpose production. Reliable catcher. Can accelerate in the blink of an eye.

I think alot of ginns prob is in his head and you can't coach that out, and his hands are not all that great, it's unfourtionet but he won't be that any where he go's. Not much you can do about it.

Cowkilla, there is no "spot" to fill..Marshall took Ginn's spot and Ginn was shipped out...When Marshall was signed there was an "extra" receiver that needed to go, where ur seeing this mysterious Ted Ginn spot is the question??

im off the ginn thing as of this post but i bet we are going to be saying why he didn't play like that for us!

I agree, forget giving love to Ginn, he doesn't deserve anything. We should make him pay MIA back a million or so to make up for his clear FEAR of NFL contact. I think the best place for Ginn is on the baseball diamond where there is no contact...shoot...picture this...Ginn's on third base, wild pitch!, Ginn heads home, the catcher blocks the plate, Ginn bypasses home playe and runs into the dugout!!

people are too hard on this kid. The screw up was cams for drafting him so high he was 3rd or 2nd round material at the best.That being said the points bobbyd12 said are valid if he was a ST player and had a salary to match he would still be here. A 5th rounder was all you were going to get for this guy and I for one am happy to get the pick and get rid of the salary. But I wish Ginn the best in SF. I'm sure I will see a highlight or 2 of him returning for TD's on sport center. But so long!

The spot I refer to is this..I don't think we are keeping Turner. I could be wrong but that's my belief my friend. I was right about my Ginn's gone feeling.

McCluster was a freshman at Ole Miss when Patrick Willis was still there. Willis gave him the nickname "Baby Hester" after McCluster put a move on Willis in seven-on-seven drills and "made him look a little silly. He took it easy on me in practice. I was the young one then. He never really brought the wood to me, so he kind of protected me in a sense." Does he think he can make Willis look silly in the NFL? "I've got a little bit more experience under my belt, so, yeah," he said. - Matt Barrows, The Sacramento Bee

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Jahvid Best. This guy looks tremendous and could be an option in the 2nd round if Ronnie gets traded.

Same question David, what mysterious spot do u see that opened up

I agree if he was a sp with the pay check to match I wouldn't have minded seeing what could have happend.

Any one remember a guy named Antony Armstrong? (or something), WR free agent, cuted the year before, similar body and may be similar speed, and may be better hands?. He get a TD every practice in the offseason.
I preffer to contact him again instad of pick Jacoby Ford.

Bobby, The spot is Turner's, just don't think we will keep him this year my friend

Hopefully SF doesn't test for toughness on their physicals...if they do we will get Teddy back after a failing grade

ted ginn & his stupid family have nothing against the miami organiztion ! wow that makes me feel so nice ! we made them millions of dollars ! im so glad there is no bad feelings ! i myself am so glad we are rid of this bunch of worthless garbage ted ginn his family & those iodiots cameron & muellar !! i just hope there is no hard feelings except me i have some. the team still suffers because of this bunch !

I am mainly a reader and not a poster. I cannot believe that not everyone of us dolphin fans are not happy to see Ginn go. I can think of countless games last year that he dropped a drive killing ball at the end of the game. I believe he was a BIG part of the NO loss. He had 1 good game against NY and we want to keep him because of that. I am glad we traded him now, because after his 4th year of nonproduction a 7th would be hard to get.

Tommy, I share your feelings bro

trade down..get cj spiller and then ricky sapp. BOOYAH

boy this is too funny! we trade ronnie for what? a pick! that aint promise to blossom!! the reason marshall is so important is to stop teams from stacking the box. now do you think teams will still do that minus ronnie? NO! are teams worried about bess or camarillo out-running anybody no (i.e. wes welker)! without the runnig game as it is with ronnie and rickie teams will just back off and play straight up with double coverage on marshall

If anyone watched the games Henne had lots of touch passes. What he needs to improve on is throwing lower to the RB's and with that not quite as hard at short range...


He can do it all. Rb/WR/Return/Wildcat

The spot will either be at RB/WR, it depends on the injuries to Cobb and Brown, plus the decision on WRs. We kept 4 RBs last year, so he might take one of those positions. I would not be shocked to see Brown traded during the draft for a second round pick.

Money issue????????

Ginn was going to be making $1,ooo,ooo in 2010 which is peanuts for an elite returner and burner.

Brandon is getting how much again? 10 million a season? 10X more..... Dansby $9 million???? This is why i di not understand the lack of logic of the trifecta. They won't sign taylor for 1 million and pay Dansby 9 Million

Big mistake as many on this blog have aleardy pointed out, Ginn was the only "burner" we had. Dropped passes or not, he usually demanded double coverage. He had some nice "chunk' yards except when he is the ony guy on your team that can go deep, he was usually double covered and not thrown the ball much in deap coverage.

The trifecta discards players from previous regimes too easily. This one will come back to bite us in the azzzz! Should have traded Bess or Caramillo for a 5th instead of Ginn. They are both essentially the same player for one spot.

Ginn and his family can suck on Lemmon Lillyhammer Lollypops

A 5th is awesome for this guy,were lucky we did have to release him. Mark my words Bess and Camarillo will have break out years with a real #1 receiver in the mix

I wish some of you would realize that Teddy sucked! If you want to keep him for speed that's just crazy man. Just think, you don't see that many fast as heck track stars playing in the NFL do you?? No. Why you ask...CONTACT ladies, contact.

I don't believe the Dolphins want to keep 4 RBs, they pretty much said last month that they would like to have 3....this team needs to get down to carrying the proper amount of the "right" players...I love Ronnie, but I wouldn't be suprised if they went with Ricky, Hilliard and Cobbs and pick someone else up NEXT year to replace Ricky...

Jason Allen is on the way out too
Marshal and dansby salaries means we need to cut salaries elsewhere

I am sure no one will shed a tear for him


Shulas son...the second u wrote Ted Ginn AND elite receiver, I quit reading...Ted Ginn is alot of things, but "elite" is not a word u use, below average, mediocre those are the words...

BobbyD...yessir you are correct my man! I would use worse words but I think my comment wouldn't post ;)

Hey avbumaccachaxca, what the heck is that

trade down to Dallas. Our #12 plus Smiley (Cowboys need OLine help) for their #27 pick, their 2nd round pick and Marion Barber. 'Boys looking to move him and his salary. They want Dez Bryant and can nab him with our #12 pick.

This solves many problems for us, RB is now covered and we can either trade Ronnie or keep him and have the best running game in football. Ronnie walks in free agency next year and we get a 2nd Round supplemental pick which covers the one we gave away for Marshall.

Not a surprise, we are for the most part set a receiver.

I know CM is a happy camper.

At least the receivers now are all hardnosed.

FS NT & OLB, that is all.

you don't get suplemental pick in the second round for anyone

Smiley for Barber straight up. Throw in a 7th if need be.

From thelandryhat.com

Rick Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News: Barber has never been a 1,000-yard back and it appears his physical running style has left him pretty battered. I’d be surprised if he commands more than a mid-round pick at best, a fourth or fifth. The Cowboys drafted him in the fourth round and have put a lot of miles on him over the last five years. Ideally, at this stage of his career, you’d like to get a fourth back for him.


Bengals got a 3rd this year for losing TJ Houshmandzadeh. Brown is better and was an original first round pick (#2 overall) which plays into the formula. Could produce a #2 compensatory and at worst a 3rd assuming we don't go crazy in FA next year.

The guy had 3 years to develope and was a #9 overall. He was a bust plain n simple.

I say we trade down....acquire more picks....get best player available based on our needs (DT, OLB, FS, Returner)....This draft is deep....Cant wait to watch it in less than a week's time....

Fellas, found this little nugget on Rotoworld.com (Sorry Armando):

The Dolphins are reportedly "smitten" with Florida S Major Wright.
Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan was impressed after working Wright out and breaking down film with him on a Gainesville trip. The Fins don't have a second-round pick, so Wright would have to slip to No. 73 overall to address the free safety vacancy. He's more of an in-the-box type, however.

Anybody want some crow casserole?

Did Ginn's family go to San Fran or do we get to keep them?

It's situations like Ginn's when you realize that there isn't a tremendous gap in knowledge between the GM's and the fans. I think 20-25% of fans could have drafted better than the Dolphins since Jimmy Johnson left.....Seriously.

BTW who is our kick returner now?
Ginn had 1300 return yards last season.
Bess tried it a couple times but isn't fast enough.
Maybe Pat White? That'd work.

A 5th for Ginn, I was set to trade him for a 5th of gin!

Guess we don't have a Returner now, Like the Pat White Idea, at leaast he has balls to take a big hit.

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