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Ted Ginn perhaps not so classy after all

Well, that didn't take long. Approximately two hours after I wrote a post that said Ted Ginn Jr. went out with class upon being traded from the Dolphins to 49'ers, Ginn did something he did quite often with the Dolphins.

He dropped the ball.

Responding to a follower on his twitter feed who told Ginn he was happy "you are gone!" the receiver responded with an expletive-laced response that would make anyone pause. He used the F-word. He used the N-word. He used the B-word that rhymes with ditch.

My man Mike Marchant, a producer and board op at 790 The Ticket, retweeted to me the Ginn tweet. I will not quote it here. But if you wish to see it (why would you?) you can check out Marchant's twitter page and see it for yourself.

Look, Ginn has the been the target of a lot of derision. He's been the object of many jokes and much criticism. Guess what? It comes with the territory.

It wasn't the man's fault he was picked No. 9 overall in 2007. But I don't remember him giving back any of $19.6 million that draft status brought to him. And it was his fault he failed to become anything more than a kick returner in three years with the Dolphins.

So the criticism was warranted.

Does that mean hatred was warranted? No. But criticism? Yes.

There is a difference.

Ginn was unprofessional in the manner he responded to a former fan in this one instance. He is human. And he is young -- only 25 years old. But he is a public personality. And he should have known better.

Too bad.


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LMAO nice video have a good time out in the bay area with those paddles on the end of your arms.

"F" Ted Ginn.

Dolfandave Family

Oh and BTW................FIRST!!!!!!!!

Good video, funny to hear again the biggest joke of em all, Can Cam Cameron.

Though, Ginn, expletives or no, he is a human being and humans all have their limits.

I have to admit, I liked that the Dolphins drafted him where they did at the time. Too bad they did not let him returns punts...He still is someone with elite speed and ability -- but admittedly he had a terrible year last year and its likely for the best he moves on..

Whatever...It's done!!!
Let's get a starter with the 5th round pick!

Ted Ginn was a class act his entire time in Miami. Obviously he is immature, but he is also a very rich young man. He is not the first 25 year old to drop a few f-bombs.

I agree he should know better, but seriously, who cares? He is gone. Let's move on.

You know I couldn't stand him as a player always had the impression he was at least a good guy. The f bombs and the word rhyming with ditch I don't really care about in my opinion he has the right to respond how he pleases. However, the N word really shows another side of Ginn that I didn't think existed. That is the part to me that possibly shows Ginns true colors.

I tell you sometimes act like you are all robots with no emotions. We all have a limit and many times people have crossed the line of criticism with disrespect. If that was us or one of our love ones we would see it in a different light. He was bad but....we all know the point of no return was crossed. I think some of you people need to grow up. As people in the public they must keep a level of professionalism but as fans a level must be kept as well. Remember its a two way street not a one way. Its always easy to talk the talk when you have not walked in those shoes.

Wish we got a 3rd round for him but he wasn't worth it oh well best of luck Ted ...btw I still think we will pick up mccluster to replace ginn on kick return,and who wants to trade down in the draft and who do u think we'll pik up if we do

And that video is funny as hell!!!!

I guess he could only take so much. Personally, I will always remember how he torched the Jets in 3 games.

On the other hand, if I made almost $20 mill to suck at my job as much as he did, I could take a few jabs too.

Do we lose the whole Ginn family or just Ted? That is the deciding factor on if we got a fair trade.

Oh yeah I will definitely always be grateful for winning that second game against the jets for us this past year. I don't really care how he responded to the classless fan who tweeted on his page the only thing that irritates me is him using the N word.

The video is excellent ROFL.

This is the best video ever... i could watch it a million times and it never gets old.

the best...

Brian hartline is also from the family.

Brandon Marshall doesn't drop those passes..... we are WAY better off now!!!

He may have been classy when he was here, but he cared less to do anything to better his position on the team. He didnt work hard, he dropped too many passes. He was an average kick/punt returner. What are we losing?? No one important. He cant handle that someone is glad he is gone?? LOL. Who cares. The team will be better without him.

Enough on Ted Ginn.

Get a life, lets get a positive post goin....

For every positive post on here, there's 3 negative ones to follow it. Media.... losers.


i believe ronnie brown will be traded for a 3rounder this year fo rmany reasons.

1. I dont think they are willing to give ronnie brown a contract he deserves, which will be significant running back money--he is a top 3 back when healthy. The injury concerns are the deal breaker. B/c if he stays healthy i think he has another 3 good years in him. But thats a huge IFFF

2. Tuna likes to tie his money into oline and have the mindset that if you dominate up front u dont need an expensive probowl back.
3. i honestly think the only aspect holding up a trade already is that you cant trade a restricted free agent---once ronnie signs his tender he will be moved for a 3rd round pick---Just like marshall was traded 8 hours after he signed tender.

Emotionally its a tough move, but if you arnt goin to resign him next year u better trade him for sum value so u get something.

I am shocked we got a fifth for that bum..........My local Cinerama would not trade a mega popcorn/soda deal with bonus milk duds for that failure. We should feel fortunate .

BFD...why does everyone expect these kids to be perfect just because some choose to make him a hero or role model? Like u said he is only 25 years old. He is supposed to be beyond losing his temper because he is a millionaire? who cares that he told off some immature stupid fan! He cost a high draft pick...so did Jason Allen and many others....get over it people


I think the only reason Miami trades Brown for a 3rd rounder is if we find a trade partner in the 1st and gets that 2nd rounder back. If we stay at #12,i dont think Parcells trades Ronnie for a 3rd cus i think Parcells desperately wants a 2nd for him.

For all you people saying we should'nt have traded Ginn,

After Brian Hartline has a tremendous season for us,you'll all be saying 'Ted who'??

Right On Jam,

Time to move on. Let's talk about using that 5th or a 6th to replace Ginn with say "The Horse" SIU Deji Karim.
He can be a return kicks and be a change of pace back.
5'9" 210lbs, 4.37 40, 43" vertical, 10' 3" broad jump, 19 reps @ 225
He averaged 7.1 YPC in 09 at SIU.

He's got an explosive burst, unlike long strider Ginn.

He's #31 here:

about 1:50min in is where you start to see him work....enjoy


Sup man! I am not sure what to make of Ronnie Browns chances of staying on with the Fins.

When he keeps getting injured at a position that gets hit the most of any it lowers his value a ton.

It is difficult to tell how much Wildcat they intend to employ this years. Ronnie Brown is defintely the only one that was aboe to make that formation go at all.

I think the Trifecta likes tough guys but it is hard to know what they think of Brown's heartyness. He has usually started off strong in most every season but, has gone down with injuries to stall out final numbers that could rival most league leaders.


I am so happy he is gone. I am so happy the idiot of Cameron is gone. He drafted the son of a friend of his. He didn't care about the team, he was not loyal to Mr. Huizenga or the Dolphins. He cared about his ego (remember he hired no OC) and tried to benefit his friends. That is called nepotism.

Ginn regressed the Dolphins. Since the very first season I wanted to see him gone. We don't feel so much despise for Ginn just because. We don't like him because he is a lousy player, who cost ca. 20 million to the team. Week after week I told my friends how much I wanted him gone. I catch the ball better, way better than him and would have played in Miami for free with the same results: I would have had at least one TD in 16 games and would have avoided contact as much as I could... however I'm 35 and 5'10''. So, with 20 million dollars that were given him away, given him for nothing, he was a fraud, the least he could do is shutting his mouth and bare our despise.

1000 times would I prefer a Diva with huge ego that delivers than a "classy" Sissy who has more dropped passes than first downs.

I'm so happy he is gone and I don´t wish him anything. He shouldn't be even playing football.

Way to go beloved Dolphins!! You are my passion, you are my heart!! New begining!

Like most fans, I was excited that we were going to draft Brady Quinn before they actually announced our selection. It reminded me of the time I was excited to hear Drew Brees as our pick, but they pronounced it Jamar Fletcher.

I did like Ginn, I hated the pick, I at least hoped he could become a good receiver, I was wrong.

Parcells may have had a few bad picks with Miami, but at least he is near perfect in the first round.

Good Riddance, Dr. No (metal hands)!!

He is on the Raiders. Lylw Alzado is gonna haunt him from the grave.

You know I was dissapointed to see him go but after watching the video it really reminded me of how moch he blows...We made the right decision.

even though he wasnt great, all things considered, i do LOVE watching Ginns kick return TD's vs. the F'n Jets...tell me you dont

Mando...why don't you just let him be. He's had a big failure and needs a chance to adjust to it. Using the "N" word within the pier group is nowhere near as classless as when it is used interracially. The fan who moved on to Ginn's Tweeter space and tried to dog him got exactely what he deserved.

Go Phins

Great video. Goodbye and good luck Ted.

Ginn for a 5th is just a just BAD trade. Creates a hole and makes CJ SPILLER a MUST at 12. Personally, I was looking forward to Ginn playing on the field with Marshall. Time will tell, this trade was BAD!

Liked the video! Now someone post the next video filled with Ginn's fetal positions and running out of bounds (before getting a 1st down). Now that's entertainment, except if you love the Dolphins. Bye, bye Douche Bag

No one is happier than me that Ted Ginn is gone (he was a sissy). But c'mon Mando, stop being such a choirboy dude. Fans say a lot of b.s. (me included). These athletes are human. If people said some of the negative things I read on this blog to me in my face, I'd be in jail for kicking the ever-living sh*t outta someone. Ginn deserves all the derision he gets (for his play on the football field). But this twitter crap is too much. You send the guy a tweet saying you're glad he's gone. C'mon, he was right to get upset over that, so would I. And he's right, that guy would never say that to his face (so why act like a little b**** and do it that way). That's why I'm not on Twitter (sorry Mando, I'll follow you anywhere but there). There's absolutely nothing good or positive about people airing their views about anything and everything 24-7. People need to get out of their own orbits and realize there's more important things in life. This is a non-story. The true story is who we're going to add to the defense next week to shore them up so they don't give up TDs like Erykah Badu gives up her kitty cat to other musicians.

Like many have said already

Who Cares!

He's gone lets look, and move forward.

We are still going in the right direction. I'm looking forward to the draft and getting some solid Defensive starters now.

Had a feeling this blog was yours by the horrible title. Leave him alone and he will leave you alone.

Would you have class to a bunch of little babies gloating you lost your job and rubbing it in your face your whole career?

Ted nvr was and nvr will b a high profile guy in the NFL. his top 10 pick status is his only claim to fame. There r so many bad NFL players doing and saying things much worse than this that will never get attention, let's do Teddy some justice and give him the same respect shall we? GLAD YOU'RE GONE TEDDY!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE U RETIRE U WASTE OF SPEED PUNK!!!!

Mando, I also wanted to comment on you not commenting on the Jerry Jones video. What're you talking about ("I respect Jerry Jones"). How about if Jerry Jones respects himself? I mean, you're out in public, so drunk you don't know what you're saying, talking to reporters no less. How does that behavior deserve your respect? Sure, go out to a bar and have a good time, I do it all the time. But I don't get so sloppy I can't keep myself from talkin' sh*t (I'm not in college anymore). Yet all of a sudden Mando you've decided to follow the book of journalistic integrity (blaming the guy who took the video instead of the person creating the stir). I disagree with you on this one dude. If anyone (CEO to the janitor) makes a fool of themselves in public in this day and age, then they should expect to have this happen. I don't see the big deal in reporting someone else's blunders (I wonder if you're trying to get a job in Dallas).

Trade sucks! for a 5th....maybe we can get another John Nalbone to hold a spot on the 53. No way, I'd make the trade. I'm interested to compare Ginn vs. this year's Nalbone. Liked all the other moves but not signing JT and this one. Richie Incognito is a beast! good p/u. GINN trade, SUCKS!

I can't believe what I'm reading. How moronic: "With Brandon Marshall on the field, it would have allowed Ginn to perform better..etc." What crap. TGII could not catch. Doesn't matter with whom he would be on the field. Good bye, mushmouth. (ok..that's mean spirited).

Big deal.

The guy absolutely wouldn't say it to his face. Unfortunate he got a reaction, but who really cares?

And by all means, pile on Mr. Salguero. Real classy.

Just re-watched the BM press conference. BM says..."The Dolphins did their due dilligence....". How awesome. TGII would not even understand enough to use the terminology.
Good bye, Ginn.

regardless of how you feel he make millions and like what do you make as a beat writer like 38,000 after taxes and get to stay at Motel 6 when on assignment ??

Johnny Fins Fan, I'm just sorry for you that you'll have to still see Ginn on your local television. Actually, with Singletary coaching and my boy Vernon Davis, I was starting to like San Fran (as an NFC team). Too bad they fell for the oldest trick in the book (3 Card Monty, everyone watching Ginn's speed and not looking at how many times he runs out-of-bounds).

Man, I didn't like Ginn as a player, but I did as a person.

He deserves a pass for that twit feed. I mean, he's a young guy who's been beat up on for the past 3 years. Everyone has their breaking point.

We got a 5th rounder for him. Now let's all have some class and wish this kid well in San Francisco.

It was not Ted Ginn's fault that he was drafted #9 overall by former GM Randy Mueller.
Ted has dropped balls that average high school players would catch. Ted was a major mistake. Which is why the Cameron/Mueller regime was
dismissed after just one year.

Parcells is the stand up class act. He gave Ginn every chance to prove his worth. Fact is Ginn is not that good other than his exceptional speed. This was a great move.

Ginn is a panty waste… this move is long over do. He lost at least two games last year for us. He was a waste of money and time. Way to much money for a KR specialist.

Good riddance scum bag piece of shyt!

Well, they are already drinking the Kool-Aid out here: (SF CHRONICLE)

"He's a bundle of potential and his upside is off the charts. This guy can fly," 49ers coach Mike Singletary said in a statement.
Singletary probably did his usual extensive research on Ginn and obviously feels Ginn could jump-start his career in San Francisco.

can you imagine how different our team would be if we had not drafted ginn. if we had drafted willis or revis, we would be so much better off. no way cam-cam would have gone for a def. player, but even dwayne bowe would have better....

sign JT, do not trade brown, trade smiley, trade down...............do it!

mac 1492 what are you talking about? ginn was junk, he never would have made it on the field this year this is one of the best moves for the dolphins yet.

I clicked on the feed, and the person who tweeted Ted was clearly hating on him, and that was the only goal. "KK" whoever that is, has only 5 total tweets. One of them is to Ted, another was to Ronnie Brown which was also nasty. So this is not a "fan" or "former fan," - just a bully. I don't blame Ginn for hitting back, and although you're right Armando about the less than classy way to respond, especially since the world is watching his tweets for this short window of time as he switches teams....the language is nothing that teens haven't heard before or don't use themselves. It's coarse urban slang.

We have to keep in mind that twitter is also a personal service, not just a window for voyeurs, and he's entitled to use it as he sees fit.

If we're going to police the languange in sports Armando, then let's make some headway on the blatent sexism and homophobia I hear on a daily basis on the radio stations that cover the Miami Dolphins. I would welcome that, as a female fan. I put up with it only because I love the Dolphins, no other reason.

LMAO! Who is Teacup Teddy Ginn calling a "b!t*h azzzz n!**@"?

As our long lost friend NJ would say, "Pot meet kettle!!!!"

do not trade down, get rid of brown. he will never stay healthy.

Ginn moved by BM...

There is a joke in there somewhere!!!

brown jersey reduced from $80.00 to $20.00. see ya!!!!

why would we trade ronnie? for a draft pick that may or may not develop in a couple years. this offense will be sick with ginn gone, marshall in, and the R + R express.......

Speaking of local sofla radio, i was lmao ystrdy listening to the Big O crying for an hour about how we have a huge whole on the team w/ ted's departure & how he would have bloomed playing opposite BM, & what a rash move it was to trade him tc. Get over it, dude. The local radio dudes here have really dropped the ball lately; they were so geared to p**s & moan about how we have "lost" the off-season that the BM move really knocked them off thier stride.

This I must admit, we wouldn't have beaten jets 2x w/o him

he's not worth signing a long term contract. he is a decent player but how many seasons has he made it through? one, without being injured.

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