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Ted Ginn Jr. traded to San Francisco

Ted Ginn has told friends and teammates he has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers. The Dolphins are not commenting publicly but I got a text from a team source confirming the trade is done for a 2010 draft pick.

That pick will be a Saturday pick, I am told. That means a late-rounder guys.

[Update: It's a fifth-round pick, No. 145 overall. The Dolphins lacked a fifth-rounder prior to this.]

[Update: The Dolphins now have confirmed the trade is complete although they are declining to confirm the compensation. The 49'ers are also confirming the trade and have confirmed the compensation as their fifth-round pick. Dolphins seem petty to me when they refuse to disclose compensation everyone else discloses.]

Ginn was flying to San Francisco as early as today and take a physical. If he passes, the trade will be official. His primary role in San Francisco will be primarily as a return specialist.

Ginn's fate was sealed by the recent acquisition of Brandon Marshall, but the truth is Ginn has been on the trade block for several weeks.

The former first-round pick in 2007 -- No. 9 overall -- regressed significantly in 2009. He dropped more passes than just about anyone in the NFL. His production also dropped from 56 catches in 2008 to 38 in 2009.

Fellow receiver Brian Hartline told The Herald's David J. Neal that he has a sense the trade was in the works. Ginn and Hartline share the same agent.

"I'm not totally surprised, but I think it's best for Teddy and the organization to do what they're doing," Brian Hartline said moments ago. "You go get a guy with the No. 9 overall pick you expect him to have an immediate impact. I don't think he was ready to make an immediate impact for the Dolphins. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be a No. 9 overall pick because we know what kind of playmaker he can be. But he was put in a difficult situation."

This trade comments on what Bill Parcells ultimately thought of Miami's 2007 draft -- the one just prior to his arrival.

The Dolphins have cut or traded every player in that draft except for punter Brandon Fields (7th round) and nose tackle Paul Soliai (4th round).


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No point in creating a hole to get a pick to fill a hole.

i still say take dez bryant,sign taylor.recievers are hard to come by and dez will be awesome.

IS THIS A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! first we get "The most Electrifying man in football" but we also dropped the most the"Most Distressing Man in football".... A great week too to consume crow, I like mine with wing sauce... BYE BYE Ted(No testicular Fortitude)Ginn, your side-line antics will NOT be missed.... Thank the good Lord......but someone says who'll take his place as the scape goat?? Great "Q", will delve into that later....

Its pretty funny that Ginn had 3 important TD's in 3 years and yet somehow people are still defending him.

As a return man he would of been VERY expensive. But he did rank 5th in kick off returns, so that is a legit concern.

That said, I have no doubt they will figure it out and someone very capable will be returning kicks.

Teddy just droped his bag getting on the plane. I just got my junk mail and there was a DVD from Duh'ta Fumblepepper saying he could still play.lol

I just bought my season tickets!!! I live in Orlando (What up Marshall!) and I'll drive down for the games... This FO is making serious moves, I smell..... SUCCESS!!!

I know I wear my heart on my sleeve Waterboy. It's a curse but also a blessing at times. I'm definitely passionate about our team and I just can't believe anyone is upset over this news but to each his own I guess. Glad to see you and some other people agree with me.


It's a good thing you aren't in the FO, because you would probably leave the team with a shxt load of holes. We have a receiver. That part is done. We NEED a FS. We NEED a NT. We NEED a OLB. We DON'T NEED another receiver.

We can all now turn our thumbs the other way! Anyone who gets hurt during a td celebration is a cooch.

If Singletary sent Vernon Davis to the showers, whats he gong to do with Ginn?LOL!

Go Phins!

it's a great day for miami fans. they got rid of the garbage. it's still a bone head move to trade down though. there goes your safety you deperately need, and all the other positions you still need to fill.

Going good Marc. I drop in more regularly now but by the time I get hom there's already 4 pages of comments so my posts get lost sometimes. Maybe I should bring a laptop to my jobsites so I can keep up with these knuckleheads!

Enrique1085, u just bought season tickets and driving from Orlando...thk u Enrique!!! I hope alot more season tickets are sold now and fill up this stadium!!

Can't believe we got a 5th rounder for Ginn, this week can only get better if Pat White is gone and we get our 2nd rounder back, throw in a fat guy and its Christmas in April.
Good riddance to Ginn, go be an embarassment and a coward in SF, take away his 2 KO returns against the Jets and even his KO return stats were awful, remember the KO late in the season when whoever we were playing kicked off from their 15 cos of a penalty and we needed Ted Ginn to give us good field position, yeah he missed the KO let it bobble past him finally picked it up and stuck us on our own 15, way to go, thank god he's gone.
Go fins roll on the draft!!!!

Bill Hozie.

I was just thinking that about #19. You read my mind. Its a short story though.

Hey Phin4Life, like F the Wets said...what aaaare you smokin dude. Must be some serious ganja! You can't break up The RR Express!!

It was a good move for us no matter how you spin it guys..speed doesn't dictate talent..Teddy has no talent other than his speed. Well I take that partially back..his talent is running out of bounds...

Hey Bobby,

I agree dude! I am a season ticket holder going on my 3rd season, and it's depressing to see that stadium some times. In that 1-15 season, I was still at the bar wearing my jersey. I wear my colors no matter what.

More people should come and support your team. Buy the damn tickets; trust me, it's worth it!

Phin4life "Peppermint Patty White", classic. I feel bad judging him that way because he seems to be a great guy but the kid looks like a boy on the field with men. He's just too small to ever be anything but a #3 QB. It's obvious to anyone who has seen him play in the nfl and after the hit he took I was convinced of it. It even looks as if sometimes he has trouble holding his head up straight because his helmet looks so big and heavy compared to his little frame. Someone suggested he become our punt returner and all I have to say to that is we better have a body bag ready.


Agreed!! LOL

NyScott, ur totally correct about Ginn...The guy deserved his three years after being such a high pick to prove something...watching him run for that sideline as soon as he caught the ball was enough for me...you can't fix "being scared" in the NFL, u have ballz or u don't...Ginn is gone, good riddance

Thanks Bobbyd12! I'm trying to convince my brother as we speak! We gotta get that stadium rockin!

I'll miss his catches(Whenever he doesn't drop it) and falls straight down like the footballs a lead ball and the earth is a magnet, and not a defender within 15 yards.... I'll also miss him falling over his two feet,usually resulting in a interception, what a Idiot, but mostly I'll miss everyone moving 10 to 15 yards away from the side-lines on kickoffs....

Yeah, Ronnie Brown has been a good RB but mostly from the Wild whatever. He's getting old for a RB and he's been hurt twice now. And like Teddy he was drafted to high and makes to much money. Keep him to long and you won't get anything for him. And I hope the Wild Cat is over.

Will someone give Patty a fxcking burger?

Peace out Teacup Teddy Ginn, hands of stone

Wheelin and dealin Dolphins!

"throw in a fat guy and its Christmas in April."


funny post from Canfin.

Whatever happens pleas DON'T TRADE RONNIE BROWN OR PENNE!


Jason Allen and Reggie Torbor better pack their bags as well - overpriced guys on the outs.

Smiley, Thigpen and/or White better not get comfortable either

What a horrible draft class 2007 was... Brandon Fields, the punter is the only guy still on the roster from a draft only 3 years ago... I'm so thankful for Tuna and company


You're right 2007 was horrible. Imagine if we would have had a decent one?? Wow!

No worries things are being cleaned up now!

Drop it like its hot

Seems like Miami wanted to cut him but took a 5th for him to ship far far away.

Cuban, are you still here? Looks like the bet is a wash!

Singletary is gonna cut him once he realizes he lacks testicles....

NY, just get internet on your phone...I actually wouldn't recommend the iphone app, as it only shows maybe the last page of comments, pretty lame as this thing fills up quickly with meatball subs and the like...

You guys are forgetting about the rb we got off the sf practice squad. C. Sheets. He runs the 40 in 4.3. SF fans were pissed when we snatched him up. They were screaming mad. Just watch out for this guy.

Carlito Brandon AND Soliai are still on the roster from that draft. Cam really bent us over that year.

I forgot to mention that I think Sheets will be our kickoff and punt returner this yr.

Carlito, dont forget about your 2010 Starting NT: Paul Slimonian Solai

Not sure, Is there a lawyer out there for claerifaction,was the bet the 1st 3 rounds or the 1st 3 picks????is there a differance???? Lawyers please...

Personally, if I can't get Philly's early 2nd rounder in a possible trade then the deals off. After the 1st, its where most of the prime talent will still be sitting.
...But thats just me.

PS: Just make sure we get a speedster to replace "hands of stone" Ginn.

This is a great week for the Dolphins... 5th round pick was all you could have asked for this guy... returner and #3 receiver at best... no heart.

Ginns dropped passes will have Singletary dropping his pants by week 2

Oh yeah, I forgot about the big pineapple

Smiley Cyrus
Ronnie Big Brown
Chad 15 YD Bomb Penne

Next on the trade block

It's hard to believe that Ted Ginn has the same trade value as Santonio Holmes.

Ted(feet of clay)Ginn should fit right in in the San Fran. area, with all the transsexuals(post-op of course)..

How about this, I thought it was the first three rounds. (Rob In Oc can be the ref). But I will go with first three picks just to make a friendly wager. This is a good bet for you, because I think that we will most likely concentrate on D. Maybe we will sneak a Te. in the 4th.

We'll see, But heres a "Q" for the masses, The "Q" is how can a team get rid of 4 starters(and possible 2 more with J.T and Soleri) and be a better team for doing so????

Guys. This should be an eye opener for all of us. Fins are not blind and they DO care about fans and team. So long ted wish you well u did not like this team enough to put yourself in a position to get clobbered. Maybe this will wake u up. When Singletary gives u the crazy look you will know ur in for it!! Cant say will miss Ted game killer. Go Fins!!!

See Ya Ted. Good luck in SF.

Another big F U to CamMoron and everyone involved in the decision to draft Ginn.

Thanks for beating the Jets last year and not to mention the big catches in game 17 at NY in 2008 - a classic that any fan of this team will remember.

Definetely the right move I think, but again go pound sand Cam you stupid douche.


Young players getting better and the addition of 2 elite starters

Also 3 of these "losses" were addition by subtraction (Peezy, Gerbil, and Teacup)

I'm not a big ginn fan however, for only getting a 5th rounder for him I think we should have kept him. He was explosive in the return game. I think he would have done much better next year with Marshall aboard. Less pressure on him and not up agsints a number one corner. I'm a fan of the trade... Just not the value. Niners got the better deal on this one

This just in, The Dolphins called Teddy in to sign a 2 year extension for league minimum. When they tossed him the pen, he dropped it. Now he's a 49er.

i love how everyone wants to trade RONNIE BROWN....whats wrong with you people ?!?!?

3 days ago he was our surefire best(and only) offensive player... when hes on the field he's a top 5 runningback. what the hell are we gonna get for him ??? a second round pick ?? name the last good second round pick we have made ??? (pat white and sean smith dont count yet)

c.j. spiller is a 2010 reggie bush why the hell do you wanna draft a 3rd down running back in the first round...

shut up and stop with the trade ronnie nonsense nohing we get for him will match his production this year at all !!!



5th is the best you could have hoped to get for this guy... Santonio Holmes went for a fifth... Ginn will be COMPETING for the 3rd wr spot and primarily returning kicks... I'd say a 5th is pretty good for a guy with that role. He was given 3 years and never showed much, he actually regressed last year... good riddance

I just went on the san francisco chronicle website and I can't believe how excited they are about this trade. Those poor bastards don't know what they're getting into. It's like getting rid of an STD.

I am probably in the minority, but I am not so high on this trade. Brandon Marshall opens everything up for everyone. Ginn was highly successful on a few end arounds, provided sparks in the return game, and on the few occasions he was sent on fly patterns had decent success. I for one am big on guys having niches and roles. Davone Bess for example, is perfect for clutch catches and 3rd down conversions. Ted Ginn is a guy that should be used on returns and end around, fly patterns. I understand why he was traded, I wish him the best, I think we will miss some of his playmaking ability.

OK, The guy wasn't the greatest receiver of all time but he had wheels and I just don't see you getting a return guy like this in the fifth round. Spiller or Bryant at #12 would make me feel a lot better right now.

Protagonista, i feel the same way. 3rd down backs shouldn't be first round picks unless you have a team with almost no glaring needs.

I think you would have been a nice compliment to Marshall. There is no denying his blazing speed, this would have kept the double team of marshal. It would have been nice to give him one more shot.

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