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Ted Ginn Jr. traded to San Francisco

Ted Ginn has told friends and teammates he has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers. The Dolphins are not commenting publicly but I got a text from a team source confirming the trade is done for a 2010 draft pick.

That pick will be a Saturday pick, I am told. That means a late-rounder guys.

[Update: It's a fifth-round pick, No. 145 overall. The Dolphins lacked a fifth-rounder prior to this.]

[Update: The Dolphins now have confirmed the trade is complete although they are declining to confirm the compensation. The 49'ers are also confirming the trade and have confirmed the compensation as their fifth-round pick. Dolphins seem petty to me when they refuse to disclose compensation everyone else discloses.]

Ginn was flying to San Francisco as early as today and take a physical. If he passes, the trade will be official. His primary role in San Francisco will be primarily as a return specialist.

Ginn's fate was sealed by the recent acquisition of Brandon Marshall, but the truth is Ginn has been on the trade block for several weeks.

The former first-round pick in 2007 -- No. 9 overall -- regressed significantly in 2009. He dropped more passes than just about anyone in the NFL. His production also dropped from 56 catches in 2008 to 38 in 2009.

Fellow receiver Brian Hartline told The Herald's David J. Neal that he has a sense the trade was in the works. Ginn and Hartline share the same agent.

"I'm not totally surprised, but I think it's best for Teddy and the organization to do what they're doing," Brian Hartline said moments ago. "You go get a guy with the No. 9 overall pick you expect him to have an immediate impact. I don't think he was ready to make an immediate impact for the Dolphins. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be a No. 9 overall pick because we know what kind of playmaker he can be. But he was put in a difficult situation."

This trade comments on what Bill Parcells ultimately thought of Miami's 2007 draft -- the one just prior to his arrival.

The Dolphins have cut or traded every player in that draft except for punter Brandon Fields (7th round) and nose tackle Paul Soliai (4th round).


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good ridance!!!


San Fran has two 6th rounders. I hope we get the earlier one. That means we'll pick four times within ten slots in the high sixth. There will be talent falling to that area. Hopefully we can scoop up a few gems.

bye bye loser!!!

Farewell T-Rex arms!!!

peace out guy to you and your family!

Better be a 4th rounder or I've lost some confidence in the FO that I just gained with the Marshall trade. You won't get a WR better than him in the 5-7 rounds

Wow - bought high and sold low, but his contribution to the team was so limited we all shouldn't care. That coming from a Buckeye fan too.

Sorry Teddy - but you were much better as a Buckeye than a dolphin. I sense the toughness was left in the state of OHIO when he was drafted, cause I like many was sick of watching him NOT make plays and run out of bounds everytime he was about to be hit.

Are u serious????
Wow. That was a long time coming.

Anyone want to buy a Ted Ginn Jersey?? Biggest waste of money since, well, ever.


How long will it take to get the exact details of the trade?

I still think he could have blossomed into a #2 wr. Good luck to him. Why everyone hates this guy because Cam Cameron decided to take him @ 9 is beyond anything I can understand. He didn't draft himself. I hope the next time we play San Fran, he doesn't do to us what he did to the Jets last year. I bet all you Ginn haters were cheering him then.

Any word on Justin Smiley's trade status??

By the way, Turd Ferguson, one of the funniest bits ever on SNL.

Goodbye Mr. Ginn... I will miss your returns, but not your ducking from a hit or running out of bounds...

My bet is a 5th round pick. We don't have one (Tyler Thigpen).

why all the hate for ginn? He was not that bad of a player and he single handedly beat the jets in one game. The problem was he was drafted higher than he should have, but that is not his fault.

Secondly, I am pretty sure everyone wanted quinn with that pick, but has quinn done any better?

So annoying, we will get nothing at this pick that has an upside, at least Ginn could return kicks and did show some potential in my opinion. He had the chance to be a solid #2.

I'm guessing the Jets will be happy. Ginn ripped em a new as$hole twice last season LOL

I guess I can change my screen name now. Hahahaha finally!!!!! Good writtens to you and the ginn family!!!

"You won't get a WR better than him in the 5-7 rounds"

Davone Bess was an UDFA.... We can get a burner off the streets.

Ted Ginn has no place on our physical team. This regime is cleaning house.

The Dolphins are almost as bad at 1st round picks as the Florida Panthers...Ginn was a horrible pick at #9 and we knew it at the time. I thought with Marshall they'd maybe give Teddy this year to show what he can do when he's not the #1 WR, but good luck to him in SF.

Well - we got for Ginn what the Steelers got for Holmes.

He was a coward!!! Plain and simple..

Ginn was a Jet Killer without him we lose both games

i beleive that wont be the only trade! ronnie brown could be gone on or before draft day to replace 2nd round picks given up for marshall possibly lions,and i hear they might swap 1st round picks with dallas for another pick they are trying to load up! if this happens it could be very intersting

I'm glad its a 5th. anything lower would have sucked. now lets get bacvk our second rounder by trading with philly

last year that is...

There is an update in Mandos article...its a 5th

Score .. a 5th ... I smell Nalbone part 2 coming again


Detroit wants a RB, what are the chances Ronnie is traded to Detroit? If that happens is CJ Spiller an option?

a 5th for Ginn....what did we get for the rest of the family?

Santonio Holmes just went for a 5th... A 5th for Ginn? That's excellent.

I think he was worth more than a 5th. Sigh! But truth is there isn't going to be many extra balls after the wildcat and beast have their share.

In the end, not drafting Quinn was the best thing Cam Cameron did.

Just think about the chain of events to lead us to where we are now.

Things are falling into place now...

Suddenly we need a deep threat. Don't have one on the roster now.

I hope we don't rely on Cobbs and Bess as returners. Maybe we can get one in the 6th or 7th who can also catch the ball.

Thanks for the few nice plays and a whole lot of Pansy play. Goodluck in SF. May you develop into your best while out of the 1rd pick spotlight.

This doesn't seem like a very good deal for Miami. a 5th? That's it?

Oh well. Now he can get a fresh start. Don't agree with letting him go...They needed to let Pat White go...I still don't get that pick. Anyways, good luck, Teddy.

OMG! Why do so many people want to get rid of Ronnie for something where we have no clue on what we are getting???? CJ Spiller is one hit away from being Pat White possibly in the NFL!!! Ronnie is a BEAST! PLEASE DO NOT TRADE HIM.

So long and good luck Ginn! FO keep the ball rolling more picks and better players!

I would have done it for a 4th
But I will take a 5th

I thought a the very least he gave us very good field position on KO returns, and the ability to go all the way every now and then. That's a better value then a 5th rounder.

the trifecta will regret it.

Maybe snag WR Jacoby Ford with the pick...He has the same speed as Ginn but better lateral acceleration and MORE HEART!

He was the fastest guy at the Combine this year.

I would do that in a second. That way you keep the speed pressure on opposing DEF's and essentially should wind up with a better version of what you had. Kind of a Bears WR Johnny Knox type player.

We need one speed guy to help keep safties out of the box vs our run game.


Another Prototype move:
Doesnt fit the Trifecta's criteria in:

Dont worry about the deep threat, we will take shoots at some burners with our 6 picks in RD 6-7

I kind of wanted to see what Ginn could do this year with more practice with Henne and Brandon Marshall on the other side. We know ginn can get over defenses. Hopefully we get dexter McCluster in the draft cause we need some speed please! Even if we got a second rounder back, it prolly wouldnt be high enough to get Golden Tate which would be great, but we have so many needs on defense as well i suppose. Derrick Morgan or Earl Thomas with the first pick. Otherwise trade down and get B. Graham possibly. O'brien Schofield would be nice in the lower rounds

understand that the wets are only "renting" Holmes for 12 games. After that they will need to sign him (big $)and too many others already standing in line for this money. Their cap is going to kill this sub .500 franchise. Bad management per usual...jet suck!!

49ers give up a 5th rounder for Ginn and Fins throw in the family for free...

Next up is Ronnie Brown. His jersey and Teddys are on sale on the website.

Expect Ronnie to be traded for a 3rd

Wishing a safe trip to San Fran for Ted Ginn and his family.


Mando esta en fuego!!
(Mando is on fire!!)

Keep on feeding us those reports. Great work!!

The plan is unfolding as we speak, people!

We need a burner and return guy now, this just does not make sense at all IMO. He was no even close to being as bad as many on this post makes him out to be.


Brown is great one year, injured the next....trade him now for value (while he still has it)....Spiller at the least will almost guarantee our offense starts at the 40 every time due to his return skills...

Happy to see the little girl gone for a 5th, wait that's disrespectful to little girls even they are tougher than that ass clown but I will miss him on Jet games, Bye Jet Killer/Panzy.

This 5th rounder might not even make the team. Should have kept him, at least until draft day to see if anything else came up.

wow, i'm not sure i'd let him go for a 5th. his kick returns made him more valuable than a 5th. with him being a #2 he could have done well. but i do like hartline much better in the #2 slot.

maybe this move also makes white more of a slash player. now we trade smiley and get a 4th for thigpen.

Can this week get any better?!?!?!?!?!?!?

To be honest, will it really take much to replace what Ginn provided? I wish we would have took Mike Wallace last year... He is what Ginn is supposed to be. We really don't need a burner burner... How many snaps would Ginn have gotten anyway? Hartline and Bess would play over him. Ginn wouldn't have been able to get on the field. Hartline can get deep and so can Marshall. They don't run 4.3 but they can consistently get open in that 20 to 30 yard range... That is good enough to keep safeties back.

thanks alot cameron. a 1-15 season and a wasted draft. F-U!

Geez,am I the only guy that wanted to see what Ginn could do with Marshall on the other side...Well, that's SF issue now...what'll all the nay-sayers (and the Tuna as well) say if he booms out there with Crabtree and Davis ???

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