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Ted Ginn Jr. traded to San Francisco

Ted Ginn has told friends and teammates he has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers. The Dolphins are not commenting publicly but I got a text from a team source confirming the trade is done for a 2010 draft pick.

That pick will be a Saturday pick, I am told. That means a late-rounder guys.

[Update: It's a fifth-round pick, No. 145 overall. The Dolphins lacked a fifth-rounder prior to this.]

[Update: The Dolphins now have confirmed the trade is complete although they are declining to confirm the compensation. The 49'ers are also confirming the trade and have confirmed the compensation as their fifth-round pick. Dolphins seem petty to me when they refuse to disclose compensation everyone else discloses.]

Ginn was flying to San Francisco as early as today and take a physical. If he passes, the trade will be official. His primary role in San Francisco will be primarily as a return specialist.

Ginn's fate was sealed by the recent acquisition of Brandon Marshall, but the truth is Ginn has been on the trade block for several weeks.

The former first-round pick in 2007 -- No. 9 overall -- regressed significantly in 2009. He dropped more passes than just about anyone in the NFL. His production also dropped from 56 catches in 2008 to 38 in 2009.

Fellow receiver Brian Hartline told The Herald's David J. Neal that he has a sense the trade was in the works. Ginn and Hartline share the same agent.

"I'm not totally surprised, but I think it's best for Teddy and the organization to do what they're doing," Brian Hartline said moments ago. "You go get a guy with the No. 9 overall pick you expect him to have an immediate impact. I don't think he was ready to make an immediate impact for the Dolphins. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be a No. 9 overall pick because we know what kind of playmaker he can be. But he was put in a difficult situation."

This trade comments on what Bill Parcells ultimately thought of Miami's 2007 draft -- the one just prior to his arrival.

The Dolphins have cut or traded every player in that draft except for punter Brandon Fields (7th round) and nose tackle Paul Soliai (4th round).


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I agree with D. Imagine if Quinn was our starting quarterback for the last 2 years? brutal.

I think we can add another need to the list. KR/PR. maybe they are planning to draft mccluster in the 4th or something.

But we just lost our fastest player on the field, I wonder if they are planning to dink and dump the football like what the raiders did with gannon.


Ronnie is just getting off his crutches...Again!

I think Brown is a solid player but has only been healthy once.

Big or Small, EVERY player in the NFL is a hit,tackle,akward land or plant away from being out for the year or more.

Just saying.


No more Ginnisms?!
Ginnzu (knife cuts your heart out every time he drops a pass)
Where do I beGinn

Go Phins!

Really, Waterboy. Davonne is better than Ginn. How many touchdowns did Davonne score? How many punts did he take to the house? How many punts did he take pass 20 yards. How many kick offs did he return for TDs. How many times did he lead to wins against the Jets? Look, I love Mr. Bess, but he certainly lost us some games with some critical fumbles and yes, although many of you choose to forget, he had the dropsies earlier in the year when we changed to Henne. I like some others really wanted to see what this young man could do with all that pressure on him..but we will never know now...at least for us. Oh well, its a moot point now.

Smirish I second your remark
Fu cameron
Also Fu saban

Thank god for parcells

The Dolphins need to continue stacking up those middle rounders... Some of the players available in the 3rd, 4th and 5th are normally 2nd rounders in normal years.

Kinda wanted to see how Ginn would play with everyone double teaming The Beast!! U can't deny my backyard Squirell had bigger cajones though...

I think Ginn could have been special next to Brandon Marshall. The pressure would have been off of him and would have been tough to cover one on one. But good luck to him in SF.

Turd, I feel your pain buddy. I have my "twice-worn" Culpepper jersey hanging in my closet (not sure if I should throw it away or use it as a rag).

Ginn departure was ultimately good for this team. First, it lowers the salary CAP (even though there's no CAP this year, there will be eventually, so teams can't go all out). Second, it raises the bar for everyone else (even if you have a talent, if you can't prove it CONSISTENTLY in more than 1 game a season, we don't need you). Third, opens the door for Hartline to progress and be that true #2, Bess is still in the slot, and Camarillo will come off the bench (unless they can get P Turner into the game or draft a speedster). Fourth, any player that avoids getting hit as much as Ginn in the NFL deserves NOTHING!!!!!!

So for all you people saying Ginn could've been a solid #2, I say coulda, woulda, shoulda. You should be embarassed you're still trying to defend that punk loser. He was even scared to race Chris Johnson. He doesn't deserve your respect, your defense, or your admiration. He deserves a swift kick in the *ss and don't let the door hit you on your way out!

Are you sure Ginn didn't go for a 5th (of Scotch)??

Ginn is a liability. You can't even trust him on the field. You can't keep year after year waiting to see if someone will develop. Ginn had only 4 or 5 big plays in 3 years on offense. Hartline had more than that this past year.

I meant pressure off of him.

Gonna trust Parcells on this one...you should too.

Speed means nothing if you step out of bounds and drop passes.

Great game against the Jets and Buffalo...any others?

I think this trade was a direct result of Mando's war on Ginn's manhood! If they move down, draft Graham, then I'll get even more suspicious..

I am still stoked over the Brandon Marshall trade....too bad Marino can't come back as a backup for our Super Bowl this year!!!

Marcus that is an outright lie, dude. He had 3 or 4 big plays called back his first year b/c of bogus penalties

Ginn is a liability. You can't even trust him on the field. You can't keep year after year waiting to see if someone will develop. Ginn had only 4 or 5 big plays in 3 years on offense. Hartline had more than that this past year.

Posted by: Marcus | April 16, 2010 at 01:48 PM

I totally agree!

Bess or Cobbs can return...this guy was a noose around are neck.. He was given his 3 years, didn't work out, move on

The legacy of Cam Cameron baby-

Dullfans said, "Keep Ginn", "Keep Ginn". hahahahaha. 1st round pick for a 5th or 6th rounder. Niiiiiiiiiiice.

This is a sad end to the Ted Ginn saga. What a magnificent fall from 1st round pick (2nd WR overall) to 5th round ticket out of town.

Yes, Ginn beat the Jets twice. But ask youself, how many clutch, game winning catches did he drop that a #1 receiver is supposed to make? Quite a few come to my mind. So I bid Mr. Ginn a fond adieu' and wish him well, we now have a #1 that WILL make those game changing and game winning clutch catches. Now bring me a Safety that can cover, an edge pass rusher and a big, mountain of a man NT.

drsamii, I said 4 or 5 plays on offense. Not talking about special teams.

This a buyers market hence
Santurdio for a 5th
Mcnabb for a 2nd!!!
Marshall for 2 2nd
Teddy for a 5th....

Stop crying about Ted Ginn, He aint clutch and never will.

Finally the Nightmare is over, I couldn't handle another dropped pass in the endzone.

Drsamii says

" Look, I love Mr. Bess, but he certainly lost us some games with some critical fumbles and yes, although many of you choose to forget, he had the dropsies earlier in the year when we changed to Henne."


Bess had the highest 3rd down conversion percentage in the NFL....

Now if we could just figure out how to package Dan Henning with Pat White to move into the 2nd rd.

Sparano already made a statement that if he can't trust a player he doesn't like to play him. Ginn fit the description perfectly.

It's feast or famine with Ginn. You never know which you'll get, therefore you can't trust him. I believe the tri will produce a better "do-over" with a 5th rd pick. You guys wait and see.

to anyone crying about this trade, or asking for ronnie brown to be traded, you're my least favorite people on an otherwise idyllic day for Dolfans.


There is a GOD!!!!!!

Cut Pat Turner please also

damn, 145th overall... 14th pick in the 5th round, thats all he was worth


A 5th is tremendous considering he probably would have been cut in training camp.

PLEASE do not trade Ronnie Brown. That would be a huge mistake..... unless we get a high 2nd rounder or 1st round pick for him.

Anything less than a high 2nd rounder (50 and below) would be a net loss.

And Brown is really what makes our offense so freakin dynamic. He's the running back equivalent of Marshall.

Let me ask you


1) Pats
2) Indy
3) Saints

Its about getting open and making catches not being Usain Bolt

Who is gonna be our kick returner threat and scapegoat? Sorry, had to say it!

Good luck Ted Ginn! Hope things workout good for you and your family in the bay area. :-)

Yes! What a return on our investment of a first rounder! Bye Ginn you can get some sanfran fans upset when you drop a pass or run out of bounds on a kick return.

I don't understand this trade. Cam Cameron said he knew Ted Ginn's family and that should be sufficient. I mean Cam reads the Bible, Ted reads the Bible, so what more reason do you need?

Parcells an the Penguin don't want players that are only good because Marshall is lined up on the other side. He wants players that can win battles one on one. All I can remember is the whiff at the ball wide open in the end-zone against the Jets. He looked like Erckel.He is a nice guy but Curtis Martin was a nice guy...a nice guy that would pound your ass...Parcells kind of nice guy. The one thing the league seems to be saying last year after playing thr Phins is "they are tough"? Cognito, Dansby, Marshall. See a pattern here? Bring in Taylor Mays, Ronnie Lott all ove again! He brings the wood! Who needs ball hawking skills when no one wants to get decappitated?

Go Phins!

yea can u expect anymore than a 5th round

Thank God. I have been waiting for this day for 3 years. I remember when Cam Ca"moron" traded away our first round pick of this loser. He has been a humongous disappointment and I am sure that Miami fans are collectively heaving a huge sigh of relief. I just hope that Brandon Marshall does not prove to be a gigantic disappointment like Ted Ginn, jr. Good riddance, goodbye and don't let the door hit you on the way out, Teddy.

Bill Parcells says if they don't bite as pups, they won't bite. Looks like the fetching stick has been thrown all the way to San Fransico.

Let's see how fast the toothless pup can run out there, lol!

Just watched Ginn burn revis again on Youtube. Dude was fast. He couldn't run a pass pattern very well, but when you got his speed sometimes it don't matter. He was just faster then revis. Too bad it didn't work out.

Good luck teddy!!

I know many people are hoping for CJ Spiller in the first round, but what happened to all the Dexter McCluster talk. I think the Dolphins should take a defensive player in the 1st like E.Thomas, D. Morgan, or D. Williams and look for Dexter in the mid to late rounds as our new punt and kick returner, third down RB, and maybe even in multiple WR sets. He would be a great complement to Ronnie and Ricky this year, and maybe to Lex Hilliard and Cobbs if Ronnie and Ricky are gone after the 2010 season.

Got terrible value. Ginn could have been a decent #2 or #3 receiver behind Marshall and Bess (the mistake was relying on him to be anything more than that). As strickly a return guy he was worth more than a 5th rounder.

Gotta love that draft #1 Ginn - traded for a 5th rounder, #2 Beck - released.

Julius Pruitt (already on the roster)

Pruitt worked out for the St. Louis Rams and Green Bay Packers on March 3 where he ran a 4.42 in the 40-yard dash, posted a 31 1/2-inch vertical and a 9-foot, 4-inch broad jump.

Hi guys... new to the posting thing, although I always read Armando's blog...

I too was curious to see what Ginn could have done now that we have a real #1 WR. I wasn't expecting him to be an every-down WR, but throwing him in there in the odd slant or hail-mary package to stretch the field could have been interesting...

I also wonder who will return kicks now because I am not sold on Bess as a returner... i guess the Tuna has another speedster/KR in his cross-hairs!

Still doesn't change the fact that he too had game changing/losing turnovers, Waterboy. James, from what I remember..what was it...Idianapolis...maybe one other game (you tell me) where he had the last play in his hands and was the deciding factor. Marcus, ok then lets try this. Bomb on Revis, Bomb called back this year, End around for touchdowns, believe seattle game when he bombed on 2 people draped over him, which was the game when he had like 175 yards receiving (Denver or Buffalo)...thats 4-5 right..not including speacial teams. Look we are all dolphin Fans so hopefully this doesn't devolve into name and insults cuz that's not my style but I'm sorry, I believe this should have been his make or break year. Seriously...you guys would rather have Pat White over Ginn. Pat is a good guy and all but seriously...what the hell...what can he do for us?

Later Stone Hands!!!!!

The only safe fins are long dansby and marshall. Eveybody else better step it up.

Stone hands!! I love it

I don't understand this trade. Cam Cameron said he knew Ted Ginn's family and that should be sufficient. I mean Cam reads the Bible, Ted reads the Bible, so what more reason do you need?

Posted by: joe p | April 16, 2010 at 02:02 PM


the bible also says, "study to show ehyself approved". Obviously Cam put in enough study time on Ginn. So what's not to understand?

I know brown has been hurt, but the foot injury that he had was weird and not associated with his knees which finally did hold up. Also my understanding is the foot injury Brown had has close to a 0% reoccurance rate. I don't know, you just can't get guys like ronnie in this league often. Spiller is fast as hell, but small. I just can't see that getting him and getting rid of Ronnie, really makes us better. Just My opinion, and no I do not claim to be a GM

That's about the best they were going to do...Smiley, Thigpen and maybe Ronnie better be ready to pack

I've read some comments stating that we cannot get anybody in the 5th that is comparable to Ginn. There are kick returners in this draft that will be there in round 5. And you don't have to pay those players what you are paying Ginn.

just cuz ginn returned 2 kicks didnt make him a good returner he was ruuning for his life cuz he was terrified

The return job will be Ryan Grice-Mullens. He was a quiet pick up this off season but the guy could be special. Bess' teammate at Hawaii. Set a CFL playoff record with a 105 yard punt return last season. Check him out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9NN1hy-kUs

I'm sad to see the Jet Killer go. He owned Revis & the Jets special teams. I also think he could have really opened this offense up with Marshall on the other side of him. This opens the door for Hartline/Camarillio & Turner. Camarillio is more reliable but Hartline has more potential. We'll see!

With this 5th, Miami has to try to package Smiley and a 4th or 5th and get back in the 2nd or move up in the 1st. The Redskins, seahawks, Bills & Browns ALL need Oline help.

Another guy who should be on the trade block is Donald Thomas. With Garner & Incognito taking over at G, he is expendable. If Incognito works out, he can be extended since he is only on a 1 year deal or find a new G next year in FA or with a late pick. Expect 2 DT's, 2 OLB, RB, CB, FS, TE & ILB to be drafted. Or Miami can package up some of those 6's & 7's to move up into the 3rd & 4th.


You never showed heart or desire to improve. You regressed this year.

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