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Ginn: 'Still have hopes of being an elite receiver'

Ted Ginn may not have been a great receiver for the Dolphins. But he was a great person.

The kid was classy in victory and defeat, in good times and bad. And that continues. He just spoke on a conference call and rather than taking any shots at the Dolphins or the fans that gave him a tough time, he stayed classy.

"I wouldn't say it's a sense of relief but it's always good to have a new start," Ginn said of his departure from Miami. "Going out to the 49'ers is going to give me a brand new start. Leaving Miami, you know, I hold no grudges. I don't have no bad feelings about them or anything. It's just my time was up there and now it was time to move on."

Ginn goes to San Francisco for a fifth round pick -- No. 145 in the coming draft. He goes to San Francisco ostensibly to resolve the 49'ers return problems on special teams. But Ginn is not selling himself short.

"I still have hopes of being an elite receiver," he said. "I don't think that I sell off at all. I just believe that special teams is one of the assets I have in my game. I'm just going to come in and do both."

The Dolphins obviously didn't think Ginn will become elite. That and the acquisition of Brandon Marshall made Ginn expendable. But Ginn doesn't accept the Marshall trade ushered him out of town.

"I didn't really know that," Ginn said. "I can't say, "Yeah, when we picked up Brandon Marshall I knew I was gone.' When we got the trade, I was happy. It was another guy coming to the Miami Dolphins. But in the same sense, you know the game, you know the business.  You're up for anything."

Ginn said he spoke to San Francisco coach Mike Singletary for the first time today.

"He didn't really tell me how he envisions using me," Ginn said. "He said it was a great situation for me and him. Just get down there and let's get with it."

Ginn was asked if he was surprised the Dolphins gave up on him after three years in the league.

"It's a game, it's a business," Ginn said. "They just wanted a new start. But like I said, it's no bad blood. It's the best decision for both of us and we moved on."


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swedish , that's why some good football people have left this blog .

yeah, thats pretty weak. it was nice to find a place that passionate fin fans could discuss things with a certain amount of intellect and insight. the herald should change the system to stop switching handles so easily. if people have left, where do they go?


Ginn will never change.. to those who think that Ginn had a bad season due to the fact that he played with Henne for the first time, well Brandon Marshall played with Orton last year for the first time and he made him look like Dan Marino...

I'm glad we got rid of him.. having him in the team was just bad business and bad for the team's reputation.. too many drops and too many evading tackles during the game.. this is football...


Greatly appreciated! I'm not a Ginn apologist but do try to be realistic/fair in my assessment. Truthfully, I'm terribly impressed with his class on departure. It speaks very well of him and his character and would be yet another reason I'd have liked to have given him another chance this year.

In reality though, I'm guessing the Trifecta believe they can replace him with CJ Spiller, Dexter McCluster or someone else who can provide the same level of speed or explosiveness and be willing to mix it up a little more instead of running out of bounds.

Damned curious to see what happens over the next week!


thanks goodness that he is gone!

Bye bye Ginn and Ginn family. What a waste of time. It feels good to purge Camerons mistake from the team.

Swedish phish dont cry.
I did not copy your name. For it is not 100% accurate. You are swedish phish.
I posted as svvedish phish with 2 v's instead of a w. The names are not a 100% copy, get eye glasses buddy boy. Your handle is swedish phish with a w, mine is with 2 v's.

Mr. Swedish.. Did you watch any games last year? If you had would have noticed that much of the time Henne was 3rd and long after the wildcat and completed for a 1st. When do you get it??

Check out YouTube "Tedd Ginn Jr drop it like it's hot" sums up his career as dolphin.

Someone just put up an interesting stat regarding Ginn in reference to Wes Welker and their fear of him excelling somewhere else just like Wes. In the 3 years that Wes was here Ginn put up better stats for yards, TD, Kick off/Pr for TDs (don't know about drops), even with his demoted role in year 3. Its also funny how all of the 49er fans are happy with the trade and him coming. It will be interesting to see if he indeed does well.


i love henne dont get me wrong, and i think he is going to be a top tier qb for us. i was just observing that the types of passes that suit ginn and fasano best, henne struggled with a bit. i think as henne perfects more of the different throws, those guys would have had better numbers. ginn is gone, so no one will ever know for sure, but its probably for the best...

drsami what does Ginn have in San Fran that will make him better? I mean lets face it, what in San Fran is going to make him better than he was in Miami?

The question is: Are we better now in the WR dept than last year? I believe so.

person who posts as other people,

dont be offended when i call you lame because its not really lame with an "m", its really two "n"s put together, so cheer up


is that true about ginn and welker's stats?


The 2 n's don't look right to pass as an m. Keep trying.

I believe Henne could have done more and would have improved the numbers for all WRs. Including Ginn who is gone. Henne is a little to blame here, just a little

i am a long time reader of this blog but only recently started posting. is it common for people to steal handles and just f* with people?

Posted by: swedish_phish | April 16, 2010 at 11:11 PM

You sound offended too. Go to bed old man.

Don't like this trade at all for the same reasons given by others.

Look it up swedish. It looks about right to me I did find this out though. Ginn dropped 9 passes, most of which came in his early transition to Henne and before he was demoted. Bess dropped 4 passes also mostly in that time period. But Bess also fumbled 3 times losing 2 of them which at least 1 turned into points for the other team. Ginn had zero fumbles...enter 'cuz he ran out bounds' ha ha but seriously, people are acting like he dropped 30 passes. He was demoted so he had less opportunities of course he has a high drop percentage. But he was like tied with a ton of people with 9 drops. Cuban- what he has is an organization that is happy that he is there and is going to try to tap into his gifts and abilities. Even Armando, as much as he beat on the kid, could not fathom WHY this regime took so long to put him back on kick returns and WHY they refused to let him return punts even though that is what he was best at. That's what i think wil be different because Mike states he will be their Punt AND Kick returner and he will be trying to find how he fits into the receiving corp.

1) Hartline is slower but gets open way better than Ginn.

2) We have not depth at KR, but at the same time Ginn gave us only 3 return TDs in 3 seasons.

Mr. Swedish. It really doesn't have much to do with henne. If you are at that level of your profession you should catch a ball in your hands period. All kinds of throws and QB's and all kinds of receivers. They all have a job to do and do it well!

"Look at the tape, cause the tape don't lie"
That's why Ginn's gone! You give a rookie a year or two to show you somethin, but if he doesn't perform after three, you gotta move on.
Word to the wise for all those 2nd year players on the team. (Are you listening Pat White?)

You people are disgusting. Last year, and most of this season, you people are all ragging on how bad Ginn sucks and now you people wanted to keep him??? Get real. He was worthless. How was he soo affective in our special teams?? So he returned TWO KICKOFFS in ONE game last year. Other times, he crouched down and couldnt take a hit. I think getting a fifth round pick is more important than some reciever who had three years to make something happen and failed miserably at doing so.

i think we should of kept ted ginn one more year and see if he would of learn from marshall, he never played with a good or veteran WR because chambers got traded his rookie season. atleast he is a good returner and now we trade a good return game for a 5th rnd pick what are you going to get in the 5th round? i did not like this move i know he didnt live up to expectation but you already know what you had with ted. he is the JET killer after all! lol I HATE THE DAM JETS!

No guts and no heart. Sf are idiots for parting with a fifth for you. Poor mike sigletary, obviously he has no say in this because he craps chunks of guys like ginn in his stool.

still have hopes of being an elite receiver," he said

Is he havivg nuts installed?????

Can Mike Williams of Syracuse return KO or PR ?

I still like this guy in the 4th -- he was to be a 1st rounder before his issues surfaced.

Hmmmm, Ted "I dropped it" Aginn, a ninth over all selection in the 1st round to a 145th pick in the 5th round three years later.... Can you say bust? I can, yawn.... move on, nothing to see here.

Finz need to trade down for a lower 1RD pick and a 2RDr... I would take the LG from Idaho with the first pick and the best available OLB with the 2RD pick.

Any chance we could get a 2RD pick for
R. Brown???

Big mistake to trade Ginn. For a fifth? Most of those 5ths don't pan out. As god-awful as Ginn was, and painful to watch...it just seems it wasn't worth it for a fifth. Cam Cameron is still the worst coach of all time.


What everyone needs to remember is the reason for implementing the Wildcat in the first place. That reason is to hide their offensive weaknesses not to be innovative and create the next new offensive scheme in NFL.
No quarterback plus no quality WRs= poor offense= one dimensional offense= need to control the clock= offense from 30 years ago= no chance of winning superbowl.
You mean to tell me if Trifecta had a choice of offense used last two seasons, or new generation offense(i.e. Colts, west coast) they would choose an offense with no QB and poor WRs? Of course not.
Wildcat generated out of necessity
Now that we have a promising stud QB and perhaps best WR in the game, we are catching up with quality offenses in the league. There will be little to no productive wildcat without Ronnie Brown, and considering he may be traded, then thankfully we say adios to the bandaid Wildcat. Say hello to more passing attack something missing since Marinos departure.
I would have loved to see the Dolphins also given up a 5th and 3rd for A Boldin & Santonio Holmes. Could you imagine going from the worst NFL passing attack to the best 3 starting WRs in the league for 3 mid to late draft picks?
Hope Phins move from 12 to 24 with Philly and recoup second rounder and trade injury proned Ronnie Brown for perhaps second rounder. When Ronnie is 100% healthy, he is as good a RB in the league, and my opinion no one runs harder when healthy. But being that he has had only one season in six where he played all 16 games, it's fair to say he is injury prone. Ricky Williams has avoided father time on the field by retiring, suspensions, and stint in CFL. Being that he is about to turn 60 on his next bday, RB is a strong need.

Anyone thinking he can still be an elite receiver just needs to look at the long strides he takes when returning punts and kick offs.

These strides do not allow him to conduct the breaks in space needed to get free from the NFL corners. Thus, his poor performance on the field. Add that to his Robert Duran "hands of stone" and propensity to avoid contact and you have an unreliable receive in your midst.

I hope him well but don't think he ever had a future with the Fins.

When someone says "I will try to do that for you", you can pretty much bank on the fact that they will make an effort and will fail. The "try" word is like a pre-excuse for failure. When Ginn talked about "having hopes" of being an elite wide receiver he was similarly signaling that it will never happen. Someone who intends to be an elite wide receiver, someone who intends to do the work, dig into the depth, have the heart and make the whole-hearted effort to be an elite wide receiver would say, "I WILL BE an elite wide receiver. Stake out your position boldly and then do everything possible to make it happen.

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