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Ted Ginn Jr. traded to San Francisco

Ted Ginn has told friends and teammates he has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers. The Dolphins are not commenting publicly but I got a text from a team source confirming the trade is done for a 2010 draft pick.

That pick will be a Saturday pick, I am told. That means a late-rounder guys.

[Update: It's a fifth-round pick, No. 145 overall. The Dolphins lacked a fifth-rounder prior to this.]

[Update: The Dolphins now have confirmed the trade is complete although they are declining to confirm the compensation. The 49'ers are also confirming the trade and have confirmed the compensation as their fifth-round pick. Dolphins seem petty to me when they refuse to disclose compensation everyone else discloses.]

Ginn was flying to San Francisco as early as today and take a physical. If he passes, the trade will be official. His primary role in San Francisco will be primarily as a return specialist.

Ginn's fate was sealed by the recent acquisition of Brandon Marshall, but the truth is Ginn has been on the trade block for several weeks.

The former first-round pick in 2007 -- No. 9 overall -- regressed significantly in 2009. He dropped more passes than just about anyone in the NFL. His production also dropped from 56 catches in 2008 to 38 in 2009.

Fellow receiver Brian Hartline told The Herald's David J. Neal that he has a sense the trade was in the works. Ginn and Hartline share the same agent.

"I'm not totally surprised, but I think it's best for Teddy and the organization to do what they're doing," Brian Hartline said moments ago. "You go get a guy with the No. 9 overall pick you expect him to have an immediate impact. I don't think he was ready to make an immediate impact for the Dolphins. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be a No. 9 overall pick because we know what kind of playmaker he can be. But he was put in a difficult situation."

This trade comments on what Bill Parcells ultimately thought of Miami's 2007 draft -- the one just prior to his arrival.

The Dolphins have cut or traded every player in that draft except for punter Brandon Fields (7th round) and nose tackle Paul Soliai (4th round).


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NFLDraftGeek Morgan Burnett scouting report. http://nfldraftgeek.com/burnett.html
22 minutes ago via web from Livonia, MI

This is who Miami should go after if we trade down and pick up a 2nd rounder!

How many shots do you want to give the guy? Last year was supposed to be his breakout season and he regressed I'm glad the Dolphins cut their losses on this guy

When are you guys going to quit buying NFL jerseys. Buy them with no name or your name sewn on. Waste of money with the way players change teams. I still have my Junior Seau jersey that I use to check my oil with.

Carlitos, how many years did we say 'oh THIS year is Chris Chambers' breakout year' same story w Ginn. Same body type too...

After trading Ginn you will need to replace him . The player I have in mind is Javier Arenas he can give the Dolphins 3 skills that Ginn could not they are the following. He can play nickel, a decent edge blitzer at cornerback. And he can also run back kicks. A highly productive player the dolphins could draft in the middle rounds.The only negative could be his size. Remember Zach Thomas they said he was to small. Possible hall of famer.

Chambers looks like hulk hogan next to ginn.

Disappointed in this move. I'm not a big Ted Ginn fan but even if he was just going to return kicks I would be fine with that. I would have liked to have seen him play opposite Marshall, but oh well. I don't have much use for a fifth round pick, unless we use it to trade up. As Armando has told us, someone picked in the first round works out about 20 per cent of the time.

Ginn was HORRENDOUS......the absolute worse wide out in NFL history.........cost quite a few games by his drops, shoulda been gone last year............


as you see with Ginn, Beck, Turner etc. Picks in RD 1-3 are also a crap shoot.
Thats why these guys are dumping players, there is safety in numbers, the more picks you have to draft the higher chance you get on hitting on a guy.

Ginn was not even close to being as bad as many are you making him out to be! He was not great at this point by any means, and had a couple short comings, but he is not a #1 guy. I really think he could have been a VERY solid #2 that could open up oposing defenses for us. A Safty could not cheat in with his speed going down field, now that we have a true #1 on the team.

Is it me or is this the first offseason in about 15 years that has meant something??? Just asking...

The ginn trade is great bc of his salary. End of story.

Hey New_here,

If Ginn "single handedly" beat the Jets, how many games did his lack of catches "single handedly" lose for the Fins?

Against Indy he dropped a sure TD in the end zone.


Ginn wasn't worth the money we were paying him. I wish him well in SF, but I'm glad we got a 5th for him. We could always try to bundle this 5th with another late rounder to move up to another 4th.

Hartline is faster than people think.


Tom Brady was found in the 5th Rd


I agree with the sentiments that this has been a great off season. It is nice to see the Fins really trying to improve the team and make a run reather than play the blame game and continue to dwell in mediocracy. It is also nice to hope for a great season and have the team to back that up.

Next up: Draft well. Fill the gaps and get ready for the 2010/2011 season.

lmao at Carlito at 3:30 - I hadn't thought of calling him teacup in a while!

It also looks like the terms of the Ginn trade have been made public.

"the 49ers acquired Ted Ginn Jr. from the Miami Dolphins for a fifth-round pick (145th overall) in next week's NFL draft".

Bootang, we need a few guys that can do more than one thing.. Sure Ginn might have a niche, like Camarillo and Bess.. but at least they have testicales that can be located without optical assistance.

Not sure why every is talking about his salary. It's not like the money is coming out of your pocket and this is an uncapped year. If your going to tell me that the money IS coming out of your pockets because your the ones who pay for the tickets, then stay home. Don't complain about money that your not paying for. It's not as if your writing the cheques.

This guy could have been kept for another year to see what he could do with Marshall on the team and at the very least used strictly on returns. All you guys who are happy about him gone, why don't you tell us who's going to return kicks now.....and don't say Bess....he sucks at it!!

you are not the only one that wanted to see what ginn was gone do wit marshall i am pissed off becuz they traded him i dnt like it

very glad to see ginn traded. now we have our 5th rd pick back, now lets move down and pick up a 2nd rounder. ginn was awful




Never liked Ginn from the first time that he took the kickoff all the way back against my Gators in the championship game.

Of course, that turned out ok, and I trust that his leaving will turn out just fine too.

Wish him well.

It's not like Ginn was tearing it up as a return man. He averaged under 25 yards per return and that is with the two long TDs against the Jest. Those two were great and I love him for that but god without those 2 returns he would be averaging about 22 yards a return. That is pretty f'ing bad.

And nothing needs to be said about his ability as a receiver but I'll say it anyway. Adding Marshall would not make Ginn run better routes or help him grow some nuts to take a hit.

ginn isnt even a good returner, he had one good game. almost every return he runs out of bounds

I say bravo trifecta. We got an extra pick in the 5th which in this draft is equivalent to a 4th in most drafts. If we can trade down to Philly during the draft we recoup one of the two we dropped on Marshall and things are looking sweet. LMAO @ the fans who b!tched and moaned about these guys not doing anything. It appears they really do know what they are doing...

Before somebody gets all an@l, by extra pick in the 5th I do of course mean an extra pick which is in the 5th. I'm aware we didn't have a 5th.

I think it was a mistake to trade him. We don't have any speed at receiver. If he never caught another pass, he would keep a db occupied and exhausted chasing him all the way down the field all game long. They would have to respect his speed whether he could catch or not. I think he would have been very valuable to us this year with Marshall. I think it was a mistake.

This had alot to do with money. His salary was going to rise this season and the remaining years. it was just too expensive to justify keeping him around. I cant understand why people on here dont understand that this is a business. You cant keep players around on "potential" alone. We simply cant afford to pay first round money for a guy that only makes plays against one team. We need to make plays agains the Patsies too! He doesnt! As great as the 2 returns were the chances of that happening again are slim. He just isnt good enough and he is too soft. We have many needs and when the cap returns we will have only so much money. The money is needed for players who fit our system and can consistantly perform in it. The money can be used to sign some defensive help that we need badly and we can find another fast receiver / returner in the draft cheeper. The people we are still talking about give teddy another chance blah are just silly and delusional.

How can anyone defend this guy? Come on fellow dolph fans. He led the league in droped balls and showed how much he loved the sidelines. He played for the dolphins for 3 years and regresed. How can you say give him another chance? Besides if we kept Ginn we would have to gotten rid of either, Bess, Hartline or Camarillo. I think its a no brainer and we kept the right three wr's. Can anyone tell me how much Ginn was going to make this year?

All the best to Ginn in the future, he needs a veteran mentor to bring him along slow, if his speed doesn't diminish he still could be a solid #2 WR in a couple years. Maybe SF should hire Jerry Rice to help the kid out.

All you wanna be GM's get a grip. They brought in the Tuna to take us back to the promised land (SB), and he is right on schedule to do just that. If he decides to trade Brown it won't be for no good reason; there will be a method to his madness. Ginn was useless; so what's all the beef about his departure? Just sit back and enjoy the overhaul. Then pack the stadium next season to support the team. Otherwise you're just a fair weather fan IMO. Go Phins !!!

Ted Ginn for a 9th overall draft pick was basically a bust. When you come into the league not knowing how to run a basic pass route and get separation, you don't even belong in football. When you hear footsteps and develop alligator arms, you're not a WR or pass catcher. When your heart is to run out of bounds instead of fighting for a first down or touchdown, I don't want you on my team. And that doesn't matter if you were drafted to be a go-to guy by the Dolphins or at very best a third option with the 49ers behind Michael Crabtree and Vontae Davis' big brother Vernon.

After seeing the Steelers get a 5th rounder for Santonio Holmes (who's better than his Ohio State teammate), the team didn't do too bad by getting a 5th rounder.

Good riddance. I feel like throwing a party. I wish him well, but if I had to go through another season of watching him drop crucial first downs and touchdowns I think I'd be sick. He is a PRIME example of why drafting receivers early on is a risk. That's why I'm soooooo glad we picked up Marshall rather than Bryant. At least Marshall is NFL proven.

Yeah sorry but this didnt make sense.. The guy was an awesome returner, of which we dont have a playmaker that can take it to the house. As a reeiver I think his speed would have been an asset, Just go deep.. I mean in that role as a change of pace scenario he could be a weopon ala wille gault.. deion sanders.. type guy.. The guy is super fast.. anyways.. Peace out Teddie...Loved that 2 return game.. Sweet..showed some heart there with all the critics.

Do they test for courage on these physicals? If so they will be sending him back.

This move makes plenty of sense. I don't think anyone could expect anything higher than a 5th after the Holmes deal.

It was time for the team and fan base to move on. I won't bash Ginn as a person because he seemed like a good dude, however, Ginn as a football player did not fit this team. I'm glad we can move on without him and the drama he created for the fans.

The best thing about the deal is he went far away and out of sight to the NFC West!

I dont know how you guys out there can say Ginn was a great return specialist, last time I checked Josh Cribbs of Cleveland was the Pro Bowl return man. Now that guy is a return SPECIALIST! I do agree Ginn was a character type guy, but he was the 9th overall pick. You guys who are against the trade think about this bit. If Ginn was still here, he would hinder the development of the young receivers. Also, the botton line is this, he can't catch, and he won't go over the middle. Think about all the track stars who could fly, but couldn't catch the ball...I will take a sure handed, slow Oronde Gadsen over a butter hands, super fast Tedd Ginn anyday. Another bit to contemplate...how many experts said Jerry Rice was not fast enough? I dont care how fast you run the forty, if you are a professional receiver you better catch just about everything, receptions move the chains...Santonio Holmes was traded for a 5th rounder, so you all who think the Fish got the short end...who is better Ginn or Holmes?

YEA and Good Bye! How many bad after tastes following a game did we get...so worth it.

I really like Hartline, but he really needs to know when to shut the **** up. He has gone down a little in my estimation.

Fresh start, sign a bunch of fast undrafted free agents and let them have a go at it, if Patrick Cobbs is not back to form by the start of the season. I think the emphasis is too heavy on the fact of Ginn's returns, 2 tds in one game, not much else in 15 others. I would have rather had him average 30 yards a return and give back the 2 tds...

Cams draft was horrible at best.

Goodluck to Teddy Ginn in the Bay area......thankfully he returned those two kickoffs or else we probably would have gotten a 7th for him....and lastly, shame on Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron for orchestrating an absolutely pathetic and damaging draft for this organization....

ginn was complete garbage, wasnt even a good returner. had one good game.

billbill you are f'kin garbage yourself. What kind of a name is billbill????? U must of had two retards for parents.bwahahahhahaa

hilarious, dude gets personal. ginn WAS garbage for us. had no reason to keep him on roster.

The Dolphins called Teddy in to sign a 2 year extension for league minimum. When they tossed him the pen, he dropped it. Now he's a 49er.

What everyone needs to remember is the reason for implementing the Wildcat in the first place. That reason is to hide their offensive weaknesses not to be innovative and create the next new offensive scheme in NFL.
No quarterback plus no quality WRs= poor offense= one dimensional offense= need to control the clock= offense from 30 years ago= no chance of winning superbowl.
You mean to tell me if Trifecta had a choice of offense used last two seasons, or new generation offense(i.e. Colts, west coast) they would choose an offense with no QB and poor WRs? Of course not.
Wildcat generated out of necessity
Now that we have a promising stud QB and perhaps best WR in the game, we are catching up with quality offenses in the league. There will be little to no productive wildcat without Ronnie Brown, and considering he may be traded, then thankfully we say adios to the bandaid Wildcat. Say hello to more passing attack something missing since Marinos departure.
I would have loved to see the Dolphins also given up a 5th and 3rd for A Boldin & Santonio Holmes. Could you imagine going from the worst NFL passing attack to the best 3 starting WRs in the league for 3 mid to late draft picks?
Hope Phins move from 12 to 24 with Philly and recoup second rounder and trade injury proned Ronnie Brown for perhaps second rounder. When Ronnie is 100% healthy, he is as good a RB in the league, and my opinion no one runs harder when healthy. But being that he has had only one season in six where he played all 16 games, it's fair to say he is injury prone. Ricky Williams has avoided father time on the field by retiring, suspensions, and stint in CFL. Being that he is about to turn 60 on his next bday, RB is a strong need.

At least he is gone.A total waste as a 1st round pickAt least we have hartline.Not at least,at most.U want bad look at ginn.
Happier than ever!Yay!

Look REAL DOLPHIN FANS!!! Ginn has straight on speed but honestly thats ALL he has showed since hes been in a dolphin! Now Im not saying we used him right all the time or their was pressure on him etc.. It's his lack of HEART and TOUGHNESS which DEFINES him to me!! The guy plays NFL football makes 5 mil a year and is AFRAID of CONTACT??? The question is why he's gone to me is why does he get the opportunity to play in the NFL SERIOUSLY!!!

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